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    160+ The Best I Love You Short Strong Quotes for You

    The Best Love Quotes: Hello and a very warm welcome to lovestatusromance.com, a website endeavored to bring you meticulously prepared collection of "The Best Love Quotes" and "I Love You Quotes" on every aspect of love.

    This website aims at providing only best of the best and most relevant The Best Love Quotes in an easy to browse way. We have sorted all our quotes in categories which range from cute, sweet, funny, famous, sad, romantic, kissing, flirting, laconic quotes, long quotes, "Lost Love Quotes", "Osho Quotes on Love" and "Love Quotes Images". 

    Since quotation marks are arranged in classifications, you can easily find the expression you are looking for.

    The Best Love Quotes

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, A Short Love Quotes, For You Love Quotes
    The Best Love Quotes

    Each line, each sentence and each word in the accompanying quotation marks are filled with adoration and mood. 

    Regardless of whether you need to improve your insight regarding adoration or if you need to express your feelings of warmth and love for your husband in an unusual way, you will find that these The Best Love Quotes are appropriate. 

    In addition, in the event that they will transport you, I’m sure that you will do it, send them to your adored ones via SMS or use them in welcome cards, etc., Or even better, tell them to your beloved legally in oral form.

    Remember that this site is constantly under development. I update this site most of the time with new "The Best Love Quotes", Lost Love Quotes and commonplace. So regularly request updates.

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    So, let's start with the following "The Best Love Quotes": -

    It is a strong pain to love and pain to remember. But the greatest pain from all suffering is love, but in vain.

    Love is mutual self-knowledge, which ends with self-realization.

    Love is like an hourglass in which the heart is filled when the mind is empty.

    Love will take you to where wisdom remains.

    Your eyes are always the sweetest stars - I Love You Quotes

    Love is eternal; Factor may vary, but not to the point.

    There is always love, a kiss and a giver of cheeks - The Best Love Quotes

    It's easy to fall in love with her. It's hard to find someone who hugs you.

    If you like someone alone, you are not alone - I Love You Quotes

    The love of not being friends with your base is like a sand building.

    I want you to be the only hand tip you can hold.

    I Love You Quotes 

    When you fall, love loses someone, but somehow it feels warmth from the inside, because you are close to your heart.

    A person can fall in love with someone forever. But if this person does not show or does not show love, he becomes another person living a dream, and true love is lost.

    If you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible.

    Do not forget that I am the girl standing in front of the boy... I tell her to love him.

    You cannot express every available emotion every time you have it - The Best Love Quotes

    In one glass, love, in another stupid. Be careful, my friend, for the sake of love there is no second chance.

    Is the boy or girl, right? Ideal if they are perfect for each other.

    You are the only person who can accelerate and slow down my pulse at the same time.

    The heart may be broken; But it only hits one.

    If you are not ready to feel stupid, then you have no right to fall in love.

    This is madness. I know. It does not make sense. I believe in it

    I'm not a smart person.... But I know what love is - (The Best Love Quotes)

    It’s good to love someone without a heart or to really not understand meaningless novels.

    Love is the only thing we can carry with us when we take it, and this makes the ending much easier.

    Life is like life, it is not easy in every way, you will not find happiness at every step; But why do we give up love if we do not give up life?

    The shortest distance in true love is the most wonderful and can cover the largest distance.

    A Short Love Quotes 

    Do not find love, find love... That's why it falls in love... Since you are not forcing yourself, you will fall!

    Love is always gifted - freely, voluntarily and without hope. We do not want to be loved; We love - I Love You Quotes

    Why I love you because of you, and this has always been my dream.

    Love consists of a soul that lives in two bodies.

    A loving heart is always short - The Best Love Quotes

    Love is a commodity as a hobby, something that everyone wants, everyone wants, but few get it, those who hug it, and, above all, never... never forget it.

    Every moment spent with you is a wonderful dream... I love you!

    He is all for you and nothing more than to suggest that you have nothing to do with him.

    The most valuable profession a woman can have in this world is the heart of a woman.

    It’s good to be loved and lost, never loved.

    Miles can really distinguish you from friends... if you want to be with the one you love, are you already there?

    I can never love where no one respects me - (The Best Love Quotes)

    Where there is love, there is only life. Life without love is death. Love is the flip side of the coin in which regression is real. I am sure that the whole world can be defeated by truth and love.

    Love is also like coconut, good during refreshment, but you have to spit it out while taking juice that tastes bitter.

    Love means you regret every five minutes.

    She runs like beauty at night... Cloudless climate and Stars are the sky, and dark and light, its angle of view and eyes meet.

    For You Love Quotes 

    If you love the one you are saying, you are right, say it out loud, or this moment will pass through you.

    Relaxing love, like the sun after the rain.

    Dear I, I can bear all death with him. Without him, there is no life to live - I Love You Quotes

    Expressions of one kind or another, spoiled, are necessary for life, because leaves are for the life of trees. If they are completely restrained, love will die from its roots.

    I love you so much, and if I am not for you, all that I have is for you; And all that I can’t - The Best Love Quotes

    Love can make life very confusing, but do you really want to live without love?

    Showing attention and admiration, romantic love unfolds in a very small way. Erotic love delights a woman, excites her and surprises. His actions whisper: you are the most special person in my life.

    Love teaches us not to be weak, but to strengthen strength. Love not only makes fun of us, but also increases pride. Love does not weaken the soul, but it nourishes the soul.

    Nonviolence is based on the principle of love.

    Love hates us with flaws and virtues.

    I want to be connected with you, I am what you are looking for, and we will find paradise!

    Because it is not in my ear, but you are in my heart.

    It kissed my lips, but my soul didn’t - (The Best Love Quotes)

    I say that I love you every day for fear that tomorrow there will be no more.

    Love is sweet when it is new, but sweet when it is true.

    Love means staying in a relationship because all interests are eliminated.

    The Best Love Quotes for Her/him

    With two souls, but with the same thought, two hearts collide into one.

    If you want to be happy for a while and cry about your life... this game is called * love *

    I doubt that you are a fire at the stars;
    There is no doubt that the sun will go down;
    Suspicion is false; But never doubt that I love it.

    Love is an irrational desire - The Best Love Quotes

    Give him two red roses, each with a note. The first note is for the woman I love, and the second is for my best friend.

    You never know how important this is for me or how much I care about you, but you and you will always be. Remember that I cannot bear the loss of a person who has learned to care so much.

    True love brings you every day, it allows you to look in the mirror every day.

    Love is the word until proven to you.

    Love is a temporary madness in marriage.

    Love does nothing but weaken you! It turns you into an object of kindness and bullying - a miserable creature that is nothing more than an insect that feeds on asphalt after heavy summer rain.

    I cried at sea, knowing that today I can stop loving you.

    When you whisper in my ear, you whisper... In my heart and when you kiss your lips... You kissed my soul.

    There is only one thing that will never die - love - (The Best Love Quotes)

    When you fall, love loses someone, but somehow it feels warmth from the inside, because you are close to your heart.

    True love is eternal, infinite and always like us. It is similar and clean without obvious manifestations: it looks like gray hair and is always young in the shower.

    The cold end of warm love.

    Best Love Quotes About Her/him

    Love has all the piercing qualities; it wears a bandage that hides the shortcomings of these beautiful people. He has wings, he quickly comes and runs.

    There is only one joy in life: to love and to love.

    Very rude, very reckless; And it's like a thorn.

    Obedience is what you give without restoring it, and by giving obedience you gain more loyalty; And other great qualities come from obedience.

    Love is a haunting rage that I have never possessed, and I am afraid that I will never cope.

    I try to forget about you, but you are constantly in my thoughts. I can't get you, and I hate it. I do not swallow pills to make your memories fade - I Love You Quotes

    The greatest joy of life is the belief that we are loved - love for ourselves or love, despite ourselves.

    Love is unheard of and common sense is increasing.

    Love is patient and kind, love is not jealousy and arrogance, it is not arrogance or ruthlessness.

    Look at my heart, alright - The Best Love Quotes

    In a happy marriage, this is all the joys of friendship, all the joys of emotions and logic - and indeed, all the sweets of life.

    I love you, not like you, but me when I'm with you.

    Love is love built on beauty, because beauty is dead.

    It is not for the race of a woman to have true and deep love for him, that he considers himself an electrified and jealous man, but in whose company, he is amazed.

    At its core, love is spiritual fire.

    I know that my whole soul is somewhere in the universe, but finding it is more difficult than sitting at home and ordering other pizzas.

    Best Love Quotes for Her and Him

    If this world offers true happiness, it must be found in a house where love and self-confidence grow, where life needs come without serious stress, where luxury is taken care of only after their expenses.

    Love is on your knees because it is your shadow and can curse you.

    Is love a soft thing? It's too fat... Love is just a trick to achieve species continuity.

    Love is divine and always difficult. If you think this is easy, you are fools. If you think that being blind is natural. This is an application that learns without reason and purpose, unless it is God.

    I apologize for not saying this word; I do not want to go to you because "- brown eyes are short, -" because, you see, I love you!

    We can never love someone who never laughs.

    Love is in the giver, not in the giver - The Best Love Quotes

    This is love at first sight, eternal love: a peculiar feeling, inexplicable, unsuspecting - as for conscious awareness; He took control of him and realized with joyful surprise that this was for life.

    And what is love, but what if we do not understand and do not enjoy the life, work and experiences of another person?

    Love is the concept of all compacts of fire.

    In the end, the so-called “sexual life” is the only love that is the only love, that is, everyone, every disappointment, every failure and every betrayal. In the end, it was taken for granted that the general desire for unification was not so deep.

    My favorite place is in your arms, where it is warm and full of love. I love you!

    Let me lie...
    Let me die in your icy chest...
    I eat your flesh like a tender fruit...
    I was intoxicated by the smell and smell of it...
    Your love...
    There is a flame that causes devotion - I Love You Quotes

    If I do not know about love, I give up. If I am drunk in love, I live in a world of dreams. If I admit love and shake her hand, comfort, dreams, and sometimes intoxication will be mine.

    When we are in love, we suspect the person we trust the most.

    Love is fun...
    It’s also sad...
    I hope tomorrow...
    Joy in the heart.

    Strong Love Quotes 

    I recently read that love is a matter of chemistry. That is why my wife considers me toxic waste.

    This is my biggest regret in this life now:
    How much you love me.

    Love is innocent; There is no shortage of this; love for all shortcomings is desire.

    Put love in your heart. Without it, life is like a garden when flowers fade.

    I will send you creamy white roses
    With flush at the tips of the petals;
    For love, it's clean and sweet.

    This love is all that we all know about love - The Best Love Quotes

    My love for Linton is like a leaf of a forest. When the trees turn into winter, I know that this will change - my love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal stones below - a source of subtle happiness, but necessary.

    But when a young woman has to become a heroine, distorting families of about forty does not stop her. Something must be done, and the hero must be thrown in his path.

    It is expected that everyone who is not in love will ultimately, after endless discussions, decide to love someone based on certain qualities or interests.

    Love with her arms continues in her heart, and her soul explodes.

    You don’t love a woman because she’s beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her.

    Things are beautiful if you love them - (The Best Love Quotes)

    Spiritual comrades want what we want and understand about ourselves, as well as the perfection, holiness and infinity of our existence.

    To get the full value of happiness, someone needs to share it.

    It is noteworthy that the model of love coincides with the model of madness.

    Love is what makes every heart bewitching.

    There is no end to true love stories.

    Love is the end of world history. The world of the universe.

    Love is not blind - it looks high and not low, but it is ready to see less, so it sees more.

    We love each other. Of course, we are not responsible for the "sympathy" of each other.

    Love does not dominate; It is cultivated.

    Are you in Love? It can upset you who are not really in love.

    True love is a miracle that has no end or beginning.

    Without love, the fear that we cannot live without it and that we cannot live in it is masked.

    My life is full of ups and downs
    Everything is good when you are near.

    Love is a great miracle cure. Loving us works wonders in our lives.

    Best Love Quotes 

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    If you cannot inspire a woman with your love, love her yourself. Everything will be yours.

    Love many things because there is the real power, and one who loves more spirits achieves more and does what is best in love.

    Love is a choice that you make instantly.

    Love does not tolerate apathy. Like a lamp, it must be fed by someone else's heart, otherwise the flame will burn less.

    When I look into your eyes... I will see forever.

    Love is unheard of and common sense is increasing.

    Sometimes I love my failure - The Best Love Quotes

    It’s true that we didn’t know what we got until it was gone... But we do not know what we have until it leaves. The joy of love lasts an instant, but the pain of love lasts a lifetime.

    Miracles naturally occur as an expression of love. A true miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense, everything that you receive from love is a miracle.

    LOVE, like a rhino, is short-sighted, but always ready to find a way out.

    That deviation does not hide for a long time is where love exists.

    When you love someone, they become part of you. When you lose someone you love, you can lose part of yourself.

    When you go to the other side of the classroom, love appears to see how your pencil is sharpened. And then you understand that your pencil is a ballpoint pen.

    Man, himself is nothing. Two people living together make up the world.

    The heart is the center of our chest, but it bends to the left. I think this is the reason why the heart is not always right.

    Dear girl, I give you 99% of my heart; I have to do 100%, but I need 1% to survive.

    You cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be a loved one. The rest depends on the person in order to realize their value.

    Prem(love) is a sweet evasion, as the lover willingly endures his suffering.

    I miss your smile, your voice and your sweet look, which tells you how much I love you.

    This is not annoying love, she lacks - The Best Love Quotes

    Love is instinct, and therefore it is beyond the control of the mind. Love is an emotion and always works with speed.

    Love Quotes Images 

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, A Short Love Quotes, For You Love Quotes
    I Love You Quotes

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, A Short Love Quotes, For You Love Quotes
    The Best Love Quotes

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, A Short Love Quotes, For You Love Quotes
    I Love You Quotes

    • The heart must be young, be loved and insult a person who does not want to believe in life.

    • When love falls...You risk nothing or everything. How so

    • Marriage marks the end of very short cries - long stupidity.

    • True love cannot be found where it really is not, and cannot be hidden where it exists.

    • Many young women do not realize how strong their love for young people is when they pass the test for parental approval.

    • Love is the beginning of all the pleasures that nature prepares for us.

    • There is no way to love more than love - (The Best Love Quotes)

    • The way to love something is to feel that it is lost.

    • Love is not meant to make us happy. I believe that this exists to show how much we can afford.

    • Dreams are only one night, and love is forever.

    Osho Quotes on Love

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, A Short Love Quotes, For You Love Quotes
    Love Quotes Images

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, A Short Love Quotes, For You Love Quotes
    Osho Quotes on Love

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, Osho Quotes on Love
    Love Quotes Images

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, Osho Quotes on Love
    Osho Quotes on Love

    I Love You Quotes, The Best Love Quotes
    Love Quotes Images

    The Best Love Quotes, I Love You Quotes, Love Quotes Images, Osho Quotes on Love
    Osho Quotes on Love

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