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Romantic Love Ideas : Romantic ideas are born in the minds and hearts of real romantics and are daily brought to life by them, turning into unusual dates, beautiful surprises and dizzying acts. With their help, you can express your sympathy, express the whole depth of feelings experienced in relation to a person, and even make a marriage proposal.

Romantic Love

Romantic Love, Romance Love
Romance Ideas

Romantic ideas help add a little charm, lightness, romance and positive emotions to the relationship, which are so often lacking in love. If you want to surprise your loved one, then this section is for you!

Romance Love Ideas

  • 1. Romantic Love Ideas "Love Calendar"

My girlfriend Inna is very serious about our joint dates. When a month passed after we met, she gave me a gift. And I, I confess, forgot about such a small anniversary. It was very uncomfortable. After that I began to write down all our dates in a notebook.

  • 2. Romantic Love Ideas "Toy With A Pendant"

I gave my girlfriend a lot of gifts. And since she collects soft toys, she often bought them for them. So, for 7 months of our relationship, she gathered a whole collection. I wanted to somehow surprise Oksanochka, to present something original and interesting.

  • 3. Romantic Love Ideas "Compliment Notes"

There are a lot of romantic ideas with notes, but of the whole variety I like the following: you need to prepare notes with compliments for your soulmate, then place them in all places in your apartment.

  • 4. Romance Love Ideas "If your favorite reads books"

If your favorite reads books, for example, in transport on the way to work, then this wonderful romantic idea is for you. Take her book, find the place where she stopped. Most likely, some bookmark will lie there, or the corner of the page will be neatly bent.

  • 5. Romantic Love Ideas "Is a birthday a sad holiday?"

I met my young man 4 years ago. It happened in the central square during the celebration of the city day. True, we talked for a long time as acquaintances, and love relationships last only 2 years.

  • 6. Romantic Love Ideas "Day of kisses"

On the morning of one ordinary day, I woke up in high spirits. This happens, despite the upcoming work, a hard busy day and lack of sleep. On such days, romantic ideas are seething with a huge fountain in my head. And I will definitely implement one or two of the coolest ideas. This time I decided to make breakfast for my beloved.

  • 7. Romance Love Ideas "Whims Day"

I declared Saturday September 18th a day of vagaries! So he said in the morning to his beloved: "Say what you want - I will do it." And then it began! First, I prepared breakfast in bed, then I took my beloved in my arms to the bathroom, where I gave her a massage, and gently washed it. Then we walked for about three hours in the center of our city.

  • 8. Romantic Love "Unsuccessful parachute flight"

I once decided to give the girl a gift certificate for a parachute jump in one of the parachute clubs in our city. I went, looked at the airfield, paid for the certificate. Then he went to the girl, gave a bouquet of 7 lilies, between which he carefully stuck a gift certificate.

  • 9. Romantic Love Ideas "Ad in the paper"

My husband regularly buys one very newspaper and reads it from beginning to end. It doesn’t miss any ads or ads. Therefore, my romantic idea was born on its own. I decided to advertise in a newspaper in which I was going to confess my love.

  • 10. Romance Love Ideas "Picnic"

A picnic is a wonderful outdoor recreation. For residents of megacities, this is very important, since the gas content of the city exceeds all permissible norms, because a day in the fresh air will be very useful for your body. Yes, and a change of scenery is always only beneficial.

Romantic Love, Romance Love
Romantic Love Ideas

  • 11. Romance Love "Fishing line"

Good day to all romantics. Once I decided to charge my beloved girl with a good mood before studying. Previously in the evening I bought a balloon in the form of a heart, puffed it with helium and brought it to my home. I found a skein of fishing line in the pantry and found a decent stone in the yard. In the morning, all this brought home.

  • 12. Romantic Love Ideas "Custom made fireworks"

Good afternoon! My romantic idea is not so large-scale, but rather expensive. She was born on New Year's Day, when thousands of residents of our city launch fireworks. I decided to order fireworks for my girlfriend, which is referred to as “Pyrotechnic inscription” for pyrotechnic masters.

  • 13. Romantic Love Ideas "Street dance"

Correctly someone said that people are divided into romantics and those who do not understand this concept. So, someone regularly does romantic things, as they say, with or without reason, and someone has never done anything like this in his entire life.

  • 14. Romance Love "Cake with figures"

Probably everyone in my life at least once heard something about a cake with figures. Most often, confectioners prepare such a gift for the wedding, and the figures of the newlyweds are made from photographs. This is a whole art.

  • 15. Romantic Love Ideas "I will show you the best girl"

I saw this romantic idea in Brian Barnes’s film “Well, you moron!” Starring Mila Jovovich. There, the hero of the film gives his girlfriend a mirror as a gift for Valentine's Day. And she says that she is beautiful.

  • 16. Romance Love Ideas "Heart of rose petals"

With the help of rose petals you can create a real miracle, just connect the imagination. I bought several bags of petals of these flowers and carefully paved the path from the front door to the kitchen, where I laid out a huge heart on a soft blanket. My husband came home from work, I invited him to dinner.

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  • 17. Romantic Love Ideas "Se* is like in a fairy tale"

One person said: “Se* is not a game. This is the way to be happy. ” I completely agree with this saying and I believe that there can be no love without se*. Physical closeness, even if it is earthly, is nevertheless necessary for both man and woman. If you think otherwise, then you can not read further. My "zealousness" is not for you.

  • 18. Romance Love Ideas "Fatal Gift Puzzle"

I will remember this gift forever. He served as a reason for breaking off relations with his beloved young man. And it all started perfectly: I decided to give him a puzzle with our photo. “Of course, this is not a very gorgeous gift, but quite worthy,” I thought. I found a photo where we both stand embracing.

  • 19. Romantic Love Ideas "Roses at work"

In my head, every minute more and more romantic surprises ripen. But they cannot always be realized: a problem with money often arises. I'll tell you about my last surprise for a girl. It was November in the yard; rather warm November turned out to be this year.

  • 20. Romantic Love Ideas "Rose in your pocket"

Surprise with romantic surprises absolutely at any time and in any setting. In the morning I invited the girl to walk around our beloved city. Met in the center, everything is as usual. Two hours of a good walk, weary a little, went into a cafe to replenish energy reserves.

Romantic Love, Romance Love
Love Status Romance

  • 21. Romance Love Ideas "Message to heaven"

When I was little, I loved balloons very much. I don’t know why, but I liked playing with them. Then I grew up. Now I don’t play, but I will never refuse a balloon with helium as a gift. I like to go out with him, lie down on the green grass and let go of the ribbon.

  • 22. Romantic Love Ideas "Reverse Birthday Present"

I really love my birthday. Feeling of joy, happiness when emotions overwhelm - it is simply amazing. And every year at home I collect people closest to me, parents, friends. I was also very lucky with my husband.

  • 23. Romance Love Ideas "Teddy bear"

I think that at least once in my life I have faced with the problem of what to give to a loved one. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, to make some beautiful romantic present, but nothing good came to mind. By chance in the store I saw a large teddy bear, life-size, more than a person.

  • 24. Romantic Love Ideas "Girls love sweets"

Girls love sweets, although they say that it affects the figure badly. Nonsense, sweet is useful in reasonable amounts. Bake something for your sweetheart. This will surprise her very much, since men do not like to cook so often, much less sweet.

  • 25. Romance Love Ideas "Burning shores"

In our city there is a river with very steep banks, the width of which is about 10 meters to the water. One day while walking along the water with my girlfriend, one thought occurred to me: what if we use the banks and the river for a romantic surprise? I called a friend, he is a romantic.

  • 26. Romantic Love Ideas "Balloon"

My husband and I recently had the first wedding anniversary and that’s what I came up with for him .... At first there was one surprise, but for several reasons it had to be canceled ... there was very little time left, but nothing came to mind ... then the idea came to give him a balloon flight, but the idea turned out to be expensive .... That's why I called

  • 27. Romance Love Ideas "SMS for your beloved all day"

It so happened that with a beloved we live separately from each other. We are lovers of outdoor activities. And so the weekend came, we decided to go bowling. In the morning I woke up early and came up with texts for 30 SMS messages. I went to the site of her operator, there is the opportunity to send free SMS, even indicating the exact time of delivery.

  • 28. Romantic Love Ideas "Hint notes"

On Valentine's Day, I for a long time pretended to forget about the holiday, my beloved was a little upset. In the morning he congratulated me, gave me a present and went to work. All day he sent me messages, but I answered very coldly, with delays. As if at work, they distract me.

  • 29. Romance Love Ideas "Eastern party"

Somehow for my husband I triple the theme party. The theme was oriental. She laid blankets, pillows on the floor, covered everything with a beautiful cloth or scarves, it was a place for dinner, picked up oriental music, and candles, of course. Has prepared eastern food.

  • 30. Romantic Love Ideas "Surprise in the porch"

And here is one of my romantic stories. Back in high school, I met with a guy, our relationship developed quite brightly and beautifully, but after some time we had to leave, I became the initiator of the break, although this decision was not easy for me.

Romantic Love, Romance Ideas
Romance Ideas

  • 31. Romantic Love Ideas "Thai massage"

I warn you right away: this is not a surprise for conservative people with ancient stereotypes !!! =) Many do not understand. My husband recently had a birthday: I warned him in advance that he had no plans.

  • 32. Romance Love Ideas "Pirate Party"

In the summer, my beloved and I live in the country. And somehow I threw my beloved "Pirate Party". In the morning, while he was sleeping, I drew a map of the site and marked a treasure there with a large cross. Then I cut the map into pieces and laid out on the site so that he always found the next fragment of the map and went there to carry out the task there.

  • 33. Romantic Love Status Romance Ideas "Bon Appetit"

Autumn was in the courtyard .. Rain partially drummed drops on the window pane, the sun practically didn’t appear because of the clouds ... The mood was gloomy, and the rubble at work — it all fell like a snowball on me and every day it got sadder and sadder .... I went to work, dumbly, wrapping myself in a coat from a strong wind ..

  • 34. Romance Love Ideas "Quest with hints"

Amazed by your ideas, gentlemen! In turn, I will share my. The gift was made on February 23 to my young man, the date was not simple, since on the one hand it was February 23, like a holiday for men (besides, I have a cadet, so this concerns him directly), and on the other hand it’s a year our acquaintance.

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  • 35. Romantic Love Ideas "Marriage proposal in Egypt"

My idea arose in principle a long time ago. I wanted to admit my beloved in love somehow especially, very beautifully and unusual. An idea after an idea flew through my head, but all of them seemed mundane, boring. Finally, I decided: I will make an offer at sea, against the sunset.

  • 36. Romance Love Ideas "Petals in the bath"

From the name of this romantic idea, and so everything is clear. Go to any flower shop, buy rose petals. One package is enough, but I bought two at once: one with red petals, the other with pink. On the way back, I got a set of ten candles and two bottles of champagne.

  • 37. Romantic Love Ideas "Pillow fight"

Each of us watched a movie or video where lovers fight pillows. I do not know how long this happened, but for some reason it is considered romantic. Once we had a great fight with my boyfriend, and none of us wanted to make concessions.

  • 38. Romantic Love Status Romance Ideas "101 rose"

My girlfriend Tamara celebrated her twentieth birthday. On this day, exactly a year ago, we met her in a cafe. She celebrated her birthday there with her friends, while my friend and I sat at the next table and rested. The girls were bored, looked at us and talked. We sat down to them, and a conversation ensued.

  • 39. Romance Love Ideas "Heart made of candles"

We decided to surprise your loved one and do not know how? Go to the store and buy a few packages of floating candles. They are so called because can float on the surface of the water without diving on the water, despite its weight. Such candles are not very beautiful in appearance, but they open up great prospects for talented people.

  • 40. Romantic Love Ideas "Almost a fire"

My story with candles was deplorable. Just one evening, I decided to arrange a surprise for my husband, put a lot of candles on the floor in the room .. They also stood on interior items.

  • 41. Romance Love Ideas "A memorable gift"

This story happened about 2 years ago. My friends and I decided to wish our common friend a happy birthday. Chucked, bought a gift, beautifully packed it. And then the thought came to my mind: "why not give a present in a beautiful setting, for example, light many, many candles."

  • 42. Romantic Love Ideas "Two years"

October 15th. For me, now this is not just an ordinary calendar day; on this day in 2008, I met my beloved girl Anastasia. And since then, my life has changed very much. I first fell in love, for the first time I felt the sweetness of this feeling, I realized that now I am not alone, that now there is a soulmate nearby.

  • 43. Romance Love "Rose with a surprise"

I want to tell a story about how I confessed my girlfriend love: I bought a green rose (her favorite roses), put a ring and earrings in a bud (I chose them all over the city for a long time, but still found them), covered the entrance with balls and sparkles ( it was very slippery to walk on them and at the entrance they lay for a few more weeks).

  • 44. Romantic Love Ideas "Romance on the roof"

Good afternoon! I tell you my story too. I am a student and often spend time with friends, like all normal students. One direction has become very popular among my friends: to climb onto the roofs of houses, tall objects and watch from there what a beautiful panorama opens up in full view.

  • 45. Romantic Love Ideas "Chocolate egg"

Hello!! It was for the new year. My (now her husband) and I were just dating then, about about 2 months. We were going to celebrate the New Year with friends. We agreed that my beloved would pick me up in a car.

Romantic Love, Romantic Ideas
Romantic Ideas

  • 46. Romance Love Status Romance Ideas "The inscription on the house opposite"

Good afternoon. I’m an extremely freedom-loving person and a little reckless, and therefore I have moments when I get tired of all the routine and want to give up everything, which I did a year and a half ago: I just took all my things and went to live at home. He was told that SO (as it’s not clear to me even now) I can no longer live.

  • 47. Romantic Love Ideas "Bath with rose petals"

I made a present for my husband’s birthday: I poured a full bath of hot water, added salt and oil, then I threw rose petals that floated beautifully on the surface of the water. On the floor, on the sink - everywhere there were rose petals.

  • 48. Romance Love Ideas "Sunrise"

Good day to all. I will give you one cool romantic idea. Meet the dawn with your loved one not just in bed, but, for example, on the banks of a river or bay. One day off, I woke up my girlfriend at 5 in the morning and told her to get dressed urgently. Like, I have a surprise.

  • 49. Romantic Love Status Romance Ideas "Magic kiss"

A disease always carries the weakest points in a person. Beloved fell ill in the fall, most likely caught a cold in the office by the window, or under air conditioning. The doctor in the clinic gave sick leave, and I took care of her as best I could: cooked food, brought tea and fulfilled all her requests. And then one morning she said that she was dreaming of summer, of warmth.

  • 50. Romance Love Ideas "Marriage proposal"

It was on her birthday. We were going to have dinner at a restaurant with our closest friends. Before that, I agreed with the owner of the restaurant, told him what I would do and how everything would happen.

  • 51. Romantic Love Status Romance Ideas "Box with cakes"

Why are these pompous and pathos declarations of love? I never understood them ...,
Midweek, wednesday. Finished work earlier than usual, drove into a candy store, where he bought a set of cakes. I bought a small postcard, 4x5 cm in size, in a bookstore. I wrote the text "You have a gorgeous figure.

  • 52. Romance Love Ideas "Birthday gift for husband"

And I congratulated my beloved in a very unusual way. He was at work that day, returning late, because set the table for the whole working team .. You understand, while they sat there, congratulated my beloved - he is already a little drunk. And after the party I had to pick him up by car, because

  • 53. Romantic Love Status Romance  Ideas "Bunch of balloons"

Good afternoon! My story is this: my girlfriend lived in a neighboring city, I had to go about 5 hours one way, i.e. I spent 10 hours on the road to see it.

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