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    99 Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status in English for Boys & Girls

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status: Get the best collection of best cute Love Status Quotes for WhatsApp in English for her/him, boyfriend/girlfriend, girls and boys here. 

    When you feel love or sad, changes in facial expression occur, and your body turns off. There are also changes in your heart, your courage; they slow down. And hormonal changes occur.

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status in English
    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    So, here are the best collections of cute 2-line Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status in English for boyfriend, girlfriend, boy/girl, bf/gf, him/her and lover: -

    I met you, and it was fate, I became your friend, and it is mine and my heart is in love with you, and it is beyond my control.

    Everyone says you fell in love once, but it's not true that every time I see you, I fall in love again.

    Falling in love with you is the second greatest thing in the world. The first thing to look for is yourself.

    I love you so much for every word you say.

    One of the most amazing things in life is how to fall in love with someone who wants to know your favorite color and how you like your coffee, they like your laugh process and do absolutely everything to hear, your head on your chest to hear a heartbeat, it makes you wonder why you were primarily afraid of falling in love. Do it yourself, always connecting, you have all that love that you would like to be incomplete from time to time. 

    Falling in love with someone who never calls back and makes you feel unwanted annoys you when you hold your hand during horror movies from horror movies and dance in the kitchen. Smile at you and your hardest and easiest days. But, first of all, fall in love with someone who will never leave you and never get you.

    It is not enough to say that I love you. I have said it many times. I'm afraid you don't understand what I really want to say, and how much I can appreciate those three little words. Until I can find another way to tell you what to do, "I Love You" has to do it.

    I am very excited to give my name.

    My heart will always miss you. You will always be in my heart - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    Miles can tear us apart, but my heart will always unite us.

    Love Status English 

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status in English

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    Love Status in English for Boyfriend 

    You will always be at heart. You will always be. I locked it immediately. Nothing or nobody can take you. If I ever lose you, all I have to do is remember the love you gave me and you made me so happy. There is no good, no matter where you are, you will always be in my heart.

    I was thinking about you today, but this is not strange. I also thought about yesterday and the days before it. I quietly think about you and often say your name. All I have is memories. I will never run away from your memory. You will always be in my heart and forever.

    I'm so glad you ever smiled. I'll try to do it.

    I think how easy it is for you.

    The love that makes you laugh is a wonderful gift.

    I will do everything to make you laugh.

    You make me laugh for no reason, you make me laugh at ridiculous things, but most of all you love me, I don't want to love you. I love you so much with my sweet heart.

    Love Status in English for Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status in English

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    Love Status English

    Here you feel at ease when out of the blue you are happy, telling you that if you are sad, life is not so bad. Now that I am hugging you, I feel even better. Your smile makes me laugh. Your happiness makes me happy.

    You are so beautiful, my love, I will fall in love with you again.

    Every time you notice how I fall in love with you.

    The more you hide your love for each other, the more you fall in love.

    You are the person I need right now. Someone who understands me. The guy who was there for me. The man who listened to me. The one who called me beautiful. The one who changed my life. The one who loved me.

    You can fall in love with each other's beauty, but remember that you must live with character, not beauty. So never fall in love with beauty. Know that you cannot sleep when you are in love, because reality will ultimately be better than your dreams.

    I love you. You ruined my life too.

    My tears are dry and my heart is dead, but I love you.

    I love you once, still love you, always do and always do.

    No matter how much you offended me, I still love you.

    2 Line Love Status in English 

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status English

    Beautiful Cute WhatsApp Status for Love

    Every time I see you, I act like I care about you. I can tell you that I hate you, but I know that I love you from the inside and will come for you every time I see you.

    Perhaps you are not smiling, maybe you are not so sad as I, maybe you are strong, maybe you are happy, maybe you are moving forward, maybe you are living a good life with someone else, but mine the heart never said... I love you.

    I don’t have everything, in fact I want nothing but a good day, and you too can help me find my way. I'm sure I made mistakes. I would like you to know how much I cared for you. You see, my love for the life that we share is real. Even if you change your mind, I love you.

    I do not want the perfect lover. I want you to love me more than anything.

    You are not the perfect guy, but you love me more than anything. That's why i want you!

    An ideal lover can solve all problems, but he can promise you that you will not have to deal with them alone.

    The perfect guy never wants to change anything in you except your last name.

    A real guy sincerely loves his girlfriend.

    Cute WhatsApp Status for Love 

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status English

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    2 Line Love Status in English

    He was not my lover, but I loved his smile, his kindness, his love and the time we spent together, and I fell in love with our friendship. I want to tell you that you are a wonderful person, you mean the world to me, you are the cutest. If I lose without you, I will never let you down.

    When you find someone who calls you hot, not hot, who you call when you hang him, who stands in front of you when someone is dumped, or you wake up, sleep, you want to appear when you are covered in sweat , then you go out into the world that holds your hand when you are sick, without makeup. Ndonga thought to turn to his friends, and Su said that he belongs to her, "tolerant of your refusal." The loss of life, which means that when you kiss her, screw, stars and names lose your desire, so you can sleep, you marry her again, and this child will swing for hours.

    If I can plant a flower every time, I miss you, I can walk in my garden forever.

    If I could shed a tear for Miss You every time, I could make my ocean - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    Scream as much as you want, but when you're done, try not to cry for the same reason.

    Never use tears to show your feelings.

    Tears are words that cannot be uttered, or a heart is naked.

    Tears indicate an inability to control the spirit of the soul and maintain its composure.

    Girls just spoil the girls' feelings and try to get what they want.

    Love Status Messages 

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status In English, Love Status in English for Boyfriend, 2 Line Love Status in English, Cute WhatsApp Status for Love

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    Love Status in English

    Tears of irritation on the graves are words that cannot be expressed in words and that cannot be undone.

    Men are controlled by intellectual lines, and women are controlled by emotional curves.

    Some say it hurts to wait for someone. Some say that forgetting someone is painful. But the worst pain arises when you do not know whether to wait or not.

    Love for a poodle, and sometimes for a man, a woman always feels.

    If you want me to convey emotion, you must write a letter. Emotions do not pass through SMS or email.

    You will feel as though one day you did something very beautiful. You ignore the person who loves you and hurts your heart.

    Do not give anyone a special place in your heart. Handing out this place is easy, but it hurts even more when they do not know the value of this place - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    The ability to manage your emotions and stay calm under stress is directly related to your work.

    Desire is a strong human emotion - desire for a hat, desire for clothing; What motivates people to buy and manage things.

    Cute Love Status in English 

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status, Love Status In English, Love Status In English For Boyfriend, 2 Line Love Status In English, Cute WhatsApp Status for Love

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    Love Status Messages 

    If you control yourself too much, you feel safe in your shoes, and where is the feeling of walking in life? To continue this spark, you must be like an outsider.

    Strong emotions, such as passion and happiness, are signs that you are connecting with the spirit, or inspired by ‘if you want. When you are called, you activate passive energies, and you come into your life in abundance in any form.

    You are my best friend and the love of my whole life, my heart, my soul, I want to be with everyone.

    You want to make me happy in my life.

    There is a weapon that you want to console and support me - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    You are my life, my soul and my thoughts - all my dreams and my hopes - you are, are and will always be; Me too!

    The short word for me is “I”. The word of love for me is Eastern Love. I have only one "you".

    Love Status in English

    Love Status in English, Love Status English

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    Love Status Quotes for WhatsApp 

    We must admit that some people may not live some time in their lives, but they live from the heart.

    Some people will live in your heart, not in yours.

    People who want to be in your life will always find a way out and find themselves in the hearts of others.

    You have to separate for a while from the people you love, but that doesn’t love you. Sometimes you love them too much. It’s good to break your heart, go once and live again, and it will break again.

    She walks down the aisle; my eyes are wet with tears. I know that this is the moment she has been waiting for all these years. I look at it from afar, I can’t hide it. The pain of being a bride when I'm a bride.

    You are the only person who never hurt me and broke my heart.

    You are the only person who broke my heart.

    You broke my heart, but I love you so much - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    It started like butterflies, but now it hurts.

    Love Status Quotes for WhatsApp 

    Love Status in English, Love Status English
    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status -
    Best Love Quotes

    You touched my heart with a thousand blisses and broke into a million pieces.

    I gave you my heart, but I do not expect you to break it into pieces.

    My heart is broken, and anyone who can fix it is broken.

    You broke my heart, you made my world crumble, you made me cry, but I love you and I have no idea why.

    You broke my heart and left me there, and now I'm afraid. When I get a chance to wake up, you are going well and there is no hope of returning.

    The worst thing was not to lose it, it was to lose me.

    The worst part of my life is to lose it, but I feel lost - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    I say that you like it, but I'm still looking for quotes that remind us of this.

    She smiles, but inside she dies of loss.

    Best Love Quotes 

    Love Status English, Love Status Quotes for WhatsApp

    Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status - Love Status in English

    I saw you, wanted you, found you, loved you, loved you, missed you and missed you.

    It's hard to forget him, it's hard to love him, it's hard to apologize to him, it's hard to accept him, it's hard to understand that it's too painful to let go of all my pain.

    Why should I torture him like that? It hurts to think about him. And worst of all, he's not even mine.

    We need to know from scratch, we need to know from scratch, the moment when we meet with our eyes is the moment when you break my heart.

    Parr, parr, separation, love and hate, death and death, uncle, apple pie and all that. It covers as many areas as country music.

    I love him. I still love him, I curse him in a dream, so there is almost the same love and hate, the two most powerful and destructive emotions that govern people, nations and life - Love Quotes as WhatsApp Status

    He gave so much to remember, because it was so hard to forget.

    It's hard to forget, I miss these feelings as quickly as possible.

    You never asked me if it was hard to forget, because I was going to.

    Yes, I missed her, but I won’t lose myself.

    Promise me everything. Promise you will never forget me. Tell me that I changed you anyway, and I would say that it affected your life. Promise me that you will always remember me. It’s hard to pull yourself together, but I don’t want to know what this means for you.

    He kissed her for the last time, but after that he always did the same thing, because he was always going to miss it, but please do not forget that you abandoned me so much.

    I give you one thought, I'm still with you, and I'm not sleeping. A thousand winds blow, I shine with diamonds on ice, the sun on ripe grains, I am a gentle autumn rain. When you wake up in the morning, there is a fast, passionate crowd of silent birds. I am the sparkling soft stars of the night. Do not think about me. I'm still with you.

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