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    165+ Love Status in English for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    Love Status in English and Love Status Romance is most searching topic for WhatsApp among the youngsters who recently falls in love with someone. They always searching for the new and fresh "Love Status in English" and "Beautiful Status for Love" to send their lover, girlfriend or love mates. 

    So, you guys find with this post about some of the best collections of Beautiful Love Status, Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Love Status in English for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status in English on Love and WhatsApp Status in English About Love along with about 2 Line Love Status in English Love Status Romance for you.

    Love Status in English

    So, here we just start with the "Beautiful Status for Love" for you all: -

    Love Status in English, Beautiful Status for Love
    Love Status In English for WhatsApp

    The water filter reminded me of you baby, your green heart / red lamp / bright light / Rosette Wheel / Hot Breath, Hot Tint / Pray with Me / Your Happy Days.

    Remember my head until my life is over. Never forget the wind.

    Did you know that your life is in your hands? I have only "lived" the days of being "Batur".

    With all my arrogance I am still looking for distress I am ready to look at you; I love that stormy moment; I have come thirsty for years till I drink some water; I'm not happy with anyone's heat I'm ready to burn you.

    Henrique's life, not math. Don't think about it, enjoy it.

    When I can tolerate avoidance, I give it a try and love my flower.

    You don't feel anemone anymore, you don't have the air of a lover's heart, you have those cold-blooded eyes, you don't have the former tight heart.

    In this city there are people's feet that kiss you, kiss your rope, people who honestly lie and betray you sincerely, the lonelier you are in this city...

    One day a mountain-like day of joy, one day as sad as a plain, the legend of life is, the mountain must pass through the plain.

    Pure hearts make trouble! And today is the biggest mistake of the world!

    I wish "the curtain" knew that it was open to the "window" to dance.

    Behind the red light, a boy with an innocent eye said, "Don't you want a scar?" Oh my gosh, I said if I buy all your glues, neither my wounds will heal, nor your wounds.

    Asked if you want a friend or a world? I told you my friend is my world.

    I have God, my backpack finds a journey, an unassisted journey, disappearing into the sheer loneliness, firmly told me: "Wherever you shake, you are afraid of travel, you say from the bottom of my heart, I have God, there are a few arrangements that we are only with.

    It's like someone grabbed my heart tonight. It hurts my heart, my dear, where my heart is stuck for you!

    Beautiful Status for Love 

    It's easy to forget! Just lie down, close my eyes , and not breathe!

    Fill my backyard, whether vertical or horizontal, just enough for my four walls.

    Stars never go out of the sky, let my heart be in the sky and remember you star.

    The sea is always bothering me, you know why? Because I always praise your greatness.

    How beautiful you're talking about? You say look at the problem from my angle! From your angle... Oh , I saw , how close it is from two angles sitting together! You and me!

    Nostalgia is the place for breaks on the glasses of man, everywhere you look !

    These days I have a lot of wind, my words do not know why, rather than the throat, the eyes come out. 


    Imagination is everywhere with me, but I want your warmth, not the coldness of your imagination.

    Even if the shoes are tight, it hurts, woe to my heart.

    Everyone was in my place, you cut it, but I'm still sewing, hoping for a way.

    These days it's hard to understand a mother tongue when they used to say, "I love you, its Persian meaning was simple, but now" I love you "gives a thousand different meanings.

    Think of it as flatulence I can be happy without you. Anyone with any stroke decides to be stubborn after that.

    The world's busiest person wants a handwritten note to say, "Come back soon," I can't help you.

    I think I'm allergic to the scent of your scent.

    It is very sensible to use a parable of medicine only when you need it.

    I hurt you but close your eyes! It's hard to know and you don't know.

    If Lily Com was crazy... Where would the name be crazy...?

    Beautiful Love Status 

    Love Status in English, Beautiful Status for Love
    Beautiful Status for Love

    I have a mild Alzheimer's disease so I don't want to be silenced in so many living languages ​​in the world.

    Sometimes you have to thank God or hug him, and kiss him for not getting what you once wanted.

    We are strangers in this city and in this poor property, you are captured and remembered.

    Onlook of velvet and silk / How often I think of you every night / In your breaths in the deep shadow of silence / In your words with the sweet accent of silence.

    Fear means to be me, to be you and not to say anything.

    These days I am awfully smitten with you, skip the filter and see that there is nothing left but you.

    If the beggar does not remember the king, what does the king know about begging?

    At night my room doesn't have a moon, do you lend your eyes until morning?

    It is a divine blessing to open your eyes in the morning and remember that you have a friend bluer than the sky, clearer than dew, and brighter than morning.

    I promised you my heart, don't let me go wrong!

    Days go by, days go by as the season changes, stay with the night, although it is dark, but it is always the same color.

    They say not to miss you, my God! As if they say water don't get wet!

    Remember me sometimes, as if you were unaware of me for an hour, you would hit the sky.

    It doesn't matter whether you are a girl or a boy.

    God, remember, be with her, the world of pure darkness... I'm scared; be with him.

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend 

    Dandelion you only know my word, you just read my love letter, dandelion no one is with me, everyone went away Why do you stay?

    Open your mouth to the extent that they don't speak to you - Love Status in English

    Money is always somewhere higher than human height; be careful what you put under your feet to remove it.

    There will be a day when you will be sorry to repeat it to me... I know a day to be nobody will repeat to me.

    I consider your smile to be artificial, except that I hit you.

    Friendship is a coincidence, separation is the plot of nature / nature is beautiful, not as beautiful as truth / bitter truth, not as bitter as separation / hard separation not bitter alone.

    Do not be afraid of drunken night, come and fall in love, be honest / Me and the pigeon in love on a wall / Two windows, two stars for a visit.

    If you said I wished I had no more sadness / Slept in my night no need for a story / If you wished there was nothing in the world / There was no sadness in our good memories.

    We love understanding and politeness / We love the dirt / We are tired of the ugliness of doing otherwise / We need two cups.

    I ask God not to forgive you / What kind of friendship do you have / You know you are in my heart / Why all this shyness?

    Looking for Love in the Streets of Love / I Thought You Were Mine / Do You Not Know This Captive Heart? / O my watery eyes, you are my omen - Love Status in English

    I Love You, because I love you... I love you two, because there is no doubting, I love you hundred, because I haven't found one like you for another hundred years.

    You heard the gardener planting flowers / How sad it was to make flowers / You had flowers too! / But you became a man without fertilizer!

    Hi dear, I dreamed / you said no more comrade you thought you were going to die without me / you go I will get one more!

    Cute love sacrifices cute seed / That love lover hangs nest in memory of insane burning Lily / I remember you at this time.

    Love Status in English for WhatsApp

    • I was you and you ruined me, a living you counted me dead pigeonhole to your house, every time I came you answered me.

    • I will remember you every excuse / I am depressed I will rejoice in you / Without you my heart is a silent hut / I will ruin you with your memory.

    • I fell in love and my love was called bad / Heard the jailer and imprisoned me / I did not despair in the prison / Fall in love with the one who loved me!

    • Love means a pen from a desk and an office of stone / That can't last a lifetime in his works.

    • Who is your guardian of nostalgia? / I remember you every time I miss you / Every star I send a sign of my sadness / I miss the sky so you know I remember you everywhere?

    • Love, like the idea of ​​a wise-hearted idea, a wise thief kills first the house lights don't do anything blind with us, we lost the house owner.

    • Loving a life without love is a great sadness, but it's almost like leaving a sad life without telling someone you love that you love her.

    • I don't know where she's smiling now, I just wish there was no connection between your heart and your heart in the sweet world.

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    • In moments of urgency, I have seen Sean Chu thistle in love with the arteries of existence, without which you must sing a poem of nostalgia.

    • Once upon a time no one saw love / Now the world is worried about me and you!

    • I wanted to paint the picture of being with you - Love Status in English

    • Where the custom is to not fall in love? / Be a gardener and not miss the anemone?

    • Modern medicine, traditional medicine, acupuncture, I have tried it all, the pain is untreated the pain of Druitt!

    • Your empty place strikes my heart if I become a ruin these days!

    • The shame you make on me, my faith in love will grow!

    • Love means: You simply grab someone's hand and you will never hardly let go!

    WhatsApp Status in English on Love

    Love Status in English, Beautiful Status for Love
    Beautiful Love Status

    It is also a mistake to sell Joseph to pure gold / curse if I give you the whole world.

    We are strangers in this city and in this poor property, you are captured and remembered.

    For me, you are among those who remind me of Noma's promise - Love Status in English

    You killed me with your eyes / You kidnapped me with your eyes / Blacks from all over the world / Chu I saw you for a moment in your black eyes.

    I poured a thousand words into your vacancy, but it wasn't filled, I suppose, from infinity!

    I painted your wall every day on the wall. Look, this Lamothe wall has no place to draw anymore.

    You are not ashamed share my heart alone without the sadness and sadness and sadness without you this living life is not a wound my heart will not heal forever.

    I saw you somewhere between dream and dream I looked like a dew I thought I saw between flowers!

    In a world where dreams come true no one wants to love me except you.

    Who are you all thought of / you become my life, all I remember you / your memory in my memories when found / goes the world I remember because I remember you?

    Here is the earth, the earth is round You have thrown me away! Tomorrow you will meet me.

    The world of snowmen is a simple world If there is snow, if there is no snow, like in my world, if you are, I am, if not!

    Strange is the sea... until it drowns you in!

    I have a heart for you, even though I can go away. If you do not ask, my mind will not empty into my heart.

    I poured a thousand words into your blank, but it didn't seem to be infinite!

    WhatsApp Status in English About Love 

    Reminds you again of the same kindness and gratitude this hateful heart always prays for you!

    In the heart of Myasis, my cloak of remembrance, the whirlwinds of forgetfulness do not recognize.

    In this strange city, and in this poor land, hold thy mercy and take hold of thee.

    Every time I want to come to you, I remember that "nostalgia" is never a good excuse to repeat a mistake.

    Love means you drive me I come back a hundred bored!

    Although the Nazifies are not fulfilling, the Chou Gardens are unfamiliar, if I climb to the top of the sky, I do not miss a moment.

    Loving is not the only thing to do, so I love you outside - Love Status in English

    I love people who say I love you but they don't know what you mean, people who want you to be a troll but who are not yours, those who die under the rain, and when the sun goes down, everything is remembered!

    Wherever you move our hand in nature, it is your heart that constantly reminds you!

    We have the hearts to remember that we have the best wealth.

    Look for the light seeker in the darkness in the light.

    What would you say to me if today's World Day is "no word"?

    You said you love me as much as the raindrops on your face and I love you no matter what umbrella you have on your head.

    The most beautiful sunset lovers, the most beautiful heart stone, the most beautiful tear fluid, the most beautiful crying oh, the most beautiful def heart you, the most beautiful word I love you.

    2 Line Love Status in English

    Four things in the world do not go together, the land of rain, the eyes of sin, the lover of lover, I of you.

    Except for me, whoever does not love sweetheart, God will not stab his heart.

    The sun is also betraying these days you come late in the morning and the evening is gone sooner!

    All thanks to the one who didn't need me, but didn't offend me...!

    I write with sincerity I'm captive cute / If you want or don't want to remember.

    It was so close to us that it was no longer in our privacy, so you diminished it no longer dare to come to us. I say "love".

    My tears are freezing until they fall... Strangely the air of your absence is cold...

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    Don't worry about getting lost, don't worry about it.

    The poet passed through that alley, but he was not a poet, he was not a mistress, he was not a mistress, but he had been on the street for years.

    The art of love today is not popular with everyone who loves me so much - Love Status in English

    Sometimes the one who laughs and laughs wants to shed some tears in his eyes.

    Warning!! You are one of the people who send a hard message to Mariam.

    Hi, they love us the way we are, otherwise everyone loves us better than us.

    The presence of tranquility has not been with me for a long time, but the memory of my heart is always a guest.

    In my arms I am so relaxed that I remember to breathe!

    The one who goes away doesn't understand but the one who shines well knows that the bowl of water doesn't work miracles.

    I want to travel... not to get anywhere, just to go!

    I have cut myself too; are you scared of me going away?

    Love Status Romance 

    Love Status in English, Beautiful Love Status
    Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    A thousand words can't be filled instead of emptied; I think of infinity.

    Where to travel Where to run Where to cross to reach your heart.

    These days, if you cry for blood, the depth of sympathy with others is just this.

    Sometimes thinking about some unconsciously puts a smile on your lips, I like these occasional smiles and some of them.

    I never get jealous of seeing you with another, but my mom taught me to give my toys to the poor - Love Status in English

    Sometimes you have to dip your toe in some water and say: God is the Great, Everything Will Be Made.

    It has been raining for a long time, and I haven't been in hell for a long time.

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    The rocks maybe… but the sparrows have never been a doorbell.

    Just a few steps left to get to you…. If this dream continued!

    Once upon a time I felt like the last biscuit left in the golden stem! Broken and alone!

    The swan who can say hello and good night can understand!

    Like you, Cinderella's shoes don't fit into the size of any of us. Even by force… 

    What a brutal trade that all that Nazi I bought from you!

    Fortunately, there is no one who has no problems but one who has no problems.

    What others think of you is their own problem, not yours.

    One day your leaf wins the heart…. But you are no longer the ruler.

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    The same cave you are afraid of getting into may be the source of the treasure you were looking for.

    There is no end to the story because neither the sheep become wise nor the wolf's feed.

    There is nothing more in common between us, only the sky is one - Love Status in English

    That your head is hot every time is not a reason to be worthless, so worthless that many are your size.

    Happiness was auctioned yesterday, but we are sorry we are born today, God is hell of tomorrow so why burn today!

    I do not tell you my heart is a jerk, I do not say a glutton because he is short of life, I do not tell your eyes because of craving, so I tell you that he is not better than a toxic one.

    Behind the sea is a city where a friend is there, wherever he is, whatever he thinks, every job, anyway, dear God be in his care.

    When I want your perfume, I also beg the wind, God forbid - Love Status in English

    Dear sacrifice, whose fire of knowledge burns the jungle of ignorance!

    If there was a lack of appreciation, and how bitter it was, there would be someone.

    Going to the beginning of the devastating Do not speak / At the beginning of a regretful Do not say / You said I should look out of your eyes / My eyes without you Rainy do not speak.

    Oh my God did you even have a warranty? My heart is broken!

    How much do I need to go in the dark? Come and clear my assignment!

    Nazarian, with you sugar will embrace bitterness!

    Beautiful Love Status in English

    Love Status in English, Love Status in English for Girlfriend
    Love Status in English

    Nostalgia is like fire under the ashes, sometimes you think it's over, but all of a sudden it burns you down.

    The swamp asked the river, "What have you done to such a clarity?" River said: I'm done!

    Let me be cool by being warm with others - Love Status in English

    Excuse me and torment me / In my restless spirit You make me anxious / My heart is full of griefs, my captive pain and blood / But you are angry with my heart for a moment.

    I love dry land as much as the fish don't like it.

    I wish your name was written with braille. It is not enough to make your voice glorious!

    It is a journey around the world, when my hands are caressed to the end - Love Status in English

    I have a heart for the stone and glass / I have so much love for my roots / That he wrote in the six corners of my heart / Baby, I love you always.

    Lonely means: My mind is full of you and empty of others, but beside me is empty of you and full of others!

    There is something in your look that I do not know it? Like relaxing after a sad day, finding a smile like the smell of rain after rain, what do you know what I don't know? I need it!

    You calm the heart, you don't calm the heart at last: You, pain or healing?

    If two people were on the edge of the precipice, would you save them? Who do you like so much? Or the one she loves so much.


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