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    50 Different Ways to Say I Love You and Make Fall in Love

    Ways to Say I Love You: There are probably more than a million Different Ways to Say I Love You in Different Languages. Just think of how many different languages there are on Earth. 

    However, words are too easy to say, and it's sometimes difficult to see if someone really means the words they saying, especially when it's about love.

    Ways to Say I Love You

    Ways to Say I Love You, Different Ways to Say I Love You
    Ways to Say I Love You

    There's an old saying that says, “Actions speak louder than words,” and this is having never been truer than when one is trying to express their love for someone. 

    Every day is an opportunity for you to tell your loved one how much you really care, so here's a list of creative (and affordable) "Ways to Say I Love You".

    • Create a CD of Songs That Describes How You Feel 

    Have ever listened to a song and told yourself, “That's exactly how I feel!” You aren't alone. A lot of songs out there somehow capture the emotions that we feel; sometimes even put into words hopes and dreams we're too afraid to voice out. Sometimes songs can express things we just can't find the words to say.

    What better way to say “I love you,” that creating a compilation of music for your loved one that tells them exactly how you feel about them? 

    From that ultra-sappy romantic tune that proclaims undying love, to the catchy pop hit that describes the meeting of two people, and what about that rock melody with lyrics that tell of fighting against the odds to stay together, there are probably a dozen songs out there that you can put together to become the soundtrack of your love life.

    • Cook Their Favorite Meal

    “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach,” says an old proverb. Well this is true for women as well! Whether you're the male or the female half of a relationship, cooking your loved one's favorite food and serving it on your dinner table by candlelight is probably one of the most romantic things you can do to express your love.

    More than the effort of the actual food preparation, it is the time and care you will give in planning the meal that will tell the person you love how you feel. It is you, taking the time to find out what that person's favorite dish is, shopping for the best and freshest ingredient, practicing how to prepare it several times to get the taste right, setting the table to get that right ambience and nearly burning your kitchen during the cooking process, that will show him or her how much you love them.

    • Shout it Out Loud

    So, hollering about how much you LOVE SOMEONE may not be the most different way, but it is different enough to get the point across. 

    After all, how many people actually stop in the middle of a busy street on a random day and shouts “I love you” at the top of their lungs? 

    Not many have the guts and even the more daring ones would probably hesitate to do it. That you are willing to put yourself out there, make a fool of yourself, to declare how you feel about your loved one, would probably earn you a permanent place in their heart.

    People who fall in love with someone do not get their loved ones because they are seemed to be failed to say the most important love expressing thing. They have love for someone in their heart but they have also fear that stops them to express this hidden love in front of their beloved. 

    This type of hesitation becomes much dangerous for the people who have not confidence and they lost their loved one. 

    There is also a quantity of the people who have not any idea about the method to say his hearts desires to his loved one. Expressing love to someone can lose your friendship this fear also came in the way of saying heart desires. 

    The people who have such type of confusion about saying love you to the loved one should have a courage that they can get the power because there are thousands of Different Ways to Say I Love You

    We have made some arrangements in which you can explain your expressions clearly and completely with ease because your love can only be expressed when you will be able to tell your beloved all about your heart. 

    It is also important for them that they should have to make clearance about the things he is saying and the reality. It is commonly seen that a simplest loving method become successful whereas a complex method always discouraged. 

    There is a niche behind saying these three words that is a simple advice that you should have to make your saying method much romantic because when you will make your method much romantic you will be able to make it best in your words. 

    A candle light dinner is a best situation to say I love you because it predicts a romantic seen and insist your partner to say yes in the answer of your proposal. You can also make a note for him in his book and in a gift about the love with him. 

    The time of date with him is also a good time to say this expression in a whisper and you can win a lover.

    Ways to Say I Love You to Her

    Ways to Say I Love You, Different Ways to Say I Love You
    Ways to Say I Love You

    Here are some great love tips for him "Ways to Say I Love You to Her" to help him say "I love you" without spending a dime. 

    Now, we've broken these tips down into two parts. A set for the men and a set for the ladies. We're going to start with the men because we need the most help.

    1. Say I Love You Every day

    Boy, now that was earth shattering wasn't it? Really though, saying I Love You should happen more often than just the last words out the door. 

    I learned this tip from my mom and dad. After nearly 50 years of marriage, the "I love you" still happen several times a day.

    2. Open her car door as though it were your first date.

    3. Take out the garbage without being told. (I'm still working on that one myself)

    4. Use those post-it notes to say cute little messages.

    Messages like "I Love You" or "You are so beautiful" or "Thanks for marrying me". You get the idea.

    5. Turn off the TV and actually listen to her.

    Good communication is vital to a good marriage. Your wife wants to be heard.

    6. Exhibit proper toilet seat function.

    You know, up when it should be up and down when it should be down.

    7. Show Her Affection.

    Like, holding her hand when walking into the store or a gentle shoulder massage after dinner. Our wives need our touch.

    8. Remember Important Dates.

    Your wife is really honored and flattered when you remember your anniversary or talk about your first date and even remember where it was. 

    Her birthday is another great day to remember. Honor her in a special way. One of those great ways is a day at the spa. 

    9. Support Her Interests.

    If she has a hobby that means a lot to her, make sure she has the time to pursuit it. Keep the kids or whatever you need to do to free up her time so she can take the time to enjoy her interests. 

    10. The 20 Second Kiss.

    Every morning and every evening, give your wife a kiss that lasts for 20 seconds unbroken. You'll be amazed at the power of that kiss.

    Here's a bonus tip and it's the best one yet. Pray with your wife every morning. There's really nothing better for your marriage or your family than getting God involved.

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    Ways to Say I Love You to Him

    Ways to Say I Love You, Different Ways to Say I Love You
    Ways to Say I Love You

    Here are some great love tips for her "Ways to Say I Love You to Him" to help her say "I love you". Oh, and by the way, they really do work!

    1. Say “I Love You” Every day.

    Tell him you love him more often than just as a good-bye.

    2. Show Him Lots of Affection.

    Even the manliest of men need the touch of their wives. A gentle caress, holding his hand or snuggling up with him in bed. It doesn’t need to be a lot, just consistent.

    3. Don’t Try to Come between Your Husband and his Sports.

    Sports is in their genetic makeup. Don’t make them “choose” between a game and you. That’s manipulation. Give that to him and you’ll be surprised at what he’ll give back. 

    And if it’s not sports it will be some other hobby. Every great relationship has a lot of give and take.

    4. Give Him His Cave Time.

    Dr. John Gray (Mars and Venus) describes this as alone time your husband often needs just as soon as he arrives home from work. 

    When I give that time to Randy, my husband, he comes out ready to interact with me and get started on my “honey do” list.

    5. Honor Him.

    Tell him you appreciate him. There are few things more important to your husband than his validation. His need to feel respected and important. Build his ego. 

    Compliment his accomplishments. It’s much better to build up than tear down.

    6. Plan a Romantic Evening.

    Turn your house into a retreat. Send the kids away and prepare a quiet romantic evening at home with just the two of you. 

    Play some soft music with lots of candles and prepare the bedroom for what this may lead to (get rid of clutter and add some soft lighting).

    7. Never be Critical of Him in Front of the Children.

    This relates back to honoring him. He wants to feel important to his children. This is not only good for him but it’s also good for the kids.

    8. Be Playful with Him.

    My husband loves to laugh and have fun. I tend to be more serious. So, it means a lot to him when I laugh and enjoy his humor.

    9. Make Time for Him.

    We’re all busy, but not so busy we can’t make time for each other. A few minutes in the morning or evening can make a big difference. 

    And try to steer this conversation away from all the things going on with the kids, jobs, “to do lists”, bills or money. Spend time with him and don’t lose touch with who he is and why you chose him.

    10. Send Him Flowers.

    This will surprise him and he will love it.

    Have you ever been particularly lost on how to say I love you to a significant other?

    How to Say I Love You could be expressed by writing a journal or maybe even jotting down some thoughts on your feelings and might help you express them verbally. 

    Everyone has problems ‘making the leap’ so don’t feel singled out because you’re not alone here. These are crucial steps in understanding how to say i love you to another person.

    Ah, love. Isn't it grand? We think so and we want to help you have that great romantic relationship you have always wanted.

    Maybe, you once had that great romance others were envious of and because of all the crazy things going on in life, it has kind of dimmed a bit.

    Well, be of good cheer. We are here to help you have a GREAT love life filled with romance and intrigue (mmm, sounds like an old black and white movie).

    Now, please be aware that real life is not like Hollywood. Really great relationships take a lot of work. Truthfully, it takes a lifetime to build your story. 

    So, we are going to give you lots of ideas along the way and our site will constantly be growing and changing over time, giving you great tips and ideas year after year.

    In this website, you will find lots of great ideas to help you say "I Love You". Some are very simple and easy to do. Others are going to require some thought and effort on your part. 

    But all the ideas are designed to help you build a stronger, more intimate relationship between you and your spouse.

    It is our belief that strong marriages = strong families. Strong families = strong communities. Strong communities = a strong country.

    How to Make a Boy Fall in Love with You

    Ways to Say I Love You, Different Ways to Say I Love You
    Ways to Say I Love You

    It is not easy for a girl to learn how to make a boy fall in love with you. Some girls have problems telling a guy her feelings since other people may label her or simply because she’s afraid that her feelings won’t be reciprocated. 

    Because of this, many have sought to look for ways on how to make the guy fall in love with them. If you want to know how to make a boy fall in love with you, just follow the tips mentioned below.

    How to Make a Boy Fall in Love with You by Loving Yourself: Be yourself. The first step on how to make him fall in love with you is to be yourself. 

    You don’t have to put on all that make-up or get all dressed up for a guy to like you. It’s no fun trying to be like everyone else when you’re just learning how to make a boy fall in love with you. You would just be lying to him and to yourself. 

    Furthermore, once he finds out you’ve been faking the whole time, he’ll probably feel betrayed and angry and all your efforts will be for naught. Being yourself is definitely the best way on how to make a boy fall in love with you.

    • Keep it real. Don’t laugh just because you think he wants you to laugh and don’t pretend to like things just because he likes them. A boy should like you for who you are, not who you pretend to be. A secret on how to make a boy fall in love with you is if you can act as naturally around them as you are with your friends.

    • Don’t be too easy. Guys like challenges, so even if you like them so much, never make it seem easy for them to get you. Learning how to make a boy fall in love with you from someone who uses this tactic isn’t very wise.

    • Have confidence. Another way on how to make a boy fall in love with you is to be confident. Nobody also likes an insecure person. There will always be someone prettier and better than you. You just have to know what your good qualities are and work with that. Just by being confident about yourself can already make you more attractive to a guy and can teach you how to make that man fall in love with you more effective.

    How to Make a Boy Fall in Love with You by Getting to Know Him: Internet. The Internet is a very helpful tool in doing your research on a guy. 

    With the advent of social networking and instant messaging, it is easy to learn more about a boy’s interests and how to make a boy fall in love with you.

    • Listen to the boys. Not all boys are the same but the advice they give on how to make a boy fall in love with you can be very helpful.

    • Get to know his friends. Befriending his friends is one way of getting more accurate information about him. Get to know the things you have in common so that you have something to talk about when you see him. Having common interests is one way of how to make a boy fall in love with you.

    • Be there. Another way of how to make that guy fall in love with you is to be there for them. Just like girls, boys like to talk about themselves and they feel better if they know you’re there to listen to and understand them. Not only are you showing him that you’ll be there when he needs you but you will also get to know more about them.

    Tips on How to Make a Boy Fall in Love with You

    Don’t be clingy. Hanging on to him when you know he doesn’t like you will just make him dislike you more. It is also important that you let him hang out with his friends. 

    Giving him space is one important step in how to make a boy fall in love with you.

    Don’t be obsessive. Don’t act like he’s your whole world. Don’t harass him with text messages or instant messages whenever he’s online. 

    Remember that you have a life other than him. Acting like you’re interested but not too much can pique his interest in you. 

    Giving more time for your real friends is actually another way of how to make a boy fall in love with you.

    Be friendly. Friendship is the first step in every relationship. Smile at him and compliment him so that he knows that you’re interested. 

    By being a friend to a boy, you will grow close to each other and he will know that he can always depend on you. 

    This is one way of how to make a boy fall in love with you without having to look like a stalker.

    Tell them how you feel. Although it might sound weird, telling a person how you feel may actually make them like you back. 

    In fact, some boys even find it more attractive when a girl tells them how they feel about them. Using this technique when trying to learn how to make a boy fall in love with you is a surefire way to success.

    There are many ways on how to make a boy fall in love with you. Listed above are just some of the helpful things you can do to make them fall in love with you. 

    However, it all boils down to whether or not you have the confidence to do these things. 

    Learning how to make a boy fall in love with you can be a daunting task, but when you’ve found the perfect one it will be well worth it.

    Now the question is, "Is how To Say I Love You an easy concept?"

    Absolutely not. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there are those of us who have no problem dropping the ‘L’ word at any given moment. 

    But for the rest of us folks, how to say I love you becomes one of the most troubling questions we have to answer. 

    Some just need the help of a friend or maybe even an older sibling just to show you the ropes of life. If how to say I love you is troubling you then keep reading and all of your questions will be answered.

    Holidays based on how to say I love you: Certain holidays are based on how to say I love you in various ways. One of those holidays is Sweetest day. It takes place on the third Saturday of every October. 

    Another one of those holidays is Valentine's day. That particular holiday is on February fourteenth. The majority of them are commonly known as ‘hallmark holidays’ and draw negative views from certain aspects. What I’m saying is these holidays provide certain experiences in how to say I love you.

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    Different Ways to Say I Love You

    (Video - Pexels & Pixabay: Music- Bensound)

    Aspects on how to Say I Love You are quite simple. If you’re unsure how to start. Try little things, like doing something extra special for them. Take them to dinner or buy them a gift you know they’d like. 

    Perhaps, if you’re comfortable then or if you can tell they’re very comfortable with you, you can take this opportunity to explain to this person your true feelings. 

    Even though they might have not been able to say it to you yet, it will be very uplifting to get this off your chest and maybe you can even help your significant other contemplate how to say I love you back. 

    I hope after reading this you have found out how to say I love you to that one person or even a family member. 

    You can even learn how to say I love you in Italian, English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.

    How to Say I Love You in Spanish

    How to say I love you Spanish & other phrases? Considering Spanish is quite similar to English, you might be wondering.

    I’m going to get into that, however, first let me cover the basics. Let’s begin with pronunciation.

    In Spanish, you normally roll your R’s and they’re said individually like this “Erray”, but remember to roll those R’s. To say that you HAVE JUST fallen in love with someone in Spanish is said like this: -

    “enamorarse de alguien”. To say you are in love with someone to a third party or in general is: “estar enamorado(a) de alguien”.

    To describe that “it was love at first site” to someone: -

    “fue un flechazo”. To declare the love of your life:”el amor de mi vida”. Finally, how to say “love” in Spanish.

    That is “Amante”. Now that that is covered let me cover how to say i love you in Spanish in different variations and meanings.

    Alternative methods for "How to Say I Love You in Spanish"?

    If you’re wanting to say I love you in Spanish platonically, or some special friend. That is "Te quiero". With an auto-translator it will translate to ” I want you”. 

    With a person educated and fluent in Spanish it translates to “I love you” in a way said towards an individual that you’ve probably known for a long time. 

    The next alternative method of how to say I love you in Spanish is “Te amo”. Pronounced “Tee ah- moh”. 

    This type of phrase is basically never used because it is directed towards someone you feel true or real love to. 

    Definitely a boyfriend or girlfriend. More appropriately, to a husband or a wife. Te amo is prominently seen in ROMANTIC POEMS or Spanish literature.

    How to Say I Love You in Spanish and basic love?

    In the last paragraph, we cover love, now we’re going to learn gestures. The first one being how to say I miss you in Spanish. I miss you is "Te extraño". 

    Now we’re going to conversate on romance phrases. These would be directed to someone you would say Te Amo( I love you) to: “Me gustas”. 

    This phrase means that you have a sexual lust, desire or need for this person. 

    They say love has no language. Or music has no language. Or something... but anyway, the fact of the matter is that one has to get bored of saying I love you in the English language to their partner over and over again. 

    And then again, some never tire of saying these three words, but want a different, more creative way of expressing themselves. 

    So, why not try these different ways to say I love you? Perhaps, you could use these different ways to say I love you to your boyfriend or girlfriend in various languages, and make a Valentine's Day card for the person you want to send it to! 

    So, without further ado, here are the Different Ways to Say I Love You

    How to Say I Love You in Italian 

    Italian is the language of romance nowadays; do you need to know how to say I love you in Italian?

    Well, we’ve all had those romantic times in life, where to smallest gesture could make your significant other fall for you even more. 

    Now, in this article I will be covering on how to say I love you in Italian as well as many other romantic phrases. 

    Firstly, we will teach you how to say I love you in Italian. Here is how it is spelled and the easiest pronunciation: “Ti Amo” (Tee- Ah- Moh). If you need to see a video to help you out more on how to say I love you in Italian it is located here: How to say I love you in Italian. 

    Another romantic phrase is "How beautiful you are". That is sand and pronounced in Italian like this: “Come sei bella” (come-see-bellah).  

    A familiar romantic phrase is: “I always think of you”. That is said and pronounced in Italian like this: “Ti penso sempre” (Tee – pen-soh – sem pray).  

    In the following paragraph we will discuss a similar sentence with how to say I love you in Italian but more formal.

    A phrase that is more formal with saying how to say I love you in Italian and more.

    Sometimes I love you just doesn’t do your feelings justice. We’ve all been to that point and it is entirely understandable. This is how you say: "My Darling", I love you in Italian: “Cara mia, ti voglio bene” .  

    Pronunciation can also be assisted if needed. We can help you here with that. 

    A good way to make the mood more comfortable and relaxing in these types of situations is to buy some candles, maybe cook someone their favorite dish or take them to a nice romantic restaurant.

    How to Say I Love You in German

    A romantic evening, a wonderful time being spent together, a very passionate relationship, or perhaps common curiosity. 

    In this article, I will teach you how to say I love you in German as well as many other phrases. 

    First, we will start with How to say I love you in German. This is how ‘I love you’ is said:  ’Ich habe dich gerne’. This type of how to say I love you in German pertains to caring for someone or “care for you”. There is a more serious way how to say I love you in German and it is said like this:  "Ich Liebe dich". That is pronounced ech-lee-beh-dech. 

    Have you wanted to learn how to say I love you in German or have you wanted to say something else?

    In addition to understanding how to say I love you in German, we all teach you to ask if someone loves you. That is said like this: Hast du mich gerne?

    Also known as “care for me?”. However,  the question of love is expressed more seriously like this: Liebst Du mich?. There is also another way of expressing love and that is by firmly stating that you are in love.  

    The phrase “I am in love” is said in German like this: “Ich bin in dich verliebt”.  Maybe love is too much, too soon and you want to let them know that you are passionate for them. 

    That phrase is said like this: “Ich bin von dir fasziniert”. It is a better idea to learn how to say I love you in German first, so that you have the phrasing appropriate.

    How to Say I Love You in Japanese 

    Love in Japanese can be complicated. If learning different languages and how to show compassion in them is what you have been searching then you have absolutely come to the right place. 

    I mean, Japanese is known for being one of the most difficult languages to learn and it is excellent and quite forward thinking of you to make an attempt at learning how to say I love you in Japanese. 

    There are several ways that you can do this. You can take your significant other out to a sushi bar and express yourself to your lover in that type of setting. 

    Another way that you can say I love you in Japanese is by becoming humbler around your household and your significant other’s friends and family's households as well. 

    The Japanese are very respectable and this would be an excellent way of saying I love you.

    Learning this is truly a way to show your girlfriend that you are the one for her. Japanese is a very complex language and it will take you quite some time to actually understand what you are saying to your love. 

    However, this is where we come in. If you are afraid in anyway then you need to lose these feelings of fear because they are not going to help you in any way possible and may even deter you from your original goal of learning how to say I love you in Japanese. 

    If you are thinking of giving up because the language is too hard to learn, let me be the first to tell you NOT to give up. 

    Never give up when learning something new and hitting a roadblock. This is very common example of why people give up. So, do not do that Persevere.

    The pronunciation of how to say I love you in Japanese?

    Now, this is the section of learning new languages where people have issues. Pronunciation is how well you can say the word in your own language or in another. In this case, we are speaking on how to pronounce I love you in Japanese. 

    Well, first we are going to start with how to say it. It is said like this “Ai shi teru”.  There are also several other ways that you may say I love you in Japanese. 

    These are just said in a different context. For instance, this is from person to person “aishite imasu” and “aishiteru yo”. 

    For Japanese women, the most common form of saying I love you is said like this “aishiteru wa”. 

    So, as you can see there are many ways that you can express your love and compassion for someone in this language. 

    However, it is said that the Japanese do not say they love someone very much. They are more partial to showing their feelings for someone rather than saying them.

    Different Ways to Say I Love You in Different Languages

    The Spanish language is one of those languages that drools with passion. Spaniards-or Hispanics in general-are known to be wonderful lovers, amorous to the core. So why not express your love in Spanish?

    Te Quiero ~ Te Quiero is the most common way to say I love you in Spanish.

    Te Amo ~ While Te Quiero has a wide usability, (you can say it to your friends, relatives etc.), Te Amo is supposed to be quite restricted to your partner.

    Me Gusta Mucha ~ Me gusta mucha is to like someone a lot in a specifically sexual way.

    Me adoro ~ Me adoro means I adore you.

    Te Amo Corazon ~ An extension of the te amo, te amo corazon means I love you my beloved.

    Different Ways to Say I Love You in French

    The French language is another widely spoken European language which is about as passionate as languages get! Here are some different ways to say I love you in French.

    Je t'aime ~ Simple and sweet, 'I love you'.

    Je t'adore ~ 'I adore you

    Tu es le soleil de ma vie ~ A common phrase meaning 'you are the sunshine of my life'

    Je t'aime à la folie ~ Meaning 'I love you madly'

    Different Ways to Say I Love You in Japanese

    Leave the European languages to those who are clichéd! Why not try a new amazingly innovative and different way to say I love you? 

    Love isn't the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Japan-Martial arts or Toyota might be-but then again, what's love without a bit of surprise! 

    Now of course writing 'I love you' in the Japanese language script might not make much sense to you, so I'll write it the way you'd be pronouncing it.

    Aishite'ru ~ I love you.

    Daisuki ~ I love you.

    More Different Ways to Say I Love You (Say I love you in more different languages!) ~

    How to Say I Love You Korean: 사랑해 (salanghae) ~

    How to Say I Love You Russian: Я люблю тебя (YA lyublyu tebya) ~

    How to Say I Love You Chinese: 我爱你 (Wǒ ài nǐ) ~

    How to Say I Love You Arabic: "ouḥibouka" (oh-hey-book-ah) ~

    How to Say I Love You Vietnamese
    Tôi mến bạn ~

    How to Say I Love You in French: je t'aime ~

    I Love You in Afrikaans: Ek het jou lief ~ 

    I Love You in Dutch: Ik hou van jou ~ 

    I Love You in Hindi: Mai Tumhe Pyar Karta(male)/Karati(female) Hoon ~ 

    I Love You in Urdu: Mujhe tumse mohabbat hai ~ 

    So, these were Different "Ways to Say I Love You" in different languages. Now you can greet your lover with a different 'I Love You' every morning!

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