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    57 Best Romantic Love Quotes for Him and Her

    Writing or sending "Romantic Love Quotes" to our lover will help us achieve what we desire the most, that is to love and be loved in return. There are many ways of creating harmony and love in our intimate relationships and one of the most often overlooked is with "Romance Love Quotes".

    Romantic Love Quotes

    Romance Love Quotes

    Lighting the energy and love inside your Relationships is simple when utilizing Romance Love Quotes for Her and him.

    ❝ It’s Love when a mother gives her son the best piece of chicken and he passes it to her younger sister.

    ❝ Love is the combination of 99% tears and 1 % smile.

    ❝ To check someone for life partner is time pass not love.

    ❝ Love always chooses its destination by itself.

    ❝ That rain bow which shows after the rain of tears on the sky of wishes is Love.

    ❝ To understand someone is compromise, and to trust someone is love.

    ❝ Jealousy is the first sign of Love.

    ❝ Love resembles the measles; we as a whole need to go however it.

    Romance Love Quotes

    Romantic Love Quotes

    Communicating our most profound sentiments applies to expressing feelings of love and appreciation. How many times have you felt grateful towards someone, sometimes just for his or her presence in your life, and failed to express it? 

    That individual may truly need to hear your expressions of commendation to give them a lift in their own confidence. Maybe they are unaware of what you so clearly see in them. 

    Never assume that the other person knows how much you appreciate them. If you think it or feel it, say it. 

    Be true to yourself, don’t hold back on expressing those heartfelt feelings of love that you have for someone, life is very short when compared to the big scheme of things and there is far too little love in this world of ours.

    ❝ Love grows from seeds of sincerity.

    ❝ Life is the second name of Love.

    ❝ Third eye of men is Love.

    ❝ Everyone somewhere falls in love once in life.

    ❝ Love doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have.

    ❝ If you love someone let him go if he backs to you it’s yours.

    ❝ Love your lover as if it’s a last day of your life.

    ❝ Love doesn’t need to prove its shows its self.

    Romance Love Quotes for Her/him

    Romance Love Quotes for Her, Romantic Love Quotes for Him

    Here are some of the most popular Romance Love Quotes for Her and him from the past and also of our time. I have included some of my favorites, I hope they will become your favorites too.

    ❝ Love isn’t done by beautiful person the person we love becomes beautiful.

    ❝ Love is a precious diamond which we hold tightly just not to lose it.

    ❝ Love is a annually inflow of all your investment.

    ❝ When I’m in trouble my love once always stands beside me.

    ❝ LOVE is a name of accept someone who is not perfect.

    ❝ I can leave the world for my lover but how can I break the heart of my mom who always says me MY DEAR TAKE CARE YOUR SELF.

    ❝ Close your eyes and think about your loveable person and the moment spent with them, than see how automatically you get smile on your lips.

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    Romantic Love Quotes for His/her

    Romance Love Quotes for Her

    Use them in love letters, e-cards, for anniversaries or just as a note to leave on your special someone’s pillow! Romance Love Quotes, Romantic Love Quotes and Romantic Quotes can be used when all you need is a short and loving touch. 

    Enchant your lover with a few well-chosen phrases, the words may only form a short sentence or two but the meanings can be very powerful. Indulge yourself and your special love in these well-chosen "Romantic Love Quotes" from some of the finest lovers in our history.

    ❝ To be honest, I don’t have words that make you feel good, but I have a weapon to hug you...
    If you want to talk about something, listen...
    And I have a heart; A smile of heart at the sight of you.

    ❝ I believe that two people are connected by heart, and it does not matter what you do, who you are or where you live; There are no restrictions or barriers if two people are guaranteed to be together.

    ❝ People always think that the most traumatic thing in life is to lose you. The truth is that the most traumatic thing is that you lose yourself in the process of appreciating someone too much and forgetting that you are also special.

    ❝ A man who calls you handsome, not warm, who returns when you hang him, sits under the stars and listens to your heartbeat or just wakes up to see how your boy is waiting for a kiss on his forehead. Who wants to show the world when you sweat, who puts your hand in front of friends, makes you feel beautiful without makeup, he makes you feel and reminds you how she cares and how lucky you are... back to her friends, "This is her! "

    ❝ Sometimes you find someone who changes your life by making it a part of you. Crying is also the one who makes you laugh. There is someone you can trust, and that’s really good. There is someone who can assure you that you have a truly wonderful world... this is the person who sent God above... love them, hug them and let them go them forever... You have friends forever and there is no end.

    Romantic Love Quotes Her and Him

    Whatever the reason for your visit, all the love Romance Quotes and Romantic Love Quotes at this site can be used as a resource and aid to help you build a relationship based on the essential relationship foundation criteria above. 

    No matter your age or length of your relationship, you will find the right words of love here from Romantic Quotes to Love Quotes.

    ❝ Sometimes I feel that it is so, I want someone to find me... when you are alone, look for peace and tranquility.

    ❝ I feel it, we are very close... I know that you are looking for me somewhere, I am waiting here and praying for the day when we meet.

    ❝ It takes years to build trust, and it takes only a few seconds to break it. It's not about your life, but about who you have in life. It is important.

    ❝ Love ends when there is a lover
    Love so much together, and not each other.

    ❝ If you want to have a good relationship, be open to each other. After all, secrets and inexplicable feelings can lead to such pain.

    ❝ Real men are confident. They are too busy searching for new ways of love, because they do not have time to find another woman.

    ❝ Love is a condition necessary for the happiness of another person.

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    Romantic Love Quotes for Her and Him

    Written with some of the greatest collections of Romance Quotes for love in the English Language, the Romantic Quotes here will encourage you to visit again and again, getting fresh inspiration on ways to speak from the heart to your lover. 

    Browse the complete selection of Romantic Quotes, Love Status Romance and Love Quotes. They will bring you the simply joy and pleasure of reflecting on your love life and possible ways to enhance it.

    ❝ I don’t need a perfect person... I need a person who looks like I'm alone.

    ❝ Being in a relationship does not mean kissing, dating or appearing. It is about being with someone who makes you happy like no one else can.

    ❝ If someone enters your life and becomes a part of you, but for some reason cannot live, do not cry too much... I am glad that you crossed your path and somehow, he gave you a little time. It also made him happy.

    ❝ People ask me why it's so hard to believe, and I ask them why it's so hard to keep a promise.

    ❝ A young girl loves to use her energy to give her father a head massage to relieve his headache.

    ❝ It is love when a wife makes tea for her husband and takes a sip in front of him to make sure that the tea is in order.

    ❝ I really like it when a friend squeezes your hand on a slippery road after rain for your protection. In fact, love is the name of concern. So, take care of yourself.

    ❝ My body and heart is very thirsty by your love.

    Romantic Love Quotes to Her and Him

    ❝ I Love my mom because she gave me birth.
    I Love my father because he protects me.
    I Love my Siblings because they support me.
    I love my love once because he / she accepts me the way it is.

    ❝ What Is Love?
    Chemistry says: love is a bond between two persons.
    Physics says: Love is a name of attraction -
    Math says: 1+1=3 that’s love.

    ❝ Love is a connection between two people, for sharing the happiness and sorrow.

    ❝ Love is a present value of all future benefits.

    ❝ LOVE is a feeling in which a person accept it love once by its true identity.

    ❝ LOVE can change the feelings of person.

    ❝  Love is a bridge who connects the people.

    ❝ I love the world,
    I love the ocean,
    I love the rain,


    I hope you take pleasure in reading the selection of Romantic Quotes for love and Romance Love Quotes presented to you here, I will be adding to the list regularly so please check back often. 

    If you have any favorite Romantic Love Quotes to Her and him that are special to you and you would like to see it included here.

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