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    88 Sad Love Hurts Quotes and Sayings on Relationship

    Love Hurts Quotes have become immortal because the simple truth that love does hurt sometimes. Love has always been an interesting subject that has inspired great writers like Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 

    Most of them have even come up with memorable quotes that remind people of the heartaches love may cause in the most striking manner. 

    Whether you are planning to write love letters for someone or you just want to relive the pain you experienced from lost love, these simple Love Hurts Quotes, Love Proverb, Why Love Hurts Quotes, Love That Hurts Quotes, When Love Hurts Quotes and Hurting Quotes on Relationship lost love quotes will surely keep you inspired.

    Love Hurts Quotes

    Why Love Hurts Quotes

    The Irony of Love: Love always feels great when it is fresh and new, but it can make you feel at your worst when you feel it slowly slipping away. 

    It can give you a certain high when the person you admire feels the same way about you, but nothing else can be more painful than seeing the man you love moving on without you in his life. 

    "Love Quotes" will help you in this department. They explain how love can hurt so much and leave you in a depth of sadness that is certainly higher than the kind of a happiness it gave you. 

     You can’t remember why you were hurt, when you recovered.

     Which one is better? A lie or a tear that attracts a smile is real?

     I think we all make mistakes sometimes, but you are my eldest.

     Stop telling me you love me... Show up once.

     When the last teardrop fell, I stand tall, and hold the memories, how are you?

     Look behind the mascara and the glossy lipstick looks a little darker and you see that this girl you see is not really me.

     When it comes to love and hurtful things, your heart already has to wait for your heart to know what it is, so you can be liberated.

     Life is like a dream; you always wake up to the truth and sometimes it is useless.

     I learned how good a friend is, they hurt you every time and you have to forgive them for it.

     Difficult to detect, where to draw the line, looks good and doesn't hurt people's moods. And stand up for what you believe in.

    Why Love Hurts Quotes

     We take risks, when we open our hearts, because the truth is, if we open our hearts, we'll be sad, you can’t open your heart or you have no trauma because you are human experience. Although this is the love of your life and you are wonderful deep, growing, powerful year together, it is the human experience and that person will end. Love is courage be brave.

    Quotes for Person who Hurt You

     If you don't know then ask me, if you don't agree, argue with me again. If you don't like then tell me. But don't shut your mouth and judge me!

     We are a love story... gone wrong.

     The darkest skies have the brightest stars.

    Why Love Hurts Quotes

    Why Love Hurts Quotes
    Love Hurts Images

    Love That Hurts Quotes: When someone is deeply hurts by love, he seeks a quote from love that somehow alleviates the pain that he feels in his heart. Well, you are very lucky because this article gives them to you.

     I don't make mistakes. I'm dating them now.

     Not all marks show, not all injuries are cured, sometimes you don't always see, someone can feel the pain.

     Love is like grass. If you fall on it, it can cause scarring and some temporary pain. But you will overcome the pain, it will eventually stop teasing. Now that stain has ruined your favorite pair of jeans, nor is it a waste of time, but anyway, the stain remains. And over time, it is declining, but it is always a lasting reminder, it's you, also, once dropped.

     In this case, I'm trying to get love, did you laugh all week? In this case, I'm trying to make love, were they distant? In this case, I get love, they left me, and say it never was?

     If I have pain, I have discovered the paradox of love, then there is no injury, but only more love.

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    Love That Hurts Quotes

    Why Love Hurts Quotes

    When Love Hurts Quotes: Why is my fate like this? When I meet someone, I Love You So Much It Hurts Quotes - I love the most, I go to him, but he ignores me. 

    I follow him to return to me. Many years later, I finally moved on and opened my heart to the man who loved me from scratch. After 3 years, we decided to get married. 

    On the day of our wedding, the boy whom I loved earlier appeared with tears in his eyes at his wedding.

     There are times that the more you love the person, the more he pushes you away. The more he pushes you away, the more you love him. Sometimes, there are things that no matter how hard you try just to achieve your dream it never happens and the worst is it will never happen.

     When you choose to love somebody, do not give your whole self because you might be hurt in the end and once you part ways, there will be nothing left to you. Instead, assign yourself to someone who is real to you. (Hurtful Quotes about Love)

     When your loved one has hurts you so many times, it's time to ask yourself if he deserves to be loved. All you have to do is stop and refresh your mind and wonder if it is really a person for you. In this way, you can be able to keep yourself away from the painful experience that other girls have experienced and experiencing right now because of the wrong guy that they have chosen to love.

     Take your time for the right person to love. Do not be afraid that there will be no guy left for you. There is someone who is destined for you. Someone who will truly love you and will never ever hurt you. Do not allow yourself to be hurt by those guys who have nothing to do in their lives but to hurt the feelings of girls. They don't deserve true love.

    When Love Hurts Quotes

    Why Love Hurts Quotes, When Love Hurts Quotes

    Have you ever fallen in love? Isn't it wonderful? It will hurt you a lot. It opens your chest and it opens your heart and means that someone will come in and confuse you. 

    You build all these strongholds, you build the whole armor, so that nothing hurts you, then a stupid person, unlike any other stupid person, wanders into his stupid life... You give them a part of you. They did not ask for it. They laugh at something dumb you did one day, like kissing or looking at you, and then your life is not your own. 

    Love takes hostage. It comes down to you. It eats you and makes you cry in the dark, so a simple phrase like 'maybe we're just friends' turns into a glass crack that does its work in your heart. It hurts. Inaction is not only hello. Not just in the mind. It’s a soul-injury, a real-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love.

     I'm fighting myself, trying to get you out of my head, but I'm hanging on to your every word.

     The word harsh hurts feelings. But, silence breaks hearts.

     Everyone is going to get hurt sooner or later, all you have to do is decide who is going to suffer.

     I pray for the night that your face will soon fade.

    Hurting Quotes on Relationship Lost Love Quotes

    Love That Hurts Quotes, Quotes About Words Hurting, Love Hurts Quotes and Sayings, Lost Love Quotes

     Women like apples on trees, the best ones are at the top of the tree. Men do not want to reach out for good people because they are afraid of falling and do not want to be hurt. Instead, they get rotten apples from the ground, which is not so good but easy. So, the apples on top think that something is wrong with them, in fact they are amazing. They have to wait until they get along with the right guy who is brave, climb all the way up, Because they value quality.

     Sometimes you get hurt grow, sometimes our dreams become clear, after tears flow from our eyes, crying well, wash your heart, if you put it inside, it will tear you down, sometimes you lose, but you’re going to win, if you hang out on the bus.

     Go ahead and break my heart. It's useless without you anyway.

     Don't forget sorry it's only happening because of an injury. Sorry.

     Smiles are no more beautiful than those who struggle with tears.

     And yet those who seek it find love, however, despairing they are, they still believe, even though they have been betrayed, still loved... However, the earlier he was injured.

     Tired of trying, crying disease, yes, I am laughing, but inside I was dying.

     I have to learn to love a fool, who thinks most, speaks a lot, takes a lot of chances, sometimes wins and often loses, lack of self-control, loves and hates, hurts and hurts, promises and broken promises, cries laughing.

    Sad Hurt Quotes - Quotes About Words Hurting

    Hurting Quotes on Relationship, Sad Hurt Quotes, Quotes About Words Hurting

    People say that when one is in love in true love, they forget about everything around them and their complete concentration is for the person makes them oblivious to whatever is going on around them. 

    People claim that the feeling is so beautiful that there is nothing like it in the world and some say that it is the best thing that can happen to anyone. It's often said that love makes you blind.

     So, I'm sorry for the guy. Sorry it took me a long time to change. I hate what it is because I'm ready to try and never be like this again.

     Someone asked if I knew you, so it was sad to be able to say "I'm addicted."

     How much difference you can make between friendship and love, they are annoying each other.

     I have a smile on my face, but I don't know because for that reason, I put it there to satisfy all the people who don't care.

     It's weird... you know the best thing is over, but you want to hold the bus for another second... so, it can hurt a little more.

     You can’t hurt anyone unless you really do something for them.

     I know why people laugh. It hurts because they laugh... because it stops teasing.

     Do not hold on to anger, pain or pain. They steal your power and love you.

     It was like taking me to the highest mountain to show the world.
    And telling you what you don't have.

     No matter who breaks your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you will never get it without your friends.

     Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it is better to try to hurt yourself by breaking them down and putting it back on.

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    Love Hurts Quotes and Sayings

    Love That Hurts Quotes, Quotes About Words Hurting, Love Hurts Quotes and Sayings, Love Hurts Quotes for Him

    Love Hurts Quotes are popular for one obvious reason. Anyone who is capable of loving someone else has already experienced heartbreaks, of course excluding a few lucky ones. 

    Great writers have already tried experiencing their feelings about how painful love can be in the most appropriate way through a series of memorable quotes. 

    Oscar Wilde, a famous poet, believes that an individual who is in love begins by deceiving himself, deceiving others, and forms something that the world calls romance. 

    Love is indeed blind, forcing people to act in certain ways that surprises others as well as themselves.

    If the brain allows it, it does not prevent the heart from beating. Quotes about the dangers of love everyone understands that making rational decisions when they are in love is harder than usual. 

    Another famous lyric poet, William Shakespeare, also believes that true love courses run smoothly. For many, this seems to be the case whose passionate love ends tragically. 

    Whenever genuine love develops between two people, an obstacle to their path always arises in their path. 

    Love may seem rewarding and worthwhile but it can also cause a lot of heartbreaks to those who are unaware of the many dangers it can bring.

    While looking for the most powerful "Love Hurts Quotes", you will also come across a few works of art that were contributed by anonymous authors. 

    Some writers have remarked how ironic love can be. People do not know exactly when love happens but they manage to recognize the moment their great love is about to end. 

    While some people may recognize the feeling of love, they have the tendency to ignore it to the highest possible extent. Their hearts and minds are clouded up with the fear of breaking up as well as the feeling that they may not know how to react to love.

    The old Love Proverb also says that love always comes with pain. True love not only causes pain through separation, but there are other things that can take many forms. 

    Some may think that the end of love is equivalent to a slow, tragic death, especially those who are unable to come to terms with how their romantic relationship ended. 

    Love Hurts Quotes may also seem applicable to those who were able to keep their relationship with someone but continue experiencing pain when their beloved is suffering. 

    Love can truly make you suffer when your beloved is hurt, especially if you know that you cannot do anything to ease the pain he is feeling.

    The great William Shakespeare sums up the pain caused by lost love through a memorable love hurts quotes. He compared love to smoke made of the fumes of sighs, which speaks much about losing something precious due to a painful breakup. 

    Anyone who is trying to come to terms with the end of his relationship will try sighing away their sadness, only to realize that the pain will stay for years to come. 

    On the other hand, George Granville believes that the greatest pain a person could experience is to love in vain. This is obviously true in the case of those who love someone who cannot reciprocate their feelings.

    Edna St. Vincent Millay also came up with "Why Love Hurts Quotes" that make her seem to understand heartbreaks more than anyone else in the world. 

    Renowned for her great poems and tragic love affairs, most of her work describes how most people feel in the midst of a heartbreak. She says how your loved one may leave a hole in your world, a hole that you might find yourself constantly falling in at night and missing that person more than anyone else you know. 

    T. E. Kalem, another great writer, also retorts how the heart is the only broken instrument can continue working tirelessly.

    Love Hurts Quotes for Him

    Love That Hurts Quotes, Quotes About Words Hurting, Love Hurts Quotes and Sayings, Love Hurts Quotes for Him

    Looking for the best Love Hurts Quotes for Him and Hurt Quotes for Her lost love quotes may have been your way to cope with a recent breakup or heartache. 

    Reading such quotes might intensify the pain you are feeling, but they will certainly make you realize that you are not the only person in the world who experiences heartbreaks every now and then. 

    Love hurts in many ways, being absolutely ironical in its strictest sense. "Love Quotes Hurts" will help you pull through as you nurse your broken heart and nurture it until you finally fall in love with someone who is truly worthy of you.

    Let’s move on after finish reading this article Love Hurts Quotes and Hurtful Quotes about Love.

    Love Hurts Quotes for Him are what you look for? In the middle of love, the feeling is euphoric and unexplainable. You feel complete, satisfied, and being with the one you live are always a journey of self-discovery where you learn new things about yourself. 

    Once love ends, however, for whatever reason might have caused it to fail, one cannot help but feel an excruciating pain that radiates to the core of his being. For what was once there and used to be a part of him is now gone. 

    Getting through the pain of lost love can be very difficult, but one thing that can make moving on easier is learning through the experiences of others. Love Quotes are a great way to seek advice from people who have gone through the same pain. 

    If you’re a guy and you’re looking for something to get your spirits up, what you need are Love Hurts Quotes for Him lost love quotes.

     It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.

     I just broke up with someone and the last thing she said to me was, you’ll never find anyone like me again! I’m thinking, I should hope not! If I don’t want you, why would I want someone like you.

     Sometimes the person you really need is the one you didn’t think you wanted. (Quotes about love hurts)


    Love Hurts Quotes consider a breakup as one of the few things that prompt many people to avoid falling into the trap of love once again. Those who have not learned from their past usually fall in love again, so that they understand that their relationship is broken by simple fights and disputes. 

    Even the most famous people fall in love again and again to feel the enormous sadness that goes away every time that love suddenly leaves. As a universal emotion, a feeling that everyone receives, love is something that only a few people have not experienced.

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