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Romantic WhatsApp Status 

Romantic WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Download Free, Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, New WhatsApp Status Download, Love Status Download

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download Free

So, here is the best new love "Romantic WhatsApp Status" download free for girlfriend And boyfriend: -

A small rose with a small heart I dedicate to you that you remember in my mind, love in my heart, and perfume in your memory pages.

If they give me half the world, I won't! Because you might be in the other half!

I close the darkness of the night in your eyes so that every time I see the beauty of the moonlight in your eyes!

Love is like war: Easy starts Hard ends!

Man does not love beauty but what he loves is beautiful...

Air to Adam: Do you like me? Adam: Okay, do I have any other choice? And that was how God created love!

The whole world knows your share of eyes, I miss you wherever you are in the world

WhatsApp Status Download Free 

The way to love everything is to understand the fact that it can be lost.

Life is not eternal enough to be kind to tomorrow any day.

I love you at the same time / I love you with this patience / Nargis flower, timeless flower / I love you 100 light years.

The good news is that the days of sorrow will not remain / will not remain so / although I will be buried with my friend / the rival will not remain so.

More wise than the sickness of love, no sage has ever seen a human being suffering from any pain or hardship, the pain of his love is superior to all the pains of the world.

Our lives are short, no matter how many spring we live in, believe us, it is important to remember that at the end of our lives many of us will say: I wish we had just a few more minutes to look at each other and all the secrets of one Let's say life in a few seconds, wish we didn't live with the memories.

The only program I want to repeat is the live broadcast of your look.

You're my red tulip drunken nightmare, my life's not my death.

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download 

The keeper of your beautiful eyes heeded, whoever saw you, loved your eyes.

If the snow knew how dirty the earth was, they wouldn't wear white to get to it.

I scribbled on the cashier's office last night.

Love no matter who you are Love just says: You are my trumpet, love doesn't you know where you are from? It just says: You live in my heart, love no matter what you do. It just says: you make my heart beat; love doesn't wander why you're away? She just says you're always with me, don't you love me? It just says: I love you.

Hi, I silenced the world to tell you I love you.

It was too late to send a message, no verbal and greeting, I sent a hundred letters, and the riders did not read a letter and did not reply.

Feeling like it is raining / On the scars of the flower blossoms / Whenever I turn in the air / As easy as breathing.

There is no flower on my soil, no tree / moments of being without you, but hardly.

If on a night of winter nights, a traveler hopes to see you warmly, don't leave her alone, you might need a cool smile on hot summer days!

New WhatsApp Status Download 

Romantic WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Download Free, Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, New WhatsApp Status Download, Love Status Download

The dandelion arrived, there was no news of you, I jumped on it to be a lesson for the dandelion tomorrow.

Don't panic! The hand extended to the suite; you are in the hurry!

No less beautiful than you I can remember to love a cute head and heart to look at the earth and there is time to say my dear friend and loved ones to sacrifice

Your kindness is no limit I'm sure an angel kissed your heart before creation.

I miss the sky so much that I miss the pill that you're under the same roof.

I will gradually learn to be just as good, warm, kind, and just as bad, cold, bitter with people.

Chow I didn't want to believe that I had no connection or tolerance for separation.

For years I have lost God in the darkness of your eyes!

My grief started to find out... out of all the "was" I long for one that was "not".

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Love Status Download

Everyone was in my place, you can take it, but I'm still sewing, hoping for a way.

Meteorological announcement that the weather is hot forever!

Coming from the lab of love, my blood type is "you" positive!

Don't know the exact number of your eyelashes, don't you wonder if a prisoner has anything to do with counting his bars?

A thousand times it doesn't even benefit from this gear! This bed has a low "hug"

Certainly, one day you'll hear my voice ... one day that neither the sound matters nor the day!

Even if the shoes are tight, it hurts, woe to my heart!

Most of the time, there is a broken heart behind the phrase "No matter, no matter"!

Suffering is a reminder of our work / a text message is a visit!

Good luck to Farhad, the sweetest part of his life.

Most Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

Life is like poetry, its rhymes with me, "you" always be in line.

Here is where I love to write, Made in China!

By God, I become a sacrifice, I become a ring of gold / When you shine your eyes, I become a pupil of your eyes.

I have embraced my love with a dream, lest it be eaten even by the corner of my heart under all this loneliness.

A thousand times it doesn't even benefit from this gear! This bed has a low "hug".

Always be on the ground for the flower pot, and if it reaches the sky, remember where its beard is.

You were cheaper than you thought, but it was expensive for me.

I do not miss you, because I think you and I are the two I miss for you.

I say it! I'm in pain, but you close your eyes, it's hard to know and you don't care.

Everybody says 2 is nonsense, but I say nonsense 2 and 2 are not ... Today's love is either 4 people or 4 people.

He gave me a red apple and he went / He finally laughed at my love and he went / Tears in my cold eyes rang unknowingly and saw my cry

Romantic Status Download 

Romantic WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Download Free, Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, New WhatsApp Status Download, Love Status Download

Even if your visit is too impossible / important, I still love the distance

I have broken my heart. I want to break thousands of hearts for the sin that broke my heart

I hate the hour! An invention that constantly fills my vacancies in the face of my longings!

Train, take the road and go, neither the mountain has the power to slip nor the shorter Ali Shirt!

Did I find out I had an accident?

My loneliness... I love! the smell... Cleans!

The fisherman's heart burned… This time it was the fish that did not leave the hook alone!

If I wanted to, it would have hurt the ground and time.

An innovative kiss of nature for a time when feeling is not in the word...!

Romantic Status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend 

The human being is completed in three kisses,
Mother's kiss with which you step into the dirt,
The kiss of love you live with for a lifetime,
Kiss the dirt with which you step into the realm of eternity.

Kiss means pleasure of love, pleasure of night, pleasure of madness, a kiss to begin with, a moment of loneliness, the kiss burns on the body and the soul, kiss means my love stay with me.

Kiss My Picture - I'm Afraid to Break Your Frame / Photo Frame but Glass Is My Life Kiss My Fright's Kiss I'm Afraid to Break Your TAROM But It's the Root of My Life. . .

Excuse me, can you throw a kiss? -
"The Never-Ending Kiss Center! “

I love you from the beginning of Adam's souls to the end of Adam's last.

I love you in the hail season / I fall in love with the leaf fall / Although my ax is rooted in my hair / I love you until the moment of death.

When I can tolerate avoidance, I give it a try and love my flower.

You don't feel anemone anymore, you don't have the air of a lover's heart, you have those cold-blooded eyes, you don't have the former tight heart.

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WhatsApp Status Download

Romantic WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Download Free, Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, New WhatsApp Status Download, Love Status Download

In this city there are people's feet that kiss you, kiss your ropes, people who honestly lie and betray you sincerely, the more lonely you are in this city...

We love understanding and politeness / We love the dirt / We are tired of the ugliness of doing otherwise / We need two cups.

I fell in love and my love was called bad / Heard the jailer and imprisoned me / I did not despair in the prison / Fall in love with the one who loved me!

Love means a pen from a desk and an office of stone / That can't last a lifetime in his works.

Who is your guardian of nostalgia? / I remember you every time I miss you / Every star I send a sign of my sadness / I miss the sky so you know I remember you everywhere?

Where the custom is to not fall in love? / Be a gardener and not miss the anemone?

The shame you make on me, my faith in love will grow!

You are not ashamed share my heart alone without the sadness and sadness and sadness without you this living life is not a wound my heart will not heal forever

What's Status for Love

Romantic WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp Status Download Free, Romantic WhatsApp Status Download, New WhatsApp Status Download, Love Status Download

New WhatsApp Status Download

I saw you somewhere between dream and dream I looked like a dew I thought I saw between flowers.

In a world where dreams come true no one wants to love me except you.

Don't rely on your lonely cane; my shoulders are God created for you

Never cry for someone who bothers you, smile instead and say: Thank you for giving me a chance to find someone better than you.

Remember the flag of peace amidst all this thought.

I cry out for a moment when my eyes are on my eyes… You want conquest for my pride.

Some people should be warned like a labeled cigarette box, lest you forget that loving them only hurts you.

I suspected the mirror of my room! Recently... shows me a picture... with a delay...

They say if a person is a part of your good memories, thank him for being "thank you".

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