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    182 Love Status in English for Girlfriend & Boyfriend 2 Line

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend: We all are always searching somewhere to get the true love in our life. Young people generally fall in love in their school and college life. They are searching for Facebook and WhatsApp "Love Status in English for Girlfriend" or Boyfriend to surprise or impress their love mate. 

    You are here in this post able to find the all about Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status in English, Love Status in English for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status in English about LoveWhatsApp Status in English on Love and Love Status in English for Boyfriend along with some Love Status Romance 2 Line Love Status in English.

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Love Status in English For Girlfriend, Love Status in English

    I love you'; not on the grounds that you are the absolute best individual on the planet; but since you are simply so ideal for me... 

    Hello angel, I simply needed to advise you that your so excellent and I love you, your consistently at the forefront of my thoughts. 

    On the off chance that you are inquiring as to whether I'd hurt you, the appropriate response is never. 

    You are no not exactly a surprisingly positive turn of events to me. I love each subsequent I go through with you. I wind up adoring you all the more consistently. You are the only explanation.

    You are the most excellent dream I'm living. You are all that I could ever need and ever need. 

    How difficult it is to smile when you want to cry, and how easy it is to cry when you laugh; how difficult it is when you play with your feelings and how easy it is to play with the feelings of others. How painful it is when you love but don’t love you and how easy it is when you love you, but you don’t love... Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Another day without him... calls to nothing and SMS without an answer, she would put an end, but still hope that everything will be as it was before.

    She still speaks with statuses, thinks with notes, hears with music, and lives with photos... Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Just look into my eyes and tell me what you see in them? Sadness, longing, deceit... Do you think it hurts? No, I'm used to it...

    Sometimes we cry with laughter... but lately, we laugh more often so as not to cry.... sadness swallows us.

    Like an adult already. It's time to become different, serious or something... how much can you? Tears, snot... vulnerable soul, trembling nonsense... kindergarten, honestly and This brown-eyed! Is he alone? It’s time to become an optimist!

    Love Status in English

    I grew up, but still talking with heaven, and ask that I send the person with whom I would understand the meaning of the word happiness.

    From some you delete messages with the text “you are the best”, “I love you”, etc., and from some months you keep SMS “they called you”

    Her love like five in physics - it’s necessary to fight for it.

    Love makes one believe in what is most to be doubted.

    Explain why the more you love a guy, the more he gets you further... and if on the contrary you do not pay attention to him, then you... and love... and please.... why?

    A good kiss is worth another... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    - You love?
    - Nope... he has beautiful eyes... and laughter... and a smile... yeah... fell in love...

    The most precious thing in life is the family, the most important thing in the family is trust, the most important factor of trust is fidelity;)

    Just call - you know, I won’t lose it. Tell me what’s bad - you know, I won’t give up in trouble. Dial my number and be silent if it’s too painful to speak - I’ll hear everything already... (Love Status In English For Girlfriend)

    You are in my dreams, my dreams, my thoughts... I love you! You are always in my heart

    You said that you loved, And I believed you... and these were just words, Words such that a tear rolled through them, the all and not one..., they rolled on the cheek only when I was alone. When you called again, I lit a spark in my heart. Although I knew - this is only a challenge, and these are just words, but without which, my soul hurts... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Children do not suffer unrequited love... They approach the boy he likes, smack him and say - "Let's be friends!"

    Love Status in English for WhatsApp

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status in English

    Right now, press ESC and erase all these feelings, but everything went too far to click Cancel...

    Love is when he tells you all day about 95 gasoline and you listen to it...

    Kiss her so that everyone knows that she is yours ..(Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    All that is in my soul cannot be expressed in words.

    They gave me the knowledge to value loyalty... and never forget those you love.

    Just one fine moment you understand that the rest are no longer interested ..

    What is it for... WOMAN! For what, for what... so, that... to the peasant... life did not seem to be honey!

    Remember: all people get into your life for a reason. Some bring happiness, while others experience and hardened character... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Let's throw a coin? "Eagle" -we will be together... "Tails" -throw again! 

    I need only him... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Love Status Romance

    “The first time I saw her at the club, she was a little drunk. Passed by, dancing and singing a song, someone pushed her and she fell right into my arms. I held it in my hands for about 5 seconds, then asked with a smile". You will continue, "her eyes clouded over and she whispered with a breath," for life, please "Now on our rings there is this inscription For life, please..."

    We are afraid of our own confessions. We are afraid to even try to fall in love, everywhere waiting for the foundation...

    It’s nice to realize that you are worried somewhere, where you are missed, loved and waiting for.

    Never say “love” - when the heart beats for another person, never say “leave” - when you know that you will return. Never say “I'm sorry” - when you don’t feel guilty, never say “go” - when there is love in the heart!

    Problems are an integral part of our life, but they are replaced by the pages of your book called "Life", written off by smiles, love and sincere feelings. Therefore, do not pay attention to possible misunderstandings and anxieties, live and enjoy life. Believe in a fairy tale, because for her, in your heart, there is plenty of space.

    There are people who do not know how to part. They get attached, hold, call and just do not want to let go... No, they are not crazy! They just know how to protect and value relationships... (Love Status In English For Girlfriend)

    Sometimes we are silent when it is necessary to say the most important thing... We stay where we need to run as hard as we can... Laugh when we want to cry... And we lose what we must not lose...

    I want you, you, with you, from you, for you.

    WhatsApp Status in English About Love

    One must marry in youth, in stupidity, in great love, or in flight. Because you will grow up, more intelligent, and you will understand that there are no ideal people, and you do not need an ideal one.

    So, I don’t have a joint venture with him, and we don’t have messages on the wall and photos in common... and I can tell you we have the best relationship without it.

    The heart is not the front door to open to all... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    It’s not enough to love a person, you need to understand her, you have to live her life... Breathe with her. Hear the time is something that cannot be said. It’s not enough to find her.... The main thing is not to lose...

    Why is love so cold? She comes only in a dream, and for some reason it is difficult to find a place in real life. And as if around, everyone is cheerful and happy, and you have neither joy nor a beautiful smile. And no one notices your sum, because everything is in order in them, passionate love blooms in them. But for some reason, at this turbulent time, forgetting everything so pleasant and that love that once was that it disappeared instantly, and it went quietly. Outside the window, spring is replete, and you have no love again, and for some reason the phone is silent... Everything will be fine someday... Everyone speaks reassuring you, and you will believe it for a moment, and again return to the past. You just wait and hope for the best and at one time everything will be fine... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    He just has warm hands and a sweet smile. It's just that his eyes are the most dear and beloved... He is just mine. I just love him.

    Some idiot is now cutting his veins, trying to die. And at this time, somewhere a child dies who so wanted to live...

    Be patient... Everything once passes... Live on evil to all those who despise. Grant warmth to those who value it. And do not look for the past. It no longer exists.

    I am selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, get out of control and sometimes it’s hard to cope with me. But if you can’t communicate with me when I’m in a bad mood, then you don’t deserve me in a good mood.

    Time does not heal! And nothing else. You can only cure yourself. You are your own medicine man. You are a person, you are unique and, in the power, to change everything! Always!

    Even I cry at night... even it hurts, hiding the pain under the guise of indifference and indifference, I walk through life laughing...

    Just one... Just so easy... Just so the heart beats more evenly... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Building relationships is necessary with a person for whom you will always be in the first place. You, I do not come first...

    She looked at the world with wide eyes and smiled all the time, and when it was good she cried like a child... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    WhatsApp Status in English on Love

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status in English

    Do you want to hang yourself? Die?
    Get killed? And you think about the one who gave birth to you for almost a day, and not about the one who rode your ears a couple of times... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Since I left you, I began to live on the machine, morning and evening, every day the same thing. but I still found strength in myself, communicating with you, smiling and talking all cool.

    It’s nice to realize that you are worried somewhere, where you are missed, loved and waiting for.

    You guys can’t even imagine how nice it is for girls to receive flowers from you... Even if it’s a small field flower.

    I want to hold his hand, and looking into my eyes say - Now you will not go anywhere... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Isn’t it worth it to quit smoking, drinking and using drugs? They are our happiness, our future, our meaning of life! Our future children!

    A strong guy in response to the girl’s NO will say: "I will do everything so that your NO turns into YES." The weak will shrug: "Well, NO, so no..."

    All comes to the end. Sooner or later. No matter how good or bad you are, remember, this will pass. And one day you will realize that nothing else remains inside except memories. And love is not eternal, and friends will not be able to be with them all their lives, and parents will also leave. And all that remains for you is only you. You and the memories. Small pieces from once such great happiness...(Love Status in English for Girlfriend)


    We need to solve something - because contacts are contacts, but life is different...

    Love Status in English for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

    Do you smoke Yes, you're cool? Do not forget to tell your sick children about how cool you were in your youth. Do not forget to mention that you sacrificed their health in order to become the soul of the company.

    We are afraid of our own confessions. We are afraid to even try to fall in love, everywhere waiting for the foundation...

    “The first time I saw her at the club, she was a little drunk. Passed by, dancing and singing a song, someone pushed her and she fell right into my arms. I held it in my hands for about 5 seconds, then asked with a smile". You will continue, "her eyes clouded over and she whispered with a breath," for life, please "Now on our rings there is this inscription For life, please..."

    Goodbye to a loved one... She sometimes stupidly makes a mistake... But, believe me, she would like to return time back and fix it. Do not kill LOVE! Take care of it!

    You begin to live differently when you live for the sake of someone.

    Stop being jealous. Believe me, I will not exchange my sun for a cheap light bulb...

    It’s a great happiness in life to find a person who would be nice to see, interesting to listen to, not painfully silent, sincerely laugh and look forward to meetings.

    If you want someone to stay in your life, never be indifferent to him!

    No means no. and there is nothing to humiliate before those who do not care about you and your feelings.

    You’ll go - go in such a way that you turn around... You kiss - kiss to dizziness... You cry - cry alone... Remember - remember forever... You will love - love for real...

    I respect those guys who do not look with hungry eyes at every mediocre chicken, but know their worth and are faithful to their one beloved girl... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    It hurts - endure, asked - do not lie, bad - hold on, remember - this is life!

    - What do you think, if true love - will it return?
    - If true love - she & # she; & # she; will not go away.

    Why are you guys so secretive?
    Why are you so afraid to show your attitude to the girl? Why are you so afraid to take the first step? So... it's scary to hear the refusal, but suddenly the girl is waiting for this step... Do not be afraid to show your feelings... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Once you want to open the door, you once closed it yourself... But behind it, another life has long been, and the lock is different, and your key will not work...

    Love Status Romance 2 Line Love Status in English

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status in English For Whatsapp

    Has changed. Many understand.
    Just matured. Previously naïve girl who believes everyone. Allowed herself to use. Increased. I see.

    People are cruel and there are only a few who can love you, your soul, those people who not only listen, but also hear. Now she says thanks to all those who once betrayed her. Indeed, thanks to them, she understood the cruelty of the world!

    I want you and I to hold pigeons in our hands in a couple of years, let them go to heaven. And we were the happiest...

    It’s nice to realize that you are worried somewhere, where you are missed, loved and waiting for.

    Achieve whatever you want, everything is possible... the mustache is in your hands...

    The worse the soul, the better the appearance and physical form...

    None of my ex said good that we broke up...

    The first doctor is a sport... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    When I feel bad, I try not to be alone...

    Very often love is not mutual, but it only teaches us to live right...

    You cannot live in the past... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Love never lasts... over time it passes.

    Your feelings turned out to be ashes,
    Blow off from the palm of your hand, let them fly in the wind.

    Sometimes it’s important not who lied, but why ..

    Most kills expectations. At these moments, you have time to invent yourself a lot of superfluous.

    Do you want to hurt me? What's the point? I will smile, look at you and turn my back... and it hurts you ..

    She doesn't need a Prada bag, D&G clothes, Crystal champagne, Nina Ricci perfumes. She needs only the smell of your perfume, your look, your smile... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Every person in his life must go through this. Beat someone else’s heart. Smash your own. And then learn to take care of your own and others' hearts.

    Best Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    A friend is the person to whom you say "I don’t want to live," and in response you hear, "Once again you say this, I’ll kill you myself."

    Bad guys love. Much stronger than good, but only once...

    Sun, what are you doing? Smile... After all, he will never have someone like you

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    A man must suffer or fight, because a woman chooses the strong, courageous and persistent, and not those who, at the slightest quarrel, give up and leave.

    Law of love: as soon as you forget about the asshole - the asshole will immediately feel it and appear

    Adults do not swear with children, and children with adults.

    Love life as if you know that tomorrow is the last...

    What is happening in my soul, I assure you, the status does not fit...

    If a girl is silent, this does not mean that she has spoken, it means that you have spoken a lot of superfluous... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    A woman is like a theater: today is comedy, tomorrow is drama, and the day after tomorrow a tour in another city.

    And an adult sometimes so wants to be a child...

    One guy rang the phone. He picks up the phone and they say to him: "On Wednesday at 15:00 come to the city center and we will show who killed your father." - He says, "Good." 5 minutes later, his beloved girl calls him and says: - "If you do not arrive on Wednesday at 15:00, you will never marry me." The guy replied: - "Good." A few hours later, his friends called him: - "Bro, you got it on a slip, come to the center on Wednesday at 15:00, nothing can happen without you.": - "Good." He asked his mother what to do: 3 most important things in his life: father’s killer, future wife, friends! Mother answers him: "You will not return your father, you will still meet the girl, go to friends ... FRIENDSHIP is sacred!". On Wednesday at 15:00 I came to my friends. They got out of the car, opened the back door, there sits his girlfriend in a wedding dress, they open the trunk, there is the head of his father’s killer. God grant that only such friends surround you...

    A home phone is needed if only to find a mobile...

    Love Status Romance in English for Gf

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status in English For Whatsapp
    Love Status Romance

    • Someone sitting in one place, reflects on the meaning of life, and someone breaks away from this place, rides, travels and finds it! 

    • The myth that women only need money was invented by men who have no money.

    • A beautiful decoration for my waist is your hands...

    • When you drink, you know how many people are waiting for your call right now

    • Happiness lasts seconds, and memories of it, forever.

    • I have a hunch that soon women will begin to give men flowers, pay for them in the movies, and make an offer of marriage.

    • If you find new friends, do not forget the old ones.

    • When you see happy people - do not envy. You do not know how they fought for their happiness.

    • One person was disappointed, and then you do not believe the whole world.

    • Never rush to where you are not waiting.

    • A smile is the light that passes through the window of your face and tells people that your heart is at home.

    • Often make us happy, not the people we expect it from.

    • Don’t think what will happen... don’t remember what happened... love real)

    • The guy gave the girl 101 roses, 100 living and one artificial and said: I will love you so much until the last withers...

    Quotes Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Love is when separation drives you crazy. When you wait for a meeting, counting moments, and being near, you forget about everything... When you start to believe that everything is possible. That life is nothing compared to the happiness you have!

    Time will pass. And once looking at my profile picture you will realize that I’ll no longer be closer than on the monitor.

    He just has warm hands and a sweet smile. It's just that his eyes are the most dear and beloved... He is just mine. I just love him

    Do not throw your favorites in the street.... this is treason for their loving hearts.

    Rejoice at life... laugh with happiness... do not hide smiles... in spite of all misfortunes... Live, love, even to the pain... and do not be sad... because happiness is with you.

    How sometimes I want to say a lot. But it’s embarrassing to speak in the eyes, not on the phone, but too much to write ..

    “Mom, I have long pretended to believe that you found me in the cabbage.” Now it's your turn to believe that I spend all night with a friend, I am writing a term paper...

    Learn to enjoy life. Suffering, it will teach itself. (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    If you cry, then - from happiness!
    If the mood, then - great!
    If you live, then - bright...

    To see the rainbow, you need to survive the rain...

    In order to instill an angelic character in a person, one must have devilish patience.

    In cheerful people, a sad soul...

    Life is a tricky thing. As soon as you have all the cards in your hands, she suddenly begins to play chess.

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    A home phone is the exact opposite of a mobile. You know exactly where you are calling, but you have no idea who will pick up the phone.

    You can only show the sighted.
    Singing a song is only for those who hear. Give yourself to the one who will be grateful, who understands, loves and appreciates.

    Life flies so fast that he is not at all interested in us - Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Life in general is a funny thing: we’ll make fun of it, then it’s above us.

    Best Collections of Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend, WhatsApp Status in English On Love

    Take care of your loved ones by hurting apologize right away, because in this way you can destroy not only relationships, but also love itself .. It is very rare, and whoever has ever loved will understand these words ..

    Sometimes love gives strength to wake up, breathe and live... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    I am a girl. Both weak and strong. I am a girl. At the same time both cheerful and sad. I want - I will be gentle and submissive. I want - I will be free as spring.

    Heart to him. Soul to friends. Life for mom... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Men want to be their first love for women, and women want to be their last love...

    The station saw more sincere kisses than the registry office... and the walls of the hospital heard more sincere prayers than the church.

    Love is when you forget about yourself and enjoy the joy of your loved one... You live in order to make your loved one happy

    Someone will definitely need us as we are.

    People do not notice how the one who always laughs cries at night... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    I really want to study, only when there is a boy there that you like.

    The standard feature of guys: they appear all together, or they do not exist at all.

    I want someone who will be afraid of losing me.

    If a girl cries because of a guy, then she really loves him. if a guy cries because of a girl, he will never love someone like her.

    I don’t need a romantic, I don’t need a poet, I only need someone who does not hesitate to say: "Hey, hear, this is actually my girlfriend."

    If you love a person as he is, then you love her. If you are trying to radically change it, then you love yourself.

    I don’t understand why I’m afraid to offend something, but they’re not afraid to offend me... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    And I’m afraid that when I meet a guy who sincerely tells me “I love you”, I just won’t be able to believe him...

    Friendship just happens to end. No argument, no quarrel. You just get different. And even when you know this person all your life...

    WhatsApp Love Status in English for Girlfriend 

    A pleasant hug is the hug of a loved one... They are the most pleasant, warm, gentle... And they last a long time... It is so nice to plunge into a hug after a long break, and kiss passionately and passionately...

    I called, wrote... I tried to hold on as best I could... and then just let go... it just hurt... but it’s better to suffer standing than to love on my knees... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    It hurts when you walk down the street and hear a song that was only on him on your phone, and you understand that it will no longer sound there.

    Girls, appreciate guys who say they are your friends. In fact, they love you more than life...

    The girl is a proud creature, never takes the first step, expects him from you, and suffers from this...

    Attitude towards a person changes if she does not value what you do for her...

    Never say "Just friends", Friends are not easy at all... (Love Status in English for Girlfriend)

    Friendship... this is when the headphone is removed from the ear when meeting... and love is when the player is excluded...

    Do not regret what has been done. Sorry about what has not been done.

    The best thing in life is to be bored with reciprocity .. you know and feel that somewhere out there .. on the other side of the world there is a soulmate... who, like you, madly misses all those moments that were you... these minutes, and maybe hours, days, weeks — were the best .. and let the kilometers separate you, let fate separate you, but you need to know that life will not leave two halves apart .. never leave.

    Everything has passed. I forgot. Forgiven. Out of love. Calmed down. It doesn’t hurt. I do not miss. Stopped hating... What a pity... all this is untrue. And so, I want to believe.

    A tender heart beats in the chest, Do not break it, wait, it does not want to be abandoned, It is in order to love...

    I almost never cry; I ask for help. I'm on my own. But today I turned off the phone, because I am afraid that they will offer me help and I can’t refuse. I'm tired...

    It's never too late to write: "Hello. I miss."

    Someone has life like a zebra... Someone has a piano...
    And I have a rainbow: if not colorful, then purple...)

    My Guardian Angel... I’m tired again...
    Give me your hand, I ask, and with a wing hug...
    Hold me tight so that I don’t fall...
    And if I stumble, you lift me...

    I’m such a man... that I’m silent at first... I’m silent... well, and then how to tear myself away, it will not seem enough to everyone ..

    I began playing with you since you were the most sweltering young lady I had ever looked at. Presently I have begun to look all starry eyed at you since you have the most delightful heart I have ever felt.

    Before I was involved with you, I was experiencing responsibility fear. Subsequent to being involved with you, I am experiencing a fixation call love.

    You are a significant piece of my spirit. The compartment of my bliss. No word or number that can clarify your situation in me. You are a genuine piece of me, I love you to such an extent.

    As the days are passing my affection,
    My affection for you is becoming solid,
    I realize you are mine eternity,
    I know to me you have a place,
    You are my life's most great melody,
    Love you to such an extent!

    Innocent embellishments are a piece of regular daily existence. In case you're in court being accused of a lawful offense, you're likely going to be enticed to lie. Or then again if your sweetheart inquires as to whether the sweater, she is wearing makes her look fat; you're going to lie since you love that individual. There are various reasons and supports to lie; it's human instinct.

    I will be unable to guarantee that I will never be away from you, however I can leave you with the guarantee that I will consistently cherish you.

    Facebook Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status Romance

    At the point when I look profound into your brain, I am met with the magnificence of a thousand jewels. As I let that affection and magnificence flood over my body, I realized that there was nothing that I could ever exchange our relationship for.

    My affection for you is genuine to such an extent, that it makes me need to accomplish stunning things like hopping on the mists and jumping on the rainbow.

    From irregular giggles to arbitrary kisses, our adoration has placed me in an ecstatic condition of arbitrariness that I never need to leave.

    I didn't design it, yet you're really great thing that is ever transpired.

    At the point when I am with you, the main spot I need to be is nearer.

    My affection for you is past the psyche, past my heart, and into my spirit.

    Every one of the minutes that I go through with you,
    Every one of the recollections old and new,
    Has affected my psyche,
    It's an inclination so exceptional with you,
    It's an inclination that is exceptional,
    Babe I love you,
    What's more, I will be all your eternity in time!

    At the point when I investigated your eyes the last time, I discovered inestimable gems. Love coursed through and all I saw was an impression of my face. I realize that in any event, for a million dollars, I could never exchange this relationship.

    Each time you state that you love me, my heart melts like chocolate. I had constantly longed for a real existence brimming with life and I can hardly imagine how I am carrying on with the life I had always wanted. I love you with everything that is in me.

    Ladies wed men trusting they will change. Men wed ladies trusting they won't. So, each is unavoidably disillusioned.

    Trustworthiness is the way in to a relationship. In the event that you can counterfeit that, you're in.

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