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    5 Heart Touching Cute Short True Love Story Romance

    Love Story Romance: Find here in this article with a lot of different love stories, Short Love Stories That Make You Cry. Today I decided to share with you "The Short Story About Love" that really cute, heart touching and most heartbreaking Love Story Romance.

    Check out some of the cute short true "Love Story Romance" romantic Heart Touching Love Stories in English that will leave you with tears in your eyes:

    Love Story Romance

    Love Story Romance, Cute Love Story
    The Short Story About Love

    • 1. Someone That I Used to Know

    Name of the Love Story Romance~Someone That I Used to Know~

    The time that I spent with you has been the best time of my life. I have no idea what I would do without you; and what my life would be if I did not have you. You are the most stunning individual on the planet. I love you so definitely! 

    I can't state enough of the amount you intend to me. I just thank the destiny for what it has given me. I would have never ever dreamed that such a wonderful and romantic man could come into my life and made me feel so happy! 

    I fell in love with you at first sight... Being with you has brought so much joy to me. I cannot ever tell you how much I love you, because there are no words in English describing the happiness you have already brought to me. 

    I must use my Russian to explain my feelings better: “Lyublu tebya!” means "Love You". I have never met a man with the qualities your soul possesses… And I do not ever plan on letting you escape from my life. Thank you for loving me and thank you for bringing the sunshine into my life - With Love, Your Lena.

    The Short Story About Love

    Love Story Romance, The Short Story About Love
    The Short Story About Love

    • 2. I Used to Know

    Name of The Short Story About Love: ~Someone That I Used to Know~

    About a year ago I started talking to a guy I hadn't spoken to in a few years. We dated before that. He dates a ton presently, yet referenced that nobody has ever approached the bar I set. 

    I surmise this is something contrary to romantic story. I don't know what to call the feeling that we have but it is mutual. It took us a drawn-out period of time, yet we have made sense of and voiced the way that despite the fact that we are at the same time a similar individual and each other's alternate extremes, we can't be as one once more. 

    If we tried, our current situations would cause a great amount of resentment because I'm still trying to figure my life out and he's working on his. 

    We live too far away and are probably going to be even further apart in a few months. If we try, there is a greater chance that it will fail, and our failures result in not being able to even speak for a while. 

    I'm just not willing to risk not talking to him again for another few years just to try to uphold a relationship that has no chance right now. 

    I think he feels the same way. So, we date others, and we lie to one another about things that could hurt. I realize it sounds awful, yet I value the falsehoods. 

    In a wrecked manner I know reality however the falsehoods are on the grounds that he is simply attempting to ensure me and the other way around. I don't lie to selfishly keep him around. I lie because I know there are things he doesn't need to hear. 

    I guess this is what sometimes "love" turns into when it doesn't work. Strong feelings don't ever really disappear, do they? 

    I feel very content with this circumstance despite the fact that I don't completely comprehend the feelings in question... perhaps in a couple of years it tends to be something again or possibly we'll be fortunate and meet individuals whom we can experience passionate feelings for.

    Cute Love Story

    Love Story Romance, The Short Story About Love
    Love Story Romance

    • 3. Starting Over Again Soon

    Name of the Love Story Romance: ~Starting Over Again Soon~

    I want to start my story here but actually I will make it short because eventually I will also share the whole story...I was really in love with someone before I thought he's the one...I had a crush on him when we were 18 and he was 19.

    We have a great time at first...He care for me because I knew that he treats me as a younger sister and I also treat him actually as my brother but I there's something inside of me tells that I like him...

    He is a very good guy, a servant of God...Has a sense of humor and I really love the way he looks at me. We've been together so many years as friends in an organization in the Catholic Church and we both love to sing for God.

    As time goes by, I decided to tell the truth that I have a crush and he is the one, we have our game truth or consequence and I actually choose to tell what is true about my crush and I mention his name in front of Him. 

    After that time, we became cats and dogs we always fight and we always irritate each other and we actually fell in love with each other. :)

    I'm so happy that we had the time together as lovers.

    We had our relationship as bf and gf in 1 and half year but after that we are always together but we decided to separate ways after my graduation in College to focus our attention to our families. 

    We promise to see each other after 5 years but sad to say I end it up that promise last May 2013 because as what the people around me saying you do not love each other if that's the case and besides you are not in a teledrama so why are you doing that and I reflect on it and I realized what they are saying is true.

    If we love each other we can do things and attain our dreams together but I do understand him because I can say that he is weak and he cannot even understand himself... 

    He is actually studying again like what he is saying to me before how can we be together if he is just like that and I am professional, the pride really ruin us...

    But sad to know he's seeing someone. I'm disappointed because I give a big space for him for him to attain his dream but then again, he is just lying. 

    I don't know if he really fell in love with me before or he just like me because I like him... I'm sad but I'm trying to move on... I know I have God with me and he will never let me go and that he is the one who truly loves me.

    Someday I will meet the guy who really deserves my love and the guy that God has planned for me! :)

    School Love Story

    The Short Story About Love, School Love Story
    Love Story Romance

    • 4. I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry

    Name of the Love Story Romance: ~I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry~

    When I was young, I went to a new elementary school and on my first day I met a friend named Peter James. We became friends from the first day I met him.

    I made friends with his girlfriend. Everyone in the school is asking if they have broken up and angel Lena says "yes" and they leave. They were all there for me, and I was hurt until the angel went to a different school. Then I went to West Middle School, and I'm still here.

    In my first year of middle school, I used to pick up because I was ashamed but I was okay with meeting so many people. I have science with Peter and we are all partners. I use to kick him and everything.

    He has another girlfriend. Her name is Samantha. They were close and I was a little jealous and I don't know why. But once that 6th grade presents me and her almost on Valentine's Day

    I think that's how I managed it for a year and I said something to my friend in March. And my friend, Sid. I told him to tell James.

    It was once known that he had not spoken to me for a week. But they rejected me. I got down. But I promise myself not to cry. Later that year, me and James were still friends. He didn't bother with it anymore.

    When it is 10 October 2015, we will play the truth or dare. That day I dared to ask him 3 more times. When I asked them, they refused to text me? 

    I showed my friend that I was crying in the room "OMG" to show ears that I didn't want to talk to him. My friends made me. But I didn't. October 10-28 = 18 days or 2 weeks because we are not talking and I think he is stupid for thinking that I have promised my friend and my feelings.

    A Short Love Story

    School Love Story, A Short Love Story
    Love Story Romance

    • 5. The First Honest Feelings

    Name of the Love Story Romance: ~The First Honest Feelings~

    Well, it started off when I was 8 years old. My dad was in a relationship with a Woman names Emma. Emma lived in Mt. Vernon , so Every summer My dad and sisters and I went down there...

    The first summer we Went down to Mt. Vernon. My sisters and I met these two guys named Seth and Logan. Seth and Logan were my dad's best friend John's kids. He also lived in Mt. Vernon. Right across the street from Emma. Every day we would go hang out with Logan and Seth. 

    Every other summer after that we went down to Mt. Vernon. Even on Winter break. Logan and I became Closer. I first fell in love with Logan when I was 9, When I first met him. My feelings got Deeper, every summer. 

    We stopped going down there 3 summers ago. Me and Logan Haven't talked since then, but March 11th 2013 we seen each other for the first time. 

    Logan and his dad John had come down to Evansville to see my dad and I happened to be at my dad's house at the time. 

    When I seen him for this first time for three years. ALL the feelings came back. I still love him a lot. After that day we started talking on Facebook

    I told him about my feelings and he said we should start talking a lot more. So, we can find a workable pace other once more. He let me know next time he sees me he's going to make it official!

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