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    125 Reality Status for Life in English for WhatsApp 2 Line

    Status for Life in English: Life is a journey that is meant to be embraced to the fullest every day. However, that doesn’t mean you always wake up ready to seize the day, and sometimes need a reminder that life is a great gift. Regardless of whether an amusing statement from your preferred VIP, an empowering message about giving it your best from a fruitful representative, we would all be able to utilize a little inspiration and motivation now and again by means of an actual existence "Status for Life in English" and "Status About Life in English".

    Status for Life in English

    So, here is the "Status for Life in English", "Status About Life in English" and Status About Life for WhatsApp below: -

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    Status about Life in English

    • Everything can be picked up, but do not fall!

    • As much as you can hear, people also keep their mouths in their mouths. Not only you!

    • Make your heart big, everyone does big things!

    • Some people learn everything, they just don't learn.

    • Due respect, Nawab will be in your house!

    • Something is right, some people say something bad, people call us the spoiled Nawab!

    • From tomorrow our work will be the same and our enemies will do all the work - (Status for Life in English)

    • Hear thou me being left to right straight to hell to hear one last thing to do left right!

    • He angrily Said... your compliment? We said lovingly!

    • Show as many tantrums as you can on your face.

    Status About Life in English

    Our ancestors used to set fire with stones, we only fix them.

    The intention is on small efforts, it is difficult, at every step we stand firmly.

    The lion is not hunted, the king is not killed in the court…. Enmity with your bosses… The game is not played by the father...

    Today, I will feel my laughter and make my laughter come, touch my dreams on the day you burn your hands - (Status for Life in English)

    , bad luck of enemies, who come to collide with us… There was not even a chance to talk in front of us, come to fight with us.

    All doubts about Irina's integrity were dispelled when she cleaned a mandarin in her mouth for five seconds on New Year's.

    Love is when you threw a snowball at him, and he buried you in a snowdrift.

    In grades 8-9, boys from grades 10-11 are liked. In grades 10-11, boys from grades 8-9 are liked.

    Status About Life for WhatsApp

    Status for Life in English, Status About Life in English, Status About Life for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status About Life, Life WhatsApp Status
    Status for Life in English

    Where are the men? Where the hell are the Apollos, with strong arms, with a low male voice, successful! Some whiners and hysterics with a squeaky voice, and even in Ugg's!

    My boyfriend is like the end of the world... everyone is talking about him, but he is not and never will be.

    Sing like no one is calibrating, adore as if you were never hurt, move like no one is watching, and live as if it were heaven on earth.

    You need to be yourself, and not adapt to the tastes of others - (Status for Life in English)

    Loneliness is when you are surrounded by wonderful people who love and understand you, but each of them has someone closer than you.

    Depression occurs in those who do nothing all day, who have time to feel like shit.

    Do not take revenge, but forgive - and you will see how their life will smear them for you.

    The greatest strength of a man is a loving woman. She is his honor, his faith, his dignity!

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    WhatsApp Status About Life

    They attacked you alone - run, if you have someone to protect - let him run.

    Do you have a dream? - There is. I want to stop drinking - So, quit! - And then how to live without a dream?

    Some people will have to leave in the old year.

    You have not yet used our new service, and we have already withdrawn money from you. MTS: one step ahead!

    Hiding your feelings is an empty matter, it's better not to have them, and that's it... Max Fry - (Status for Life in English)

    Women are like computer games with different levels of difficulty. If you play on Very Easy, then interest in the game quickly disappears. And if you play Very Hard, you can rub the corns with the joystick.

    Cat. He knows everything. He even knows that you eat at night. But is silent. The cat is an ideal creature. I love cats.

    So many girls fall in love with the wrong boys because the wrong boys tell them the right things.

    Life WhatsApp Status

    Status for Life in English, Status About Life in English, Status About Life for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status About Life, Life WhatsApp Status
    Status for Life in English

    What the hell this phrase: “No brainer!”? For example, let’s say a lot of what “Hedgehog is clear” is not clear. I hate hedgehogs: bitches are too smart!

    We are the generation that lives in kilobytes and smiles with the right bracket.

    When the lights are turned off, you can plunge into your thoughts and seriously think ... but not everything, turned on.

    A lonely blond with blue eyes, 2 meters tall, with an Apollo figure and a pleasant tenor ... he will sell kittens inexpensively - (Status for Life in English)

    A student ascending to his home on the 9th floor until the last believed that it smells of chicken from his apartment.

    Love cannot be "Download" or "Copy," and in the heat of the basket "Delete". You cannot “block”, “Format”, but we can “Save” love.

    Women love ears, and ears love diamonds.

    “Doctor, how is he?” - A fool, so vital organs are not hurt ... - Thank God! - ... But the bayonet - well done, yes, the bayonet well done.

    Funny Status on Life

    Three days left before the long-awaited holiday for many! Each of us definitely hopes that next year the planned will be realized, something will become better, we will become better. It will be so! New Year for new beginnings;)

    In connection with the introduction of a moratorium on the death penalty in Russia, all prisoners will be buried alive.

    Guys easily insert knives into the hearts of girls, but a strong girl can pull a knife from her heart and cut off his eggs - (Status for Life in English)

    He, having slightly acquired it, whispered: "And I want a car... but in the car you... and in you a son ...".

    New Year mood. I want to hang on a beautiful garland.

    Status on Life in English

    Status for Life in English, Status About Life in English, Status About Life for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status About Life, Life WhatsApp Status
    Status for Life in English

    “He continues to give us warmth even now,” Malvina sighed and tossed the remains of Pinocchio into the hearth.

    I want vodka for men and money! Vodka and men can be money!

    The last week of study is the strangest: grades are already there, but you need to learn.

    If there isn’t enough snow before the 30th so that my soul can be calm, I will buy polystyrene foam and crumble it out of the window all night.

    A man must find the right goal in life, and a woman - a man with the right goal.

    At first, I don’t think, and then I think why I didn’t think when I had to think - (Status for Life in English)

    I have few friends, but each of them is an exceptional person.

    You know, I still keep your photos... I put coffee on them... I put pies...

    Yesterday I saw your boyfriend from another. So scary! - Fool, it was me. Just not made up.

    When you want something special, everyone usually goes to the refrigerator.

    I wrote a letter to Santa Claus... I gave it to my husband... WAITING!

    Status About Life Reality

    New Year went well if in the morning on the street your name is "Dude from YouTube."

    Plans for the New Year: spend it with your loved one. Problem: a week is left to find it!

    I do not consider myself a good person, but so far, I am the best of what I can be.

    A beautiful woman will always tell a beautiful woman how beautiful she is. The terrible notorious schmuck never gives a compliment))

    What difference does it make who you are: a snotty romantic or an ardent cynic - all the same, at age 15 you will complain about your studies, at age 30 you will complain about work, and then you will die ...

    You completely dive into one person, and when you emerge - you understand that you have lost all, lost, forgot - (Status for Life in English)

    P.. adz - a small theater in which once in a lifetime there is a premiere, once a month - a bloody drama. This theater accommodates only one spectator, and that only standing.

    The most offensive is when you thought through a dialogue in your head, and your interlocutor does not speak in text.

    The wife divorced her husband and found another. They all meet at a party, the old husband turns to the new: - Well, how do you ride the old road? New to him on the move: - Yes, fine! The first three centimeters are a little hackneyed... and the remaining fifteen - like new!

    2 Line Life Status

    I don't give a damn about those who leave my life. I will find a replacement for everyone. But those who stayed, I love more than life.

    Many girls in childhood were kiddies, walked with boys, played football, drove around the yard, came home only 10 times, when my mother's voice broke. For now, the girls are what we have become a lady.

    “Do you even think a little about me?” - Well, considering that I have already come up with the names of our children, grandchildren and the school to which they will go. Then yes. Sometimes, I think.

    If there is no problem with a woman, perhaps this is not a woman - (Status for Life in English)

    What you take for love is nothing more than the production of phenylethylamine in your brain. Trust is oxytocin. Attachment is vasopressin. And you all whine...

    Falling in love is when you walk down the street, and you meet a handsome guy, and you smile and think: N0..., mine is better.

    How would you like to go to New Gog at 00:00, he called, and said: "With a little love, I love you, but I’m completely open..."

    It would be nice to put the wallet on recharge in the evening. You get up in the morning, check - yeah, full, excellent. You take off the charge, put it in your pocket and go yourself satisfied.

    During the breakup, the most important thing is to survive breaking.

    You yourself did everything possible so that when I met, I passed by.

    The more my friends got rights, the more carefully I cross the road - (Status for Life in English)

    How easy it is to offend a person! He took and threw the phrase meaner than pepper... And then sometimes a century is not enough to return a hurt heart...

    A beautiful woman has two options - either pull herself together or go hand in hand.

    “What are you thinking now?” “That you are no longer the person with whom I would like to share my thoughts.”

    Years go by, and only girls on porn sites always remain 18-year-olds...

    “I heard that the world is beautiful,” the blind man said. “It seems,” the sighted one answered.

    I want this so as not to want another.

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    Life Status in English 2 Line

    Status for Life in English, Status About Life in English, Status About Life for WhatsApp, WhatsApp Status About Life, Life WhatsApp Status
    Status for Life in English

    I do not have a stunning figure, long legs and other girlish charms, but my mother rewarded me with gorgeous eyes and a good heart.

    Sometimes there is only one thing left: the last time to hug each other and let go.

    Why are everyone guys like guys, and my hysterical?

    When my eldest son began dating girls, I gave him only one piece of advice. I said: “Remember forever, son: big boobs at twenty — this is a fat wife at forty!”

    The grass turns green, the sun glistens... Santa will gasp if he arrives - (Status for Life in English)

    I love when a person is added to me as a friend whom I myself did not have the courage to add.

    If a person has a bed, why should he even go somewhere else and do something?

    New Year 2021 will come on January 1, 2021 from the Nativity of Christ, and Christmas itself will be January 7, 2021 from the Nativity of Christ. In my opinion, someone is fooling someone...

    Better to be in the arms of a lover than at the feet of a lover...

    Best Status about Life for WhatsApp

    If you looked at me and you didn’t like something, then you just saw your reflection in my glasses ...

    What do you catch FIGs in general, I'm not touchy and not vindictive? But sometimes people will say something like nothing, but I have been avoiding them for years.

    No need to try to wake me up in the morning even on your most important business - I love sleeping more than you all combined.

    So many plans for the new year, I really don’t know what to stop at: watch the Blue Light, sleep or sit in the VK.

    So that you slip on my tears, cattle.

    I want a gift for the New Year - a lot of money. Love is not necessary, thank you, I fell in love, I don’t want anymore. Love encourages suicide, and money stimulates life.

    Candies "Goose feet" - well, right "in my mouth legs."

    The evening is so beautiful - I want to get drunk in a light shit.

    Men, if you met a girl: cherry eyes, peach chest, pear figure... This is not love! This is vitamin deficiency! Fruits must be eaten!

    When she was 3 years old, she ran naked on the beach, now she is 33 and 2 bottles of champagne help her return to her childhood...

    I am. You are. We're. Excellent.

    Women as blacks: they call each other women as women, and no one is allowed to anyone else - an insult.

    Best Status About Life in English

    I walk around the apartment, looking for a wife shouting "Where is my queen?" The answer came from the toilet - "On the throne!".

    Only during the session, boobs go by the wayside.

    The husband drank five days in a row, until his wife guessed to tear Friday on the calendar.

    I want myself to forbid walking alone on the dark streets, make me wear a hat in the cold, rejoice at my victories and just love...

    New Year with a loved one is the best New Year.

    It's nice to be someone else's password in contact.

    Sometimes the whole world seems to be against you. But it just seems. In fact, all of you do not care.

    If you have a knockout in your life, you have 9 seconds to get up and move on.

    This time I will ask for a gift from the Snow Maiden... Well, then she must understand me as a woman! 

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    Best Status for Life in English

    You know, girl, what is the difference between me and you? I can send you in the face nah * th, and you only me when I turn my back on you...

    My eyes have never been so blue, and my heart so happy!

    I need to reinstall Windows... Can you come and reinstall tonight? - So, I do not have installation disks! - Well, go to the pharmacy, she works until night.

    My modesty of my vulgarity does not interfere...

    Happiness is when a demobilization and gypsies get into the car, and you go out.

    Do not consider me paranoid, but it seems to me that someone constantly reads what I write here.

    Happiness is not in money, but in purchases!

    Everything is changing. Life is changing. People are changing. And everything seems to be fine. But sometimes the old is so lacking. That life. Of those people...

    It is pointless to argue with the girl - either he is wrong or he will not.

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