Cute Funny Love Quotes For Him Or Her About Life And Relationships

Funny Love Quotes: When it comes to keeping the passion in a relationship hot, ''Funny Love Quotes" are better than hot gas. They make her knees weak, her heart wobble and her top inner cloths tight and bottom inner cloths loose. 

What Is Love Funny Quotes: Funny Love Quotes create a "romantic disrespect" that every matrimonial bed needs. You may think your wife does not take jokes, but you forget she took you. Love is one thing that is best fired on through words. You can recall the times in the beginning of your relationship, when almost everything else was mediocre, but love always made you feel happy. Every woman fantasizes her man who loves her so much, he could be her favorite night dress.

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Funny Love Quotes

Funny Love Quotes, Funny Quotes On Love
Funny Love Quotes

Now after so long, everything that seemed to be so small then appears to be so significant and amplified. It is like you are drifting apart farther and farther each day you are together. The time has come to restore true love in your life. The time is here to enjoy making love again. Yes, using love quotes, you can rekindle your flame of love. Let the LOVE QUOTES burn out the cobwebs of boredom in your relationship. Text randomly any "Funny Quotes On Love" that you come across, your partner will not sue you for sexual harassment.:) This is something every man and woman wants in their life, to be shown some sweet funny love. Be brave, leave her a note on her bedside in the morning saying, "sweetheart, you are so hot, I would not mind being your briefs for tonight".

For a man, a Love Quotes can add a lot in communication with your girl. Do you experience that moment when you want to express your emotion, that powerful endearing feeling you have for someone you love? Did you end up keeping quiet because you could not find the right words or you did not know whether they would not know how to respond? A love quote can save you the drama, save yourself and write something now; and stir your sweetheart’s heart. Say something like, "sweetheart, if you were a treasure I saved for a rainy day, I would want every day to be a rainy day".

Funny In Love Quotes, Funny Love Quotes For Him
Funny Love Quotes

Men and banks are same as both of them can’t generate interest without lots of money - Funny Love Quotes

Its nonsense to tear your hair in grief as baldness will not make your sorrows less.

Love is the only fun or joy that you can enjoy it without laughing - Funny Love Quotes

The morning I can’t eat because I’m thinking of you. In the evening I just can’t take any food because I’m thinking of you. In the night I can’t sleep because I’m so hungry!

Someone told me, you are the worst kisser in the world …Funny Love Quotes

After a while, I eventually fell in love -
Funny Quotes On Love

Being in love is when she looks at you, and…

Funny Quotes On Love

Funny Love Quotes, Funny Quotes On Love
Funny Love Quotes

Let your quote be like a sign of what you have inside your girl or man. "Funny In Love Quotes" can be funny, sweet and lovely. There is every reason for you to feel confident when sending them to your man or girlfriend. They convey intelligence and creativity, which is an admirable thing. There is nothing in a well thought out love quote that is generic. This is true especially for girls, girls love romance, and as long as they are into you, they will love it, and if they had not noticed you, it will signal them, you are approaching and make them ready for you.

Make your love quotes not just funny but hot as well. Why? Because you cannot ruin love with intimacy, it will be like ruining a cake with icing.

Maybe you are having difficulties in your relationship that have been brought about by quarrels or differences. You can get the help of love quotes to save your relationship. They are romantic, simple and straight to the point. They build marriages. You can write them down and place them in the car, somewhere your sweetheart will find them. LOVE QUOTES are a great way to remind each other that you care about the beautiful thing you have and share. Remember, "the true mark of love is indiscretion".

Love make you feel in heaven but when it hurts its just like hell - Funny Love Quotes

People it is impossible to live without love but I think oxygen is more necessary - Funny Quotes On Love

Love is a stage for life of temporary insanity which can be cured only with marriage.

Some days I love you while other days I wanna sell you to rabble - Funny Love Quotes

Love is just like as you give a gun to someone pointing at your heart with a faith that they will not pull the trigger.

Today i will tell you a secret, i have a dirty mind and you always in it.

Funny In Love Quotes

Funny Love Quotes, Funny Quotes On Love

Send that lovely Cute Funny Love Quotes that has just crossed your mind via text or social media, leave it at her desk, or slip it inside her bag, you will be surprised how things will turn around so fast. It will not cure your problems immediately but it will take away every negative feeling away, bit by bit. The best thing is you do not have to mean it. "I know of a happy couple, but I think they lie to each other!" Your marriage will see a new beginning and you will be the king leading your woman into opening a new page. It does not have to cost money, but simple, meaningful love quotes with flowers, chocolates or even a small gift goes a long way in creating that lovely impression, any it won't have to cost much. Even a love post, on her Facebook page, a sexy look when you part ways as you say your love quote and a soft answer in the form of a love quote when you respond to something that has been said in anger.

Love is just like an electric blanket whose switch is in some others control - Funny Love Quotes

 I will never stop caring for you my sweetheart; you beat the life in to me".

 "You are the moon in my life; you beat the stars, to shine the brightest"- Funny Quotes On Love

 "I love you with all my butt, I would say heart, but my butt is bigger".

 Husband is the best archaeologist
because the more his wife get older the more he get interested - Funny Quotes On Love

 Where there love is under observation, even too much is not enough - Funny Quotes On Love

 The most common quote in the world is love is a greatest refreshment in life.

Funny Love Quotes For Him - Funny Love Quotes For Her


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Funny Love Quotes have always been entertaining to read. Read these Funny Quotes On Love and use them to enrich lovely relationships in your life.

You are the only guy I can't forget, But you are also the person I don't want to remember - Funny Love Quotes

The people who falling in love gravitation cannot be responsible for them.

You can not price tag on love but certainly can spend on him - Funny Quotes On Love

Love is that game which two can play and both win - Funny Love Quotes

Love is just like a game of card ofcourse; at first kick out the jokers then throw away hearts, keep the diamond and try to win the king.

Always marry the man of your age because if your beauty will fade so will his eye sight.

Funny Quotes About Life

Funny Love Quotes For Him, Funny Love Quotes For Her
Funny Love Quotes

Seekers of encouragement, insight, and wisdom appreciate pithy quotes that are capable of expressing a positive approach to life in short, concise statements.

If a dose of humor can be added to the mix, to make the truths more memorable or palatable, it is all the better. Funny Quotes About Life can put a smile on our face and a spring in our step throughout the day, and help us to deal with the inevitable hurdles and pitfalls that we encounter.

In this collection of Funny Love Quotes for him or her on life, our aim is to supply you with quips that will motivate you maintain a positive attitude while striving to achieve your very best.

John Capozzi will keep you working hard today with his reminder that:

“A free lunch is only found in mousetraps.”

Sometimes things do come easy, but an unknown author says it well:

“Luck is a by-product of hard work almost every time.”

The success he achieved after starting out with nothing can inspire us to keep the goal in mind and take a clearly defined, bold step toward it every day.

Those who fight through, or take the long way around, are often the ones who reach the destination of success in the end!

That unknown fount of wisdom encourages us to keep striving – we’ll get noticed eventually!

If it takes you awhile to find your way to success, keep looking for the right path for you, and be inspired by the great J. R. R. Tolkien, who said famously that:

“All who wander are not lost.”

Keep laughing, including the ability to laugh at yourself! Keep striving to reach your full potential. Continue to stay focused on your goals, and a lifetime of success, fulfillment and fun will be sure to follow!

Funny Quotes About Love And Relationships

Here is small collection of some funny life lessons I've learned about work, love and relationships.

  • Doing Things Your Way Pays Off In The Long Run

I'm not advocating being stubborn or bullish, but sticking to your guns about what you want from life is a must if you ever plan on being happy. Doing what others want you to do will help in the short term (promotions and raises), but if you want true success you have to play by your own rules.

I learned this funny life lesson after losing my job. After being laid off from my IT job, I was having an extremely hard time finding another job. My whole life I had done what other people had told me to do, and now I was paying the price for it. There was no plan for figuring out what to do on my own after there was no one to tell me what to do, and I couldn't find a new master to serve. Spending a few months floundering can lead to some new lows in life, and the only thing it felt like I had left was my sense of humor. I started a website that was full of jokes about how rough unemployed life was, which turned out to be a hit and was getting a massive amount of traffic from all over the web. From there I gained the confidence to start moving again, drafting my own script for my life. Long story short, I never went back to IT and am never going to work in an office again. It's my game, by my rules.

  • Making A Living Is Not The Same As Making A Life

When planning a future, either by yourself or with your significant other, your career plays a major part in your plans. People spend a lot of time working, or stressing and thinking about their jobs, and this frequently gets in the way of the life that was originally planned out. No one spends their youth dreaming about spending their lives in the office, yet most of us do. It took me getting out of one to realize this, and to be able to reflect upon it.

Your life is your friends, family, dreams, and aspirations, not budgets, deadlines, and quotas. Make time for your life, or making a living will prevent you from doing it.

  • We Can Say The Same Thing, But I Can Still Be Wrong

While my wife and I don't argue very often, when we do it's usually about things of little importance. The semantics of our conversation usually spark the argument, and both of us end up arguing the same point. I know that we can't be the only couple that this happens to, so what I've learned is that it's more important to concede than it is to push on for the sake of winning an argument.

Learning to step back and realize that there are fights worth fighting, and others that are better to lose can help keep the peace between you and your spouse.

  • Marriage Is Friendship First

I have a great marriage, but it didn't end up like this because of good fortune. Taking time to make sure that your significant other is also your best friend makes every aspect of a marriage much easier. When you share the same view points, goals, and aspirations all decision making is incredibly easier.

The easiest way to judge your friendship is how you feel after a long period of time together, like after a vacation. We had spent a week on a road trip, and after the third day we were at each other's throats. Once we made it back home (and started talking again) we realized that something had to be done to improve our situation. It took us about a year of sharing thoughts, feelings, and emotions with one another, as well as spending more time together to get us both to the point where we can be content spending the rest of our lives together.

  • Love Through Thick And Thin

I grew up with dogs in the house, but it wasn't until a couple years ago that I finally started to understand them. While going through a rough patch at my old job and with my wife (see previous paragraph) I wasn't spending the kind of time with the dogs that I should. There was a night where one of my dogs worked his way into the house while we were sleeping, and instead of rummaging through the garbage he came into bed and cuddled up right next to me and I let him sleep there with me the entire night. He didn't care what I was going through, he loved me - no matter what.

Through hard times, those who you love are going to be there for you. Just remember to be receptive and reciprocate when the time is right.

The key to learning lessons throughout life is keep your eyes open and interpret any messages that might be coming at you. Everything around you is constantly sending you signals, from the dirty windows that want to be cleaned, to your wife not talking to you the same way that she used to. You have to figure out what meaning there is these Funny Love Quotes for life messages and adjust your life to make the most of them. We aren't on a predetermined path from the womb to the grave, you can go in any direction that you want and improve your life however you want to.

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