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    Love Romantic Poems in English for Him and Her (Classic and Deep)

    Romantic Poems: Creating harmony and love in our intimate relationships is essential to the longevity of that relationship. There are many ways for this to be achieved and one of the most often overlooked is with poetry. 

    Writing or sending Romantic Poems to our lover will help us achieve what we desire the most, that is to love and be loved in return. The young today is re-discovering this remarkable talent for poetry and with poetry writing contests popping up everywhere they are encouraged to write their own Romantic Poems and Love Poems, age is immaterial to putting your feelings in verse and you don't have to enter a contest to prove that you have the gift of romance in your soul. Emily Dickinson was published posthumously four years after her death and Elizabeth Barrett-Browning was first published at the age of 13.

    Classic Love Poems: The first days or weeks of any romance are very important to setting the foundations of a happy and rewarding relationship. Elements those foundations should be built on are; romance, trust, attraction and an agreement of how both see their life together unfolding and of course, good communication flows through all of those elements. Find the Classic Love Poems to express your feelings with Love Poems for Him from the Heart.

    Romantic Poems

    Romantic Poems in English, Love Poems, Love Poems in English, English Romantic Poem

    Deep Love Poems for Her: No relationship can be perfect all of the time and when the rough patches start to appear, looking back to the "honeymoon" period can be very inspirational; how did we feel then, what kind of things did we do for the object of our love? Did we send them love letters containing our most intimate desires, perhaps we sent them Romantic Poems or some Love Poems in English? Whatever methods we used to say I love you; we can also be reminded why this person means so much to us and what measures or actions need to be taken to get the relationship back on to an even keel again.

    Do you give them expensive gifts; spend quality time with them, perhaps snuggled up together watching your favorite romantic movie; do you write them love letters or Romantic Poems in English? All great gifts to bring to the one you love to be sure. However, do you know what the greatest gift is that you can give someone? It is the gift of your undivided focus and attention, that’s what. When we know that someone is really listening to us, respecting and honoring our needs and wants in a relationship, we feel special to, and loved by, that person.

    Really get to know your love, even if you have spent the last 30 years with them, take the time to fall in love all over again, get to know them as though you had just met for the first time, create magic and harmony in your relationships once again.

    Romantic Poems in English, Love Poems, Love Poems in English, English Romantic Poem

    Romantic Poems in English: Perhaps you’re here looking for inspiration for writing love letters or Romantic poetry; perhaps you’re seeking calm and clarity on some issue within your relationship, either way you know that you will find just the right words when reading any of the "Romantic Poems" here. Maybe you are a fan of that great Victorian poet, Emily Dickinson and just want to take in some of her prose and verses. Whatever the reason for your visit, all the Romantic Poems and Love Poems in English at this site can be used as a resource and aid to help you build a relationship based on the essential relationship foundation criteria above. No matter your age or length of your relationship, you will find the right words of love here from Trust Poems for Her, Be Strong Poems for Her and Romantic Poems for Girlfriend.

    Romantic Poems in English

    O’ Mary, at thy window be,
    It is the wished, the trusted hour!
    Those smiles and glances let me see,
    That make the miser's treasure poor:
    How blithely wad I bide the scour
    A weary slave frame sun to sun,
    Could I the rich reward secure,
    The lovely Mary Morison!

    How sweet you were in your sleep,
    With the starlight on your hair!
    Your throat thrown backwards, bare,
    And touched with circling moonbeams, silver white
    On the couch's somber shade.
    O Aziza my one delight,

    All the earth a hush of white,
    White with moonlight all the skies;
    Wonder of a winter night-
    And . . . your eyes.

    Love Poems

    Passion would be the important part in some of our better moments. It speaks to us, unbidden it calls and we answer the call because we are held tight in its velvet like grip, seemingly unable to break free from its chains of desire.

    Love and passion are two sides of the same coin; to love passionately is to throw ourselves wholeheartedly into our relationships. Sometimes our passions can lead us to destructive behavior that eventually cripple our relationships and end in heartache and pain. When our passions are set on a positive course of action they enrich and enliven our most intimate moments with Wild Nights of indescribable ecstasy.

    Romantic Poems In English, Love Poems, Love Poems In English, English Romantic Poem
    Romantic Poems

    To achieve the level of intimacy that most of us want in our relationships means we have to be proactive in taking positive action to place love, passion and romance at the Centre of our life together. Telling out partner we love them is part of the process and using the selection of Relationship Quotes and famous Romantic Poems to be found here can help you achieve your relationship desires.

    Each passionate exchange from kissing to daring erotic behavior shows us how we feel about our life together, whether in the bedroom or the kitchen, it can engender uplifting spiritual and emotional fulfilment.

    Love Poems In English: Most couples want to retain the desire and passion that characterized their first intimate experience together, one way to keep your relationship feeling fresh and alive is to send your lover love notes that include a verse from some of history’s Romantic Poems or Love Poems. By using the resources available here, you can create and send your own I Love You Poems or Romantic Poems.

    Passion lies in all of us, rumbling like distant thunder, gentle bubbling up, waiting, waiting to unleash its mighty force, to take us to the dizzying, spinning heights of undreamed-of ecstasy to drop us tumbling, trembling down in to the warm, intoxicating dampness and muskiness of spent rapture to our lovers embrace.

    Come share some Wild Night of passion through Famous Love Poems and cute Romantic Poems from the world's best lovers of words.

    English Romantic Poem

    Some have won a wild delight,
    By daring wilder sorrow;
    Could I gain thy love tonight?
    I'd hazard death tomorrow.

    Blown, all alone, o'er the watery miles;
    Lost, I was tossed on those grape-laden isles,
    Where, passing fair in her dimpling smiles,
    Played a sweet maid in the waters so bright;
    Chilled, yet I thrilled at the ravishing sight;
    Sped to her, fled to her, wild with delight.

    Is there anything sweeter than this hour?
    for I am with you, and you lift up my heart --
    for is there not embracing and fondling when you visit me
    and we give ourselves up to delights?

    How came this ranger
    Now sunk in rest,
    Stranger with stranger.
    On my cold breast?
    What's left to Sigh for?
    Strange night has come;
    God's love has hidden him
    Out of all harm,
    Pleasure has made him
    Weak as a worm.

    Mysterious love, uncertain treasure,
    Hast thou more of pain or pleasure!

    All the heart was full of feeling:
    love had ripened into speech,
    Like the sap that turns to nectar,
    in the velvet of the peach.

    Love built on beauty, soon as beauty, dies.

    Found your True Love yet?
    Let Romantic Poems...
    Speak from your Heart.

    Romantic Poems makes it easy for you to say I Love You. Whether you are still looking or have already found your True Love.

    Have you found your True Love? Here are some of the most popular True Love Poems from the world's best Love Poets. True Love, Soul Mate, call it what you will, you know when "THE ONE" walks into your life! Perhaps you’ve only just met or you might have been together for the past forty years, it matters not.

    You will want to make sure that you communicate your love to your True Love in the most effective way possible. 

    Romantic Poems in English, Love Poems, Love Poems in English, English Romantic Poem
    Romantic Poems

    You will find here True Love Poems written by some of the greatest writers in the English Language, this is a site to visit again and again, getting fresh inspiration on ways to say I love you to your sweetheart. Or perhaps you will simply enjoy the pleasure of reflecting on your love life whilst browsing the selection of True Love Poems, Romantic Poems in English, Love Poems and Love Quotes.

    I will be adding to the list regularly so please check back often. If you have any favorite True Love Poems that are special to you and that you would like to see included here, please tell me about them by using the Make Contact form.

    Blest’ blest and happy he
    Whose eyes behold her face,
    But blessed more whose ears hath heard
    The speeches framed with grace.

    And he is half a god
    That these thy lips may kiss,
    Yet god all whole that may enjoy
    Thy body as it is.

    She walks in beauty, like the night
    Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
    And all that's best of dark and bright
    Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
    Thus, mellowed to that tender light
    Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

    One shade the more, one ray the less,
    Had half impaired the nameless grace
    Which waves in every raven tress,
    Or softly lightens o'er her face;
    Where thoughts serenely sweet express
    How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

    And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
    So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
    The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
    But tell of days in goodness spent,
    A mind at peace with all below,
    A heart whose love is innocent!

    My dear and only love, I pray
    That little world of thee
    Be governed by no other sway
    Then purest monarchy;
    For if confusion have a part
    (Which virtuous souls abhor),
    and hold a synod in thine heart,
    I’ll never love thee more.

    Like Alexander I will reign,
    And I will reign alone;
    My thoughts did evermore disdain
    A rival on my throne.
    He either fears his fate too much,
    Or his deserts are small,
    That dares not put it to the touch,
    To gain or lose it all.

    And in the empire of throe heart,
    Where I should solely be,
    if others do pretend a part
    Or dare to vie with me,
    Or if Committees thou erect,
    And go on such a score,
    I'll laugh and sing at thy neglect,
    And never love thee more.

    But if thou wilt prove faithful then,
    And constant of thy word,
    I'll make thee glorious by my pen
    And famous by my sword;
    I'll serve thee in such noble ways
    Was never heard before;
    I'll crown and deck thee all with bays,
    And love thee more and more.

    'O love! – 'A thousand torments dwell about me!
    Yet who would live to live without thee?'

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