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    190+ Beautiful Love Status Best WhatsApp Messages in English

    Love Status Best: Collections of Best Love WhatsApp Status with WhatsApp Status Best Love included in this article. Also, with some Love Status Messages and Beautiful Love Status. 

    If you are searching for Love Status in English for Girlfriend, Best Love Status for Fb and Love Status 2021 along with cute 2 Line Love Status in English for love, love mate, lover, boy, girl, boyfriend and girlfriend then you will find all of them in one roof. 

    Please find below for the latest new "Love Status Best". 

    Love Status Best

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best WhatsApp

    So, let's go through the following "Love Status Best" messages: -

    • I will not forget him because I love. I curse him because I hate him.

    • Love can cure us of any deadly diseases, and at the same time it infects us with them.

    • Lose weight, get better, succeed, sunbathe, relax, do not overeat...

    • My... - Yours will be with a ring on your finger, but for now I'm Dad.

    • If you don’t love me, then I: hang myself on toilet paper, drink three packs of ascorbic acid, jump off the bed, cut my veins with a spoon, strangle myself with a thread and get some milk.

    • Give me free wings... Let me go to him... It hurts me...

    • And I would call him mine... but in his cold heart, there is no place for my words - (Love Status Best)

    • I don’t know how I can pray to the Gods so that you will not fall in love again, you scum.

    • It’s not a female thing to be silent.

    • The former is not good, would be good, would not be former.

    • You go crazy and lose control, you don’t even know what to do with me, there are many different men in my world, YOU are not alone.

    • When you don’t see a person for a long time, it seems that you don’t feel anything for him, but you should see him, his eyes, smile, and you will lose your head again...

    • I like to dream, because in dreams there are no boundaries...)

    • Probably, each of us has the love that we come up with these snotty statuses and dream of, constantly dreaming...

    • No, we are just friends. But when I look at him, I really want him to be on top at that moment.

    • And in his joint venture “everything is complicated”, there are a lot of whores - it’s impossible to choose.

    • I don’t have people whom I can call when I’m drunk in the middle of the night, but about three o’clock in the night all the drunk people have a f *…, there’s my number...

    Best Love WhatsApp Status 

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best WhatsApp

    Now find the latest "Love Status Best" WhatsApp messages below: -

    You live to love, love to live... Life and love without interruption the chain of humanity...

    One. In the kitchen, dinner gets cold and the pain will not relieve aspirin... I never needed you - you were always needed...

    Not in love, but somehow strangely puzzled by you - (Love Status Best)

    And his eyes are beautiful. So dear. Good to madness. And sad. It’s not difficult to fall in love with such eyes. They give a desire to live. It is to live, not to exist.

    Thank you for the paradise in which I live... And sincere words for love.

    Such a short name... And it takes a whole heart...

    No words... no need... shut up... Words are carried away by the wind, you will forget them... About happiness... about love... don’t shout. Look into the eyes... and I will understand that you love...

    I love you. Let not at first sight. But until the last breath.

    At the very beginning of a love affair, lovers talk about the future, at its sunset - they begin to remember the past...

    Love resembles a river: a man rushes into it without hesitation, and a woman enters gradually.

    The day before yesterday I salted dumplings, yesterday I salted soup, today was the height of love - I salted coffee...;)

    I dreamed about winter all summer, and now I dream of returning summer, because winter is not needed without Him...

    Love each other as you are, and learn to live like on the last day - because someday he really will be the last.

    Green-eyed people are tenderness itself. They always love sincerely, passionately and are loyal to those whom they have chosen - (Love Status Best)

    A good husband is not the one who looks chic, not the one who opens the door in the car, not the one who gives up his hand promptly, will lead the queen in public. A good husband knows how to wash dishes, children knows how to rock at night. A good husband does not hear gossip; a good husband can give you peace...

    Love has passed, the tomatoes have withered... sandals are shaking and we are not on our way!

    “I love you” - this phrase has become pop like Pepsi and cocaine. You say it at the level of "how are you" and "look good."

    WhatsApp Status Best Love 

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best Messages

    Here are the wide collections of "Love Status Best" messages below: -

    It’s a cold evening, the phone rings and you see that it rings... You won’t understand how dear he is to you until you press the end...

    Everyone in life has someone who will never let you go. And someone you will never let go.

    You're so beautiful. I love you. Highly. - Turn around. There, the girl behind is a hundred times more beautiful than me. He turned around, but there was only an old woman behind. -?! - If you loved, you would not turn around.

    I am glad that someone whom you have long considered a stranger remembers what chocolate you love...

    If instead of “thank you for the purchase” on the bags and receipts they wrote “thank you for being”, there would be more happy people in the world...

    I had a dream that he was mine. Woke up with drooling lips) - (Love Status Best)

    Persistent unwillingness to give in to each other achieves slowly but surely... lies, betrayal and insults inflict instant blows... and any drop of an overflowing bowl will bring a mortal blow to relationships... and now stop and just stop doing stupid things!

    Suffering coaches' distance when lack of distance brings even greater suffering due to misunderstanding.

    He loves me... 843 chamomiles pi% will not be put...

    There are no rules in love. You can try to study textbooks, curb emotional impulses, develop a strategy of behavior - all this is nonsense. The heart decides, and only the decision they make is important and necessary.

    He loves because he loves. He does not love, because he does not love - the logic of feelings and passions is short.

    To love and be wise is impossible - (Love Status Best)

    If people love each other, is it all the same what caused this love?

    If a woman in love has not changed either externally or internally, then she is not in love.

    Love can change a person beyond recognition.

    Love is like mercury: you can hold it in an open palm, but not in a clenched hand.

    A person is not very powerful over his heart and cannot voluntarily force himself to love or hate.

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    Love Status Messages

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best Beautiful

    Please see the WhatsApp "Love Status Best" messages below: -

    The girl must be loved so that she does not even suspect that someone can love her even more!

    More than anything, I like to look into your eyes. I look, I look, and I just can’t understand what color they are, but this color is my favorite.

    I’m like a princess, and you are a pea, it’s uncomfortable to sleep, but even without you the fairy tale loses its meaning.

    I don’t love yet, but when you think about you, the heart is already starting to skip.

    Love is like a drug... you tried once and you won’t be able to live without it...

    Well, we are friends, blaspheme steaming, friends cannot like each other.

    Dial on your mobile * # 06 # and you will find out how many times he thought about you today.

    Smile Your smile is the sun in someone’s world - (Love Status Best)

    And it seems they haven’t talked for a long time... Neither SMS, nor frequent meetings... But I still love you... Yes, I love you... Remember our first meeting... Awkward silence... Confused glances... The first hug, the first kiss... I remember everything... And you? And you are already on the other... You have a new "favorite"... And me? And I don’t cry anymore... Almost...

    Despite all the "BUT" - I just fell in love!

    We often choose not from what we want to have, but from what we are afraid to lose ...

    Love is a reward received without merit!

    I adore you! I adore when you look at me - as if you were undressing your eyes... I adore when you always say the right phrases at the right time. I love when you hug me... I feel confident. I love when kissing - I forget about all the problems. I love to give myself to you all, as a whole, it always seems to me that we are alone in this world. I just love you very much!

    Tears - this is the liquid that spills out of the eyes for some reason when squeezing your soul.

    We know each other too well to forget...

    It's nice when love at first sight becomes love to the last breath.

    One dream, two souls, three words...

    Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best in English for Girlfriend

    Find below some of the Love Status Best collections: -

    No need to look for anyone. They are looking for jeans in the store, classmates who have left, an essay on the history of tomorrow's seminar, a sock that has disappeared somewhere. Looking for almost everything, but not love. No need to look for her. Everything has its time, really.

    We truly love each other... he himself, and I myself...

    If you don't love... don't hold... and don't play with words... but if you love... don't let go... hold with both hands.

    Love can never be bought! What a pity it’s not with me, but someone! I look, scoundrel, in your photo! All I have is nonsense! You can never buy love!

    If you want, you will find the time, you will not want to find the reason.

    Only those who truly love can be truly offended - (Love Status Best)

    You can leave the city, from the country, move to another continent, even to another hemisphere. Only this will not change the fact that you and I are on the same planet and under the same sky.

    I so want to blow all the distances and take your hand, erase all punctuation marks and road lanes. Be near.

    To fall in love with a womanizer is the victory of the best woman!

    Kissing a child is one of the most pleasant touches that warms the soul!

    Eyes can speak. Screaming from happiness or crying. You can cheer with your eyes, drive you crazy, make you cry... You can cheat with words; it is impossible with your eyes. You can drown in your eyes if you look carelessly...

    Be with someone with whom you sincerely laugh.

    Those people who are dear to me know this and do not need the cheap, printed phrase "I love you." The rest - go to hell, I'm lying to you.

    I can only communicate with you on the Internet or SMS, because when I hear your voice or see your brown eyes and this funny smile, all the smartest thoughts disappear somewhere and I'm talking nonsense.

    Either courage is too little or pride is too much...

    “You follow me.” Why?! - You're so small... they will suddenly offend.

    The distance between my fingers is made so that yours are there.

    Love Status in English for Girlfriend

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best for Fb

    The problem is not in his feelings, but in his inability to express them to me. Who cares what he says if he doesn't say it to me?

    Tasty, huh? - Not. - Why? - Something is missing. - What? - Her lipstick on the edge of the cup ...

    It’s a pity that you don’t hiccup when I remember you. - Why? - It would be funny to hear on the news: "The young man died from a hiccup attack."

    There is one world in which my soul feels at home... This is the world of your brooding eyes...

    Love is born out of nothing and dies because of everything, not accepting violence, falsehood and lies because Love is Freedom.

    Not beauty decides whom we love, but love decides whom we find beautiful.

    Only once, and even if you are very lucky, do you meet a person who divides your life into two parts, before meeting him and after.

    When people do not agree in the main, they disagree because of trifles...

    Let me know that you need it, and I will send everyone...

    Learn to end relationships with your ex before you start new ones!

    A man is characterized by four situations: how he fights, how he counts money, how he looks at children, and how he ends a relationship.

    Or he, or no one. I already had nobody, now I only need him!

    You cannot command the heart... You cannot prove the brain... - (Love Status Best)

    Love is such a thing where the third is superfluous, but sometimes this third can help the first two to sort out their feelings...

    We always believe that our first love is the last, and our last love is the first.

    When I cry - it rains, when it hurts me and my heart breaks into small pieces - it snows... Now look out the window.

    It only takes a minute to notice a person. Only an hour to evaluate it. A day to fall in love, but then it will take an eternity to forget it...

    Best Love Status for Fb

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best 2021

    Love Status Best WhatsApp messages are mentioned below are can be sharable with Facebook (Fb): -

    Love is generally an illogical thing. The more you love someone, the less meaning there is in your actions.

    Love is like a butterfly: you squeeze too much - crush it, let it go - and it flies away.

    If a person can say what love is, then he didn’t love anyone.

    If there is love, then life is bright. It was not for nothing that fate brought us on earth. If we are two, then in the eyes of spring. Take care of love, because it is alone!

    Marriage is a posthumous reward of love for courage - (Love Status Best)

    However, what beautiful eyes he has, I look and do not care how much pain he caused.

    The girl asks the guy: - Tell me your dream? He is a house, a couple of cars... a pool... and you, walking with our children...

    Love is when you want to be his wife, wake up with him in a round bed littered with pillows from the rays of the sun... Unpainted, disheveled, wake him with kisses, cook him breakfast and coffee, tie a tie and kiss him, seeing off to work, and in the evening meet him tired, smack on the cheek, set the table and raise common children.

    I can give for you, all that I have will be. I can take for you, the bitterness of the worst fate in the world. I will be happy to consider giving... the whole world to you hourly. Only to know that everything is not in vain, that I love you not in vain...

    Love is when you sit next to your soul mate, and both know what you are silent about.

    Madly in love with herself. I use reciprocity and have no competitors.

    I will stop loving you only when the dumb man tells the deaf that the blind man saw the footless walking on water!

    Love is when separation drives you crazy, when you wait for a meeting, counting the moments, and being near, you forget about everything... when you start to believe that everything is possible, that life is nothing compared to the happiness that is you have...

    True love for some is the love he is currently engaged in.

    And why do we always attach so much importance to first love? Indeed, in fact, the latter is most important.

    “Hold me as much as you love me!” “Will you strangle you?”

    He is silent. I am silent. That's all. Great love is canceled for technical reasons.

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    Love Status 2021

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best 2 Line in English

    What's are the Love Status Best messages for 2021 find below the same as per your need: -

    I love his fragrance, I love to hear how he breathes, I love to watch his eyes, I just love when he is around...

    I am not jealous, just used to be the only one!

    There are two endless things in the world: this is the Universe and my love for you. Although, I'm not sure about the universe...

    My heart beats only for those who know how to hear it. For the rest I have no heart...

    I really want to say how I hate you. And then I understand: lying is not good...

    Only after the phrase "go away" do you understand that you really want him to stay.

    The most tragic love is not unrequited, and when it is mutual, but together it is not destined to be ...

    The subscriber does not accept calls from the past - (Love Status Best)

    I am not jealous - I’m greedy, if mine is mine, if someone else’s, then I don’t need.

    The evening began with a French kiss, and ended, as usual, in German...

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... all the days when you're around add up to one word: "Happiness"...

    A man capable of action is doomed to be loved.

    Love resembles a river: a man rushes into it without hesitation, and a woman enters gradually.

    At the very beginning of a love affair, lovers talk about the future, at its sunset - they begin to remember the past...

    The day before yesterday I salted dumplings, yesterday I salted soup, today was the height of love - I salted coffee...;)

    We all had a lot of relationships. But for some reason, to the question: "Have you ever loved?" remember only one person...

    Here, out of sweets - only thoughts for tea... I miss, Lord, I miss...

    2 Line Love Status in English

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    Love Status Best WhatsApp

    2 Line "Love Status Best" WhatsApp messages in English can be found below: -

    Love never comes from the side where you are waiting for it - it creeps up to you from behind on soft paws and so puts you on the head, like cobblestones, already sparks from the eyes!

    It seems like they talked about the weather, but in fact there was a completely different, dumb conversation, at the highest level, at the level of thought...

    Fools shoot from unhappy love. Clever write poetry. The most intelligent do not fall in love.

    Your main mistake is that you underestimate the value of human eyes. Understand that language can hide the truth, and eyes can never!

    I had those who threatened to put their hands on themselves, who cut their veins and just died of love ... And only one person asked me: "- Have you had lunch today? Do you have warm boots for the winter?" That's him I got married...

    “Have you been waiting?” - Not really... - Let me hug... - Don’t touch! - Should I leave? - As you want... - Stand? - Not much. - What is the matter with you? - I don’t know... - Out of love? - Maybe... - You're completely different! Well, me? - You too... - On the soul? - Misfortune... - Share it! - Tired... - What do you want? - Happiness... - Is that it? “Is it not enough?”

    If he wants to shoot the whole world, I will quietly stand behind him and give him cartridges.

    Beautiful eyes are only those who look at you with tenderness.

    You need to return only those people who left through our fault. The rest should wish a good trip ...

    It doesn’t matter with whom you spend your free time, laugh, kiss... it is important who you think about when you close your eyes...

    Let's love each other so that no one knows about it? So, that only you and I know.

    To love is to live the life of the one you love - (Love Status Best)

    Something happened that should not have happened if we... - loved.

    Yes, falling in love is wonderful. Especially if in me.

    When you dream of flying high into the sky, you don’t think what will happen when you fall, but when you dream of finding love, you always know how it will end.

    Unrequited love - pathetic attempts to break the blank wall of indifference.

    Those who love crazy know this state when the most touching thing in your man is his shortcomings

    If in our first meeting, I was told how much space you take in my heart, then I would run, I would run without looking back.

    It became sad. I went to my mother to sleep. Even through a dream, she checked with her hand whether I was covered with a blanket... Here she is - love...

    Why did we get so killed, why did we open up to each other, and because we just broke up, and now we are standing on different sides of the earth, counting the stars under the moon and remember the hours that we were together...?

    All day I wait for the meeting and the instant of fate to torment, I do not live from dawn to dusk... I live from You to You.

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    Love Status Best WhatsApp

    Love Status Best, Best Love WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Best Love, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status

    WhatsApp Status Best Love

    Please read with the following Love Status Best 2 line messages or status for WhatsApp and Facebook (Fb): -

    Feelings are like an hourglass: when they are poured, you can turn it over to the other side, only it will be another...

    Love is an ugly feeling, love breaks hearts, it looks a bit... like an evil game without end.

    They say that breaking a mirror gives you 33 years of misfortune, how many misfortunes can you get for a broken heart?

    I love the combination of pear with mint, the sun with the rain, loud music with loneliness, but the most favorite combination is You and I.

    We are ready to suffer and give our lives for the most precious. For love. For the right choice.

    I was looking for her to get answers. And when he found her, all questions were forgotten.

    Love is when they give you the illusion of choice - (Love Status Best)

    Do not trust the guy when he says "I love you." Believe him when he asks with tears in his eyes, "Do you love me?"

    Falling in love is when you don’t notice the flaws. Love is when you value virtues.

    First love, like chickenpox - all normal people suffer from it, but for some it leaves scars for life...

    For happiness, I need one, only one person, because of whom I wake up with a smile on my face and crazy joy in my heart!

    Before saying that love has faded, try to live without each other for a week!

    I get used to your eyes, I get used to your lips, how to silence my heart, if I want to scream out of love!

    “It hurts,” said the heart, “Forget it,” calmed the time, “But I'll be back,” the memory grinned.

    Words of love always sound the same - it all depends on whose mouth they come from.

    Love is like an epidemic disease: the more we fear it, the more defenseless we are in front of it...

    Don't take the word “love” too seriously. In other cases, it means no more than an exclamation of "ready" on the starting line.

    "Why do you love him?” - For what it is... - But he is not yours? - But he is nearby...

    Crazy... If I'm near you need to scream attention! Disaster can happen at any moment. Glass shatters fly, catch the fragments. No, I'm not cruel, I'm just crazy. Now I laugh, and a minute ago I was crying...

    It's really cool, when it is raining blindly, standing with your loved one in an embrace and warming each other with your warmth, and then tea with lemon?)))

    I send you a sweet kiss, I love you it is. I can’t live without you; I am sleep loving you. Forever we will be together, always in my heart you are mine.

    Love is warm, but for some reason we feel the cold so often...

    Love is an inexplicable feeling, but for some reason we constantly try to explain it logically.

    An ideal relationship if you: quarrel like husband and wife, chat like best friends, flirt like 16-year-old teens and take care of each other like brother and sister...

    Sometimes you hug a person... and you don’t need anything else. No kisses, no words. You are just calm, warm and easy. And an involuntary smile appears on the lips)

    We have a lot in common... Two hands, two legs, five liters of blood... We are made for each other ...

    No matter how old I am, as long as my mother is alive, I am a child.

    Every smoker has a person in whom he does not smoke.

    One who is able to feel knows: you can enjoy, even if you do not touch the one you love!

    If you hear the phrase “no love” from someone, don’t believe it. Know, this person had it, and very strong. Just then someone made him very painful.

    I can’t live without you, I don’t want without you, I found out at dawn yesterday! Grateful to you, grateful to fate! I experienced the wonderful power of love...

    The brain is an interesting organ. It works 24 hours, 365 days a year from birth until the moment you fall in love...

    You have friends with him, but you don’t write to him, you don’t draw on the wall. You just look at his ava and think: "How much I love you!".

    Love is not two on the profile picture, not vows on the wall, not “marital status”, but that which is forever...

    And she cried into the pillow, not even knowing that at that time he was thinking only about her...

    To love does not mean to cry in the pillow and spend days looking at his photo... To love is to wish him happiness, even with another girl...

    She has no marital status in contact, and no one has yet seen her in an active search, but because she just still loves him...

    You know, cat, love is a drug... and from her... a tummy grows... there is a little man... such a paw... will open his eyes and say "Dad"!

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