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    180 WhatsApp Status Romance Love for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

    WhatsApp Status Romance: Changing a stylish and original WhatsApp status is very common today among the youngsters and WhatsApp lover individuals. "Love Status" is very popular to the love mates, boyfriends and girlfriends. 

    Here in this article you will find all about the "Love Status Romance" and "WhatsApp Status Romance". We included about the Romance Status for WhatsApp, Romance WhatsApp Status and Romance WhatsApp Status Download along with about Romance Kiss WhatsApp Status Download also. 

    Find here with your choice of the Love Status Romance and change your WhatsApp status now and impress your girlfriend, lover or love mates.

    WhatsApp Status Romance

    So, here are the "WhatsApp Status Romance" and "Romance Status for WhatsApp" below: -

    WhatsApp Status Romance, Romance Status for WhatsApp
    WhatsApp Status Romance

    Make my grave so big, because I wish a world with me!

    I am sad, like the one in the pity announcement that makes everyone laugh.

    How difficult it is to be in the crowd but to sit in the corner alone / in the sight of others like to be a mountain but to break in slowly - WhatsApp Status Romance

    The greatest happiness is that God cares enough for you to be comforting to others.

    This time you come to lay your hands on my heart to know that this heart will not shake when you see it.

    I have a hand in it, I knit it myself! From the silence of his weaving alone, that is what the "buyer" does not have.

    I share my old homage with you, to go away with my suffering forever You went to ruin my heart palace I feel homesick in these ruins

    I don't want someone who wants me for my good, I want someone who still knows me for my bad.

    WhatsApp Status Romance Love

    You don't have to come to die just to be dead.

    By convicting you of the law of your criminal relationship, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment because of delinquency and nostalgia, and your sentence begins now!

    The one who is with us John sacrifices his head, the one who is not with us is our good prayer behind him - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Love is meaningless without you, you know? My hands are alone forever, you know? Do not take your heaven from me, you know that it is pointless to live after you for a moment?

    The moment you don't think of anyone remotely reminiscent of your goodness - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Where are you? Look at the sky Let me be glad that the sky is one.

    You talk but you love bitter but how cold is it to love me?

    Romance Status for WhatsApp 

    On every sheet of time I have written I will remember you even though I am a thousand pages away.

    Along the distance from the credit of emotion does not diminish you always exist, around here.

    God, what a secret from you I love someone too.

    Although it is a respectable word, it deserves to become "you"!

    Wine also makes me jealous of my drunkenness when I see you for a moment.

    The moment you don't think of anyone remotely reminiscent of your goodness!

    Where are you? Look at the sky Let me be glad that the sky is one!

    You talk but you love bitter but how cold is it to love me?

    On every sheet of time I have written I will remember you even though I am a thousand pages away.

    Along the distance from the credit of emotion does not diminish you always exist, around here.

    God, what a secret from you I love someone too - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Although it is a respectable word, it deserves to become "you"!

    Wine also makes me jealous of my drunkenness when I see you for a moment.

    I miss these recurring trips, or don't come or go!

    God forbid, light or loom, the little fish fears the darkness of this ocean.

    I wish many more! But I was captured by the "one" person of gratitude - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Debt to me for my longings, our promise to be the day you miss me.

    I will not exchange your knowledge with the sea of ​​love for others even if I die in a storm.

    Romance WhatsApp Status 

    WhatsApp Status Romance, Romance Status for WhatsApp
    Romance Status for WhatsApp

    I used to write poetry for rain, but now I'm alone in the rain.

    The doctor at my hospital said: If you don't die, I'll say, 'You're not going to die !!!'

    In those moments when only one person can calm you down, the one who has hurt you - WhatsApp Status Romance

    If my life was cut short by a bowl of water, I would follow it.

    Love is eternal and will forever be the seeker of numberless love Tomorrow the resurrection will be revealed Whoever does not love will be rejected.

    Hidden in the heart of the pain that the asker misses so much I miss the love of the asker who has nevertheless and in such a straitjacket your love so much to ask.

    When we say goodbye, what great energy does it take to control the first tear of failure.

    You know what I mean when I don't text you? I mean, I don't have a message with you!

    The weather is cold in the distance, I am dreaming of you from my heart.

    Whatever you want to curse at an elementary school where you just learned the Cobra decision from its lessons.

    Kiss' is the best robbery in the world because he stole it and repaid it.

    You remember the beautiful feeling I have in my heart whether you be it or not.

    It all started early. I love to miss you... but I don't know why it's not over? your love in me.

    Don't like the letter and message of anyone but the rogue - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Now that you've been thinking for hours now, why am I still hunting? Didn't I say I was dying to die? Has God forgotten to kill me or are you going to come back?

    The most beautiful concert in the world was the sound of your breathing in my arms.

    Your hands are the only pillow I don't see when I have a nightmare on it.

    Romance WhatsApp Status Download 

    Embrace the question of science! It calms down so much that no one gets replaced.

    O my dear, dear sweetheart / You have made me happy / You remember me; I am ashamed / Make the heart of the envelope.

    Nothing is more pleasing than having to call your name with a question mark? And you boldly answer, John Dell !?

    This time I want to record the sound of your kisses as you miss my milkshake - WhatsApp Status Romance

    I am the most lover of butterflies / That I made a covenant with you for life / You are the candle burner / That you sat on fire because of me / I have no kiss of love fire / That this fire would be better.

    You've lost my heart and gone, but I know you will come back someday because the killer always comes back to the crime scene.

    Happiness is not something that others see from the outside and say Happiness is what Happens in Happiness... because, I Have You!

    If I love you word is the key to my prison and then I will cry out for you I love you!

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    Your smiles are beautiful when I know it's my reason.

    That's the loneliness, my irregular repetition without you breathing for you.

    "Love and Love" is God's Footprint in Life I hope your life is full of God's footsteps.

    Put your warm scarf on your cold neck, it's hard to bear all that coldness - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Your fish, glorious on the roof / Mirror on your hand / The sun If it is not hot to watch / Don't be upset, it has come from behind the mountain.

    Still grateful for his "goodbye", if he didn't want to go back, God would not insist on keeping me.

    The sun that shines, the bird that reads and the breeze that blows, I say to myself that you are good that the world is so beautiful.

    The people here are so kind, they have no shoes, they made me wear them.

    I'm looking at all the photo galleries in the city looking for a stunning photo, maybe Photoshop is raging these days.

    Romance Kiss WhatsApp Status Download 

    WhatsApp Status Romance, Romance Status for WhatsApp
    Romance WhatsApp Status Download

    If you sell me don't be upset, because everybody gets in the way of bread, we will sell flowers too.

    The ruins of my heart are more beautiful than all the houses of the world, for your memory dwells therein.

    Then, hugging my clothes will smell like you, all the scents will smell nice to you.

    Do not throw / trap at the same time as the doorman, such as Kabouter.

    Tell your eyes not to look, tell them to do their job when I think of you! No, you think I'm embarrassed, no! I don't care, I love you!

    Didn't I tell you to go out of love, did you? Burn it all with your fire - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Good is different because good is good!

    Call me no matter what name I just want to end ownership I want to believe, I'm yours.

    I am lost in the midst of busyness, but my desire for identity is always idle.

    Heaven is the distance up and down my eyelid when I look at you.

    The poisoned thought came to my mind every night.

    Never Fear Someone Going Normal, Maybe Even to the Opening Door - WhatsApp Status Romance

    If you are lazy, you will become another person more violent... more nervous... more bitter and funnier and funnier, you have nothing to do with those around you, keep it all, and leave it empty to anyone you care about.

    With lullaby did you hide your conscience that you were so ignorant of us?

    Every person in his life has an ignorance that he is the most ignorant man of all time! Unrecognizable, I remember.

    When you cry you become more beautiful, but my laughter is not as beautiful as I am, I am convinced.

    I depend on you, without knowing the "affiliates" are short term loans with heavy interest rates.

    Hot Romance WhatsApp Status

    It's not low-capital to have people ask the question, it's better to have people to say, 'I'm not good. . . “

    Everyone is always back in the deadlock of their first love, but what about the first day that your first love is gone?

    Even though we were sitting, we did not want to lose him in the cup and he was killing us.

    There is no smell of hypocrisy in your village / Because there is no hypocrisy, no one is fingerprinting / We are seeking love and a heart full of affection / There is nowhere purer than you God!

    I have a child in my heart who "misses it" without me, at least not an excuse - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Dear heart, please shut up and do not interfere in everything! Pumping blood is not enough if you are forced to get tired.

    Still my composite imagination, you are still the only masterpiece of this pen.

    Those days they would paint the sparrows and sell the canaries. These days they would paint the cravings and sell the love.

    May I ask what perfume you are? It smells like happiness - WhatsApp Status Romance

    I wish you understood that I am not alone, I do not want you, on the contrary I want you alone!

    A relationship you don't trust is like a car that's not gasoline so you can stay in it anytime you want, but it won't get you anywhere.

    Our visit, with so much enthusiasm and hope, now look at all the boredom and the low love between you and me!

    Loving, not getting lost in the daytime crowd, not sleeping or waking up in the privacy of the night.

    For a long time, I was neither pleased with anyone's arrival nor with anyone's dismay, and no one was scientific.

    Now you and I have two lonely loners / each separated by their own destiny / lost in the struggle of the storm of time / lost like Adam and Eve of their paradise.

    If you are a wolf you will fall in love with a lamb that makes you eat grass and the mission of love is to become what you are not!

    If I weren't in love with you, this song wouldn't go wrong. Live this love song.

    Beautiful Love Status

    WhatsApp Status Romance, Romance WhatsApp Status
    Romance Status for WhatsApp

    I'm crazy for the moment when I miss you and hold you tightly in my arms and kiss you naughty and I won't! My love, stubborn kisses, stick more!

    I never knew I had to forget the pain or forget to forget anyway.

    You didn't know the most beautiful love you told me was when you ended my name with "Mimi".

    I love you with a new soundtrack that's enough for you to bring me back I'm sure I'm satisfied, more than I want from time to time.

    Our room is just over a month old, I think one of my stories is on the way.

    The most loved man was Adam, who sold Paradise to Eve's smile - WhatsApp Status Romance

    I'll make you to be silver / I'll kiss you till tomorrow and take you to jail tomorrow / To criticize this watch Let my world come to me / That you were my heart out of my world.

    I don't know why I got cocooned among so many people! Maybe I'll just be a butterfly with you.

    The flower, if it opens its eyes, will die / The moon will fall to its peak of pride / Because of your beauty, the world ate / The light of your eyes will take away the soul.

    Good people are like rug flowers, they do not expect rain, nor are they in a constant state of frustration.

    I got a flower that didn't break the plaster.

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    Remember these stars were colored / This was my stone diary / From the open share love class / a buzz was just nostalgia!

    Damn all the laws in the world where there is no legal prosecution - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Until yesterday, everything I wrote was romantic from today, everything I write is honest I love you.

    Excuse me and torment me / In my restless spirit You make me anxious / my heart is full of griefs, My captive pain and blood / But you are angry with my heart for a moment.

    Romantic Status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 

    It is a journey around the world, when my hands are caressed to the end.

    I have a heart for the stone and glass / I have so much love for my roots / That he wrote in the six corners of my heart / Baby, I love you always.

    I have been fasting for many years! Tell me about your If tan - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Bless the beach of my nights / Dawn of my tomorrow / In the fall season of life / Hope this is my heart.

    I miss my pain / I miss everything / I miss you I love me and us / I miss you so much.

    There are three things in the earth that are not separated, the rain from the earth, the lover of my lover and I of you!

    The beauty of distance is that sometimes it reminds us of someone we miss.

    O your eyes more than a sonnet / Thy smile more than a flower of laughter / In your quiet pool Even in the moonlight / Hundred times more sunshine / The blessings of the world What you have / In your love above one.

    I love your inner peace / I love your words and your appearance / Although you are far away from me my dear / I love your present.

    It's enough to propel your cocoon into your hands, hold me tighter.

    Spring is your eyes forever, don't close your eyelids, fall - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Today I was picking up my puzzles, I didn't see it complete, remember you!

    Missing night in the darkness of your eyes / The star of the river the way to your eyes / Sir Look at the ocean / Fallen into your eyes fish.

    With your absence, do you see me with my presence, how loyal did I become to the thin heart of butterflies?

    Where am I sitting? I'll measure the depth of your cowardice beside the well you are giving me!

    My mind is paralyzed… When I read and you don't even say I'm dead!

    Romantic Status Download

    I'm in the rain with you, umbrella for what? Imagine not getting wet!

    The end of the series was your last smile and how easy it was for me to sit on your feet until the final title.

    You are a dictator and you are embraced! Who surrenders to me every time?

    I am a skilled transporter without much to come and I shave for my heart.

    The wind blows, but you come with your feet - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Forever in my moments of eternity, there is no sense of grief that makes you laugh at me.

    It makes me laugh when you say after a long time without knowing about this heart: I miss you or you play me or you don't know the meaning of your words.

    Whether or not, love is in the air / what you don't have, dear one day.

    To have a “ticket” is not enough to tell your heart's story.

    God, where did you send this "part" that when it comes to me, they say "no"?

    You do not ask for my sad and sick heart / But I am wherever I am.

    All the pain was, I was in love when it wasn't - WhatsApp Status Romance

    The "I" share of "You" is not love, not passion, not passion that is the endless nostalgia that makes me crazy for days!

    The closeness is not far away, it is in thought and you are now my guest of thought!

    Take care of Joseph and Belukha! I am a thousand years younger in the embrace of this shirt!

    I thought I was because of you / I don't have any more imagination but what the hell is this / There is no other evil in my life.

    I write to you I love you I know you do not know but I know you wish you were not to know - WhatsApp Status Romance

    I write; " I love you " don't say duplicate, maybe not a day to repeat it.

    The health of someone who burns inside but prefers to lick his lips.

    WhatsApp Status Romance for Girlfriend

    WhatsApp Status Romance, Romance WhatsApp Status Download
    Romance WhatsApp Status

    Always face the cute picture, look for your reason, why should I say all that without you?

    As long as there is a God, the heart is not alone, be captive to the grace of God that living without God is never beautiful.

    My hands do not reach my dreams, they are far away but the green tree says to me: There is hope, there is prayer, there is God!

    I wish we could have stayed and built a house with hearts and flowers, not talking about staying and hating, it is cramped walking.

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    Here is the earth... It is time for humanity to sleep! What a creature it is to die hard!

    These days it is as if people are getting old together, not together!

    I don't remember you don't remember me, my forgotten friend - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Whatever you are, be happy with your presence, whether boxing or no one.

    Happiness means seeing the words behind the silence, extinguishing the candle of pride with one foot, feeling thirsty in a glass of ice water, touching memories whether sweet or bitter.

    In honor of the flies that reminded you so much that you look around for someone to end up in your head.

    Arrives the day we fall apart / Fall one by one / Arrives the day when we laugh / grieve in memories / Occasionally remember a comrade Mac / Arrive the day we fall apart - WhatsApp Status Romance

    Show me kinder than you saw me, one who would burn with love again and again with love!

    Let me die that there is no carnage again / In my chest there is no chance of another love / After you I was in the arena of recurring calamity / Yes there is no other love here.

    Don't call my name…. The lives I had left for you were stingy!

    Hey so... I'm born alone, God keep you for "Him".

    You fell in love, like stubborn Belukha, so scandalous play that God himself.

    The sacrifice of a friend who is not always himself does not leave us alone - WhatsApp Status Romance

    My heart is broken by the glass of your city, and my heart is so broken.

    There is no need for so many words for the meaning of nostalgia.

    I asked the silent: What should I write for my best friend? Write it: Don't forget us like we do.

    Love Status Romance

    Did you notice? No one comes to silence; everyone waits for Adam to scream.

    This is the land, it's a weird custom! Get lost here instead of looking for you! Seconds to seconds I forget to forget - WhatsApp Status Romance

    I've been talking to you for years, but alas I didn't know your eyes were deaf.

    There was no wrong way to reach the alley of love!

    Oh, dear shadow... Don't know... How lonely am I in cloudy days?

    Let's change our minds because I'm in love with someone.

    All human beings in their "imaginary city" are unique myths - WhatsApp Status Romance

    My wounds say "How cute your friends are"!

    People are by your side. How long? As long as they need you. They are gone one day. which day? "When Someone Came..." they love you. until when?  "Until they find someone else to love " they say they are in love forever. No... "Only until the game ends with you..." And this is the game to be together!

    I'm looking for a word, a silent word like a kiss that sums up all the words on your lips.

    Requirements: We need 5 good reasons to continue living!

    Dear subscriber, your login to the heart of the message sender has been successfully completed. Exit is not possible.


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