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    73 Love Feeling Status Messages in English Download 2021

    Love Feeling Status: Everyone want to know that what is love and how to express it. Love has so many different definitions. 

    For me love is like ocean and for you love is like sun or etc. We can also update Love Status 2021 by using Love Feeling Status messages in English download 2021 for WhatsApp and Facebook

    We define love and give all of you best Love Statuses. Love is part of our life. Without love life has no joy and curiosity. Importance of love is realized when it actually comes in our life. When we fall in love, we want to express it by using words.

    Table of Contents.

    Love Feeling Status

    Love Feeling Status, Love Status in English

    The feeling is weakness of human being. It is natural. One cannot deny it. Love provides meaning to life. It helps to choose the right direction to live. What you feel, you can just set as your WhatsApp status through "Love Feeling Status" and the help of these "Love Status Messages".

    Love Feeling Status Download, Love Status 2021

    So, here is the best of the Love Feeling Status Messages in English Download 2021 collections for you: -

    Love Feeling Status, Love Status 2021, Love Status In English, Love Status Messages, Love Feeling Status Download

    Best Love Status 2021

    Love Feeling Status, Love Status in English
    Symbol of love is peace.

    When one can’t sleep in night and wake like owl, Love is there.

    Eyes express love better than words.

    Everyone wants to spend lots of time with the one whom they really love the most.

    For me love is you and for you love is meaningless without me.

    Whenever I think of moments that we spend my heart vibrate loudly.

    I love you as never before always and regularly.

    When I met you, I realized that love means going crazy for someone.

    Eyes are mine but dreams are yours. Heart is mine but thoughts are yours.

    When you first time give me a rose, My cheeks blushes so much.

    Meaning of love is that when you see someone and you can’t walk even you want to walk.

    Life is stopped when we lost our true love.

    Love is like bulb. You are my electricity. Without you I never look bright.

    Always excited to see you and be with you and hope that I can do this in my entire life.

    Due to love, I understand the life better than I could ever before done.


    Love Status in English

    Love Feeling Status, Love Status in English

    What is Love Feeling Status: Love is such a wonderful feeling. And Love Status is the expression of love feeling from the deep heart. Love is significant throughout everyday life. We have many love relations throughout everyday life and on the off chance that we include love in the relations than we can appreciate the existence all the more significantly. 

    In the event that you love somebody in your life, you without a doubt know how it feels to have that somebody exceptional around you. It is very regular for you to dream about him, since he is consistently at the forefront of your thoughts. 

    Love shows us how to carry on with an upbeat life. Love cause you to feel for somebody. At the point when you begin to look all starry eyed at for somebody you have to express your adoration to that individual else you may lose your throughout everyday life.

    Love Status Messages, Love Feeling Status Download

    A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.

    Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

    I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.

    My love for you is never selfish. I blindly love you like no one.

    All my pain learns to smile because you are standing in front of me.

    I bow in front of you, I stop at you only and You have now become my prayer.

    I love you until the end of time. Indeed, even upon death, my affection for you won't lessen.

    The thing is that I never want to let you down in your life. I love you more than my dreams.

    A bee flying in garden tells it that she loves smell of flowers.

     We don’t see but the sun and the moon are always together and love each other.

    A simple smile can make you die if It is reason to live.

    The day you come in my life is one that I never forget.

    Rainy seasons are happier and make us happy to fall in love again and again.

    The partial glass of water reflects that it needs to fill itself otherwise it fall on floor.

    I will conceal you in my eyes so that regardless of how hard you attempt to get away, I will take you.

    You dwell forever near my heart. You call this life a sweet thirst.

    I can mention you in my words. Your effect is in such a way on me.

    My soul needs only you. My start point is you and want to end it with you.

    To sacrifice oneself is in customary love.

    Love Status Messages

    Love Feeling Status, Love Status in English

    • Everything happened in such a jiffy that I didn’t have time to think.

    • Without you I feel that my heart is missing.

    • You always keep burning me in my desire by coming into my dreams.

    • With you there is intoxication, my heart doesn’t enjoy without you.

    • You are my dignity and courage to recover from frustration, you make my day wonderful.

    • You love me more than your ego, I never want to lose you. You are mine forever.

    • I believe in love when you come in my life. Your tight and warm hug that make me forget all the bad journey that I have suffered.

    • Whatever I like, you like because you make me as your choice.

    • You are the one for whom I do sacrifice and even fight with others.

    • Love has actually no end, it increases as times go far.

    • I am lover of your eyes, give me a place in those eyes.

    • My dreams come true when you touch my eyes with your lips.

    • God decided that you are only mine. You are here only for me.

    • When I thought of you in midnight, that feeling tickle my heart.

    • I never need to share you. You are mine and that is sufficient for me. I love you. 

    • I feel malaise when You are far from me.

    • You are my obsession that make me to deal with any situation.

    Love Feeling Status Download

    Love Feeling Status, Love Status in English

    What I need is impetus that I receives from you. I feel that you are always with me.

    Something is there between us that never let you go.

    My heart asks me always that Why am I? So, crazily in love with you?

    I live every day only for you. I dedicate all my time to you.

    My love for you is impossible to convey it in few words.

    With every breath I draw, I smell your perfume.

    Love is honeyed when it's with you.

    My sadness is just without you for a day. You are my bliss and I can't live a moment without you.

    You are some of piece which is missing from a long time and that is I am searching for so long. Now it can be said that I am completed after finding you. 

    Love Status 2021

    Love Status in English, Love Status Messages

    • I may not see you but it does not mean that I miss you. You are in my heart always and with my mind. So I don't miss you!

    • You are something special for me and for my life. So, I want to take care of you all the time.

    • I need to be in your arms till I die.

    • I have profound longing just for you. I need to drink each and every tear of your and give you peace.

    • I want you each and every day and I look at your way constantly. I need to protect you in my arms.

    • The beat of my heart drones a tune of you.

    • The way to man's heart is through his stomach.

    • I don't wish to live a minute without you. On each breath of mine, name is yours.


    Despite the fact that you're 100% certain that the lady you love will be there for you in a snapshot of need, it's as yet perhaps the best inclination in life when the minute comes and there she is.

    We hope all of you like to read our Love Feeling Statuses and "Love Status in English" post and admire our efforts. We do more work on new posts that make you more excite to read. Please stay with us and be connected to this site. 

    In few days, we will give all of your huge collection of Love Feeling Status, Love Status in English, Love Status Messages, Love Feeling Status Download and Love Status 2021 regarding Love Status Romance and life.

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