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    29 Poems on Romance in English for Him and Her (I Love You)

    Find the best collections of "Poem on Romance" and Love Poem in English also with the Romance Poem, Love Poem, I Love You Poems, Deep Love Poems for Her, Love Poems for Him/her from the Heart and along with the Love Poems for Girlfriend from the Heart here in this post below.

    Poem on Romance

    Romance Poem, Love Poem, I Love You Poems, Deep Love Poems For Her, Love Poems For Him/her From The Heart, Love Poems for Girlfriend from the Heart

    What is Love now? 
    I beg you, tell me.
    That is the fountain and well,
    Where joy and repentance reside.
    It's probably the steam hour,
    All the tolls to heaven or hell:
    I love hearing it - Love Poem in English


    O red, red rose like my love,
    The new sprout occurs in June;
    O Like My Love
    He will play with a melodic tune - Poem on Romance


    He walks with beauty like night
    Cloudless Claims and Starry Skies;
    And it is good for everything dark and bright,
    Meet his angle and eyes:
    Hello to that soft light that way,
    What heaven denies on a bright day - Love Poem in English


    Take my heart; I have more of these;
    When the blossoms, we sprout the plant - Love Poem in English


    "I was killed before that hour,
    Suddenly and lovingly sweet,
    His face blossomed like a sweet flower,
    And it completely stole my heart. " - Poem on Romance


    Heart, we forget it,
    You and I, tonight!
    You must forget the warmth he gave,
    I forget the light.

    Love Poem in English

    Poem on Romance, Love Poem in English

    And then at night,
    When there is a dark mask or world,
    People attacked my bar,
    I will serve them wine,
    I offer their happiness and happiness,
    I hear the whispers of love from those distant pairing tables,
    I heard it desperately in the bar,
    Then the space will be filled,
    And this is the sound of a murmur of sound,
    Billiard Ball Rift with a glass of wine,
    One laugh, the other there,
    The night goes on
    And at dawn,
    When everyone goes,
    This is where I live
    Washing glasses,
    Seeing the loneliness in my agonizing spirit,
    My holy doors are cracking,
    Inside and out,
    I'm hollow,
    All I touch is crying
    I crawl on the floor,
    With a broom in my hands,
    I was looking at an inary humorous point,
    Stuck between the ceiling and the floor,
    Where can I see your smile,
    Where there is a house for everyone to come back to,
    You are my house,
    And here I live,
    As soon as I closed my eyes,
    Congratulations I will die,
    I want to see you last,
    Before my soul left my immortal body and fled - Poem on Romance


    Here I sit on the grass.
    Wonder if you're sitting next to me...
    Your fog image looks like...
    I urge you to come under a clear sky.
    I'm waiting for you ..

    To bind you in my soul!
    Everyone is happy with their love...
    And here I am nothing but my emptiness!

    I'm waiting for you…
    Come and sit with me!

    My life is waiting for you...
    To complete me…!

    My God is waiting for you...
    Bless you…!

    My prayer is waiting for you
    Join me…!

    My eyes are waiting for you…
    To bind you in my soul…!

    My weapons are waiting for you...
    To tighten you up…!

    My palm is waiting for you...
    To write your name on its web…!

    My dreams are waiting for you...
    For you...!

    My belief is waiting for you...
    To believe in me…!

    My lips are waiting for you...
    To share...!

    My victory is waiting for you...
    For the celebration…!

    My shoulders are waiting for you...
    Keep your head on it…!

    My mind is waiting for you...
    To recall some fascinating memories for me…!

    My breath is waiting for you...
    Stuck with your breath…!

    My heart is waiting for you…
    Let me rest…!

    My feet are waiting for you…
    Walk along…!

    My cell is waiting for you...
    Play with me…!

    My pearls are waiting for you…
    To come before you…!

    My living graveyard is waiting for you...
    To keep my favorite flower on it… Poem on Romance


    Luke will be missed by all of you.
    Friends, family and even people,
    You don't know who,
    We will miss you a lot,
    We will never forget you day or night!
    You will always be in our heart no matter what happens.
    We can't wait until you go to heaven one day!
    We feel your contact above the sky, we see your name above the day and night sky.
    We are now depressed that we have lost you, 
    don't worry too much, 
    because you will always be placed in our hearts.
    R. I. P. Everyone will always love you - Poem On Romance

    Romance Poem

    Poem on Romance, Love Poem in English

    When someone pulls away from us,
    It hurts us all.
    But remember all the happy times,
    And it makes us happy.
    When someone pulls away from us,
    We miss its little things.
    But remember all those little things,
    A smile, a laugh, a kiss.
    When someone pulls away from us,
    It fills our heart with pain.
    Overwhelming feeling,
    A concept we cannot explain.
    When someone pulls away from us,
    And we don't know what to do.
    If we close our eyes and snap them,
    They will never be far from you.
    So, when someone is removed from us,
    And we all feel numbness inside.
    Hold your memories,
    And the taken will be by your side - Poem on Romance


    Your angel, God in heaven, has come to attend his holy wedding. When you take it out of this world?
    I know your pain and suffering are over.
    We know you are resting in peace in your good place.
    When God puts His hand on you, the angels will bend around you and take you to the heavenly clouds.
    We remember your face,
    And what a great time we had,
    Here on earth,
    When I got up from here,
    I'll see your face again - Poem on Romance


    I saw your face a few seconds ago,
    A few seconds ago, I felt your touch,
    I met your eyes a few seconds ago,
    …… a few seconds ago.

    & Now your work is gone….

    Wanted to make the new world our own,
    To spread your beauty and love,
    In moments you will have eternity in your beautiful hands,

    A few moments ago….

    A few seconds ago, I was in my arms,
    A few seconds ago, your eyes were in front of me with their magnificent aura,
    Your love came to my heart a few seconds ago,
    A few seconds ago, you separated yourself from me to begin with,

    & Now you're gone….

    Mind body..., body spirit,
    With my other half, it will leave me forever incomplete,
    In a few seconds I lost something I could never think of,
    The world was beautiful a few seconds ago,
    A few seconds ago, life was colorful,
    A few seconds ago, the earth was under my feet,
    A few seconds ago, heaven was before my eyes,

    Now you're gone...

    Leave before me… hell,
    I want to live...
    The life I want to live,
    The land I shall bear,
    My dear, why do you punish me like this?
    Even after a few seconds - Poem on Romance


    Our love is slowly dying,
    And for today.
    I'm sorry for all the problems,
    Because now, you're gone.
    I'm still whispering to you here,
    My name is so delicate and beloved.
    Even though I can't see you
    I know you look closely
    I think our love is still burning,
    So deep inside my soul.
    Filling every crack,
    Sinking into each hole.
    All good times and bad,
    Even after this he was thin.
    I still hear your voice,
    I will never forget your laughter
    Our love is too much for me
    Kissing, holding hands.
    You said you always wanted wings,
    Now you are growing overhead.
    So, to end my tearful memory,
    Let me tell you one thing.
    The world is between us,
    To this day I love you - Poem on Romance

    Love Poem

    Romance Poem, Love Poem, I Love You Poems, Deep Love Poems For Her, Love Poems For Him/her From The Heart, Love Poems for Girlfriend from the Heart

    The world couldn't see,
    How do you like tenderness
    Extinguished your touch,
    The burning desire.

    Goodbye always sweet sorrow,
    But we never did yesterday,
    To make your grip feel stronger,
    I know I belong.

    You are considered a boy,
    But oh joy,
    The simple things are best for me,
    Save attractive for the rest.

    I will never know pure love,
    For that you can be sure,
    Everything else is fine
    Your memories will work like balm,
    It keeps me warm at night,
    Until we meet again - Poem on Romance


    Now when you are gone,
    I'm always tall,
    To experience you from me,
    I love it
    Follows our commitment
    My heart is broken and will never be broken,
    I will love you till the end.

    I pray we will be together again someday
    Now I want to take you with me,
    Why am I still here?
    God has his reasons, we are not clear,
    See me when I meet every day
    Listen to me constantly
    'I Love You' with my loved ones,
    Although we are different, it continues to grow.

    Now you have a beautiful place,
    Now more with his charming face,
    When the sun is out and bright,
    It's possible with your smile, it's easy,
    I can feel the heat wrapping around me,
    You are showing me with this blanket of love,
    You've gone but not too far,
    You will always be here - Poem on Romance


    I have loved you once, and this heart cannot be calm;
    Because it feels like there's still love;
    But you don't bother with it;
    Oh, my dear, I won't hurt anyone.
    I love you without hope, silent criminal;
    What a fiery sensation, how shameful I know!
    Deeper love, more true, more tender,
    God grant you another - Poem on Romance


    Oh, not more subtly silent,
    Between the winds, the voices,
    Combining the same passive laces,
    And rejoicing music,
    You are in my days.

    Let my silence bring you back to life,
    In all the stagnation of his breath.
    Go back to rest,
    One of you wakes up;
    And you, always wake up, wake up for me!

    Art like you silence everyone,
    The wild words separate my soul from you.
    You are silent,
    A mystery and a secret,
    Between one footfall and another.

    The most loved stay in sweet!
    You are knitted with every art.
    Play with you the temperature brutally,
    And pulls yours everywhere,
    Create a little paradise all day.

    Darkness and solitude make me shine.
    For life, the outside is full of affordable parts,
    Silver made noise; Let them be.
    It is the spirit of life,
    Listening to yourself, listening to you.

    The interval between the interval of care;
    O thought is all in thought;
    The unknown bond between laughter:
    You shape
    And you are the joy of prayers - Poem on Romance

    I Love You Poems

    If ever there were two, we would.
    If a man loved by his wife, you will
    If a man is happy with his wife,
    If you can, compare me, ladies.
    I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold,
    Or all that wealth at East Doth.
    My love means to extinguish rivers,
    Love you but give the re-competence.
    Your love is something I cannot repay.
    I give you many a gift, I pray.
    Then when we live, we must be very strong in love
    When we are not, we can live at any time - Poem on Romance


    Love? Away, you get me wrong.
    I hope I don't live this long,
    Free from the trick of your eyes,
    To give the gift of being trapped now.
    No, lady, your art isn't everything,
    Being able to part with myself and my freedom.
    Love? 'It's true with Spanish wine,
    Or the French juice,
    But not really with your sweet face,
    This is a dimple or hidden grace.
    Pure wine has more sweetness,
    In those lips or in the eyes of the udder.

    Your God, you say, can shoot right,
    He wounds heart I dark night.
    Prayer throwing a dart at him,
    And try to make it touch my heart.
    No, Cupid, if I were yours,
    Turn on the mine maid and fill us with wine - Poem on Romance


    When you love or talk,
    Don't talk about it seriously,
    Twill but under his knowledge,
    And Grant drew him instead.
    Sneezing, crying, slow grimes,
    Yellow apatite, they move;
    Only boys and official donkeys,
    In this way love is radicalized.

    When you make a secret,
    Your love and terrible flame;
    Young and tender hearts fly away,
    Scared by the very name;
    Always fast and gay court,
    Do not make your love your pain
    'Tees by neon play and sport,
    You will find a sinless wilderness - Poem on Romance


    Love is about people feeling when they care,
    But some people don't have it because life isn't always fair.
    Love is a special feeling that comes from the heart,
    It was the feeling of uniting the two when they broke up.

    You cannot confuse love and hate because they are not equal;
    And when you’re in relationships, life is fun and not games.
    Love is the feeling that causes those special times,
    When it first hits, you think you can fly - Poem on Romance

    Deep Love Poems for Her

    Poem on Romance, Love Poem in English
    Love Poem In English

    Fire to Love,
    That soft wound,
    At its deepest center is my soul!
    You are no longer obscure Please,
    Breaks the fabric of this sweet encounter!

    Oh, soft smooth!
    Hey kind!
    Oh, soft hands! Oh, gentle touch
    The taste of eternal life
    And everyone pays off!
    To kill, to live to die.

    A fire lamp,
    In whose splendor,
    Deep caves of conception,
    It is dark and blind,
    With the beauty of strangers,
    Color and light with your girlfriend!

    So gentle and charming,
    Wake up in my heart
    Where you live alone
    And in your lovely breath,
    Well and full of glory,
    I fall in love with how fragile it is - Poem on Romance


    Taws is only a fantasy,
    A wild dream beyond reality
    I was attracted to my enation,
    I see the ransom,
    For its beauty.

    The beauty that enters my soul
    Immerse yourself in the deep waters of my heart,
    With my wish,
    Encased and sealed in memory,
    Just mesmerized by the sight.

    Touch you, kiss, I'm in awe,
    Sometimes I really do not
    How perfect are these moments?
    The earth is waiting, the time is still,
    When your body is pressed against the mine.

    My heart leaps before you,
    I woke up with its brilliance,
    Idle, waiting patiently,
    My happiness is hidden
    For your love of me.

    You are no less than a queen,
    Royalty is missing in your every move,
    All my vision,
    You have secretly saved my heart.

    Your smile is my reward
    I want to hold you forever
    Love my soul and crush me,
    As we travel, hold my hand - Poem on Romance


    Young and afraid,
    I said,
    "I love you."

    I heard his answer in my heart:
    “Do you really want me?
    I'll be with someone else. "

    Shy, green to green,
    I can't tell.
    "I love you." - Poem on Romance


    Shine like the sun.
    You can burn me
    Black as a frying pan,
    Bucket... bucket,
    And on Keeling,
    But why worry?

    My girlfriend
    Shine like the sun.
    She puts it on my body,
    And sucks breaths into my soul.
    It sounds good,
    When that light,
    My love on fire,
    Like dry wood - Love Poem in English

    Love Poems for Him from the Heart - Love Poems for Her from the Heart

    The day he first spoke to me,
    The day he taught me in those words,
    Wonders, and dreams in my chest,
    I also had a dream in the middle of the day.
    My throat burned; the flames erupted.
    Put my words in the neck;
    I was dumb in my pride,
    My face was wet with tears of joy all over.
    The fear is fast and heavy from me
    She can change, and cries dogs,
    Bring the bride cattle brought for me.
    I came to her trembling knees,
    Like indulging in love prayer.
    My dear, his voice is more charming,
    His soft mouth spilled a golden stream.
    My great, she's been staring at my face for a long time,
    And my tongue caught him - Poem on Romance


    I can't describe the feelings,
    I'll meet after the storm day,
    Or when the sun rises in the winter.

    It's easy to find happiness and sadness,
    But sometimes I have feelings
    I can't figure out,
    That’s how I feel about you - Poem on Romance

    Love Poems for Girlfriend from the Heart

    I wandered into a corner and saw your face.
    Our life is different from that perspective.

    I will sacrifice everything for this.
    I remember everything I had left.

    You pack your books on the shelves next to me.
    I will write a grocery list on the envelope addressed to you.

    You talk to me about your former love.
    I tell you that I am your first love

    Before we start in the middle of our life,
    Before we left each other,
    By cursing the microscopic map of the bed,
    Let us get started - Poem on Romance


    If we have a country
    Mold in our hands,
    This smooth clay shapes the face,
    And the heart of liberty,
    Every toll for love,
    Each tick of a distance,
    There may be some blessings,
    Because I have
    The rare function of a bird,
    After each mission abroad,
    All encounters with foreigners,
    Reinforces the cause,
    Turn into strange love,
    To make sure,
    A more desirable reunion,
    Like birds,
    Leading to the night,
    For preferred nest,
    To remember encounters,
    New flights,
    We can climb together,
    For heights, the greater the distance here,
    It causes pulse pain,
    Have you ever been foreign?
    Being alone is forever alienating - Love Poem In English

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