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Romantic WhatsApp Status Download: Here in this article we are providing the best collections of Love Status 2021 Love Status Romance - "Romantic WhatsApp Status Download" for Facebook and WhatsApp. You will also find about Romantic Status Download, Romantic Status for Boyfriend and Love Status Romance along with some Love Status 2021 which you can share to your boyfriend or girlfriend to impress them and send your heartiest feelings of love through WhatsApp and Facebook messenger.

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Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

So, here are the best collections of "Romantic WhatsApp Status Download": -

Sometimes I look at you and think: what general hurricane brought you into my life?

Quarreling thinking that "not for long", you can lose each other forever....

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

When falling in love it becomes so hard to learn... Opinions are clogged

Love for beauty is stupid...

How terrible it is when a person appears who is not yours, and you are still afraid to lose him.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

Forget everything, just live and love, even if it's not mutually

Maybe someone will replace me with you, but NOBODY will replace you with me.

Nothing makes a woman beautiful like love))

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

A serious guy loves that girl from whom it is difficult to achieve love.

Here many say that love is wonderful! Well, if you think so, how much suffering a person feels through this, your "love"....

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, Romantic Status Download
Romantic Status Download

She said to him "it hurts me...", and he indifferently answered, "be patient!"

They don’t choose love, they don’t blame loved ones,
they don’t repeat fate, they don’t call forgotten ones.

Romantic Status Download

You just can’t take and forget everything that was.

Two must fight for happiness...

People part, but memories in the heart live forever...

If a guy loves - the girl feels...))

One kiss with love is more expensive than a thousand without love... 

It's hard to be a good girl when a maniac life inside you))

Why complicate life? Do you miss someone? _Call.
Do you want to meet? _Invite.
Do not they understand you? _Explain.
Have questions? _Ask.
Don't like something? _Tell me.
Do you want something? _Ask.

There is always time for someone who matters... 

I don’t give a damn about those who leave my life...) I will find a replacement for everyone... And those who stayed, I love more than life... 

I want to pause when you're around, so that these moments of happiness never end...

The tragedy is not that we are not loved, but that we fall in love with those who do not know how to love.!

But I still think that even if a girl loves, she should not run after a guy.

It’s a stupid feeling when you just go to the page of your ex and understand that he f*s you anymore.

My happiness is just around the corner.... IT IS MORE

No wonder people first want to be part of your life, break into your life, and then want to drink. And it turns out that you let a person in so that he hurts you.

Romantic Status for Boyfriend And Girlfriend

If 100 people love you,
then among them I am.
If 10 people love you,
then among them I am.
If 1 person loves you, then it's me.
If no one loves you
- Means I am no more.

You can handle it. Theoretically, practically, logically, deductively, inductively, according to statistics, according to the theory of large numbers, according to Freud, according to Nietzsche, according to Darwin. Anyway;)

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

Without letting go of the past, you cannot build the future.

There are people who do not know how to part... They call constantly and just do not want to let go... No, they are not crazy! They just know how to protect and value relationships...

Beautiful eyes are those who look at you with love and tenderness. And it doesn’t matter what color they are: brown or blue. They are native...

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, Romantic Status Download
Romantic Status Download

Silence and a smile are two powerful weapons. A smile is a way to solve many problems, while silence helps to avoid them.

We would care less about what people think of us,
if we knew how little they think of us...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

People click “Like” only when the status resembles something from their life.

You are mistaken when you say you know me. Everyone knows me as much as I let myself know.

Life is a song, sing it to the end. Life is a struggle, become a fighter. Life is the abyss of the unknown, without fear of the stupa. Life is luck, catch this moment. Life is so beautiful, don’t lose it. Life is your life, fight for it.

Do not laugh at the person who takes a step back. Perhaps she is taking a run.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

The salvation of one dog will not change the world... but the world will undoubtedly change for this one dog.

It’s enough to clog your head with all kinds of trash. Free your thoughts from him, look around how much is interesting, amazing, diverse. Remember, Life is interesting for interesting people. Be happy and do not worry. Everything will be as YOU want...

Love Status Romance

  • How important it is to be loved! Really, really. The only one necessary to madness, to tears! Beloved to be without fear, without suspicion and anxiety, without fear and empty doubts, as God conceived of love!

  • Those people who often forgave and endured longer usually quit unexpectedly and forever...

  • If it’s important, I’m looking forward to telling you something about those who I’m going to give up - I won’t be more beautiful...

  • It’s easier for me to communicate with a person in private, because only in private does she become real...

  • The best road is the one that leads home...

  • - Proud? Do not write? Well, please. Do not write. Give in to your pride. I will have hundreds more like you, said the little girl to the felt-tip pen.

  • Your soulmate is the one who understands you like no other and will always be with you, no matter what happens. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I firmly know that there is such a love that remains with us after death.

  • -Do you know what you owe me? What? -- Baby wedding and breakfast in bed.

  • To win a girl - you need patience to hold - attention, to lose - indifference... Never play with a girl... You do not know, but suddenly, she plays better

  • When I'm with you, my head is spinning. And I stop dreaming. Just because I already have everything.

  • We live in an amazing time where a guy can hit a girl if he simply writes a message without errors.

  • Never. Never doubt yourself. You're the best!

Love Status 2021

If you want to know who loves you, look him in the eye, the one who loves will always turn away, or simply lower his eyes!

Never despair of finding love! She is somewhere nearby... If you have unrequited love, be patient! So, then you will have a reward for your patience!

If a person cannot forgive a loved one, know only one thing: she never loved him.

Feelings do not pass; we just do not show them.

But we don’t choose whom to love... we just love... we love those whom fate gave us...

I do not need long explanations; I do not need long courtship. Just be with me as if you were always there.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

They say when you can’t forget a person in any way, it means she’s holding you in her soul...

The girl’s happiness is to become a beautiful bride, beloved wife and happy mother.

You can close your eyes to what you see... But it is impossible to "close" your heart to what you feel...

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, Romantic Status Download
Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

There are more important things than bars and clubs.
There are feelings... Smiles... And kisses of Beloved...

I want to fall in love. to disappear with your beloved evenings. to come home and immediately sleep. so as not to sit at a computer, from which the body already aches. I want to just not have enough time for social networks. I just want to come home tired and happy.

When you miss the infection at once, just appreciate it.

Romantic Status Download

Worse is to show peace. When you can’t beat the dishes because your mother is upset, you can’t run your phone on the wall because you won’t buy a new one. You can’t go to friends because they have more important things to do. You can’t even write on the Internet because you don’t want window dressing and pity. And all that you are allowed to eat yourself morally, from the inside.

So, I want to believe that miracles still happen...

I really want to feel the touch of your hands, I just can't stand this feeling, I want to call and say how much I miss you, how I want to be in your arms again and talk until the morning, how I just want to be there in moments of joy and sorrow... just know...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I have a difficult period now: I am torn between “want” and “need”, between “leave” and “stay”, between “remember” and “forget”.

I have one desire... I want our children not to get sick! Money... - We will earn! Love... - Conquer! Success... - Achieve! Happiness... - Ah, happiness, happiness - these are healthy children!

What could be better than holding a son from your girlfriend in your hands?

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, Romantic Status for Boyfriend
Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

A guy who really loves wants to change only two things in a woman... Surname and belly!

Come on, kick on further, just don’t shoot yourself when you see the album: “My Wedding” on my page...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

The most... is when you love each other, but both are proud...

I don’t understand how people forget those who were dear to them.

Instead of believing the rumors, come and ask.

You're too complicated, but I don’t need another, I want to be with you, I want you to be mine.

When hugging a loved one, the soul becomes warm and calm, like never before...

Inner wisdom lives in us. And with it is inner strength. Zvertaymosya to her. She is waiting for this. Heal yourself. Your spirit and body. This is not only for you. This is needed by Nature, the earth, all people.

We give nothing to this world. And do not take anything from him. This world gives us everything and takes everything. We are like the grains of sand of a river of time. Golden grains of sand.

Do not talk about something serious for more than half an hour. Because you don’t listen. Many say, you will say a lot of stupid things.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

If you cannot create good, then at least move away from evil. This is the first step to good.

There is always something to share with someone. And if there is nothing, then a good word remains.

Today's value is more than tomorrow. And so, every day. For it is only yours that you received today, at this moment.

Grow, rise, every day. Rise like juice on a tree.

Love Status in English

When under oppression, you don’t know what to lose, the first thing you take off is pride. Everything else will gradually fall by itself. And there will be nothing to lose.

Native, and you can without me?
- Close your eyes for a moment.
- Closed.
- What do you see?
- The darkness.
- This is my life without you...

Once, you meet a person from whom you do not want to go...
.. To no one
.. Never!!

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

Love me as I am and I will become the one you always dreamed of...

But I don’t care who is there and what he says about you, you are mine, which means the best.

The less outsiders know about your relationship, the stronger they will be...

Love can be
sincere and eternal, but for
this you need to make a
lot of effort!

And I just love him and no one will change that in me!

Fengshui - this is when the refrigerator is next to the computer for convenience and beauty.

It is nice to see many happy couples who, holding hands, carrying bouquets of flowers in their hands, died away in kisses...

How I want to hear from a loved one: "I want to see you!" and answer this: "In 10 minutes I will!"

You know, if a guy treats a girl like a child, then here they are, real feelings.

I wonder if I ever dreamed of someone who so often dreams of me...

If you want to hug a girl more than to sleep with her, then you love her.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

Over the years, you begin to understand. It’s not important in life that you are constantly told about love or how you look good. The main thing... to be required. That would be someone to lead you on the road. And to hear. Come back soon. I'm really looking forward to you.

I really want to
meet in my life
such a person with whom it
would be nice to watch,
interesting to listen to, enthusiastically
tell, not
burdensome to be silent, sincerely
laugh, have fun
fooling around,
remember enthusiastically and look forward
to the next meeting...

Love cannot be planned by someone. You can’t make anyone fall in love; you can only fall in love yourself. Anywhere, when zavgodnooo and anyone.

Thank you for being there and giving moments of joy...

Romantic Status for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

It is not necessary that he writes all the time, calls... the main thing is that he looks at you like no one is looking!

Touch is the most tender thing on earth. And if you really feel when the trembling goes through the body, then you really feel good with this person.

Men should adorn three things: decency, character and actions, and not cheap show-offs, high self-esteem and a long tongue.

You don’t need to be imposed on people and you will understand whether they need you, you do not need to believe the words - in our time they cost nothing, appreciate those who value you and do not keep those who do not need you, do not believe the excuses - if a person has desire, he will do it under any circumstances. Do not judge people by yourself, they are not capable of doing for you what you were ready for them.

Sometimes for happiness it’s enough to see a person who you are madly missing.

And at this moment you understand that some things happen only once in a lifetime. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to feel it again, you will never climb three meters above the sky again.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

It is impossible to stop loving, even if you are thousands of kilometers apart. There are two options: either you will always love, or you never loved.

Dear ex guys! There are no miracles on my page. If you are so interested in my life, I can lay you in the hallway...

And you did not notice that the female “I will be ready in 5 minutes”, and the male “In 5 minutes I will be home” - the same thing!

Danilov, who, having previously advanced his little girl without a makyazhu, is guilty of giving 51 trojans. And we have? We don’t just donate!

The neighbor is not the one to whom you can reach with your hand, but the one to whom the soul reaches...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

It is foolish not to communicate with the person who is dear to you. And no matter what happened. He may not be at any moment. Can you imagine? forever!

How easy it is to
fall in love with a person,
run it in your heart, in
your thoughts... And how then
it is difficult to let it go and
forget about it!

I always dream of
seeing in the eyes of a person
whom I love that love,
is in mine.

My love, do not
worry! I love
you forever! I look
forward to meeting you! you
just do not be sad, more
optimism! smile,
I like your
smile so much! Everything will be
alright! My happiness is
you! You are my meaning of life,
keep our sincere mutual

He thinks that
someone is in me, seeing
statuses on my wall... Therefore, he doesn’t write...
I think he doesn’t
need him when I
see him indifferent online...
and dedicate statuses to him...
But he knows even that it is

Romantic Fb Status for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

Take care of love,
if it is. Do not tell
anyone about it. Hide her in the
bosom. Keep everything
secret, lie to everyone,
tell me that you are the
same scumbag as the others.
Otherwise, they will tear
your feelings. stretched,
turn into them
usual whore!

You break the hearts of
people who love you, and
then you wonder where
such bitch come from,
womanizer, people who felt
the pain of a “broken
heart” on themselves! Remember!
Breaking a person’s heart,
you make it stronger,
smarter and

A woman was created in order to love her, and not in order to understand her.

A man wants to be the first in a woman, and a woman wants to be the last in a man.

You cross the whole world in search of happiness, and it is always there, at arm's length...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

When some doors close, others open. And we often with such an eager look at the closed door that we do not notice the open...

Pancake! How
tired and got these
daily life
problems, this is a monotonous
life! I want something
new! I’d already meet
my kohannyachko, otherwise
something is boring without me
beloved half! I
want happiness so much!

It’s sad... but for some reason
I’m more and more
beginning to disbelieve in
“love” or maybe
really “love” does not
exist... is it just an
“illusion"? first comes
"capture", then
"habit", and the word
"love" simply combines
these two feelings!

You can’t just
take and forget everything...
Especially when the feelings
we're not false!

- You are a very beautiful
girl, the dream of many
guys... What did you
find in me?
- I found my dream...
My love!

- Mmm * How I love
- And how? )
- Like a bunny carrot))) *

The world has
changed a lot... now everyone
needs either money, or
fame, or constant
parties, intimation,
pleasure... And I’m from
those crazy
people who want
real love...
Sincere feelings... without
lies and betrayals...

Everyone dreams of
his own - Grow up...
Find love... create a
family... Relax... become
famous... a lot of
money... how many times
throughout our lives we have
changed our dreams... but in
the end -
we all dream of being just

Romantic Love Status for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

There are such moments of
life that I will never
forget... this is... the first meeting, the
first dance, the first
walk, the first
kiss and the first

Fools from not
mutual, not happy
love shoot,
cut veins... smart
write poetry, music,
status... But smart ones
just don’t fall in love, but
they don’t feel any better!

You can close your eyes to what you see... But it is impossible to "close" your heart to what you feel...

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, Love Status Romance
Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

So, the battery charge plus and minus, but I’m ideal!

A real man is known not by word, but by deed. A real woman is known not in love, but in fidelity.

Nicolas do not turn around before you see that. Yak bi didn’t ask you much, і yak bi tobi didn’t want you. Pidkorivshi one mountain, repair the storming of the Inshu.

The best and most correct way out of the situation: to forget everything bad, to keep good moments in your memory, just say thank you for everything that we experienced. And go on. Because everything that happens to us is for the better...

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It doesn’t matter what you see, it’s important how you look at it!

God, how do I envy those girls who have guys who call them in the evening and they talk with their loved ones all night long to fly, send them love SMS for the night, they love them. but I have to fall asleep with the thought that everything will be kind. tomorrow.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

The most terrible feeling is when you really want to tell him that you love him, but no longer...

I want... what would you look at my photo with the words: "pro * BAV ("

Heart, get ready, we get out of here while both goals.

Tears - this is the liquid that pours out of the eyes for some reason, when you squeeze your soul...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

A broken heart is probably, fortunately right?

She drowned her despair in coffee, and drank the bitterness of her own tears in liters.... And nothing could fill the voids inside.... He was the only medicine...

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

Mom, I'm fine. so, ate. so, watered flowers and bought sandals with rhinestones. so, mom, I'm free now. I don’t sleep with anyone. and don't kiss. and I do not tear the pillow with the cries of his name. I just don’t live without him...

Operation completed *** has been removed from the friends list. So simple. Why is it so difficult to remove hearts from the memory?

.. F*** my soul again. I really miss this. Turn around...

We do not find words and put emoticons... We are afraid to say... and put virtual hearts... We respond to the status "Online", as if the person is next to us...

It seemed like another minute... and the sent will be "love"...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I’m sitting, looking at you that you’re so f*ing awesome, but I want to cry... cry... cry...

All the pages of my life - hear? They rustle only for you. I have tamed them. I taught them to pronounce your name. I have already memorized your body, and already am able to distinguish your smile from thousands of others...

I will only give you thousands of kisses... Only I will give you the worthiest place in my heart... Only you, bitch, I will smash the face if you deceive me again!

Today. such a terrible day. this, this is today. It is today that I really made sure that you do not need...

I care about his indifference... I want to call him, to be with him, to touch his lips... And he is so posher that I’ve gritted my teeth.

To jump. Everyone has moments when you want to jump. But this is not a reason to jump. This is a reason to bite the bullet and move on.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I would very much like to be flogged and said: "You fool, this is not love, there is nothing at all, understand this and live on".

She can sit like this for hours, listen to the same song, wipe her tears in her hand and convince herself that she doesn’t care.

And for a long time, she does not believe words, dreams and fairy tales. You made her grow up.

I think a lot if a guy often looks at you, that means he likes you... or maybe he just laughs at you? Think about it...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

We can do everything, but not have what we need.

A kiss is when two souls touch the tips of their wings.

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

If you want, but you can’t, then you don’t really want to. If you want, you will find a thousand ways, if you don’t want to, you will find a thousand reasons.

Do not offend each other! Nothing hurts so much or cries like a soul. Vaughn is like a thin crystal vase - you can break it quickly, and when you glue it together, the fragments remain very noticeable anyway.

The worst crime is to play with the girl’s heart when you know that she loves you...

I hate you, but really love...

Don’t cry, he still won’t see your tears...

It’s good to be a man even because you don’t need to kiss someone else’s three-day stubble.

If he is the first thing you think about when you wake up, the only thing when you don’t sleep, and the last thing you think about before falling asleep, then he is really special.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I love it when you hold me to you as if I were all that you have.

When she loves him, she gives all of herself? Without a trace. When he loves, he gives her everything that he has. And together they are happy. When two love each other, they do not ask about anything. And do not swear that they will be together to the grave. They just love... Together...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

There are a lot of beautiful girls, and the Beloved should be alone!

Bring to tears... everyone can... And make it so that his eyes shone with joy... only a few...

I want you to call her my name once... And she exclaimed: "Who is this bitch?"

How do you want to learn to adhere to such ingenious advice - "forget it"...

Best Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

Girls! It’s enough to say the phrase “you need to fight for love” before everything else! You can fight with distance, time, illness... But if he does not need you, fight with yourself so as not to run after him and not to humiliate yourself!

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

This status is dedicated to all the girls in which the guys are goats.

I’m sitting all dressed up, made up, waiting... and he calls and says: "I won’t succeed today" * f***!

The stupid man’s phrase “I love you cat, that's why we have to break up,” I just don’t understand. Are they really holding us for stupid rabbits?

-Do you meet him? Sure. We meet, smile, sometimes even say hello.

Heart, you are a traitor! Why, are you so torn out of your chest when an on-line icon appears next to his Ava? After all, he still won’t write...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

She hates his name, his smell, his smile... she hates even the color of his hair... But when she sees his eyes in the crowd... her heart is torn to pieces...

Lord, why do I like him so much? Why, of all the goats that I like, do I like this goat the most? After all, we will never be together. He stupidly ignores me. Law of life: We love those who do not love us and destroy those who are in love with us...

-Mom, where is the heart? - On the left, you don’t feel how it beats? -No...

- Whom do you love? -Mom, green tea, flowers, sweets, high heels, bright lipsticks... But what about him? -And I can’t live without him!

Love Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

I like two guys; they are completely different. One funny as a child, and the other a real gentleman. But they have one thing in common... They both broke my heart (((

Declare love... Hmm... Believe me, it’s not difficult, it’s difficult to live alone with this declaration... It's just horror...

"Sorry, there is a girl I love" = control shot in the heart...

Know, every day I go to your page, and show your ava face.

Somebody tells him I miss...

Love is like a war: easy to start, hard to end and impossible to forget...

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I can’t make you love me, BUT I can’t make myself forget you.

I just do not have words... to convey what I feel now... probably only pain, resentment and hope that everything will be as before.

I really want to cry, as in childhood... only in childhood I still did not know that nothing will change from tears!

If you want to leave forever, don't wake me. I want to stay in that dream where we are still together.

They quarrel only with those with whom they later want to make peace. The rest just sends.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I need you! No, not so... Hello, how are you?

Lack of sleep is not a problem. the problem is when you just don’t know why to wake up in the morning.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

You can forgive a person everything when you realize that you are losing him forever.

Stop whining that everything is bad! It is better to give love to yourself than to those who do not need it.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

But I want to be silent. because now I know the main thing. I love you. and do not pay attention to other words.

We are afraid to even try to fall in love, waiting everywhere for the reasons. Lord, who offended us so much?

Cruel is to leave without explanation. Silence to leave, leaving a man alone with hundreds of razor-sharp questions in your head that only you can answer.

Cute Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

I would have to drink black tea, suffocating in silence. You know, I miss you, I’m ready to trade the whole world.

It’s not for you to decide who th # e me is And not for you to judge how I became a bitch...

-Do you have a smoke? -You don’t smoke. He then persuaded you to leave! - Today he left. Today I smoke.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I'm tired of convincing myself that I do not need anyone... Yes, I need! I really need...

You can’t even imagine that despair when you don’t even know why you are still breathing...

I looked back to see if she had not f*ed. believe me, I looked back for good reason.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

Thank you for the pain... Hearing your voice - I understand .. After all, it's not your fault... I just dream a lot...

When you say goodbye to someone, it’s important to always be clearly aware of just one thing. There are several billion of us. But there is no such person as him!

Goes, then let go. Do not stand on a narrow passage. Go, let it go. Do not dare to crawl, but neither to revenge, nor to outstrip your freedom. Goes, then let go. Going, then let it go. And on the roads, there will be meetings again, and greed of the eyes and the generosity of wise phrases, let time heal... Is it easier to remember? What has already happened more than once... Ah... How they joked, how they chopped off their shoulders, how they threw them on the bed in a hurry. Have you been loved? No! They lost you... They loved you!

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

Dreams about hard asphalt crashed, love is a joke, a simple unsuccessful joke ...

She: Hi, what are you doing? He: I am sick and love you very much = * She: I wish to recover more quickly from the first and from the second =) XD

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

I'll put a password in my heart, sit a bitch, and crack it.

Just try to stir up with her and I will tear out all her dyed white hair, with black roots, maybe then you will notice that she is not only a fox, but also ugly!

Beautiful Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

Thank you very much this year... I met HIS... And may he never be mine... And may I be indifferent to him... And may it hurt... But just see him and understand that he has everything well, that’s happiness already... And let him be happy without me, I never impose... Thanks, the year...

You don’t write, you don’t call... well, well, just answer the question: “Why offer to meet and say that you love,” I know the answer: “Because you are a Goat!”

Why ..? Answer why I fell in love with you, a man who does not have a heart?

-What was your boyfriend’s name? -Asshole. - Incredible coincidence of mine too.

(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)

You would be crazy if you knew how many times a day I go to your page ..

I changed the information about myself, the name of the albums at the same time and the status. In short, went into a new life .. if I wonder why? I will answer... Through YOU!

I'll put a password on my heart, sit a bitch, and crack it.

Dreams about hard asphalt were shattered, love is a joke, a simple unsuccessful joke...

Sometimes the most difficult thing is to forget the one with whom essentially nothing happened...

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