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    Love Romance Quotes Best of Romantic Status for Her and Him

    You will find below with these post with some best of the best of "Love Romance Quotes" for her and him. Also find about the Love Romance Quotes for Her for WhatsApp, Love Romance Quotes for Him for Facebook and Love Status Romance quotes along with Romantic Kiss Quotes, Lost Love Quotes, Love Quotes Images and Love Proverbs.

    Love Romance Quotes

    So, here are the "Love Romance Quotes" for girlfriend and boyfriend to share with your WhatsApp and Facebook: -

    Love Romance Quotes, Love Romance Quotes for Her
    Love Romance Quotes

    The sentence was forgotten: but I didn't sign your laugh!

    I don't know... it is as if someone has been praying for me rain that is always rainy in my eyes these days!

    Without you, every moment is my fear! Like a city on earthquake fault!

    Say the world you want or a friend? I say eBay my friends are my world!

    They don't give me permission to print, they tell me a story that is unbelievable! But I only wrote my memories!

    Until my heart is full of God, Until the line is drawn, I love you to the extent that God knows, the secret of this story is only the zebra!

    I testify, to the name of my alley!

    Now I remember, "You're the famous Sohrab anime!" Life must be as long as you are!

    I fell behind on whoever said he was my companion, because I saw him day and night trying to hurt me.

    Do not open your eyes to someone who does not understand the space of your eyes!

    Break the pride of the one you love but don't the one you love for the pride.

    At night when the eyelid is closed without you, I am tired of the moments without you, I do not believe my proud and silent heart, I depend on you more and more.

    You saw the alley at night, what can be done without you in the alley...

    On the way to get you to die, I have no way to die, either to ignore me or to push myself or hug to die.

    Being without you is not my job, unless you go back! Why was our road lost?

    Love Romance Quotes for Her and Him

    Look at your phone, I just wanted to say crazy about your look.

    In the Green Desert of Love, take this word from me, your death is my death, so I wish you would never die.

    I don't know what the hell this lover is? When I sit, when I walk, when I sleep, I love you, when a voice comes, I love you, when silence is your friend, what do you do with me that you've always been so comfortable?

    Love is the lullaby of your rain, The sprinkle of rain behind the glass, The moment of dew and leaf of jasmine, The moment of liberation of the birds, My dear moment with you, My last refuge.

    I've come down to you, but you're in a line, in a nutshell, you're out of my office soon, but I have a plan for your office vacant lot.

    In your beautiful name it is a secret that only I have in it, and at the farthest point you can still be in it and I sing with my writing.

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    But what a pain it is to enjoy the pleasures alone and how ugly it is to see the beauties alone and what an annoying misfortune to be.

    After you, I took all my tiredness into the empty steps of the empty night.

    I look to the end, to the endless empty end that lifts her hands from the jigsaw and says with a gentle finger: "Hey! It's time to sleep.

    You see the empty moments of emptiness, you see the crunching sound of his fallen hands in lonely hands making you uncomfortable too, oh, so what does he say?

    Love is the only day she wants to stay in the heart of the week forever Friday.

    If I am laughing at the photographer's coercion otherwise... Where am I? Where's the laughter?

    I will remember you when my mind is silent, my breath is cut, my soul is in heaven and my body is under the ground!

    I don't know why it is like that when you see someone's love for you, but the power depends on the other's seal, you ignore and fall in love with someone you don't like.

    Love Romance Quotes for Gf

    Love Romance Quotes, Love Romance Quotes for Her
    Love Status Romance

    I'm fine but... I miss those days when I could laugh at my bottom.

    Allow the doors to stay closed!

    I have been lonely I don't know why / Driven from every corner and everywhere I don't know why / Wherever I go the chickens are hitting / fleeing from me and I don't know why...

    Leave us alone and go talk! With us because you are not with whomever you want to be!

    It's easy to make a friend like a snowman, but it's hard to keep

    Hope under your hands that I am afraid of being without you

    No wonder I'm not writing any new messages, no pencils, writing when wet

    My shadow is not with me tonight / If I die in the privacy No one is aware / I have no companion in this world except shadow / This fellow is half way and sometimes not

    I have buried my dreams so much that it is no longer the place for my body…!

    That day I just realized what a lofty place I was, when I fell out of sight, it still hurts my hands and feet, how hard it is to break, when you look!

    Yes, love is… though the end of the road is invisible… I don't think there is a beautiful end to it…

    What a poisonous fountain that scares the water and even the fisherman's mind scares the hook, the night skirt is so vague silence, the taste of the eyes and the eyes of the eyelids, the eyelids fear!

    Staying a little more romantic under the rain, I kissed the cloud to kiss you.

    The day they shared love they gave you a flight, they gave me a cage, you gave me sorrow and I was thirsty in the desert rain, I stayed like the clan of the soil, and my storm enemy kept me up every night. Your excuse sounds.

    I changed your car's oil with the permission of my car's blood so I could burn your love every time you started.

    Love Status Romance

    He planted himself in the heart of the desert to make it spring, so sprinkle it with the essence of your being to make it spring and flower for the heart of the desert.

    You are the first angel of the earth to fly with his wings and innocent wings among the demons with their wings broken and reach himself to the pearls of the sea without abducting them.

    If hell comes with you, because that hell with you is heaven.

    Blessings of death, blessings of death that will kill you with your dark hands: alone.

    Tell us, we've got our hearts and eyes on who, the one who tells life, the puppet show.

    Do you think you are cute day and night? Do you think you are flying, wings?

    To my eyes, though I am still, full of love and pride, still accepting the joy of a short life, but with you, I am still patient

    From the plane to the Watchtower: Landing in your heart or going around again?

    I have prayed to God for a hundred supplications, that at this good hour, you are a faithful chicken, and a prayer that you will answer, remind me wherever God remembers me, wherever God remembers you.

    Love is not a strange thing; it is what makes you sad and I feel it.

    The oyster is deep in the sea that has been able to catch the eye.

    The greatest stupidity in human life is smiling at someone who is not worth kicking!

    Signs of a mine explosion hazard! A red bar from the limits of my life to the shores of love. Then don't walk around the ruins around my heart!

    What you are asking is a sign of love. Love is nothing but the appearance of love.

    The sadness of the seeds falling on my face is a salty taste.

    Sweet gazelle is your sonnet, sweeter than your honey, between all of you.

    The saltiest place to die is probably the hands!

    Romantic Kiss Quotes 

    I love your beautiful lips. I fall in love with your cute lips... deeper... deeper LOVE for you... want to kiss to your pink lips!

    I love you more every day, more today than yesterday and less than tomorrow!

    Come to open my eyes at night Tomorrow morning I do not want to see you on the world.

    Falling in love is easy, it is a continuation of art.

    I wish you didn't forget about that big bold point, between people's disbelief, one wants you to be funny, let's not forget the fuss of time.

    I want to wade through old memories so that I can never forget the day that passed by me, to always remember you alive behind my eyes so that when I opened my eyes, I would remember all the moments I had painted not for myself but for you. Maybe if you were by my side for a second, I would give each one a gift.

    I told my eyes that you did not cry tears, I said that her memory is very dear!

    I have taken steps to go with my ticking clock Alas I do not know where you went to sleep.

    You're going to make a mistake! Just like someone around you is the message of today's love.

    Nearby are those who used to say yesterday that I can't even breathe without you and today breathe in another hug.

    All our difference is, you don't remember, I don't remember.

    I love your voice to the extent of your regret, I long to see you!

    God asked me do you eat or do you eat? I said, I eat, how I should know they enjoy and eat.

    If you are a flower, it is my life If you are an eye, I am an octet, if you are a sea, I am your beach, If you are a love, I love you.

    Love and Romance Quotes

    Love Romance Quotes, Love Romance Quotes for Her
    Love Romance Quotes for Him

    Love makes you hot and cooks like you love, every hot gets cold one day but no other cooks raw.

    They say go out of your heart, but you go out and you have to hide in the dust to get yourself dust...

    Love is the music of your name Simple but eternally it means you are the best reason to fall in love without a reason.

    I sat down to have a drink and say I didn't like the health I love; Pico came close to me but said I didn't care about the health I was breathing? I said her health I want clean, not drunk.

    It was a sweet excuse Farhad teased not to believe that he didn't like the sound of people singing in his ears.

    If your voice is a companion to my nights, baby, your beautiful presence is always my world.

    You know what happens when you gather all your emotions and love and gift them all in one way! Be happy and keep trying to keep him happy, but ignorant and indifferent such that the silent moments are alive.

    Blast Fix, Blast, but…, I can't believe it.

    The rush of dreams did not break my eyelid. I was waiting for my nights to rise.

    Don't bother yourself! These hateful seeds you plant in my heart will never germinate.

    I said, I love you..., you said, I don't care about you... you tear a tear on my cheek and wipe my hand.

    And after you, my love for thirst came out, sometimes through the two halls of my face, sometimes into the hollow glance of the darkness of my nights, sometimes into the sorrowful tail that was painfully released from the cage and the end of thanking God and sometimes in my being. That would come to no end, alone, alone, alone.

    In the sky of my heart, there is no color except black, because in the city of your heart, there is no place for treachery, Hey I go to the mountains and the plains; They know, in the blink of an eye, there is no sadness in the sea, you stole my eyes, you came to my heart, now I don't care for your daggers, yeah, go to the other, with false words no, I know your dagger For him, it's not healing, maybe someday, you will feel like ah, without you, no nights out.

    Only someone understands the nostalgia that tastes of dependency.

    Love Romance Quotes for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 

    To the greatest love, in the shortest possible sentence, to the most delicate rose, I write to you the best person in the world, I love you.

    In the name of the God you are with death, colorless friendship, love colorful, rainbow seven colors, shapeless hundred colors and I miss you.

    The first day I saw you very much, the second day I saw you, I stared at you the next week, the next month you had the chance, and now I love you.

    Love is beautiful with pride, if you beg for love at the expense of the wall of pride then it is no longer love, it is charity!

    People get their heads up to see the moon, they don't know that the moon is down and they're reading my message.

    The most valuable things in life are usually not seen or touched, but felt in the heart.

    The flower is not such a rogue and rana that you are, it is not foggy as you are, sadness over sadness where I am, heart overwhelmed where you are.

    Don't be too good! Don't waste too much time! The more you are, the more you will grow!

    What are you looking at I sat at the well you dug for me, measuring the depth of your unfaithfulness!

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    I learned that sometimes what one needs is a hand to grasp and a heart to grasp

    You ask what do you think? I mean you say futures? I say: a: yes, I wish: once: show d: do you like me eh!

    If at times, I laughed at you unconsciously or you just wanted to love yourself if I did badly and never at all if you got hurt sometimes from my tongue, if you were angry you were out of tune, I need to speak.

    We've been accustomed to separations since childhood, as they wrote on our blackboard: Good / Bad!

    The ruined ankle understands me, the ankle alone understands me very much, to say that I have fallen so far from you, that only the fall of the heir understands me.

    Love Romance Quotes for WhatsApp 

    Love Romance Quotes, Love Romance Quotes for Him
    Love Romance Quotes for Her

    The Book of Life has a story, and in that wonderful story and now my story is your sadness and maybe my sadness is your story.

    We claim to love and forget the color of our mother's eyes!

    We are measuring your absence with the hourglass and now a desert is past.

    I also turn into a night of memories, a line of being alive and a holiday, remember me not, remember!

    People go through the world when they love someone, what do I have to go through in my world?

    I remember "maybe a little" in my small heart, but everyone's heart is his whole life!

    Remember that we are a memory, when the scream goes, there is no sound.

    We spend moments of life trying to achieve happiness, unaware that happiness was in those moments.

    Be wise not to grieve others, be mad until others grieve!

    Friendship is not only the result of our need; self-sacrifice is the first basis of friendship.

    Lots of friends do not represent the prosperity of life, but the sign of the destruction of time in a wider way.

    Fear not, if I want to go crazy with this train, I would have said that it was going unjustly but right now I say without you it's not going at all.

    All My World Cigarettes That Smoking Loneliness Will Not Receive the Attention of Any Old Man.

    The silence you see in me is neither a sign of reflection nor a sign of satisfaction or a sign of doubt.

    Well, I know I'm suffocating at the end of the day!

    Desire is not always possible Sometimes it is just great to stay on top.

    I calmly regained the mosquito, and then killed it, hating myself both.

    Love Romance Quotes for Facebook 

    When you feel the words that are left on your heart, you suddenly don't know when and where you raised your words.

    If you go, I won't do anything unless, I stay in place until you find me easily when you return.

    You look at me in the sea of ​​your eyes, drowning and drowning, I want to grab your hands and play the most sensual love music with your little piano notes on your finger piano.

    If they threaten you someday, they will not be able to do it for you, if you betray them someday, they will have a high price, if they leave you someday, they will deserve to be with you.

    The drunkard who came and touched our hearts, I do not know what he was going to do in this house, he wanted to kill us in our solitude.

    How easy we are to give birth to our crying and how easy we are to cry out to the world and make a puzzle in the name of life.

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    And I swear by my dreams that I stay with you and you say you don't believe in the dream and you want to swear by my life, how can I swear by the life of someone who doesn't believe in the dream and is dead.

    I wish I was a wave until the night you came to the beach and devoured you.

    The one who promises tomorrow's home for the eternity of love until the last moment of tomorrow, don't trust and be pessimistic, he is not your sex and your doll world is very different from his world.

    The one who really loves you is good enough to be quiet and never want you to be a dancer!

    The story started from there... He was very angry and said: If you have any doubts, tell me what? He grabbed the razor and said, "Rag your knife! I said death and life is in the hands of God!" When I was giving in to my warm embrace, Orem said ludicrously: "If you loved me you wouldn't leave me alone!

    I speak of another love, the love that produces every miracle, of the soil that reminds me of the vegetative remembrance, and of the burning within and the ashes of my sins. Hold my hands and teach me the secret of flying!

    So much fabrication that your parts can't be found at any dealership!

    Thinking of squeezing my hands without knowing you, my heart is lonely, my hands are double.

    Love Romance Quotes WhatsApp

    Be like the rain, make up for the pain of separation from the sky in making life green.

    Love is drowning in the sea of love in the sea swimming.

    'God forgive us for doing or not doing good.'

    The shadow hit me with a bow so that I would not be sunny forever.

    The ax of the ax is among the traitor trees of the forest.

    Day to day dictates to me the absence... and my score opens to zero... I haven't learned your absence yet!

    Don't be bothered by humans… Nature has been calling them “spoiled” for years.

    Sometimes you have to be cruel, not with a friend or an enemy but with yourself…. And what makes you a slap in the face.

    Pray for my eyes rain prayer from "Droit", "Obrist" but not rain.

    Chewing gum teaches us a great lesson: From childhood it tries to make us realize that there is no lasting sweetness.

    At the heart of the heart, only the footprints of a friend remain, otherwise the wave of the day will lose any footprint.

    Cute Best Love Romance Quotes

    The sky is dedicated to the look of my flower I am comfortable watching my flower wherever you are and say God my flower and my refuge.

    My teacher said A. I said he said B. I told him I said I told him I wanted to say I didn't say separation.

    I told you I was alive with the imagination of my eyes.

    Behind the walls there is a god whose possession is the compensation of not all.

    How happy you are on the branches.

    Oh, my dear friend is always my prison the fire of your love is mine the day when my farewell and yours is the most desperate moment of my end.

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    Write an office in the World Newsletter You are at the head of the World Newsletter.

    The eagerness to meet you My heart knows my heart and I know and my heart knows.

    You know that ignorance of God is better than good.

    I asked her how much do you like me? He said, as true as the spring blossoms, and you are right because spring blossoms are two-day parties.

    Lovers love when they see beauty, but lovers look beautiful when they love someone.

    Laughing tonight because of the sonnet tonight Laugh at my poetry more than ever to fill my eyes with the color of life to the feeling of being able to believe.

    Beautiful Best Love Romance Quotes

    Love Romance Quotes, Love Status Romance
    Love Romance Quotes

    I love you only for your sake, I adore you with all your goodness and beauty. When you are not my hands are empty the vastness of the distance is strange to a lonely bird. At night when you fall asleep and open my eyes and see it's not like my eyes taste like rain.

    When nothing but love is left for us, we are first informed that only love is enough.

    The Last Word of God Leave Today's Love for Tomorrow for Something We Forget We Love We're a fist the size of a smile a memory the size of a glance to discover again to water again and to heal all our souls and hearts and souls I fell in love with everyone He gave me another heart I gave to him He hit my heart Dagger I have generosity I give to everyone I feel ashamed to take back what I have forgiven!

    Life means this smile; your love means someone like you.

    I asked him at night what to write for the person I love, saying I have no tomorrow without you.

    Sometimes the one who laughs and laughs wants to shed some tears in his eyes.

    Hi, they love us the way we are, otherwise everyone loves us better than us.

    The presence of tranquility has not been with me for a long time, but the memory of my heart is always a guest.

    In my arms I am so relaxed that I remember to breathe.

    Best Love Romance Quotes

    The one who goes away does not understand but the one who shines well knows that the bowl of water does not work miracles.

    I want to travel... not to get anywhere, just to go!

    I have cut myself too; are you scared of me going away?

    A thousand words can't be filled instead of emptied; I think of infinity.

    Where to travel Where to run Where to cross to reach your heart.

    These days, if you cry for blood, the depth of sympathy with others is just this!

    Sometimes thinking about some unconsciously puts a smile on your lips, I like these occasional smiles and some of them.

    I never get jealous of seeing you with another, but my mom taught me to give my toys to the poor.

    Sometimes you have to dip your toe in some water and say: God is the Great, Everything Will Be Made.

    It has been raining for a long time, and I haven't been in hell for a long time.

    The rocks maybe… but the sparrows have never been a doorbell!

    Just a few steps left to get to you…. If this dream continued.

    Once upon a time I felt like the last biscuit left in the golden stem! Broken and alone.

    The swan who can say hello and good night can understand.

    Like you, Cinderella's shoes don't fit into the size of any of us. Even by force.


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