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    75+ New Gambar Love You Png (Gambar Cinta Keren) Download

    Collection of 75+ "Gambar Love" romantic LOVE Words images and quotes about love contains the most beautiful and Gambar Cinta and Gambar Hati from a string of love words that can touch your heart and feelings containing beautiful Gambar Love Keren, Gambar Cinta Sejati and Gambar Lovebird for your beloved lover and boyfriend in the end, it is we who must choose what is best for our lives. For me, loving you is my best choice.

    Gambar Love

    Gambar Love

    Everyone must have felt the name of falling in love, the person who is in LOVE is always in flower. The feeling of being good, yes always bring it to the mood to do something. 

    Maybe this is why falling in love is often called millions of tastes. You yourself must have never felt in love? Maybe you often interpret it as a feeling of mutual love and then dating. Does look that simple. 

    It's hard to interpret the feeling when the heart is in love, because all the things in the heart bring it happy, things that we actually never do eh suddenly become routine, yes often craze because of love. 

    Maybe love has made your life happy but don't let you go blind yes guys... because many tablets are too fallen and dissolved in a love affair that he forgot how to get up and get up from the drunken love. 

    The thing that is never left in a Love Relationship is expressing each other's feelings, yes, the name is also just falling in love again and again... every day every time always saying love and miss, call unfortunately also never bored-thrown at one another, yes, this is the characteristic of couples who are intoxicated with love.

    Gambar Love

    Well, for all of you who are in love? The following admin will give words of wisdom for dear lover: -

     I cannot cover my eyes and heart... because I still love you.

     I never ask for more, just one; don't leave without reason when I'm really loving you.

     Love is simple, but it becomes very complicated when you always hold it in and not express it.

     I love you for no reason, then I have no reason to leave you, stay away from you.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love

     This longing is always knocking at the bottom of this heart, as if to hold and say... I want to meet.

     Seeing you smile is happiness for me... because you're my joy...

     I dream of life with you, and I am determined to make it a reality.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love You

     Really I only love you and no one else in my heart except you.

     With or without me, you can continue to live and find a far better substitute. Live must go on.

     I love not only you but all the people you care about I will love him including your family.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love

     I only ask to survive under any circumstances because for me to defend you is not a difficult thing.

     Perfection only belongs to God simply because for me to accept you lack is not a problem.

     Where are you Why am I having a hard time texting me like this: "I miss you"? The signal is bad :(

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love Keren

     Even though I have given you trust, eh, it turns out that I just put on PHP!

     I am willing to do anything as long as you can get it.

     I always believe in change, but for love, I still doubt that someday it will change to hate you.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love

     It's so hard to leave you, that's my deepest feeling of love.

     My dear proof to you is my concern for you and I will always be there for you, still lacking?

     Why yes, I can never be angry at you, let alone fool you, maybe not if I'm really love you?

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Cinta

     Time can never be played, so enjoy your love now.

     Sometimes you have to let go, not because you don't love, but because you love yourself more who keeps getting hurt.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love

     Love is always faithful to the Heart, no matter how great logic. But you have to know when to use logic so that your heart doesn't keep hurting.

     Love needs time to answer, and need loyalty to maintain.

     Express the feeling because a feeling must be expressed.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Cinta Keren

     When you love someone more than you love yourself, you have given it the power to control your life.

     So, that person must at least be sensitive to other people's feelings.

     Let the love you feel flow as it is because the end of the love story is always mysterious.

     There is a cry behind the smile. And that I often feel every time I miss you.

     Women are always looking for great men. That is not wrong. But smart mode men look great.

     Don't be afraid I'm going; I'm not going anywhere. I'm just here for you.

     Stop looking for someone who is perfect to be loved, it's better to study and prepare to be someone who deserves to be loved.

     Cheating will not exist if we can make our partners comfortable.

     Do not expect paper that has been folded back to be intact as before, as well as the heart.

     Romantic men have a plus for women, because women will feel their presence so special. True Love Quotes.

     I'm quiet, don't I care, I just want you to be sensitive to my feelings.

     Everybody can change me, only you are in my heart.

     Even though you left me, I'm still waiting for you.

     I hope you are happy with your choice.

     I love him :( but he prefers the others...

     Loyalty means sincerity to keep one name in the heart, then promise not to betray.

     Stop looking for the perfect person to love, better learn and prepare to be the one to be loved.

     If you love her sincerely, don't ever look into her eyes with tears, her ears with lies, and her heart with pain.

    Gambar Cinta

    My only choice and decision which I think is right to falling in love with you until finally loving you.

    I will not be easily tempted even if there is a figure who is much better than you because you are the only one and the last.

    Always be assured and instill confidence in your heart that I always love you.

    True love is love that is able to make me feel strong and confident to survive and defend you.

    Gambar Cinta
    Gambar Cinta

    When in love, don't promise to hurt each other, but promise to stay strong, even if one is hurt.

    Excessive happiness is tears, excessive sadness is laughter. 

    Gambar Cinta
    Gambar Love You

    Your sincerity loves me which makes my heart fall to your knees.

    Don't smile to hide the pain. smile to make your pain heal. 

    Gambar Cinta

    The worst thing you can do with love is to deny it. That's why your life is restless. If love, just express it.

    Love is strange, he is able to make weak people become strong, and strong people become weak.

    Gambar Love
    Gambar Love

    Love is not about trust but about feeling and how to feel it not trust it.

    The best thing in my life is falling in love with you.

    Gambar Cinta
    Gambar Cinta

    If love then never give up on circumstances or distance, because love does not look at all of it.

    Love is not a matter of how often you say "I love you" but how much you can do to be real.
    Gambar Love
    Download Gambar Love

    I love you with all your weaknesses and strengths, with all your weaknesses and strengths, I love you without any reason.

    It is not material that makes me love and love you more, but simple treatment that you often show.

    Gambar Cinta
    Gambar Cinta

    Grasp these hands will never I let go, and my feelings will never fade quickly cause i love you dear.

    I'm going to continue beside you until you're really bored.

    My love for you will still be here neatly as reluctant to go through the hurt.

    Gambar Love Keren

     When longing is unbearable it may only be through prayer the way I hug you from afar.

     You may hurt my heart as you wish, but remember one thing that I always love forever.

     My heart to you is like a dead rope, which once binds are hard to let go.

     It's not good to bury feelings too deeply because honesty is the key if you want to get happiness.

    Gambar Love

     Maybe I'm not the person who is perfect in your own eyes but I could be the figure that the best that you've ever had.

     Go only as far as possible from my life if all the sacrifice never be worth in your own eyes.

     You are pretty resin, how sad I am to you, it's not that you feel sorry, let it be my business.

     Sometimes you have to lose first then know how valuable he is that you have wasted.

     You will never know the meaning of someone who loves you until you really feel lost first.

     Love should be a vehicle that takes us to travel without limits.

     All things are done with sacrifice so there is no word in vain and regret as it is with loving you.

     Because my love is too deep so, I find it hard to forget you even for a second, I can't, honey.

     If love then never give up on circumstances or distance, because love does not look at all of it.

     If God created woman from one of the men's ribs, I'm sure you're the only one created for me.

     Don't give up if you still want to try. It's hard to wait for it, but it's even harder if you regret it later.

     No need for many thousands of reasons to answer affection, it's quite simple, as simple as the words "I love you".

     If the HAPPINESS that you are looking for then I can give it, but if the luxury you are looking for, I retreat slowly.

     Behind the prayer that I always say, I never forget to always pray for you too.

     This heart is in line with your heartbeat, he always wants to say your name.

     Believe me if only you are someone that I love and love even more than the size of a mountain.

     One day you will wake up and regret that I am the best among the best.

    Gambar Love You

    Forgive me if I ever err on you, but this heart never errs to love you until the end of life.

    Don't ever think I will give up to love you, until the end of this life I will keep this feeling.

    Gambar Keren

    I don't care if you are fat, dirty, thin, spotty, creased, rich or poor even short or tall, I still love you!

    To me you are already quite perfect, so you don't need to look perfect anymore in front of me.

    Gambar Love

    My heart is only one for you and I will never share with others. That's my promise.

    There is no day as beautiful as when with you, with the improvised atmosphere seems very perfect because we love each other. Yes you ♥

    Gambar Keren

    No need to be perfect but enough to be honest and accept what it is!

    For now, I really love you, I don't know what will become of me without you.

    Only with you I can feel happy, it feels like I don't want time to pass quickly.

    My promise will always be kept, yes, the promise to live the same life with you.

    The more days I love you more than anything, baby!

    My heart only has one and that's for you alone, nothing else.

    For now, I really love you, I don't know what would have happened without you.

    Love comes to those who still have hope and confidence in him.

    No need to spit too much on the word love if for sacrifice you are still unable.

    I cannot demand you to always love, so I will always love you and let it be my business.

    Sometimes you love the wrong person, you suffer from it. Then because of that mistake, you find the right person.

    Tired of fighting for you if you're like this to me for what?

    I will always guard my heart just for you, I will never let others disturb him. Enough you in my heart.

    I want a lot in this world, but what I really want is you.

    My happiness is your happiness too and loving you is my choice.

    There is no day as beautiful as when with you. And I miss that now.

    Gambar Love PNG

     There will never be a relationship without problems because the problem is a spice of love.

     Don't be afraid I'm going; I'm not going anywhere. I'm just here for you.

     I'm quiet, don't I care, I just want you to be sensitive to my feelings.

     At least I have fought for you and our love, even though it has never been priceless in your eyes.

     I only have one space in my heart and prepare to keep your love alone.

     Imperfection in my life will be more perfect if you are beside me forever.

     Please don't play with my feelings, I really love you, I want to be serious with you.

     I hope you know how I feel and what I fear. I love you and fear losing you.

     Forgive me who used to be tired of looking after you, who was tired before... Someone like you shouldn't let me be hurt by someone like him!

     Respect me who loved you.

     We (have) had a taste! care for each other, have each other, love each other, love each other, but are stopped in a circle of friendship: ')

     Your name has been etched in my mind, that's why I always remember you?

     I will not despair to show you about my feelings and I will try to be loyal forever.

     You are my future and the source of my happiness. because of you I always passion to live this life.

     The past, let it go by... For that I will not let you fall into the wrong hands again! Take care of your heart, let's fight together :)

     The greatest gift from God for me is to be able to get the love I have hoped for all this time.

     Should I write all my feelings on the surface of the water with this ink of my love for you?

     One of my biggest dreams that is impossible to achieve is to have you to protect with my love.

     Every morning, afternoon, evening and night you can never leave my mind. I always remember you.

    Gambar Keren

    Is this the feeling of falling in love with you? although it feels painful I still want to fight for my feelings to get your love.

    I'd rather be hurt because of your honesty than the uncertainty you've given so far.

    My heart and mind are always fixed on you, I will always pay attention to you. but... you still don't understand my feelings either.

    I've tried to be loyal to this day, why are you even replying to me by ignoring me?

    Good night to someone I always dreamed of there but he never dreamed of me. have a good night's sleep.

    Both of your parents have been able to accept me to be your lover in order to take care of you, but why do you have to open the door to your heart for me?

    Is it stupid for me to always wait for you that I can't have?

    My heart is never tired of choosing you to be loved.

    You are a soul in my life, I want to be the hero of your life so that I can free your heart for our happiness together.

    In my mind there is only you... who knows how long I endure thinking of you who don't care about me...

    Me and you are one, but why are you still not accepting this fact?

    I only want one, you want to keep my feelings in the space of your heart.

    I never care what people say about you, all I care about is my feelings for you that I have kept in my heart.

    I love you, I have you but I can't have your heart.

    If I just want perfection, from me I won't choose you for my lover. the proof, until now I still expect you.

    Allow me to be with you forever even if you don't want me to love.

    You really don't accept my love right now, but it doesn't hurt right if we're still friends? I don't want to be far from you anyway...

    I have given what you want from me, but until now you have not also given certainty to me.

    A beautiful morning, simple, when you imagine that you are here... when I touch your smile, you disappear : ')

    O Lord, open the door of his heart that is tightly closed so that he realizes that there is me who is always hoping and waiting here.

    Good night to you who I love but haven't realized yet until now, hope we can meet in a dream huh?

    Download Gambar Love

     Please respect my feelings, if you are unable to accept my love, be honest... don't give me hope.

     No matter how cruel you are, if I love you, I won't be able to hate you

     I have always been sure that if your missing ribs were actually me.

     The past I remember is just happy memories of being with you, and now I want to go back to how it used to be.

     I always pray for you even though you never cared about me and never considered me there.

    Gambar Cinta

     I miss the time with you without burden and laugh out loud in the middle of happiness.

     Good morning to you who always ignore me...!

     When we are no longer the same, I hope you will try to keep us together.

     Not always I can understand you, but as long as I can I will do to continue to understand your situation.

     You were the one I was always proud of, you were the most merciful, now you changed... and I was disappointed.

     No matter how heavy your day is, never let someone make you feel that you don't deserve what you want.

     Ask yourself if it's correct or still wrong.

     Express the feeling because a feeling must be expressed.

     If only I struggle alone then it's not true love but unrequited love.

     If you take me to jump together, I'm not coming! I chose to go down to catch you.

     My love until I close my eyes.

     Sometimes you choose to look happy, because you don't want to explain why you're sad for those who don't even try to understand.

     Life is too short to continue remembering your past love, when you can create new stories with those who love you.

     Letting go of the one you love is a difficult thing, but it's much harder to stay afloat if he doesn't feel the same way.

     Maybe I should change my attitude to be a better one so you can be comfortable around me and finally want to accept me to be your lover.

     Without you I am not happy, without you I am meaningless, I need you who can make me happy and mean. please understand...

     If indeed you cannot love me, then I will go far away from you.

     To get your love, I tried hard to make you happy because of me.

     I don't need your physical perfection; all I need is your love for the perfect me.

     I feel that if God created you it was just for me, yes for my beloved forever.

    Gambar Cinta Sejati

    Even though (back then), you came with everything that blinded my eyes... Now, you left quietly, leaving me alone: ​​') ~ Get lost!

    I feel my life is far more perfect if I can be with you forever in joy or sorrow.

    I'm better than him, and still better than anyone you think can replace me...

    When you get bored, you come... But, when you don't get bored, you go again... Cool you :) Quickly realize!

    Don't love me if you can't afford to be LOYALY...

    I'm worried about you, I often get jealous too... I'm like this for some reason... Yes, because I expect you to be my last love...

    Gambar Hati

    in every dream during my sleep, I & you always write a beautiful story where we are always together & inseparable.

    I told the day, how I missed the times with you...

    Why the hell you haven't realized that all this time I really love you?

    You are always near me already can make me happy, as long as that too I will always try to be happy for you too.

    You haven't become a boyfriend yet you've everything for me, especially if you've become my boyfriend... you're more everything = sundry for me.

    Last night and before going to sleep I pray you are fine there without me.

    Gambar Cinta

    What I want from you is your affection and your attention. that's enough.

    Love is growing inside the garden of heart. Only a pure heart can cultivate true love, as the love in my heart... to you.

    Love is the best and most beautiful thing in the world, it cannot be seen or even touched. Love must be felt with the heart...

    Sometimes you choose to look happy, because you don't want to explain why you're sad for those who don't even try to understand.

    Gambar Keren

    Never play with the heart, because the heart is not a toy.

    Something beautiful that requires struggle, get you for example...

    With you... I study for FAITHFUL...

    I am not the most beautiful, but I can make the most beautiful story between me and you: ')

    Having you is one of the biggest luck of my life...

    Why did I stay away? Because I'm too tired with the disappointment that you've repeatedly given... Your apologies don't mean if they aren't your true form!

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