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    77 Lost Love Quotes Status and Sad Sayings Images

    Lost Love Quotes statuses are most searched on the internet who recently missed their relationship and just lost their love. You will find here with this post about "What is Lost Love?" and "How do You Get Your Lost Love Back?". 

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    So, go for the lovestatusromance.com collection with the latest, fresh & new Losing Your First Love Quotes and Sad Lost Love Quotes for Him/Her.

    What is Lost Love: It is a great pain to love, and it is a pain to remember. But in all suffering, the greatest pain is love, but in vain.

    Lost Love Quotes and Status

    Lost Love Quotes

    ❝ Though he may not hold your hand, I hope you feel his presence. though in a cold and empty bed, I hope his heart will warm you. though your eyes are filled with tears, let your thoughts be filled memories. Remember...what love we've given, we have forever. and when your nights are lonely and days are long, remember that though he gave the army his life, he gave you his heart and soul.

    Is it too late to say I love You when all this awhile I been waiting for you but you came when my heart is already sweep away.

     Maybe in another time and place there could be an us. until then and there you must stand on your own.

     Almost a year has passed,
    I never talked about you because I'm afraid...,
    Fear makes me think how much I love you.
    When I will be with you during these 4 days,
    I was like a thousand different things in history.

     In the work that I usually do,
    It reminds you in some way.
    Now that I think about it,
    Looks like you took me ridiculously...
    When I think so, I will be in shock.

     All the poems that I wrote for you...
    This is all true,
    I wrote poems for other girls,
    There is no need to lie.
    But, in a way, they all moved around you.

     I think in my mind,
    Many times,
    That's how you and me,
    May be deleted...
    Revelation is endless - Lost Love Quotes

     Listening to this tune,
    About two weeks ago...
    Someone asked if I still love you,
    And not letting me show my feelings.
    And I don’t know why... therefore I didn’t say that.

     But I'm still doing it!
    'When you love someone,
    You never stop loving them.
    And now, beauty and love in all my dreams,
    What is yours?

     And look, it's like a creek forever.
    And look, it does not change every day!
    And feelings for you, they will never leave.
    When I'm with you, I thank God on my knees,
    ‘You are like my other half.

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    Lost Love Quotes

     I put an end to myself,
    And handed over my tea;
    My life... completely!
    You are and always will be what I want my dream girl.

     You never lose love; you always confirm it.

     Follow the love and it will run away; Get out of love, and it will follow you.

     Love is rarely lost. If she does not react, she will return, relax and cleanse her heart.

     There is nothing better than waking up in my arms and pulling hands that you do not have - Lost Love Quotes

     You never lose love. You will never back down.

     I will be lost in you. I want to lose myself again without you.

     Forgotten years of love, one minute of hate.

     True love never dies because it craves. Love binds all life, but thirst repels.

     I was reborn when you first kissed me.
    When you left me, some part of me died?
    But now that I'm alive...
    Waiting for the day you come back to me.

     Sometimes it's hard to love someone because you are afraid of losing him.

     I think you never know; this is because of your absence.

    You Lost Her

    Lost Love Status

     A heartbreak is never as loud as a bomb explosion. Sometimes it is as quiet as a falling feather... And the most painful thing is that you will never hear it again.

     The only person who can stop you crying is the one you are going to. It really makes you cry.

     Even if you lie and pretend to care... I can't get you out of my head... and with every tear that falls, although I seem to be on you. Hi, this reminds me of how much I love you.

     Everyone tells me how to get ahead of you, but they no longer understand how difficult I am - Lost Love Quotes

     You give this smile... God. Every time I think I can live without you; you give me that smile. You really do not want me to do this.

     Do you want to know what is truth? I still love you and will love you for a long time. But I cannot be your friend because I like the concept of “just friends”. “It's cruel, and I'm not ready to intervene. So, now I want to move forward and be the only way for you and me. Security is not around you.

     Empty is not loneliness, it is your absence.

     Lovers never lose love.

     If you love something, set her free; if she returns, she belongs to you, and if not, she will never be.

     We enjoyed the summer because we were chilled. We value light as we do in the dark. In the same way, we can experience happiness because we know it.

    Images for Lost Love 

    You Lost Her Quotes

    Lost Love Quotes Images

    Lost Love Sayings

    Sad Lost Love Quotes for Him

    How Do You Get Your Lost Love Back

    Lost Love Sayings

     Separation is like the best nightmare, the worst nightmare.

     We cannot beg them if they want to leave each other and be with each other. We must recognize that love does not give us human rights. Love means sacrifice.

     Often, we say goodbye to the person whom we love, not wanting it. But this does not mean that we have ceased to love them or have taken care of them. Sometimes parting is a painful way. I love you so much.

     You know that some people are the worst way to remember them when they are near you, and you cannot be with them, but worse when you think you are leaving them. Suddenly you realize that you cannot live without them - Lost Love Quotes

     My heart hurts because I know I missed you. Outside, I live pretending to forget you.

     Refusing love is like hanging on a precious item; you don’t want to give up, but your hands feel pain. Finally, when you leave, you are free from any pain, but your hands are empty.

     You can overcome it...This is the cause of embarrassment. Losing the one you love will change your life forever. You are a loved one. The pain stops, new people appear, but the gap never closes. How did this happen? A person who has used enough material to kill a grieving person will never be fired. But this hole in the form of death is yours, and no one else will. And that's enough. Why do I want them?

     Because the word is very rarely found with good words,
    If someone is in good condition, he is not involved.

     There is no equal pain that provokes two lovers each other. It should be clear to everyone who thinks. Such a union. This is where the pain begins to heal, wisdom is enough to defile everything else... It is our life.

     Love that no longer satisfies charm.

     Follow the love and it will run away; love and it follows you.

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    Losing Your First Love

     Love never fails. If you don’t change her, she will return, soften and cleanse her heart.

     How can I promise you forever when tomorrow is not from me? How can I dry your tears during bleeding? How can I forget you when your name is so deep in me?

     The memory of love is sweet, but love is meaningless. And fill the pain I lost, the pain I got!

     If there is love in your life, it will make you miss many things. If you don’t have it, no matter what, it’s not enough - Lost Love Status

     The biggest weakness of most people is that they hesitate to tell others how much they love them while they are still alive.

     Jealousy is really a bad environment for maintaining love, but it is also a safe tool for destroying one’s self-esteem.

     When you love, time slows down.

     How can an angel break my heart? Why didn't she hold my shooting star?

     What do you think you will do? I thought it was your fault. How can you transfer your love to someone else? Can you still share your dreams with me? Is he the only one you find sometimes? You do not see this.

     If you live 100 years, I would like to live 100 minutes a day. So, I would never want to live without you.

     The beginning is terrible, the end is sad, but it is very important.

    Sad Lost Love Quotes for Him and Her

    Lost Love Status

     Better to be loved and lost than to be loved.

     It has always been that its depth is unknown until the hour of separation of love.

     I always patiently collect fragments, glue them together and tell what's new. What is broken - and I want to remember this, because it is the best.

     If we do not love ourselves as much as we do, we will never be blindly loved, we will never meet, or we will never escape. We have never met sincerely.

     Small raindrops in a whisper of pain passed through days of pain.

     If you love something, set her free; if she comes back, she belongs to you. If she does not, she will never be - Lost Love Status

     Love is not always a natural death. She is dying because we do not know how to replenish her source. She is dying of blindness, error and betrayal. Dying of illness and injury; Dying of exhaustion. Dies.

     The love we give is eternal. All love that we cannot give is lost forever.

     You will never lose love; you will always fall behind and lose.

     Come back to me in a dream, I can give. Pulse for pulse, breathing for breathing: speak less, speak less; long time, my love, how long.

     Because the word is very rarely found with good words,
    If someone is in good condition, he is not involved.

     No torment equivalent to what two loved ones can suffer together. This should be made clear to all who think. Such an association. Evasion of these torments is the beginning trick because it is capable enough to defile the remainder
    our lives.

     The love that is fulfilled never charms again.

    How Do You Get Your Lost Love Back?

    It is not uncommon, for couples who come to therapy to say they love each other but that they’re not “in love” with each other. 

    Love and intimacy do fluctuate across the lifetime and there will be stages of closeness. I think what’s unrealistic is to expect consistency.

    But if you feel that your relationship is flowing, the bank is not temporary. This will not change unless it is actively changed by the people involved. I thought that everything was settled, "and we knew that this was not true. So, is it possible to reconnect with your partner, and if so, see how can you do this with the help of following points: -

    • Accept the reality
    • To inquire
    • Make your relationship a priority
    • Dig a little deeper
    • Take time for regular calls and keep your phone away
    • Just open up
    • Focus on the result
    • Start now

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