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    80 Hope Quotes about Strength & Lost as Life's Best Lessons

    Hope Quotes are remarkable because they are fueled by the very thing that names them. When we think about how complex the world is and how hard we work just to get by, it is usually in a moment when we feel the most challenged, the most tired, or the most beat down by life, that we come across "Hope Quotes" or "Quotes about Hope".

    Hope Quotes

    Hope Quotes, Quotes About Hope, Quotes on Hope
    Hope Quotes

    These Hope Quotes often can turn the worst of days around and leak a bit of awareness into what was once a spent day. It's amazing the energy we get when we hear Hope Quotes and realize that these aren't just quotes, these are scriptures of life's purpose, of our journey, and of reality, not this hardship reality we tend to focus too much on, but the true reality of what life is all about. 

    Hope Quotes are about wisdom, about understanding, and about love. Hope is just those three things combined!

    Hope is the most essential thing for human life happiness. Hope is what motivates us to make it through difficult times.

    This site is purely informational. We aim to create a place where people can exchange ideas uplift those that need hope.

     No love can be like a large empty room. Fill it with tenderness and kindness. Watch the love bloom.

     A love relationship can be like a balloon. Given love and attention. It will expand. Without it, the balloon deflates.

     Angels flies in the sky because of they are not with any burdens to their heart, not because of their wings. Lift everything to God and you'll fly like an angel - Hope Quotes

     His gentle lip, touch against mine, the passionate love is something again. He slowly fell my heart against mine.

     You always should be optimistic b\c sometimes it's on then it changes then it later gets back to what it once was but, if not and your just friends there's always hope and that is what drives your heart to the direction of fullness.

     Some love relationships are like standing in front of a fast-moving train. There is no hope for them.

     With Faith All Things Are Possible - Hope Quotes.

     Hope is everything without it we would all want to die and the world would be in flames from all of the darkness in people's eyes.

     With proper nurturing, love heaven can be found in the hearts of sweethearts.

     An adverse love can be love where two lovers feel that the world is against them. But they stand fast to their love.

     You can do anything; it only depends on if you are willing to do it - Hope Quotes!

     Lovers with broken hearts, like birds with broken wings, need to learn how to fly again.

     Some lovers would give their soul for that one true love.

     The love of a sweetheart can be the bright light that shines in the darkest of nights.

     Tomorrow offers the hope of better love.

     Hope is faith, and faith is hope, and you can't put those down cause that's all one has to live.

    Hope is most abundant when we do lots of little things right.

     Hope is what motivates us to work hard and get things done. It's the idea that something better will happen in the future because of what we do.

     Never answers a good question. It is not a bolt that needs to be tightened in place, the seeded seed and the seed of thought carry more seeds than they expect - Hope Quotes

     A great tennis career means what a 15-year-old doesn't have. I hope that my example helps other young people convince themselves that they can achieve what they never could.

     All the interests of my business, both related and practical, are united in the following three questions: 1. What can I know? 2. What should I do? 3. What should I expect? - Hope Quotes

     In five and ten years I hope to do good for my people and humanity, becoming a better person, more mature, intelligent, more modest and more enthusiastic. ,

     Hunger with the receiving mind is called hope; The same thing, without such an opinion, is disappointment - Hope Quotes

     Do not go to what you want to do to know every new problem, but to find out the truth, to be aware of the realities. You may not like what you like. You have the right to try to change this. But do not be fooled into believing that you are facts of the situation.

     As the sun rises over Ontario and the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, Oregon residents get what they want and need — I mean the era of hope, change, and economic recovery - Quotes About Hope.

     At least most people who are clearly interested in the subject believe in this. Many of them joined me after lectures and meetings, hoping that I could give final answers to their questions. Because it is obvious: if he does not know this, who knows?

     In the end, we must move forward with hope and not shy away from fear and separation.

     At twenty, a man is full of struggle and hope. He wants to improve the world. When he turns seventy, he still wants to improve the world, but he knows he cannot - Hope Quotes

     You are mistaken in the desire for that which you do not have; But now you only have what you have. Remember that you are one of the best.

     For a long time, people supported companies at the expected price, not on solid products. Now we are moving to the other side - Quotes on Hope.

     One who is overwhelmed by chance is shy, but one who expects the human condition to be stupid.

     I hope to continue living here, and although I have the strength, I can feel the Australian emptiness in people as much as I can.

     Hope begins in the dark, if you just come and try to do the right thing, the morning will come. You wait and work: you do not give up - Hope Quotes

     The good news is that hope does not come when you consider whether it conquers evil. This is only an opportunity to take action.

     The pillar that holds the world is hope. Hope is the awakening of a dreamer - Quotes About Hope.

     Hope is the struggle of the soul, the rejection of it from the destructive and its eternal existence.

     Hope, like the light of a sparkling taper, adorns and pleases our ways; And yet, when the night intensifies, releases a strong beam Hope Quotes

     Israel disappears - Israel lives and prospers. This is a child of hope and a home of the brave. It is not broken by denial or ruined by success. He becomes the shield of democracy and worships the sword of freedom - Quotes About Hope.

     Nevertheless, I hope that I decide my successes as an actor, and not just on my pretty face!

     Thousands of American soldiers and women deployed around the world in the war on terror. They make America safer by giving hope to the oppressed and paying tribute to violence.

     I hope that C++ implementation providers focus on new products, rather than improving the quality and performance of their compilers for a slightly larger portion of their budget - Hope Quotes

     This approach, the basic democratic forecast, dictates strong support for the American people and provides a sharp and compassionate contrast with the republican status of abortion, which does not give real hope or commitment to the mother or child.

    Quotes on Hope

     I believe that most people live in speechless depression. Unfortunately, optimism is the only practical solution. Hope is practical. Because it was so scary to finish. I hope you at least get the opportunity to live.

     I do not want to give a voice to Polina, but I hope that there will be something good from such a tragedy. I hope that we understand that we are a family - Hope Quotes

     I hope there is a better way. High-end devices can make a huge difference, allowing you to see the software architecture more clearly.

     I believe that Brittany does not understand that Lindsay is a good singer. That doesn't mean, Lindsay, it's me. Lindsey never said that. She was an earlier actress. She is the only bonus in dancing and singing - Quotes About Hope.

     I think girls can swim and go to school at the same time. Do not leave it after graduation. They can continue this for the rest of their lives.

     I hope this convinces them more of money - and there is very little chance of stupid mistakes that will make them run away from it - Hope Quotes

     I hope that our intelligence increases with our energy and teaches us that the less we use our energy, the more we will become.

     I hope that the younger generation begins to watch this film and slowly understands it in the manner of a movie - Quotes About Hope.

     I hope that a large group of wounded men and women will never go into the ear of a great spirit, and that all people will be the same.

     At the end of the day, I hope that people believe in what I sing. It looks like trustworthy. You do not need to like it; However, I am - Hope Quotes

     I hope that they are going to study, and, in our opinion, this does not work. They will not change our lives; they will not give us their constitution and will not lead us out of the Middle East.

     I believe that we are not able to stop chasing a cat to teach glassblowers and basket weaving.

    Quotes about Hope and Strength

     I hope that we do not call religious people so narrow, and people are prone to their religion, they can’t even work with them in such a simple way.

     I want to keep singing. Since I sing poorly, I believe that I know this, so that I can go on stage and leave what I did. I hope I find out, and if I do not, I hope someone will tell me - Hope Quotes

     I know that she is from Australia, and I know that she is there, but I am not sure that she is still popular there. I hope people understand that we are not making fun of Kylie - Quotes About Hope.

     I know that I am an actor and I want everything to happen to you, but the truth is that it happens inside.

     He prefers to have weapons, although he thinks that he will never be - Hope Quotes

     Without paying anyone's bills, you can hope that they will remain in the memory of business classes.

     If a person refuses to lose heart, tomorrow's hope will be true for the whole country tomorrow - Quotes About Hope.

     My theory has always been that if we sleep, hope and appreciation are not disappointment and despair.

     To love is to love. Forgiveness means the forgiveness of those who cannot. Faith means believing unbelievers. Hope means waiting when everything seems hopeless - Hope Quotes

     If you go very long from this earth, you may be very happy and, your soul lives in another place. I'm not thinking about death. I hope the world after death is best, being someone else.

    Quotes about Hope

    Hope Quotes, Quotes About Hope, Quotes on Hope
    -Hope Quotes

    We have all heard that it is important to stay optimistic. Optimism charges the soul and exemplifies the good that is all around us, through us, and in us. However, when something truly tragic happens, people can and do get discouraged.

    • Remember the Test of Life

    What is important to remember is that life is not meant to be easy. Life is a trial of sorts. Since life is a test, it is meant to really make things difficult for us, confuse us, and make us feel discouraged. This is all part of living life and learning. It is normal to feel alone, afraid, or to get hurt. The important thing is to learn quickly and to be optimistic about what we face. Not everything is as it seems. Bad times pass and so do good ones. Life has its ups and downs and that is what helps us appreciate more the things that are good.

    • Site Background

    This site has Hope Quotes facts and Quotes About Hope. We hope that you will feel a bit refreshed and hopeful from visiting us with these "Quotes on Hope".

    • Greatest Hope

    The greatest hope is really how you look at things (perspective). Perspective is largely a part of our faith and our past experiences. When we look back at good experiences, we may feel a greater hope and goodness of life. When we have faith in a good afterlife or faith in something good happening to us, then we will also feel hopeful. Sometimes it can be helpful to make a list of all that is good in our life and to see how we can help others.

    • God is Abundance

    God is the source of joy, light, abundance, and happiness. The fact that we feel such pain for things is a sign of our lack. It could be our lack of understanding, our lack of forgiveness, our lack of inner light. When you connect with God you find that you are much more able to accept things and find happiness in your world. You can connect in a way that is larger than words.

    How do you connect? Nature, prayer, study, and meditation are all good ways to help you. Doing a little always is very important. Over time, you will increase your perspective of yourself and the world around you. In essence, you will learn to develop hope.

    • Attitude of Gratitude

    It is very easy to be happy when you are grateful. The way to find gratitude is to focus on what you have and how blessed you are. Consider the case of a spoiled child. You can buy them everything they want, but, at the end of the day, they may simply complain about the one thing they didn't get; instead of all the good things they did get. Your relationship with God is really no different. You can be grateful for the many good things or simply complain about what you don't have. It's really your choice. The power to choose an attitude is really yours. If you use it effectively you will create more happiness.

    • Cancer Victim and Hope

    I hear the story once of a young boy who had cancer. Someone came to pick him up often to go and get chemotherapy. The person driving soon noticed how happy the boy was. Intrigued, the driver asked him, "Why are you so happy. Don't you know you are dying." The boy responded, "If I live like I am dying, that's like dying twice!" Otherwise, choose to be hopeful and find joy.

    • Nurtured Faith Brings Hope

    Faith must be nurtured so that it grows and flourishes. Through faith and obedience our knowledge of all that is good increases and so will our blessings also increase.

    When faith and knowledge are properly nurtured and grow great things can happen in one's life. You may have the ability to overcome many obstacles that once seemed impossible. You may see blessings come that you never thought possible. You will have much more hope than you thought possible.

    • How Faith and Hope Work Together

    When we have faith in someone or something then we naturally feel hopeful. Hope is the excitement we feel when we think of reaching the destination faithfully. Hope is what propels us to move on when the going gets tough. Hope comes from the belief that we can make it no matter what the obstacle and faith is knowing that we will receive the intended reward.

    Faith and hope are intertwined. You need faith to have hope and you will have hope if you are faithful and obedient. If you lack both, start doing good for others and look for something good to hold onto. Pray earnestly and search for answers to your deepest questions. In time, you will learn a bit at a time and your faith will grow. You will be able to more easily discern truth and light and that is what will help you find and hold onto the important things in life.

    Hope Changes over Time

    I used to think my life would be great. An NBA player or genius life was at the forefront of my gate.

    And off into time my thoughts lied to me. They fooled me into thinking I could never get beaten - Hope Quotes

    So, here I sit in my recliner chair and stare at some box of lights without any glare. I wish and I wish and I stare and I stare until I can't stare anymore and wake up aware.

    Aware of myself. Who I am? What I'm not. And wondering why...I can't find what I should have got - Hope Quotes

    It's not that I'm sad or angry or even blue. I just wonder at times. Doesn't this ever happen to you?

    It's not so bad being me. In fact, it's often quite fun. There's no sense in sitting around here feeling glum - Quotes About Hope.

    There are new things I'm doing and some are plain cool. Things I might not have done had I got what I wanted since the beginning of school - Hope Quotes

    And now I do live, aware of myself, and finding I love things more now than when I hoped for stuff on my shelf. Things like my old dog and my wife.

    Aware and quite happy is what I am now, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder a bit. What would life have been like if I had been famous or most of all. If I had gotten just what I wanted and nothing else at all.

    It's probably best and I think you'll agree that life isn't best without some sort of test. And getting all that you wish for is just not that good. For one thing, nothings special or especially good when all that you want is right there for free. That's how I learned the secret to be - Hope Quotes

    It's not what you have or things that you do, but how hard you go trying to do the good that you do. You start to feel gladness and hope and appreciate much because you soon learn to love rightly without wanting some stuff. You'll want things like hard work and sacrificing for others because you know in your heart the love that you find comes from how you go doing and not what you find.

    Hope is Lost Quotes

    Quotes About Hope and Strength, Hope is Lost Quotes
    Hope Quotes

    If you are feeling run down, tired, or just need a little hope in your life, then we are here to help.  What you really need to do is get motivated to get your life, or day back on track! Become an action person, and start feeling better soon. If you need Hope Quotes and Quotes on Hope sayings to make yourself an action person, then here are some sayings you can take inspiration from.

    Many people have said many things that are inspirational. Some call them life quotes or words of wisdom. Since everyone is different, you take the meaning of quotes and sayings differently. However, there are a few sayings there is only one meaning that can be deducted from it such as "Give me liberty, or give me death" by Patrick Henry. This is self-explanatory. It's hard to misinterpret this saying. There are other sayings that can be thought of in both the negative and positive. For example, "Individuals, who are practically special in being able to gain from the experience of others, are additionally exceptional for their evident hesitance to do as such."

    Believe it or not, Quotes on Hope and Hope Quotes or Hope Sayings can help you through the day or they can help you achieve your goals. Using them for inspiration is a way many people come to realize their dreams. They believe in the sayings to the point they become a motto for them to achieve the success they seek. You can find Motivational Quotes just about anywhere. Looking around the Internet for quotes from famous people or little-known quotes will become a positive influence on your life.

    The action people of life work hard to achieve their goals and you can do the same by using quotes and sayings to inspire you each and every day. You can find Hope Quotes Bible in books such as the bible like "But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." Matthew 7:14 NIV or from a famous but not well-known persons such as "According to the effort is the reward." Torah. 

    Everywhere you look or read you can find some sayings to help you throughout your life. You might even hear something when you're at the mall or grocery store that will help you to achieve your goals.  Most people use them to see a clear path to where they want to go and what they want to become.

    Hope Quotes and Hope Sayings can give you an "I can do it attitude", so you can take charge of your life and fulfill all your dreams and goals. Or they just might help you through an emotional trying time. Either way, quotes or sayings are always helpful to the mind. Start your day with an inspirational saying "Hope Quotes" to energize and motivate you to achieve your goals.

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