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    What is romance, its true meaning and definition?

    What is Romance? It is the question which comes in every one’s mind repeatedly. Romance is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. 

    Some people say that “Romance is showing care” Maybe it is true but just too short extent because we also show our care about our family members e.g. sister, brother, father, mother and other relatives but it doesn’t mean that it is Romance.

    Romance Meaning

    What is the Real Meaning of RomanceRomance Meaning, Romance is a relationship between two lovers” it is the definition which is most trust able Definition or Meaning of Romance.

    Romance Meaning, What is Romance, Meaning of Romance, Romance Definition, Romance Meaning in English

    “Romance is feeling of spiritual relates with your romantic partner”

    I think "Romance Meaning" is like this: -

    • R: Right - it is always right, and right of every person.

    • O: Ocean - it is vast like ocean.

    • M: Mother - Mother of all feelings.

    • A: Attraction - Between two hearts.

    • N: Natural - It is natural in human being.

    • C: Care - Care the emotions of your romantic partner.

    • E: Endless - Should be endless otherwise it is not long life romance.

    The first and last sign of a true romance: -

    • Heart Touching

    When someone falls in love with someone, he feels that everything in his life has changed. His / her anger, once part of his / her nature, has disappeared. He thinks that spring is everywhere, even in autumn. 

    Romance is the most beautiful experience, without romance, and life is so hard and stressful. Otherwise, it is always heartbreaking, it is not romance, it is "low", and the two are opposite to each other.

    • Ideal Romance in Love

    The ideal romance which makes you feel you are in Heaven where no worries, no tension and just chill everywhere with your romantic partner. 

    Here I want to tell you a very amazing reality about romance. Romance has very deep relations with rain; feelings become very high in rain. Some people say that Romance is not perfect without light rain and clouds.

    • Romance and Rain

    We know that love is often difficult to express. It always has the power to bind two unknown individuals in a perpetual bond. 

    Lucky are the individuals who can discover their perfect partners and get an opportunity to encounter one of the most dominant human feelings. So romantic feelings that never end even till death is ROMANCE.

    Romance Definition

    True romance is a gesture, word or action performed by someone else that makes you want to be with that person more than anyone else in the whole world.

    Since there is so much difficulty in determining which gestures, words or actions trigger this reaction, try this simple suggestion. 

    Ask your mate to tell you the things they consider romantic, write them down and surprise them occasionally throughout the year by doing them. It's just that simple. No need to discuss or debate.

    The interesting thing about romance is that romance begets romance. In other words, the sincere attempts of one partner will lead to sincere attempts on the part of the other. 

    So, don't be surprised if your partner wants to know what you consider romantic and reciprocates by doing something that fits "your" Definition of Romance.

    Meaning of Romance

    True "Romance Meaning" is...

    It doesn't sound like a question but it's often propounded. A question long pondered the answer unfounded.

    Books, movies and novels, into them I would bask. Still no answers, so I decided to ask.

    With a friend, a parent, a co-worker I would debate. This is all too confusing; I'll have to ask my mate.

    Asking your mate, certainly that's not romantic. But they had the perfect answer, a relief to my panic.

    If I knew it was that simple, I would've asked much sooner. One step to romance and now a honeymooner.

    What Does it Mean to Romance a Girl or a Boy?

    Romance Meaning, What is Romance, Meaning of Romance, Romance Definition, Romance Meaning in English

    Love Affair: A relationship between two lovers.

    Being a literary genre of high culture, a novel or a chivalric novel is a style of heroic prose and poetry, popular among the nobility of medieval and early modern Europe.

    Romance is a general term that refers to an attempt to express love in words or deeds. This also applies to feelings of excitement associated with love.

    The word romance always refers to the love between a boy and a girl.

    Romance Meaning in English

    Unfortunately, this is not the same for everyone. I have a clear idea of ​​what romance is, and some people say that sex is, but in my opinion, passion is not romance.

    For me, romance is the little things that a person can do, the slightest kiss, a simple gift, thoughts about something else.

    Of course, most relationships begin with lust and physical attraction, but when you allow them to grow into a meaningful relationship, you love everyone and give everything to make this person happy for a moment. 

    Do something and expect reward without fear. Verdict, very weak position, but I think it's romantic.

    I think romance is an attractive side, and when you show your loving attention to each other.

    Romance is the perfect person for your love. It brings your true self and helps you become a better lover, husband and partner. At last Romance Meaning, Romance is the life in which you live as part of a couple.

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    - What is the Real Meaning and Definition of Romance (English)

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