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    Leaving Quotes Verses - 99 Best Limericks and Poems

    Leaving Quotes: We all hate to say good-bye or leaving. Whether we're the ones making the exit, or we're the one being left behind, it is never easy to do. Who can forget the famous strains of the young Michael Jackson and his five brothers in the classic song “Never Can Say Good-bye?” 

    This endearing, timeless ballad confirmed that parting is never an easy feat to undertake. We value our relationships far too much to be comfortable with walking away. Leaving or being left behind almost always tears at our hearts.

    In addition to the abundance of songs that were written about separating from someone we cherish, there have also been numerous Leaving Quotes recorded. We can therefore take heart that others have gone through similar experiences! 

    Who hasn't either walked away from someone or been the one who was left behind? It is part of being human. And, despite our best intentions, unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to last forever.

    Table of Contents.

    Leaving Quotes

    Leaving Home Quotes, Leaving Quotes Poem, Leaving Quotes Verses

    What are some of the best "Leaving Quotes for Friends" and for us to think about when we feel like we're the only ones who have ever felt the pain of separation?

    Consider the suggestion that we should: -

    Spread love everywhere you go! No one should ever come to you without leaving happier.

    This "Leaving Quotes" is beautifully stated by Mother Theresa. How can we underestimate the power of this sound advice, which can benefit us all?

    Other powerful Leaving Quotes include:-

    You never really leave a place or person you love, part of them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind…

    Although this "Leaving Quotes" was made by an unknown source who was never credited, his or her words still resonate with us, giving us a glimpse into the abiding power of relationships.

    Another cool Leaving Quotes is: -

    Don't cry because you are leaving, smile because you were there.

    This Leaving Quotes was also stated anonymously. Nevertheless, it is quite effective when we consider that sometimes saying good-bye doesn't necessarily have to signal the end of the world. Sometimes it can pave the way to bigger and better things.

    Take a minute to ponder the words “somehow I know we'll meet again. I'm not sure quite where and don't know when. "You're in my heart, so up to that point it's the ideal opportunity for leaving." The author(s) are none other than the Muppets, created by Jim Street!

    Other fictitious characters also had profound feelings on the subject. Consider the words "...then Pooh gave his friend Christopher Robin the most loving HUG he could. Pooh knew very well that goodbyes were not far away” (implying that good-byes, although difficult, do not have to be forever). This is an excerpt from “Winnie the Pooh,” the endearing children's story by author A.A. Milne.

    Shakespeare's tragic young character Juliet utters the words “parting is such sweet sorrow” to her precious Romeo in the timeless drama Romeo and Juliet. Even she knew that separation from someone she loved so deeply would be extremely difficult.

    Consider the truth in the statement “you know a friend is found when you are happy to see them. You know love is found when it hurts to leave them." Once again, the unknown author is quite aware of the value of a true and loyal relationship.

    Saying leaving or goodbye is never easy. The good news is that we can always cherish the memories of the relationships we valued so much.

    Now, here you will find some best "Leaving Quotes" from the below: -

    I've been lucky to have some great opportunities acting with some great people since leaving Corrie, I have certainly been kept busy since leaving the street.

     Don’t leave me,” he whispers. “Oh, for crying out loud—no! I am not going to go!” I shout and it’s cathartic. There, I’ve said it. I am not leaving. “Really?” His eyes widen. “What can I do to make you understand I will not run? What can I say"? He gazes at me, revealing his fear and anguish again. He swallows. “There is one thing you can do.” “What?” I snap. “Marry me,” he whispers.

     Even if I go all the way and win, I will have to get up the following day and do it all again. Why he quits Big Brother - everyone keeps telling him how good he is!

     I learned that if you leave a place where you live and love and all your courtyards are buried, leave the slow path, the fastest way, whatever. Don't ever look back or miss an hour because it was a good hour by you. It's dead." Feel safe, people disappear Hours, live in the cloud in the future, formidable from a distance.

     There comes a time when everyone wants to reevaluate their lives and what they want from it - Leaving Quotes

     More unpredictable than leaving was staying; Impossible than to staying was leaving. I don't want to ruin anything. I planned to quietly knock on the back door without any confusion or consequences and did not stop walking until I reached Greenland.

     Because, in a way, we didn't leave it as we once thought. Because somewhere, a part of us lives like this: the world around us is afraid, no matter how much we despise it - so much inability to let go of one another.

    Leaving Quotes Verses

     Sacrifice, disappear, far from the horizon... I am far from: You didn't notice someone was coming or you said "Bye heck!

     I'm going, I'm going... I can’t do this anymore; Sorry if this leave you, but I'm out of that door now.

     Stand up and get out of your history.

     Okay that’s a word of advice… I’m taking it now; I can't see it going anywhere, ever and certainly not!

     Only time is allotted to us; We do not tolerate waste; Not a day, not a minute; We have to change our passion!

     Sorry, you are leaving, you feel your loss a lot, but I will not exaggerate and say my heart will melt! It is really hard to say goodbye to such a friend and friend, Tears in the eyes and blisters in the throat, Adios!

     Build the bridge. Get over it.

     Brooks and trees and singing hills can also join the chorus and every gentle breeze blows. Send you happiness.

     The song is complete, but relies on melody.

     You will always be in my heart... But I must leave you now; This chapter was all over the floor and ended anyway!

     When water is in one place, it decays. "Never be the same"

     Our love is not enough now... There is not enough love in our hearts. Our differences are so great, and our lives are in decline.

     I have gone to leave you, I must go, I cannot stand; I'm not sure where our love goes, I'm not sure.

     Unless it improves...No matter what we try; I'm sorry to know you, and baby-don't cry!

     If tears can melt our broken hearts, we will be tickled! We will love and laugh forever, but you and I both know that this is not true - Leaving Quotes

     A chapter in your life ends and a new one begins for you, and your year is filled with all things, you are waiting...!

     You always have walls for the wind, ceilings for rain, tea near the fire, laughter to cheer you up, those around you, what you love and what your heart desires.

     Until we meet again you are happy. Some routes are happy, the rest is blue. This is the way you walk down the trail, and here's the happiest for you.

     Be well, do good work, and stay in touch.

     I missed you and you haven't gone yet; Our laughter and our silly jokes… you bet you lose me. If I get the chance, I'll meet you; It's a shame... you're going to Timbuktu.

     Why take a minute to say hello and say goodbye forever? 

     Say goodbye to fun… Why can't we bring all the people of the world together and then live together to do what we really love? I think it doesn't work. Someone is going to leave. Someone always leaves. Then we must say good and bad. I hate saying goodbye. I know what I want. I want more hell.

     For the past two years, my heart… Jumped at the mention of his name; But then a final distraction occurred... It will never be the same. So, I'm going to leave you now... I deserve better and you; We can't live like this... I want the truth.

     Don't cry because it's over. It was because of the smile.

     Let them unite - part at a time; All farewell must be sudden, when, forever, they create an infinity of moments and stop the tears of the last sad sand of life.

     I know it will break your heart… but you know it will never happen; We tried and tried to work… but this is the end for you and me. LOVE should not be like this... it should be easy; When you are experiencing life together… I know you like it very much. Battles must be with the outside world… not inside us, but inside our home; We can't accept anything... but I won't cry. So, its a big bye my love… we should have waited longer; Before we tied the knot… maybe we were stronger.

    Sad Leaving Verses with Leaving Quotes

     The greatest is the beginning art, but the art that ends.

     A kind kiss, a tear, and a bid adieu drop before we parted; Though we are serious, my dear heart… pants for you until we meet.

     Only in the agony of farewell do we sink into the depths of love - Leaving Quotes

     We all know about farewell heaven... And we all need to know about hell.

     There will always be a place in my heart, you will always be a part of my life; It just doesn’t feel right to me... You'll be my wife. I didn't cheat. I could not be truthful from my heart; Guts left me when things were not in hand. I told you from scratch. This is a long time for doubts. So, I know it's not just jerky; I am sad and sad. It's dim and it's just as important right now. It's time for us, our love has waned; It did not receive the test of time. It is very rooted.

     The truth of our friendship,
    Tested over time;
    But now we will take it further,
    When you cross the Tyne,
    We can develop separately,
    But never separate;
    We will always be some of us,
    In one's heart!

     It's for you! The chocolate I eat, the hair sprays I use and the friends I have are the only ones I am strong with. Thank you for giving me strength! I sincerely hope that I have given you the same.

     Friendships that never happen sooner or later, where we can turn and make more friends, move deeper and build our lives, what we already have, they are still with us every day.

     I'll be there for you,
    Until the end,
    After wiping away all your tears,
    As your special friend,
    While listening, I listen.
    I encourage you too, 
    I laugh when you laugh,
    And think of all the suffering you do,
    You are my best friend
    I care about you a lot,
    All the tears,
    I also cry the same amount!

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    Quotes Leaving a Job

    Leaving Quotes Limericks

    Poem & Verses

     Goodbye! I am very sad... To take a tiring vacation.

     A chapter in your life ends and a new one begins for you, and your year is filled with all things, You are waiting bye!

     We went home,
    We have made a lot of progress,
    Too far for the coupe,
    Have to stay overnight
    The door is always open,
    We'd love for you to come,
    Here are the details,
    To find our new home for you.

     You and I will meet again...
    When we least expect…
    One day somewhere away...
    I recognize your face...
    I won't say goodbye to my friend…
    See you and you...!

     Sweet is a reminder of distant friends. Like the sweet rays of the departing sun, it is in the heart, yet sad.

     Trees and trees and singing hills… join the chorus, and every gentle breeze blows. Send you happiness.

     Get up the road to meet you, the wind will always be behind you. The sun's brightness on your face is hot and the rain on your fields is mild. And until we meet again, God holds you in his arms.

    Leaving Quotes for Friends

     Farewell, my friend…, My friends, I say goodbye to the friendship that lifted me from the sky, the year has been hilarious, like coming from a well-wisher, but as with all things done, I must bid. How it hurts me, but I can do nothing, thanks to the memories, laughter and tears, they flow into my heart, as if we were always involved, if we accidentally meet again, so it can be full of blessings, rain, and I can say to all, pray for God!

     Sorry! You know my heart; But dear friends, alas! Must be involved - Leaving Quotes for Friends

     In the precious jewels of life, real and rare, what we call friendship is beyond comparison. So, you are always my diamond, my precious and precious friend; I had to dig deep to find you, but your weight was worth your gold.

     Imagine what life would be like with friends like you, imagine how sad and blue life would be, and you would live life without that specialty. I know I live a long way, we are cast through the internet, never touching or hugging you. I only pray, I hope that someday we can meet, to hug and laugh and dance, I know this is going to be a treat, all I see at the moment is, be here with me, my good friend, and think about what life is like without friends!

     I know we said we'd go together, but you're ready first; I can't believe you're sick, my heart feels like it's exploding. It is difficult to say goodbye to my dear friend; It’s never in our plans, because it ends this way.

     Words are not hard to find, there are many that come to mind. To show appreciation for being kind to one another. So, a big thank you from the heart for all the special things you do, the goodness you share, all the ways you care. But I have to go now!

     Why take a minute to say hello and say goodbye forever? - Leaving Quotes for Friends

     Farewell is never. Farewell is not the end. They mean straight away that I will miss you until we meet again! Sorry! You know my heart; But dear friends, alas! Must be involved.

     These flowers, which fall, are released in the spring, these birds, withstand the heat, stop singing, and say that these trees, which are spoiled when the autumn is hot, are the death of a loved one.

     The best things to say come last. People talk for hours without saying anything, and then say words from the heart with the crowd at the door.

     I have gone to leave you, I must go, I cannot stand; I'm not sure where our love goes, I'm not sure - Leaving Quotes For Friends

     Gone - away, took the stars from night and sun, from daylight! Gone, and cloud in my heart.

     I want to say goodbye to my friends...Since you know it’s too late, this is definitely my bedtime, and sleep is the only cure!

     There was a young man of Jar row, who went to work in the Barrow; He did not come home from this day to the next day, his friends were utterly scandalized and harassed!

     You are going on a plane. Don't know if you'll ever go home again; Why can't you go by train or bus to the local area?

     Even if you are on the right track... If you sit there, you run - Leaving Quotes for Friends

     Yuma had a companion who told Puma an elephant's joke. Now that his skeleton is there, beneath the warm western sky, Puma has no knowledge of Huma!

     I must go to the sea again, alone, to the sea and to the sky; I leave my shoes and socks out there - I wonder if they are drying up?

    Leaving Limericks

     I don't care where you go, I don't care where you go; I know you don't live here... it's not fair because now you are dear!

     Can't leave us to go? You can stay and you dare us; There is an alternative to the shields you see. North or South, they are both great we swear.

     A beautiful young woman from France, she decided to "take a chance." She let himself go... for an hour, now all his sisters-in-law - Leaving Quotes

     Release the girl, go away, let me adjust to my dreams, where I put those torments now, with broken sins. Where do I cut the pieces, my god they still look new, there's a cab at the door, but there's only room for you!

     New adventure... The sun and the sea and the sand; I wish you all the best and make new friends, I was planning something else!

     I wish you good luck, I really, really want to; But you really bite me, so you have to get away from it.

    Leaving Home

     Although I was nervous, I was very excited that I was leaving; I will miss everyone here but I know it's time to leave. I have completed my reception, for I am now thirty-three; But you made my move of the valley possible. So my dear mother and father, please go whenever you want; It is really beautiful, you can even bring my aunt.

     When I go and say goodbye to college, it’s not just you; It is continental; I can’t believe what a great opportunity this is, I got it, I feel like I’m going mental. The excitement was too much for me, I had a fever and my speech became so red with all the wild, screaming tone that I couldn’t believe I was acting like a child - Leaving Quotes

     Dear Mom and Dad I'm going... I'm going tonight, I'm going to get married; I met my Mr. Wright. I know you don't stop… you have so many plans; But they are not yours… I want to be with this man. So, thank you, but I know, you try to stop me if you can; Forgive me and I will come back because I know I need it. I love you both so much, you are so good to me; As soon as I think the time is right, I'll come back and wait.

    Leaving Poems

     My dear Mom and Dad...,
    In this way the story moves forward; I'm ready to go to war, I want to be in the military, since I was four. I know you worry, but I'm doing what I want; I am trained in advance, they send me in front. Thank you for your loving care, both of you are wonderful; Nobody wants for good; you are just two good.

     Graduates and Students leaving their school, colleges, and universities. There are tears in your eyes, you have proved to be a slogan; Now that you have gone and joined the real world, got the right job, oh! don't leave us, don't give up your age-old pledge, you're done with the art of tying; Don't go and spoil it now.

     I have been on my life journey to travel all year; To see the sights, to hear the sounds; My journey gives me insight... How the other half lives; To see them and feel like them; To see how much I can give. I appreciate the privilege I have received so far, the food and oil on my stomach; So now what can I do, I need to find my way to make my life worth living and not growing up said - Leaving Quotes

     I'm leaving home now Mom and Dad, I've got a pad somewhere to call my own, and I'll be as confused as I want to be; Somewhere it will be my home. You've been harboring me for so long, I've been driving you crazy for years, with my dirty socks and dirty room, and I know Mom's been running me to tears. So, let's celebrate! Your house is now yours, very nice and clean for things; A long period of peace and quiet; I no longer feel like my canteen.

     Military wife...
    … Moving…
    away from home...
    Carries two cars, three children and a dog... all of this along his ride.
    Taking the sofa to the basement as they did not go into this house;
    Inadequate curtains;
    Moving jobs and certifications and professional development hours.
    Stay away from friends;
    Moving on to new friends;
    Carrying something very important to her: a trunk full of memories.
    Often wait...
    Waiting for accommodation.
    Waiting for directions.
    Waiting for expansion.
    Phone calls are waiting.
    Waiting for a reunion.
    A new curtain awaits.
    He comes home
    For dinner… again!
    They call her the 'Military Dependent', but she knows it best: She depends heavily.
    She can balance the check book;
    Perform yard work;
    Fix a noisy toilet;
    Bury Family Pets…
    He is familiar with drywall anchors and toggle bolts.
    He can file taxes;
    Selling the house;
    Buy a car;
    Or take a step...
    … .. with a power attorney.
    She welcomed the neighbors who did not welcome her.
    With each PCS she resurrects her career;
    A home in the arctic or deep south desert.
    And he learns to call them 'home' all week.
    She brings them all home.
    Military wives are in some hurry...
    They jump:
    Career options,
    And friendship.
    He doesn't have 15 years to get to know people.
    Their roots are small but flexible.
    They plant annuities for themselves and perennials for those who come after them.
    Military wives learn to value each other:
    They join in the coffee
    Trust the partner network
    Accept friendly and positive offers.
    Record Addresses in Pencil...
    Military wives have a common bond:
    Unlike other husbands of military spouses; His commitment is special.
    She has no job
    There is a 'miss' that he can't decide to leave,
    He calls it 24/7 for his country.
    But for him, he was the most incredible man in the city!
    Their language is foreign
    So, a military wife is his family and an interpreter for him.
    He is a distant link to inform them;
    Glue that holds them together.
    The military wife has her moments:
    She wants to stroke her neck;
    His uniform is pink;
    Refusing to go to Siberia;
    But she pulls herself together.
    Give it a few days,
    Travel Brochure,
    Long hot bath,
    Pledge the flag,
    Wedding photo
    And off she goes.
    She packs.
    She's running
    She follows.
    How come?
    You may think it is on the grounds that she has lost her brain.
    However it is on the grounds that she has lost her heart.
    It was taken from her by a man,
    Who puts obligation first,
    Who yearns to send,
    Who salutes the banner,
    What's more, whose boots in the entryway advise her that as long as he is her Military Husband,
    She will remain his military spouse.
    What's more, would have it no other way - Leaving Quotes


    Leaving or goodbyes are always sad, and perhaps that is why Russians hate using the word goodbye as a parting word, instead they just say “see you again”. Limerick for someone leaving work are based on occasions which are like the farewell party at school, the parting from childhood place and people who have been with you all the past years.

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