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    215 Love Romance WhatsApp Status Ideal Collections

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status: WhatsApp is one of the most using application to connect with each other. In the present time, most of the people using WhatsApp to send message and wishes to each other. 

    Most of the people want to change their WhatsApp status as per their Moods. And they find new Love Status Romance Quotes and Love Status 2021 on the Internet for their WhatsApp Status. Because in this Blog, I am sharing some good things about the Love Romance WhatsApp Status Quotes and Love Status Romance

    If You are in love then you also want to change your WhatsApp status with a new Love Romance WhatsApp Status or New Love Status Romance WhatsApp. Then You are at the best place in this post I am going to share some latest and new Love Status Romance for WhatsApp in English. You can get which you like most.

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    Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    So far, but I love you everyday dream just not with any fear, love without limits.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status quotes provides you the most romantic and lovable WhatsApp Love Status 2021 for your loved ones. Just share them on your social apps like Facebook and WhatsApp status to impress the person whom you love so much.

    Hey fans out there! Hope you all had a great weekend this month. All the months is a special one, here with we have come up with some twisted Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    All these best Love Status Romance for WhatsApp and new Love Status 2021 are good for every mood and feelings to vibe into love. So, enjoy this love dripped Love Romance WhatsApp Status.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status, Love Status Romance

    She really was beautiful when she smiled, and making her smile is what he was best at.

    Send me a butterfly kiss just like a smile in the wind.

    A girl who was like cotton candy & A boy who wanted to melt her with the tip of his tongue.

    Never test someone’s patience for too long, you will fail!

    I have seen sunsets in so many different places, but nothing beats the time I saw it with you.

    There is nothing more beautiful than being in the arms of the one you love.

    Life is much more manageable when you know how to tune out negative emotions.

    New Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    • Maybe I smile because of you. Maybe I smile because I’m insane. Maybe I just can’t tell the difference.

    • I don’t know what’s growing on me. You or my heart.

    • Let’s dare to take a glimpse of Heaven by sharing our taste of Sin.

    • I trust easily. Love easily. I believe that people are ultimately good. I believe in kindness. Loyalty. And shared laugh.

    • It's just the way you take me to a place no one else can.

    • I shut my eyes & listen to that whisper from my heart, it’s always your voice telling me where to go, directions to my favorite Dream…you!

    • I simply can’t quit you… your touch, your laugh, your smile is my drug, I’ll never get enough of what you do to me… I’ll always need more!

    • All I need to know is how you are, to be there no matter what… to find a way to kiss your worries away & if I can’t… sit & hold you tight!

    • He holds her hand like it’s something precious, sacred and to be valued as more than just a body part.

    • People who love your emptiness and make you feel whole.

    • Love is how they inspire you to share your kindness with everyone you meet.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status 2021

    Everything in my life has a way better taste with you in it.

    Our every experience plays a role in who we are.  In who we become.

    Sunlight touches you from every angle but it still doesn’t see you the way I do. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Even the notes I write to myself are made out “to whom it may concern”

    Your eyes are really beautiful because they see the words, I am writing you.

    The fact that I ever made you smile is a seductive thought.

    A girl whose soul is like the wind & A boy who only wanted to set her free.

    The best people are the ones that are your kind of crazy.

    You’re planted in my heart, growing wild inside… every drop of your voice, makes me lose my mind…  with you, I don’t ever want to be found!

    The safest place to sleep in is in your heart.

    Days are just better when you walk through them with a mischievous smile.

    More indelible than ink is the kiss that bleeds into your soul. 

    One smile from you, and how I fall in love with it, every night, again and again.

    You can’t freeze moments in time but you can hold them in your heart forever.

    Real Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status, Love Status Romance

    You are profoundly beautiful in so many ways.

    How the silence of rains, soaks me in the want of your touch.

    Love the one you’re with, with all you have, or don’t be with them at all.

    Happiness comes from not having to impress people who never asked for any other world than you.

    That rare feeling...  The one you only get when they’re with you. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    I dream to stare at your eyes, kiss your lips and feel every inch of your body.

    When we feel our emotions instead of being consumed by them is when we can reflect on what’s going on and learn from it.

    Life is too short not to kiss with the passion of a furious fire, every single time. To hold hands. To dance in the rain. To dream. To love.

    Love and Romance Status

    To meet someone who’s in love with the beauty far beyond the surface of your skin.

    To be loved simply for who and what you are, that’s the best kind of love.

    A girl whose heart is a canvas & A boy who painted her with all the colors of his passion.

    Let me inhale you, 
    Enjoy the pain of your heart,
    Don’t push me away, coz I’d never give up,
    Once I chose you, & I’d do again,
    even with your scars.

    Ready to crash into you… the Dream that started when we met & now happen every night… to visit you & fall asleep with a smile on my face!

    If I could do just one thing… I’d steal away all your pain, never allow you to hurt again… make sure what you feel is only love… always!

    I’ve tried so hard to find myself but all I find is pieces of you. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    I want to wrap in my whirlwind of love. I want to drench you in my flooding desires. Let’s become immersed, consumed within the storm of us.

    Your soul is the melody that soothes my demons.

    Sometimes I hide just so I can recognize and appreciate the people that know exactly where to find me.

    Love Status Romance in Eng.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status, Love Status Romance

    Love Status Romance in Eng.: Hello Friends! Now we are with our series of Love Status Romance for WhatsApp. This collection is typically idle for all female friends to express them self over WhatsApp. We also have included some more feelings words for "I love you status", very short Love Romance WhatsApp Status. So, enjoy and explore out this few of best love status. Enjoy!

    My ultimate choice emails are ones that let you know that your order has shipped.

    Never be ashamed of a scar.  It generally means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.

    She’s someone’s wife & he’s someone’s husband, be a little bit more considerate guy. 

    You can’t buy love in your life, but you might have to heavily pay for it.

    The scattered pieces of myself just ended up being a trail leading me to you.

    Love like you were the star of a reality show for that sole purpose.

    The happiest places on Earth have the lowest birthrates because who wants to fuck up a good thing?

    The real definition of "Never mind"
    You should’ve listened the first time!

    Your name slips from my lips easier than any word in a dictionary.

    The core reason of getting respect from others depends on Your behavior.

    Real love is when person don’t want only you but your feelings, care & possessiveness for him. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Silence is because you never find the right words to make them understand how you feel.

    I will plant flowers all around the garden of your heart that you will breathe in deeply the fragrance of my love.

    When Human Love is strong enough., No God Can take it Away.

    If you do what you need, you’re surviving. If you do what you want, you’re living.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status Best

    Neither dealing with you nor dreaming of you is easy.

    Sometimes a mistake can be on purpose and a purpose can be a mistake.

    If he has a smaller waist than I do, I don’t think it’s going to work out.

    We’ve all had a time and place at which nothing else existed.

    She knows she’s beautiful, but she likes to hear it too. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    If “Plan A” didn’t work out don’t worry about it there’s 25 more letters... stay cool.

    Impossible is not a scientific term.

    You turned the page. I burned the book.

    HE responds to those who call upon HIM.

    And do not return to the past, an awesome future ahead.)

    Love Status Romance for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status, Love Status Romance

    I do not like loneliness... I just do not make new acquaintances - so as not to be disappointed in people once again.

    If anyone offer me eternity without you, I will choose a moment, but with you.

    People who take all the little things to heart are the most capable of sincerely loving.

    She runs away from the past, but always thinks about it. She does not believe in miracles, but continues to make wishes for the holidays. This is the one I see in the mirror every day.

    Treason is treason! It is not divided into "cheating by drunkenness", "cheating by spite" or some other varieties. If you have changed, do not stoop to such vile excuses for yourself... PS Do not betray your loved ones.

    Having asked young children what love is, they answered me: - These are two people who hold hands and smile at each other, no matter what happens! =}

    Love Status 2021

    It’s very, very difficult to convince a former lover who has become your wife that a husband never cheats on his wife! 

    A friend is a part of you and it’s impossible not to love her. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    You do not love - fall in love without a fall in love - fight... it is yours - take care!

    One of the hardest things in life is to observe how the one you love loves someone else.

    The main thing is that mom smiles, and the rest is all garbage.

    Smile with your eyes, love with your soul.

    While I love you... Not a single bitch even dares to take your hand. And I love him... and this love is not described in any words.

    It has always been that the depth of love is known only at the time of separation.

    Very Cute Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Treasured ON-LINE under his photo! And in the column "my messages 1" did not appear! Here we are sitting and silent on different sides of the monitor!

    I cry softly, watching romantic comedies, smile on the street for children, admire the stars at night. I found my happiness!

    And time doesn’t heal. He does not close the wounds, he simply covers them from above with a gauze bandage of new impressions, new sensations, life experiences. And sometimes, clinging to something, this bandage flies, and fresh air enters the wound, giving it new pain... and a new life. Time is a bad doctor. It makes you forget about the pain of old wounds, inflicting more and more... So, we crawl through life, like its wounded soldiers... And every year everything grows on the soul and the number of badly applied dressings.

    I do not understand how dogs have not yet been disappointed in humans. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Everyone said that we are not a couple... And I took her hand and said: we are not a couple. We are one whole.

    Anyway, there will be a guy who will love you just for what you are. He will rejoice at your smile, and in winter he will make you wear a warm scarf. He will worry or eat you, will call you every hour, write SMS to find out how you are doing. He will always be there; in the most difficult moment he will not leave you. Just wait for your boy and you will be happy, because you will be dear to him, for real.

    True friends constantly argue and swear, because they say things to each other in the face that are unpleasant, but important and truthful. What no one else will say.

    I will never start back into my life those people who left him of their own free will.

    Real Life Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status, Love Status Romance

    Why do we often leave the most important words and confessions for later? We hope that we will always have time to say them, and maybe we NEED to speak when the dear person is nearby, and not wait for a special moment. After all, it may happen that then there will simply be no one to tell them.

    A friend is not the one who will get you out of trouble, but the one who will not let you get into it - 

    Many relationships can be terminated only because one believed gossip, without asking the other "if this is true."

    The mobile phone is off, the mascara is smeared on the cheek... let us all be the same, but love in different ways.

    They will hurt, and then they think that everything goes from the word “I'm sorry”!

    Reciprocity is as rare as honesty, sincerity, truth, loyalty - (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    “... He just loves me just for what I am! He enjoys my smile, and in winter makes me wear a warm scarf! Just because I'm important to him, for real! "

    Everything once passes. Live on evil to all who despise. Grant warmth to those who value it. And do not look for the past, it no longer exists.

    I woke up and prayed... "Lord, give me..." And she stopped... What to ask Him for? Seven "I have... Friends are... I see and hear... I tell them and p"... I love and love me... And what do I need? That's what... "God, thank you, don’t take all of this from me!"

    When they love, they forgive, but when they forgive too long, they cease to love.

    I got up in the morning, looked in the mirror: "I am the most beautiful who let me hang herself more beautiful than me." I go to work, no one hangs... So, I'm beautiful! :)

    If winter, then... by the fireplace. If summer, then... by the pool... If you walk, then... with friends. If you go, then... beautiful... If love, then... real... If the mood, then... wonderful!

    The only thing I ask for is give me a chance to make sure that money cannot make me happy.

    Happiness is not in cool statuses, not in marital status, but in the absence of new messages on the wall, and in the online icon.

    Do you know why I do love you very much? Because of that only it doesn’t work out differently.

    I am not cruel and not capricious; I just love very few people!

    Only one person can really understand a girl. 

    Life is really short, but through adversity it seems long.

    Everything is done for the better. Just not very fast. You need to go further and not carry suitcases stuffed with the PAST with you! Your hand isn’t enough and you’ll be out of breath.

    New Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    The liver was anxiously awaiting the coming Friday, the kidneys were also worried that they would have to work hard, the throat was warming up, the nose was scratching, the stomach was preparing to work with stress, the ass was worried that they would find adventures again, its legs with tongue were getting ready to braid, even the heart was bleeding And only one brain rejoiced in the coming Friday !!

    I want you to know one thing... that I always support you, even when you hurt me... I will always be there... the time will come that fate will forever separate us, but I will be around... even if I love another... anyway you will stay in my heart... Know I love you and wait for you...
    PS... I love you...

    Probably, it was necessary to stand in line for good guys from childhood. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    The girl who is sad now... don’t be sad know ahead, you have a wonderful future... you just wait for him... and she will look at you... while you didn’t even expect, what will be... smile...))))

    Promising someone to call back, do not forget to do this, because someone is looking forward to your call...

    Sometimes you really want to turn on quiet music, lie down and cry... But... But mom is at home...

    Very Beautiful Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Always answer calls, always. Be silent, breathe, sniff, but answer the call. listen, although not saying anything in return.

    A dog is so devoted to a person, sometimes it is not even believed that a person is worthy of such love.

    I still wish you happiness, but I don’t participate in this anymore...

    There will always be people who hurt you. You need to continue to trust people, just be a little more careful.

    Do you think I'm running after you? And for no reason! I'm in heels... And, God forbid, the crown will fall.

    The most difficult thing is to forget the person with whom essentially nothing happened. 

    Why are there no photos with people we love? yes because when we were happy with them, we did not think about photography as a keepsake, we just did not think that they would go.

    Love Quotes Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Strange is a matter of love... yesterday you didn’t know a man yet, and today you can’t live without her a day... you think about her... you wait when you can tell her a few words or write something, and so day after day. Touching... wrong?

    Thank you for being there and giving moments of joy. (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    How happy are those couples who love each other and together...? And it becomes so painful when they love each other and frost, they do not take the first step! PAINFULLY! BOYS PLEASE MAKE THE FIRST STEP, you are a man! ON YOU AND MEN! YES, WHAT DIFFERENCE that they will think... And Suddenly mutually! BUT?

    Why every day & day; you are moving away from me, why every second I am afraid of something. There is something secret in your soul, but I'm afraid to find out about it. Maybe you don’t love me anymore, maybe I’m not the same anymore. I just won’t forget these eyes that I looked into every day. Surely, we will not be there as we were. But in my heart, I will have a memory of our unforgettable days...

    They say when you can’t fall asleep at night, then you’re dreaming of someone. I don’t understand - who has watched the series about me for a month.

    Life is short - break the rules - Run fast - Kiss slowly - Love sincerely - Laugh uncontrollably. And never regret what made you smile!

    - If he is dear to you as before, call him! - I’m scared that when I hear, it will fall out of my mind how to breathe...

    Very Nice Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Where is your girl who came to you?
    “She is no more; she is gone.” But she loved me very much...
    - And you?
    - And I'm an idiot, mom, I'm an idiot...

    - What time is it now?
    - The best time of my life...

    - Why do not you sleep?
    - Some garbage creeps into my head...
    - Again, me?
    - And you too.

    - Or maybe he lost my number? Or did not get through. Or his bus hit.
    -I think he just doesn’t want to call you.
    -Yes, he was hit by a bus - (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    He came and disappeared, without leaving any rags on the hardened soul. Went, at least a little to quench my damned libido. No, I went. I left from an unfulfilled night, from the frantic heat in which he will live until Sunday, from the stupidly obsessed song, which, in grief, I finally began to like. Behind the car in which I left my "with him", burdocks of memory reached out. I don’t know, maybe I’ll get along on the way home. Forget it, forget it, forget it. To hell with all the paradigms - it no longer exists. The world lives without his crazy body, beautiful in his tanned indifference, without a strange smile, so it bothers me and without sly surprise in my eyes. Indeed, where did I come from in the morning in his bed? But everything was clear to me, everything was calculated by me. Letting go of unhappy love, I LIVE...

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status Quotes

    You know, I only imagine with you my happy future, family life))))) And I don’t need anyone else!

    We are used to not appreciating what we have... With a few words, it hurts those who truly love us. And put off your own dreams for tomorrow.

    The bounty is nonsense, your beloved lips are about to enjoy paradise!

    Smart people do not meddle in other people's relationships. Pass it on to everyone.

    Take care of the one you love... so that later you do not have to live with the one that went to... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Dreams... how far they are from reality...

    Many have a beautiful appearance, but not everyone has a beautiful soul.

    Who said it would be easy? Any relationship is difficult! But if you want to be around even when everything is bad, then this is for real!

    It’s difficult to live like this when you don’t know whether you’re his friend or beloved... When he says one thing and does the other, it’s difficult when you don’t understand how to communicate further, because he doesn’t let go and doesn’t keep it.

    In fact, it’s scary to realize that you have fallen in love, that you are being pounded all over by a person, and an incomprehensible feeling of discomfort visits you at the thought that he is not nearby. and at the thought that if he leaves you, you can go crazy.

    Always... you can start all over again. Every minute... every moment... you have the opportunity to change your mind... and therefore change the course of your story.

    No one can go back and choose a new beginning. But everyone can start now and choose a new end.

    It hurts so much when you look at your loved one and realize that you will never be together.

    I really want New Year... The smell of Christmas trees and tangerines, festive vanity... New Year's gifts! a naïve childhood sensation of a miracle... and the hope that at least something in our lives will change... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Best Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    If you don’t want it, you have it... you have to, and you don’t value it... When you lose, you understand - you can’t live without it... Realizing it later, you regret it... you regret not to notice (a) in... Appreciate what you... Love until you lose (a) in... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    I am silent, pretending that everything is fine, but inside my heart breaks bones and you can’t imagine how painful it is... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    It hurts so much, just because people believed.

    You are constantly in my thoughts... I live by you... You are the meaning of my life

    And I start a new life, I will always smile, and cry only from happiness =)

    Friendship... this is when the headphone is removed from the ear when meeting... and love is when the player is excluded...

    And I love him... and this love is not described in any words... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Love those who are sweet to the heart, and not those who are so beautiful. After all, you live not with beauty, but with the human soul... 

    My heart beats steadily when I know that you are. My soul smiles when I remember your eyes. These are all words, sincere and frank. This is my whole life.

    I love you very much and I won’t give it to anyone! You are only mine! And others... let them break off, so tell them!

    Beautiful Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    love status new

    Sometimes you give a person a second chance, because you sincerely love and close your eyes to everything... But she doesn’t need him... She only temporarily pretends that she has changed... For her own interests... Unbearable pain corrodes your soul, heart torn... And this person stubbornly does not understand and does not appreciate it... Proud and self-confident... But happy... But you suffer, suffer through your sincerity and kindness... But you cannot do otherwise, because your heart feels...  It has real feelings, it’s not icy... = (

    An ideal relationship is a childishly pure feeling and an adult serious dream.

    I decided to get up, go and my leg has already risen!... but..., he is online, and his leg fell on another!

    The best things in life need to be given to others. This is Love, Kiss and Smile.

    Look into the eyes of the child... What you see there... is called "Love"... and what you feel at that moment... is called "Happiness"...

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status for All

    It is said that a swan has a law: DIES of loved ones, HE dies. Wings fold and fall from a blue height, if you love a lot - you will do the same!

    But we do not choose whom to love... we just love... we love those whom fate has given us... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    I want to be with you always. You are the one who gives me happiness through your smile. You are the one from whom I want to have children. I just love you, madly.

    Love is the most powerful thing that can break anyone. Neither treason, nor lie, nor even death. It is love.

    True love is not the love of Romeo and Juliet, who died on the same day. This is a grandfather with a grandmother who lived together all their lives and grew old together.

    - What is more important: when you love or when you are loved? - More important when mutually!

    Why do I need everything if all of this is not you!

    Each girl has and will have a bunch of guys, and there will be only one unique in her life, for the sake of which she will leave everyone.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status BF

    I wanted a girl of 8 years old, and she finally fell in love with me. You’ll think, “what is the matter here?” - I am 16)

    The main thing is to feel happy, and what others will say is no longer important.

    I love you more than very much.

    - Honey, when will you be 18? “What, you want so much to drink?” - No, I want so much to give you my last name... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    I will stop loving you when a dumb man tells a deaf that a blind man has seen a footless man walking on water.

    Take care of me. Ask for a call when I arrive. Find out my every step. Indifference infuriates more. I appreciate your concern. I swear.

    Lips. On the neck. Goosebumps.

    And I am your little girl who gets up on her toes to reach you, who looks into your eyes and sees life in them... 

    Children are cares, difficulties, screaming, noise, mess. But when you approach them sleeping, you straighten the coverlet, kiss the nose, cheeks, and you realize that this is the greatest happiness in life!

    Love each other the way you are, and learn to live like on the last day - because someday he really will be the last.

    Nice Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    love status 2020

    The woman came from the rib of a man. Not out of foot to be humiliated. Not out of my head to excel. But from the side to be side by side. From under your arms to be protected. And from the side of the heart, to be loved.

    Sometimes God takes silver from your life in order to give gold in return - the main thing is to understand it in time.

    Nevertheless, he is the only one. So dear, beloved, and most importantly mine. And no one can compare with him.

    Do not believe what is read and told. Believe what you saw and proved. Never believe the words. Better quietly watch the actions.

    The weak - take revenge... The strong - forgive... And I - HAPPY - I forget everything!

    Thank you, Mom... for the warmth and kindness... Thank you for your love without an edge... I am grateful to God for you... Thank you for being my dear.

    My life.
    My choice.
    My mistakes.
    My lessons.

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status GF

    Love those who are just nearby, who dare not change, who warm you with a warm, gentle look - who just help you live. This is the most important thing in life, because it’s not a look - it is often misleading, it’s not that beautiful that glitters - beautiful that warms... 

    So that everyone, everyone who reads these lines, the Almighty gave a happy family...

    May those whom I love be the happiest.

    She does not care about the sincerity of confessions. She does not understand the tenderness of your words. She will not give any oaths or promises. She once believed in love...

    A man does not have to love. He must answer. For tears, for laughter, for a cold bed and for dreams in his arms.

    There is no place left in my heart... Don’t be offended... it’s just all occupied... by you...

    When you first meet a person, you never know how much he will stay in your life. People come and go... drink coffee with you... laugh... wake up with SMS... love... they hurt... they lie... And no matter how it hurts, when I sit down, close eyes and forgive them for everything!

    It hurts when you tell the truth, and people don’t even believe in ingenuity... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    How painful it is to see him every day, to understand that you love him, to be jealous of him, but he does not even notice it. When you go with him and think that it’s easier to say “Hello” to you, but he won’t even look in your direction. How sad it is... 

    Do not break the hearts of others, do not break the lives of those who love you...

    Cute Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    What difference does it make inside me? The main thing is that I look great, and the rest is none of your business...

    These nights without sleep... I won’t forget them... lie down and look out the window, and tears just flow from my eyes...  remember everything to the smallest detail... every word, every gesture... to understand that one needs to live on, but it is impossible... to have fear of the next day & day... feel pain... represent your future, and then be horrified to realize that this will not... realize that this is all... the end...

    Instead of believing the rumors, come and ask!

    No matter how painful you make me, know that I will always give you a helping hand at a difficult moment, because I’m not you...

    There are people who are simply drawn to... (Love Romance WhatsApp Status)

    Come on, I’m on my way further, just don’t shoot myself when you see the album: “My Wedding” on my page...

    Saying "I love you" for the first time is always difficult; if not, it’s just not Love!

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status FB

    To love is to sacrifice oneself for the sake of a loved one. To do everything to make her feel good, even when she is comfortable with another. To love is not just to spend time with a person, not to give expensive gifts and to tell everyone how good she is. To love is to enjoy what is loved by a loved one. Loving, it’s enough just to be near and wait for the next meeting, just to see it and make sure that “she” is reality, you haven’t invented it for yourself, and to know that for the sake of such moments you should live on earth...

    I only need you alone... so sometimes strict... sometimes angry... such with a mysterious smile... with blue eyes... I only need you alone... so mine... so dear... I don’t need golden mountains and expensive gifts... Only you are the only one... mine.... and forever...

    In a man’s life there is only one woman, and all the others are her reflection.

    As time passes, you will understand the value of each meeting... 

    Sometimes one smile is better than a hundred words, sometimes one tear is better than a thousand apologies, sometimes a second of silence is better than endless conversations.

    You fall asleep in different beds, but you fall asleep with the thought of each other, your hearts fall asleep together.

    You love, know love... but why are you losing everything... 

    Sometimes life brings great joy, and sometimes it upsets you so that you don’t want anything... but we all live on... and again rejoice, and get tired again... life... when you are sad... always try to find positive out of it and when it's fun... never forget what could be bad...

    You need to live for the smile of your parents... For the laughter of friends... A kiss from a loved one... After all, what could be better than to see pride in your parents' eyes for your child, to hear from friends that "you are a true friend", and to hear from a guy "Darling"? 

    Sympathy is when you like appearance.
    Love - when you like appearance and character.
    Love is when it is not clear what I found in it

    Only having lost - we will begin to appreciate, only being late - we learn to hurry, just did not like - you can let go, only after seeing death - learn to live...

    Cute Quotes Love Romance WhatsApp Status

    Do not be silent, life is short. one second
    sometimes solves
    everything. And when you don’t find the right words,
    just tell the person: "you
    need / don’t leave."

    You won’t get away from fate, and those people who should be in your life will still be in it, even if it now seems to you that you will never communicate...

    Enough to kill for those who do not need you. The time will come when they will be killed because of you. Time checked.

    Distance does not matter; the main thing is the desire to overcome it.

    Do you know how cool it is when everything is fine with you, when you are always in a good mood and nothing annoys you? HERE AND I DO NOT KNOW?

    In lovers there is their own language... The language of sight, touch and kiss.

    So hard to lose something!
    With a bill in my heart, live and believe that this is not the end!
    It’s so hard to understand that everything once passes!
    What fate sometimes takes away from us, something important takes away!
    In some, hope dies...
    And in some, it never fades!

    Days pass, nights pass...
    and I can’t forget your eyes!
    As I recall your warm look!
    I can’t put up with you, that I’m no longer with you... 
    I know you are still waiting
    for me like this, have a meal at dinner, remember me again mentally!

    Everyone teaches us how to live, but for some reason no one lives as he teaches. The problem is that inside of us still live paretic children, dream more than they really live.

    You can hang around, be tired, exhausted, have serious problems, be cold, and be absolutely happy.

    - Are there happy people?
    - There are many people who pretend to be happy.
    - Why?
    “They just feel ashamed and scared, but they lack the spirit to admit it.”

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status Sayings

    Love Romance WhatsApp Status, Love Status
    Love Status Romance

    Happiness exists. I know him. I know his phone number, habits, the color of his eyes is beautiful. He has gentle hands and he gorgeously kisses!

    Happiness is when you don’t have to lie that everything is fine...

    Better to be happy than proud.

    The day comes, the time comes, and you understand: everything does not last forever... Life heartlessly teaches us that time is fleeting... That we need to value everything, take care of everything that is given to us... After all, life is like a thin thread, it sometimes suddenly breaks...

    I don’t want to live like that, but I live with you, it’s so hard to breathe but I’m breathing for you, it’s so hard... but I’ll overcome everything I have and I love you very much...

    Worse in a relationship at a distance is that when you have boiled. The vin will not come to calm and hug. You sit on different ends of the phones...

    It’s better to lose pride for the person you love... than to lose the person you love because of pride...

    I purr cats more than empty words of people.

    Never forget your promises! Love and Be loved because we have one life!

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