I Need Your Love Forever Poems for Him, Her and Wife from the Heart

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I Love You Poems

I Love You Poems, Short Love Poems
I Love You Poems

Short Love Poems "Why"

Why is it when you Love someone
so much,
there all you think of
and wait,

Why is it when you have a million other things going on in your like, they just seem to pop out,
and there you go again thinking of them,

Why is it when you are ready to throw your hands up,
and say forget all this,
and walk away they come back in your life,
and say sorry I'll try harder,

Why is it we do this is it really love,
or is it just something we want well never know in to the time is right,

Why and how we ask are self we keep coming back,
and trying to do it all over again we sit and,
think about it...

Why we ask are self we look deep down in are hart
and we then know that this is what we want this is
what love really feels like... (I Love You Poems)

I Love You Poems for Her - I Love You Poems for Him "The need for love"

I sit down and listen to the silence around me
My room is silent, my heart mores'
I cannot wait till we are together
But even when we are together something is missing
There is a void in my heart that even you cannot fill...

I long for you more than life itself, I long for you with every beat of my heart
I know that I need to have my heart filled I need to
I long for that breath that satisfies more than the kisses on my mouth
I long for that oneness with every nerve in my body
Something, someone else demands more
It,s like the call of the wild, the rush of the wind
A breeze my hands cannot clasp
It is a call from beyond what your arms can fill
it is a call that draws me not away from you but towards you...

We both need to answer the call
We both need to listen to the call
We need to answer it together so we can be together
Forever. (I Love You Poems)

Short Love Poems, I Love You Poems for Her
I Love You Poems

My Love for You Poems "A twist"

I don't love you in that cheesy, candy heart's on valentine's day sort of way
Or with PDA that gets us into trouble
I love you like an anxious hand hold in the obscured cinema on a first date.

I love you like a pair of used dirty converse
I love you like those levy's I have had since a very long time
I love you since it is normal for me to adore you
I love you in this way because I don't know how else to love you

It surpasses explanation because of its ease
it is worn and comfortable
and yet it renews
it recreates and redefines itself
to fit our new curves
it surrounds us and encapsulates us
and while it is earthly, it is perfect because it is a perfect representation of all that we are
we are not golden or sparkly
but we are real
there are holes and dirt
and yet even that become beautiful because

In this love, we are combined
we are one soul.
so close that we intertwine
and together, share the night. (I Love You Poems)

I Need You Poems "Once"

Once in a lifetime... 
is all you receive... 
the only chance you get...
to truly be free... 
once in a lifetime...
is really all you get... 
to love fully and completely...
and not to regret...

I would do anything if you could just feel what I feel for half a second if you could see into my soul... my heart... I belong to my master.... I am yours completely and unconditionally... think about this...how could you love me so much if you didn't truly own me, if I was not fully yours... A man can truly love only that woman, who is truly his, who belongs to him... Otherwise he is only a part to a contract. A woman, can love only that man to whom she truly belongs. you have the only key... I belong to you completely, in every way, unconditionally... heart mind body and soul... I belong to you because I give myself to you... all of me. hold me tight and never ever let me go.... I exist for you and I belong to you... (I Love You Poems)

Forever Love Poems for Her and Him "You are my God"

You are slaughtering me with those smashing lines of yours. I am crying while I am perusing your letter.

I simply need to contact you so gravely, so agonizingly. I want to kiss you on and on, nonstop until I faint. It is so strange. This everything appears to be stunning, we have never observed one another, yet we feel along these lines towards one another.

It appears to me this is a lot more grounded love than any physical.

It resembles great, otherworldly, more grounded than anything existing.

When I think of you, I imagine GOD, it seems like GOD has placed Himself inside you, to be visible, so that I can love Him. You are GOD to me now. I do not know; this thought makes me to cry. I read your letter over and over again, like water for a person in desert.

They fill my heart with joy run and feel invigorated during the day, I feel invigorated as a result of you, the rest appears not all that significant at this point. (I Love You Poems)

Love Poems for Him from the Heart - Love Poems for Her "Being in loves"

Being in love means finding a name and personality that, in particular, fills your heart. To be in love means to see everything around with different eyes; it is to give love and have love. This is another reason to fight in life and never think about hitting a bucket, because when someone is in love, adoration will not bite the dust and remain in the core of the creature, which is cherished until the end of time. At that moment, when delighted chants are heard in your ears, you see everyone in their best mask and see how they move the affection.

It is to have the key that opens the doors of the jail where is your dear one and to take it with you and not to leave him to come back never again. It is to have a reason to get up in the mornings and to go to bed at night. It is to have a reason to work hard and do the things much better. It is to be so understood. When someone is in love a mysterious smile invades you during the day and you know that this smile is for him. It is to breathe a little less than before, for not monopolizing his space. Is like the two of you are melted in the same body and the same soul, it is when you think of him and a peculiar sheen stands out in your eyes and you feel happy because he makes them shine. It is to understand the problems of the other and to try to heal his wounds. It is to be sure that his eyes only look mine. It is to be sure that his mouth only mentions my name, when he needs me or when he remembers me. The fact that his hands hold mine make me feel protected because I love him with all my heart. It is to be sure that the solitude will not be around me anymore and that it will move away forever. It is to see you to your eyes and to know that you want love, but you know that I will give it to you.

It is to see from above the memory of our childhood, happy or not, but only we see it from above, because it will be already forgotten. It is to know when your eyes are sad and when you see your reflex in mine you fortify yourself and you become happy. It is to occupy a world where exists the love, the war, the hate and the peace, but that in our own territory its only you and me and that is equivalent to a mutual and real love for the whole life. It is to overcome the barriers of the distances and to lodge in our hearts the hope of which we will always find each other, because you are for me and I am for you. It is when you take possession of my days and nights, of my dawn and my dusk. To be in love means to be written that poems like these, and to be reading them like I do. It is to see the sky and find you in every star because each one means how much I   love you, it is to see the sea of another form because as well as the waves go away and return, this way I will always turn to you, it is to see otherwise the fire, because now I compare it with the fire of the love that I feel for you, it is to look otherwise the ground, because on it we will live and be happy forever. It is to discover that borders do not exist between you and me. It is to forget the meaning of the sadness, the sorrow, the solitude and the negligence. It is to see inside the darkness the light of your love. It is to confuse the sound of the rain with your voice. It is to wake up in the morning with desire to meet and be with you. It is always to find the solution to any adversity. It is to proclaim to 4 winds that I love you. Is to stop offering things to me to give them to you. It is to share the absolute happiness in brilliant days, as well as the sadness in dark nights. Is to compare me with the sun and you with the ground and this way we will never separate. It is to embrace you very much and to grab hands so hard not to allow you to go. It is to conciliate the sleep and find you in my dreams. It is to see of different way the life, it is to accept you as you are and not to try to change because this way, I fell in love with you. This means to be in love. That's why they say:

“The one that it has not loved yet has not lived”

I love you so much my love. (I Love You Poems)

Short Love Poems

I Love You Poems for Him, My Love for You Poems
I Love You Poems

I Love You Poems "Don't hurt me again"

Don't hurt me anymore
Don’t hurt me again,
Don’t play me again,
we started out young, we were foolish and dumb,
but I just knew you were the one.
my friends used to tell me I was sprung,
I didn't think you were the one.
as time went by I changed my mind.
I was loving life, and living right.

I almost packed my bags,
I was almost gone.
the love we had wasn't the same.
Don’t hurt me again,
don't play me again.
I can't do this anymore,
but I can’t step out the door.

our love is so strong,
nothing can go wrong.
don't play me anymore,
no more games,
tell me when you going to change.

I know you were done wrong before.
but it won't happen anymore,
I'm sorry beau,
it won't happen anymore.

we'll be together forever,
tattoo our names on each other,
I want you to be my man,
that was the plan.
just come take my hand,
cause someday I'm going to be your wife.

you are the one,
I'll love you till I die.
I know you were meant for me,
I can tell by the way you look into my eyes.
you got that special love,
I always get kisses and hugs.
when I wake up all I think about is you.
to tell you the truth you are all that I need.

all I ever wanted.
you drive me crazy with your hot self,
I need you.
we've been together for a long time.
I love you so... so much,
it will be impossible to live my life without you.

wishing on a star,
come back to me.
if you love me, you've got to let me know.
I could let you go, let you be free,
but you mean so much to me.

Don’t hurt me again,
don’t play me again,
be my superman. (I Love You Poems)

Short Love Poems "The Kiss..."

This poem expresses God's beautiful creation,
Adam & Eve coming together in a sacred union of souls.
The intensity, the longing, the love and the desire for each other
the passion that increases and fuels and flames,
making love. so special. so intimate.

not only males get the urge, females do too.
the desire that builds up, the yearning of longing,
the wanting to be satiated and quenched, to be complete,
to be filled, to be one. with the one she loves.
blessed, and given freely by God above. sensual.

it is amazing - marriage, i wish guys would love it as much as gals
that full on making out, the freedom, to go as far as you can,
because you belong to each other, loving each other, and both of you together loving Christ.

MAKE LOVE, not war. MORE... MORE... MORE! I can hardly take it,
love is such an amazing thing. the union, precious.
to do it daily, God's gift to us. to treasure it.
to meet each other's needs. to show unconditional love.
to belong to each other, and each other alone.

skin on skin
eyes meeting
lips barely touching

bodies unite
fire ignites

the kiss
melts away the loneliness
the tiredness

the suffering
the passion
the heat
the consummation
takes my breath away

the after -
the sweet embrace,
the sweat that gathers,
the scent that lingers.
when we both drift to sleep,
together naked - one in the other.
whole. (I Love You Poems)

I Love You Poems for Her and Him

Forever Love Poems for Her, Love Poems for Him from the Heart
I Love You Poems

Short Love Poems "Love is..."

Love is...
Knowing how to love your "self" inside
you see the inner beauty within
take a deep breath of life around you
emotions surround your "self" completely
and water your garden in one's life
respect your "self" for the person you are
the key to survival is the information you gather
and you your "self" with live your life for only you
then, the truth that holds your love together
means trust between lovers will be there forever
jump through obstacles to make each other happy
and without a fight, means simple and boring for one another
push each other to keep one another on their toes
but we both know deep in our hearts, our love for each other is forever
to live every day, with the good the bad and the ugly we both will stay
life together means the good always outweighs the bad times we share
God gave us, lust, and love for us to share our lives together
but most of all he showed us just what love is all about
we stood in front of the judge and the all mighty man up above
we vowed to love one another till death us do part
and at times I know we both just want to end our marriage at the drop of a hat
but we need to take time and show one another how much love we share
being stubborn and acting like our kids makes it ten times worse
so, I think we should think before we hurt our heart deep inside
and remember why we fell in love and became united in love - (I Love You Poems)

I Love You Poems "Looking after my soul partner"

  2 me, GOOD LOVE is...
  Saying, 'J'adore Toi' [I Love U] with conviction...
  Being looked at with the most sincerest eyes...
  Being doc or nurse when your partner is ill...
  Being held and the warmest & most caring arms...
  Being spoken to with the softest voice.
  Buying flowers or cards...JUST BECAUSE.
  Writing sweet messages on the post-it note pad.
  Then put them n a place u know your partner will find them
  [car seat, dashboard, fridge door, mirror or pillow]

  To me, GOOD LOVE is...
  Holding hands ever so gently
  But nothing can break that dilemma on the grounds that the adoration that holds
  it together is 100x more grounded than super paste
  The soft, full-contact kisses that leave u breathless & weak and the
  knees...and still yearning for mo.'
  Laughing & crying 2getha...
  Bringing out the best n each other...

  GOOD LOVE is...
  more than just using certain body parts to give & receive sexual

  GOOD LOVE is...
  loving from your heart & loving your partner for what is and his or hers'.

Short Love Poems "To Stay..."

Though times are tough
and days go by, we stand as one
for our future has begun.
You are the one, the man I love
let's take a moment, and thank you
know who up above.

By your side I shall remain,
my heart and soul you have truly gained.
Believe me as I say to you, no other
man shall ever do.
I said my vows to you that day, true to
my self, in my heart you shall forever stay.

Songs these days shall never
describe the feelings I get when I glaze
into your eyes.
I wish I could grasp the letters
A-Z and come up with words that could signify
what you mean to me.
I close my eyes and dream away into my fantasy
where your home to stay.

My Love for You Poems

I Love You Poems, Short Love Poems
I Love You Poems

Short Love Poems "My flowing mind"

My heart sings...
With the passion that your love brings,
Soon I will be in your arms,
And I will feel your charms,
Love so sweet,
I will wait for us to meet.

Short Love Poems for Wife "Happy ending to a sad story"

He came to me at my time of need...
he comforts me when all felt lost...
father of our son...
keeper of my heart...
my husband is my best friend...
the one I run to...
through it all we've had each other...
now as he sleeps I'm the one on his mind...
while he's away I sit here and wait...
when he returns...
our body will be one...
and together will sleep...
in our arms is our son...

Love Poems for Him from the Heart - I Love You Poems for Her

I Love You Poems "First Love"

Lord, give me strength to stay pure...
Lord, give me strength to grow...
and when you whisper his name to me...
Lord please just let me know.

My fate is in your hands Lord...
God, my desires are all yours, too...
I want to be a perfect example of how to live like You.

Lord, help me to remember the real romance always present in my life,
It comes from You and only You...
I am like Your loving and devoted wife.

You have saved my soul and made me new...
I am Your pure and loving bride
waiting patiently until the day I can finally be by your side.

Lord, help me to be the woman I need to be when the day comes for me to marry...
Lord, send me the man you chose for me and I will try to not become weary.

I know that now it's hard to look past my own hopes and desires...
Lord, forgive me for having my own motives...
Throw them into the burning fire.

But when that day comes,
Lord I will stand at the altar, white as snow and think of you and all, you've done and remember how much you've made me grow. (I Love You Poems)

This I Love You Poems "first love" is just about letting go of my own hopes and ambitions for my life. I am not actually married yet; I am waiting on the Lord to reveal to me who it is that I am supposed to marry. As many of you know, it's hard to wait. But I have learned to put my trust in God and know that, he will not tempt me beyond what I can handle, and this is just a growing time for me. I know most of you are married on this site, but to all who are not, be patient. Wait on the Lord. He has created the perfect man/ woman just for YOU. Eventually, in His perfect timing, He will allow it to all work out, and will bless you beyond belief if you just put the situation in His hands. God Bless!

I Love You Poems for Her and Him

I Need You Poems, Short Love Poems for Wife
I Love You Poems

I Love You Poems "My Love forever"

My Love...
My Heart...
MY Sweet...
Do know we are complete.
Without you there's no me,
Without me there's no you,
Do know we are one and complete.

Short Love Poems "Real..."

And your feelings, they're clear as day,
It's obvious there's a difference from the way...
We both feel, I'm starting to believe it's not real,
From everything you've told me,
to the way you've touched me,
even to the way our eyes meet,
but maybe our eyes deceive...
from what is real,
and from what is really fake...
it is you that I cannot take...anymore,
but maybe I'm just saying that,
to make myself feel better,
and don't get sick from the severe pain you gave me...
It's been way to long and I'm tired, I'm sick...
you can say I'm sick of being tired...
I'm a long way from what I want and desire and that's real...

I Love You Poems "Until I met you"

A friend sent me this beautiful I Love You Poems a year ago. Never knew who wrote it but it has helped our marriage reignite a spark that was lost.

Until I Met You

Before I met you,
I thought I was happy,
and I was,
but I had never known
the rich contentment,
deep satisfaction,
and total fulfillment
you brought to me
when you came into my life.
Before I met you,
I felt a lot of things,
good things,
but I had never experienced
the indescribably intense
feelings I have for you.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew myself,
and I did,
but you looked deep inside me
and found fresh new things
for us to share.
Before I met you,
I thought I knew about love,
but I didn't,
until I met you.

This I Love You Poems reminded us of all the little things we fell in love with to begin with and it is now hanging on our refrigerator as a reminder to us that we must take time to remember the reasons why we love each other, what attracts us to one another and what made us fall head over heels in love with each other.

I just wanted to share it with the rest of all of you.

I Love You Poems "You Are..."

You are always in my heart you hold the key to the love within I wish that we could spend every second of every day hand in hand day by day. we cannot be one all the time but at least you always know your mine, you are the only one I love and the only one I need so say you love me too that's all I need.

Short Love Poems "When..."

When the sky was clear...
And we could feel the Sun's heat... The kiss of your lips...
And the sand at our feet,
We hold each other from dusk...
Till dawn forever...
And ever I love you my storm.

I Love You Poems "Every Second..."

Every second we apart it's like a million daggers' in my heart I miss you so much you are my love like a million flying beautiful doves, you have my heart you have my soul please be mine until we are old.

Short Love Poems "Feel..."

Feel the sand on our feet, feel the sun in the sky, feel the love that we share both you and I. Love is the key love is just the start forever together forever in our heart I love you".

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