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    Love Status Romance Best Collections for Boys and Girls

    Love Status Romance: In the present time, WhatsApp is the easiest and effective platform to make a communication with each other. Everyone changes status on WhatsApp many times. Most of them use Love status to set a new status on WhatsApp. 

    If you want to replace your status with a new Love Status Romance for boyfriend and also for girlfriend. You are required for some Love Status Romance and Love Romance WhatsApp Status.

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    Love Status Romance

    Love Status Romance, Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    So, don't worry here is some Love Status Romance and Love Romance WhatsApp Status for Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Please read all of our new collections of "Love Status Romance", Love Status Romance in Eng., Love And Romance Status, Love Status Romance Sad and share with among your friends.

    Love Status Romance for Girlfriend

    • 'I love you'; not because you are the most perfect person in the world; but because you are just so perfect for me...

    • Hey babe, I just wanted to remind you that your so beautiful and i love you, your always on my mind.

    • If you are asking as to whether I'd hurt you, the appropriate response is never. If you are asking as to whether I love u, the answer is until the end of time. If you are asking as to whether I need u, the answer is I do. If you are asking what I esteem most, the appropriate response is YOU.

    • You are no less than a blessing in disguise to me. I cherish every second I spend with you. I find myself loving you more every day. You are the only reason.

    • You are the most beautiful dream I’m living. You are all that I could ever need and ever need. (Love Status Romance)

    • I started flirting with you because you were the hottest girl, I had ever laid my eyes on. Presently I have begun to look all starry eyed at you since you have the most delightful heart I have ever felt. 

    • Before I was involved with you, I was experiencing responsibility fear. In the wake of being involved with you, I am experiencing a habit call love.

    • You are an important part of my soul. The container of my happiness. No word or number that can clarify your situation in me. You are a genuine piece of me, I love you to such an extent. 

    • As the days are passing my love, my love for you is growing strong, I know you are mine forever, I know to me you belong, You are my life's most wonderful song, Love you so much!

    • Little white lies are part of everyday life. In case you're in court being accused of a lawful offense, you're most likely going to be enticed to lie. Or if your girlfriend asks you if the sweater, she is wearing makes her look fat; you're going to lie because you love that person. There are various reasons and avocations to lie; it's human instinct.

    • I will most likely be unable to guarantee that I will never be away from you, but I can leave you with the promise that I will always love you.

    Best Love Status Romance for WhatsApp

    Love Status Romance, Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    ❤ When I gaze deep into your mind, I am met with the beauty of a thousand diamonds. As I let that affection and magnificence flood over my body, I realized that there was nothing that I could ever trade our relationship for.

    ❤ My heartiest love for you is genuine to such an extent, that it makes me need to accomplish stunning things like hopping on the mists and getting on the rainbow.

    ❤ From irregular giggles to arbitrary kisses, our affection has placed me in a joyful condition of haphazardness that I never need to leave.

    ❤ I didn’t plan it, but you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

    ❤ At the point when I am with you, the main spot I need to be is nearer.

    ❤ My heartiest love for you is past the brain, past my heart, and into my spirit.

    ❤ All the moments that I spend with you...
    All the memories old and new...
    Has had an impact on my mind...
    It's a feeling so special with you...
    It's a feeling that is one of a kind...
    Baby I love you...
    And I will be all yours forever in time!

    ❤ When I looked into your eyes the last time, I found priceless jewels. Love coursed through and all I saw was an impression of my face. I realize that in any event, for a million dollars, I could never trade this relationship.

    ❤ Every time you say that you love me, my heart melts like chocolate. I had always dreamed of a life full of life and I can't believe that I am living the life of my dreams. I love you with all my heart.

    ❤ Sometimes, it's hard to find words to tell you how much you mean to me. A lot of times, I say anything at all. But I hope someday, you'll understand, having you is what I live for. (Love Status Romance)

    ❤ Maybe it’s too early to say I love you, but I can’t keep it a secret. I've never felt this impeccably glad, and I needed you to realize that you're the motivation behind why.

    ❤ Love will be love regardless of what love knows no sex. love sees no limits. love is boundless love vanquishes all. love never falls flat."

    ❤ I appear to have cherished you in innumerable structures, countless occasions, in life after life, in age after age until the end of time.

    ❤ Can we come together one night and surrender our rights and wrongs? Give each other slip access to each other's arms and complete ourselves with the euphoric sentiment of our affection.

    Love Status Romance Sad 

    Love Status Romance, Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    ❤ I love your hands when they hug me. I love your lips when they kiss me. Whereas most of all I love when you don’t say a word and I can feel your love all the time.

    ❤ With every beat of my heart, I love you more and more. You're the musicality that keeps me relentless on the walk-through life.

    ❤ You are the only very important thing that ever came into my life and I won't let anyone take you away from me.

    ❤ I needed to reveal to you that any place I am, whatever occurs, I'll generally consider you, and the time we spent together, as my most joyful time. I'd do it once more, on the off chance that I had the decision. No second thoughts.

    ❤ I know I can't have you now, but I'll wait.
    I know when all is good and well, you will see me,
    and you will love me as much as I love you.

    ❤ At the point when you're enamored you never truly know whether your joy originates from the characteristics of the one you love, or on the off chance that it credits them to her; regardless of whether the light which encompasses her like a radiance originates from you, from her, or from the gathering of your sparkles.

    ❤ I need your adoration to expend me like a curiously large winter coat. Hands caught around my midriff like catches done up appropriately. (Love Status Romance)

    ❤ You have one of the most captivating smiles I have ever seen.  My heart leaps with happiness and I feel like I've found joy once again, When I see your sweet and cute smile.

    ❤ You have one of the most captivating smiles I have ever seen. When you do my heart leaps with joy and I feel like I've found happiness once again.

    ❤ The most valuable blessing we can offer anybody is our consideration. At the point when care grasps those we love, they will blossom like blooms.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Love Status Romance, Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    ❤ Do you ever put your arms out and spin and spin and spin?

    ❤ Well that's what love is like. Everything around you let you know to stop before you fall, however you simply continue onward.

    ❤ True love is not how you forgive, but how you forget, not what you see but what you feel, not how you listen but how you understand, and not how you let go however how you hang on.

    ❤ On the off chance that no one but tears could recuperate the torment I'm feeling at the present time, I'll go through my entire time on earth crying reason I realize I'll remain in affection with him for an amazing remainder realizing he can never cherish me back.

    ❤ I just want you to be with me one day and surrender all our rights and wrongs. We are intended to be as one and I am happy things are going in a specific order.

    ❤ The moment you came into my life, I discovered myself once again. You made me a better person and changed my life for good. Thanks for being with me forever.

    Love and Romance Status

    Love Status Romance, Love Romance Whatsapp Status

    ❤ Separation isn't for the frightful, it is for the striking. It's for the individuals who are eager to invest a great deal of energy alone in return for a brief period with the one they love. *It's for those knowing something to be thankful for when they see it, regardless of whether they don't see it about enough.

    ❤ Keep in mind how far you've come, not exactly how far you need to go. You are not where you need to be, yet nor are you where you used to be.

    ❤ "I do not cry since we've been isolated by separation, and for merely years. Why? Since for whatever length of time that we share a similar sky and inhale a similar air, we're still attached."

    ❤ The scariest thing about distance is you don’t know if they’ll miss you or forget about you.

    ❤ Where you used to be, there is an opening on the planet, which I wind up always strolling around in the daytime, and falling in around evening time. I miss you like damnation.

    ❤ "I want that you simply were here or that I were there, or that we were together anywhere!

    ❤ It may feel like forever. But hold on. I guarantee it will be justified, despite all the trouble in light of the fact that nobody will ever adore you as much as I do well at this point.

    Cute Love Status Romance Facebook

    ❤ Because things are not at their best right presently doesn't imply that we should surrender. Gold is tried in fire and something valuable like love needs separation to be tried.

    ❤ Long separation connections through portable correspondence by and large becomes poor in view of the powerless flag and winds up because of stuck systems.

    ❤ One kind kiss before we part,
    Drop a tear and say goodbye;
    In spite of the fact that we cut off, my affectionate heart - (Love Status Romance)

    ❤ Till we meet will gasp for you.
    Well known love cites about long separation connections.

    ❤ Will miles genuinely isolate you from companions? On the off chance that you need to be with somebody you love, aren't you as of now there?

    ❤ "At the point when two hearts are intended for one another, no separation is excessively far, no time excessively long and no other love can break them separated.

    ❤ There's a reason for every last one of us in this world, don't stress if a few people's motivation is to prattle about you. Indeed, simply wish them a long life with the goal that they could make you significantly increasingly well known.

    ❤ On the off chance that I leave What might at present survive from me?
    The phantom inside your eyes?
    The murmur in your moans?
    You see... Accept...
    Also, I'm generally there - (Love Status Romance)

    ❤ There are just two reasons why individuals tattle about yours; it is possible that you are superior to anything them or they like you however are reluctant to express it.

    Love Status Romance for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

    Love Status Romance, Love and Romance Status

    ❤ As opposed to what the pessimists state, separation isn't for the dreadful; it's for the strong. It's for the individuals who are eager to invest a great deal of energy alone in return for a brief period with the one they love.

    ❤ I don't cry since we've been isolated by separation, and for merely years. Why? Since for whatever length of time that we share a similar sky and inhale a similar air, we're still attached.

    ❤ The best thing in life is discovering somebody who thoroughly understands your mix-ups, and still observes the best in you.

    ❤ 'In my psyche, I saw a string extending from Henry's heart at Quiet Waters to my heart. It was tight and it vibrated with Henry's stresses and fears and I felt them all. Profoundly. I felt them all.'

    ❤ "The ones that change… it isn't so much that going really transformed them it's that they didn't have something better hanging tight for them when they got back. They changed in light of the fact that its who they needed to be. Not every person is fortunate enough to have the better 50% of his spirit and an incredible remainder holding up back home to remind him why he left in any case."

    WhatsApp Love Status Romance

    WhatsApp Love Status Romance: Hello friends ! Here with we are sharing some Love Status Romance for WhatsApp. In this post today we are coming with some really interesting and deep feeling with low key attitude. Enjoy and do share these "Love Status Romance" with your friends and family.

    Touch a soul and forever be remembered.

    Don't be her one night... Be her every night.

    She made an art out of my broken.

    Her eyes are sharp enough to pierce through my soul.

    Sometimes your outsides get worn a little too thin.

    Thank you for taking that walk and reminding me what I'm made of.

    Her lips never went out of style.

    I know, I know. I make it hard to let go.

    Perfection is you with me, any time any place.

    I can tell a ton an individual by what they find in me.

    Her heart is a forest of vintage trees.

    You don't know what you don't know, until you know what you didn't know.

    Of course, I don't understand you.

    You say one thing and do another.

    Let me kiss the unsaid words stuck in your soul.

    She asked for words that touch her, where do I begin?

    She isn't temporary. She is forever.

    I'm never going to get in shape because of food.

    Best Love Status Romance

    Love Status Romance, Love and Romance Status

    • Oh, don't mind me; I'm only here to physically harass you.

    • I'm tired of being responsible I just want to be happy and have fun.

    • I'm not being creepy, I've been creepy, you just noticed.

    • Feelings are like magicians the way they play their tricks.

    • Why would I keep my hands to myself?

    • Rainy evenings and the need to hear her moan.

    • Healthy people make me sick.

    • That feeling when you do something you promise yourself you won't do.

    • My words are just her smiles stuck within my memory.

    • Leading someone on is probably one of the worst things you can do.

    • Your eyes take me to places I always wish to be.

    • If you didn't know, now you know, ninja.

    • Never underestimate the individuals who are crazy enough to cherish all your insane. 

    • When someone is all you could want there's no reason to look any further.

    • Waiting for you is the only measure of time I know about.

    • Please step aside. I have an empire to build.

    • Don't be afraid to live in the unknown. Sometimes the questions are better than the answers.

    • Any place a delightful soul has been, there is a trail of lovely recollections.

    • I think I'll leave my heart open tonight just to see what happens.

    • I don't need you to get rid of my insecurities. I need you to get rid of my clothes... (Love Status Romance)

    • Let me be me, love me as I am and you will get my loyalty and love.

    • Some words are very dangerous. Use them wisely.

    • Rather than being the man I thought you were you decided to be the man everyone warned me about.

    • At times we fall apart to see who's brave enough to stay and pick up the pieces.

    • I put up so many walls, you'll think you're knocking one down as I put another one up.

    • A swear jar, but for your empty promises.

    • I wanna be your always... Not sometimes.

    Beautiful Love Status Romance WhatsApp

    Love Status Romance, Love Status Romance Sad

    • I take my anti-anxiety meds with ice cream.

    • I wish I could say all the words that'd make you mine.

    • You are my incredible gift, My heart smiles... 

    • Oh, silly guy, you may think you know her, but there's plenty left to learn.

    • I like how lovey and sexual our text messages are, but I LOVE how lovey and sexual we are in real life every day.

    • Even the strongest of women get weak in the knees when you call her your good girl.

    • Try something different it'll be good for you.

    • Make every uncomfortable situation fun by carrying around bubble wrap in your pocket.

    • I want to give my trust and not have to take that back.

    • My brain and my heart have the most dysfunctional relationship.

    • If you were a good person it wouldn't be questionable. Simple as that!

    • I hate when I get DMs on Instagram more than anything else.

    • I've considered hiring a hit man. But you're not worth it.

    • I don't know where my sock went but at least I'm here.

    • Passionate people are people you want to spend time with.

    • Get rid of the bad seeds before they start sprouting.

    • Do you still hear my heartbeats calling your name?

    • Be the reason why she doesn't reply to any of her DM's.

    • She is the image of how he imagines perfection to be.

    • Say what you have to say, they'll judge you regardless.

    • Do you want my attention or my affection?

    • Find the one you wanna hold on to with both hands.

    • Unless you're playing for keeps, I'm not playing.

    • Touch a soul and forever be remembered.

    • I'm afraid my train of thought has left the station.

    • Washing away my walls one tear at a time.

    • I could not write love without thinking about you.

    • You're the only one I use that emoji with.

    • We do a lot of staring at each other... & that's ok.

    • Sexy you... in your see-through heart.

    • She is the playlist he will always listen to.

    • Whatever the opposite of risen is, I'm that.

    • Don't make people your hobbies Ever.

    • You smile... I smile... That's how it works.

    • I don't want your love. I have my own.

    • Don't buy me gifts, give me your time.

    • Her eyes can't pretend like her smiles.

    • You are the drug, my veins ache for.

    • She's a galaxy of petals and blooms.

    • You love me in all the right spots.

    • Let's make art out of each other.

    • Don't let those sexy lips fool you.

    • Sometimes you have to take risks.

    • Your eyes set my insides on fire.

    • I like you. Stay away from me.

    • No one destroys me like I do...

    • Grief is the price we pay for love...

    • I can still taste you on my lips.

    • I don't know how to not try.

    • Life is better with glossy lips.

    • Fingerprints left all over me.

    Love Status Romance in Eng.

    Love Status Romance in Eng.: Hi! We are sharing some hard dip Love Status Romance about love, which will make you feel awesome! If you are searching for some instant booster and spice for your love life, you are at the right place here with us. These full emotional and fragile beautiful Love Status Romance in Eng. will make the perfect expression for best quotes for lover. So enjoy and share with your friends and lovers on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or anywhere...

    I want me covered in everything you. 

    I want to ride your untamed wilderness.

    We don't make sense we are sense.

    Lay your head on my chest and we will talk about everything.

    Bite your lip for me baby.

    Just want her to be my original sin.

    Sometimes my life feels like an elaborate virtual reality.

    She is love and she loves me.

    I want to hold your hand in the rain like a sacred ritual.

    If I could snap my fingers and create a new world it would be with you.

    She feels me holding her tight when all else is unraveling.

    She keeps seeing the ridiculous in me and she loves that too.

    I loved you at your darkest and other words from the bible.

    I want to strip the words from the center of your thighs.

    I didn't realize it until I met you but I sleep better when I'm loved.

    She keeps trying to get rid of me but every time she ends up falling in.

    There's an ocean inside me and she wants to be in it.

    I want to explore boundaries until we become a universe.

    My eyes full of gravity, and darkness spilling like a waterfall.

    Sundays spent watching strands of sin softly form from the tip of my touch on the top of your skin.

    I can be more exhausting than you!

    She purrs on my chest the satisfaction of the well-fed and the well-loved.

    I flirt, I love, I want. I am unruly, wild, uncontrolled. I have felt, I feel, I feel so damn much - most of all I feel I belong with you.... 

    I'm jealous of everything that touches you that's not me!!

    She’s becoming the last thing on my mind every moment.

    New Love Status Romance

    I'm lost but fortunately it's in her.

    I do not fear death I fear having never lived!

    I want to fill her mouth with my pretty words and watch her swallow them.

    I'm not that strong or courageous but you make me want to be.

    There is sky in her eyes and ocean between her thighs she's a world of wonder.

    Wrap yourself around me until we become vine and branches intertwined.

    I'll keep loving you if you keep looking at me like that.

    Show me the love you know, until I'm so fluent, I can teach it to others without using your hands.

    Of all the ways I've been loved, your love is my favorite!

    Cute Love Status Romance WhatsApp

    Love Status Romance, Love Status Romance in Eng

    Lost my mind found my heart!

    Hold my hand until you cum! ;)

    I want to give the love I never received!

    Distance doesn't separate, only lack of love! :((

    I want to lie in a field with you and make silly wishes on dandelions and dream big things on stars.

    Of all the wonderful things, we are the most wonderful!

    Everything I say sounds like your name!

    I'm so lonely for your skin and your voice in my ear and your breath on my neck...

    I feel like salt air and ocean water and music... ;)

    We love the same way we need to be loved!

    There is a girl at this party, she's wearing my pulse!

    Just want to be your whatever happens... 

    Every word, every sigh, every touch we share is an uncensored I love you!

    It breaks my heart how well the misunderstood understands others!

    I want to be a vampire right now and make you into what I am!

    I wanna be wherever you are!

    Cute Love Status Romance

    Cute Love Status Romance: Want to share Love Status Romance with your love? Today we are sharing some really dripped love effect Cute Love Status Romance. All these statuses are straight from heat and make you feel more tangled in Love. Share them with your friends and loved one on WhatsApp or put these as your WhatsApp Love Status Romance for love. Enjoy !

    My favorite color is the color of your eyes in the sunlight. 

    Eyes can speak... but not everyone can hear the sound. 

    You'll never know and I'll never say, let's just keep it that way.

    I forgive you. Not for you, but for me.

    It's you and your thoughts who never leave me, even when I left myself...

    A few things are excessively weird and solid to be happenstances... 

    Agony is consistently there however enduring is a decision. 

    You found someone to take my place & it was so easy for u...

    On the off chance that you dither between me and someone else, don't pick me.

    She is not loyal to you; she is just loyal to her need of you.

    I want to be loved like the clouds love the rain. Natural.

    Yes, I might be replaceable, but I assure u that my memories are not.

    The most expensive thing in the world is to tell the truth.

    A broken person can never be the source of happiness for another person.

    We live in a world where we fancy people & love things.

    Don't be sorry. I trusted you. My mistake, not yours.

    It hurts when someone leaves you for no reason.

    You need to pardon to overlook, and overlook, to feel once more. 

    You said I love u & I said it too, The only difference is I didn't lie to u.

    Don’t get attached to moments. Good or bad, they all pass.

    Love Status Romance for FB

    I'm in love with you more than you.

    I give you my silence... Maybe that will tell u what you need to hear.

    Acknowledge what is, let go of what was, and have confidence in what will be...

    I planned everything except falling in love with U...

    I let you know don't leave me... You stated: "So recollect Me... I will recall you...

    Sometimes u feel happy and sometimes empty... That's how my life is.

    It's not the goodbye that damages but rather the flashbacks that pursue. 

    Terms & conditions apply to contracts not to Life.

    The costliest thing on the planet is Having The Words In Your Heart That You Can Not Speak...

    As long as we get to stare the same moon every night, you are mine and i am yours....

    The burn of alcohol down my throat feels better than watching her with him.

    Love Status Romance for WhatsApp

    We as a whole change. We're not similar individuals we were five years prior, and perhaps as long as five days back.

    Sleep doesn't help if it's your spirit that is drained.

    Reality harms just once and an untruth each time you remember it. 

    I don't have the foggiest idea what we are, however I miss what we were. 

    I'm not what you think I am.  You are what you think I am...

    She is his sometimes and he is her every time... 

    Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person. 

    Beautiful Love Status Romance

    Beautiful Love Status Romance: Hi Friends ! Much obliged for giving us opportunity and motivation to continue composing all the newer Beautiful Love Status Romance for all of you. Here with we are coming today with some increasingly sentimental Love Status Romance for WhatsApp or Facebook. Today we will share our status devoted towards adorable "Love Status Romance", pleasant status for affection, Beautiful Love Status Romance in English. Appreciate and spread the news! 

    May your essence be the blessing that remaining parts even long after you leave... 

    It's insane how you can go months or years without conversing with somebody however despite everything they enter your thoughts everyday… 

    Respect is the master key to access to the closed doors of every heart.

    Individuals should accompany labels: "This sucks" "This sucks" 

    A voyager heart, is brimming with great minutes, forces and experiences. 

    Love is to feel in each breath, live each second and not knowing the points of confinement of enthusiasm. 

    There are individuals who come into your life and take up a vacuum that you didn't have any acquaintance with you had. 

    Life can be difficult but it’s easy to make it better. All you’ve to do is to train your mind to see the good in every day.

    Never underestimate the power of kindness. Indeed, even simply grinning at someone, may light up their day. 

    How about we spend every minute so that our love ought to go further and deeper with it. 

    Certainty isn't close your eyes and allowed yourself to fall, yet open them and still dive. 

    A companion is one who has confidence in you when you have stopped to have confidence in yourself. 

    Love me when I least deserve it because that is when I really need it… I love you...

    When you find true joy in something, hold on to it, it’ll feel joyous & burn the pain.

    Connections do have their tangles. Despite everything you're becoming more acquainted with the mind-boggling lattice of bliss and distress that makes up someone else. 

    You made me a space in your heart and now I don’t want to go.

    Your presence played a vital role, your thoughts thrilling my emotions, my feelings fading away in your absence.

    Like me or hate me, both are in support of me. 
    On the off chance that you like me, I am in your heart. 
    On the off chance that you hate me, I am in your brain. 

    Now and then you attempted your best to have a lovely life however the existence itself cuts your life…

    On the off chance that beauty is only an optical discernment, at that point what is the feeling of magnificence for a visually impaired person? 

    It’s more important to move with the flow of life and believe that in time it will all get sorted out.

    I am who adores you, believe you, compose for you and dream about all of you the time.

    You have completely changed myself with your smile, your quality, your help and your affection. 

    Encircle yourself just with individuals who are going to lift you higher...

    Your name is on my lips. Like a song that breaks through the clouds… a sound that flows through my veins.

    Nice Love Status Romance

    Love Status Romance, Love Status Romance in Eng

    Love is so deep that the only time when I don’t think of you is, NEVER...

    Try to make life better for those you love, don’t do this at the cost of your own self-care.

    Love doesn't mean doing exceptional or gallant things. It means realizing how to accomplish common things with delicacy.

    Real love is when person don’t want only you but your feelings, care & possessiveness for him…

    Some portion of me wouldn't like to accept the way that Paul Walker is no more. 

    See the X's and the O's, and now she wanna kiss and embrace 

    At the point when you planted blooms within me I thought you were going to water them as well…  

    Teach me to be a little more like you, with the value of addressing a farewell.

    It is not loving that hurts, it's the disappointments caused by the false hopes.

    Tears, are the only way to wash the inside. I have no desire to love someone other than me.

    Some of the time, all you need throughout everyday life, just to looking at the roof by you. 

    Regard ought to never bargain for the sake of fanatical perspective, they named it as "LOVE". 

    Please don’t lie to me, in your eyes I see all the love that you feel for me.

    I can't call you trash since trash can at present reuse. 

    I love being lonely with you.

    I'm not in the matter of denying myself the straightforward joy of expressing genuine words.

    Life can give you many wonderful friends but one best friend can give you a wonderful life…

    If I love myself, I love you.
    If I love you, I love myself. 

    'At the point when I met you, I was hesitant to know you, 
    At the point when I knew you, I was hesitant to adore you, 
    Presently I love you and I'm hesitant to lose you!' 

    Individuals possibly smiling however look to the eyes since they can't conceal the distress, agony, and sorrow they're attempting to hole up behind their smile. 

    "Try not to take a gander at your structure, anyway appalling or lovely. Take a gander at Love and at the point of your journey" 

    Kiss a sweetheart Dance a measure, 
    Discover your name, And lost fortune. 

    Begin to look all starry eyed at the manner in which you fall asleep... slowly, and then at the same time" 

    Somewhere close to "Crying noisily to look for consideration" AND "Crying quietly to stay away from consideration", We grew up!

    Some people who think we hate them, we literally don’t even think of them…

    I don’t judge, what you do with your life, but I do judge, when you let someone else determine the direction of your life took…

    The magnificent thing about forgiveness, is realizing that, it’s really for you.

    Two things you’ll never forget – your first love and the first alcohol you got sick on...

    Loveđź’• like there is no tomorrow, talk like there's no closure, cry until you wash your spirit and carry on with your life as though you were to kick the bucket today...

    Regardless of how I feel, it's in every case genuine that the one thing that makes me smile is you... 

    Every time it's not the sky that is falling, sometime some people are falling from someone’s sky to their feet!

    I never told you how many times I was crying hiding my head in pillow, you just count on your tears but never on mine!

    Close attention to the ways your emotions could influence your judgment, so you can make the best possible decisions.

    The best people are that, without knowing anything about you, do it all for you.

    I survived on the grounds that the fire inside me consumed more brilliant than the fire around me.

    A woman saying she’s fine is like saying we don’t crave attention on the Internet.

    Melting away like wax in a fire. Spent strength, trying not to let go. Doubtful pieces scattered…a season of courage will be sown soon.

    You’re better than you think you are, please believe that...

    Your body is away from me, however there is a window open from my heart to yours. 

    When you seek approval, you never find it.

    When you seek yourself, approval finds you?

    Besides all my failures and your betrayals my love journey is still from “I to You”!

    Some of the time I'm not furious, 
    I'm harmed... Also, there's a major contrast! 

    Love Status Romance for Bf and Gf

    ‘If I were to disappear tomorrow, would it make a difference to you?’ That’s when it began to make the difference.

    You understood you have developed when physical fascination isn't sufficient for you...

    Beautiful faces catch our eyes and beautiful words attract our mind!

    When you pay & buy something, it's the product, and when its free, you are the product...

    Sometime absence of something is larger than the presence of many other things

    I will always
    have this piece
    of my heart that
    whenever I
    think about

    I don't understand why people have to “get ready” to bed... I’m always ready for bed...

    You’re not rich enough until you can fly on a private jet, without posting a picture...

    We travel, a few of us perpetually, to look for different states, different lives, different spirits. Keep in mind you never look great attempting to make somebody look terrible!

    Every man-inch of yours is worthless if your hand raises a mere half inch to hurt a woman.

    Sometimes being alone in the world is not as fun as it sounds.

    Even the hardest of hearts can be taught how to melt...

    The time does not cure, only entertains the memories.

    The issue with investigating is that issue shoots back...

    I simply need to be half as significant as the individuals who think they are significant.

    For my entire life I've generally returned to a certain something…

    another experience to convey inside my voyage...

    Value the space between "Not yet" and "Never again"...

    I chose I would fill the void in me with God...

    'You are the writer, you stroll inside … my fantasies…'

    The main distinction among me and a dead individual is internal heat level.

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