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    What is Poetry Quotes about Love? Famous 80 Poetry Quotes

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    Poetry Quotes

    "Never marry but for love; but see that thou loves what is lovely"

    Poetry Quotes, What is Poetry Quotes
    Poetry Quotes

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    A poem begins in the throat, as a false notion, as virtue and love - What is Poetry Quotes.

    It is unfortunate that those who enjoy the poem to the fullest enjoy it safely; And the strongest emotions that can be solved are actually non-abstinence-related sensations.

    A poem will make you laugh, cry, be silent, twist your fingernails into a poem, you will feel that you can do it or nothing, you will realize that you are an unknown world. I am alone and will share your joy forever and ever - What Is Poetry Quotes.

    A poet should not choose nature's pocket. Let him borrow, and therefore repay, by means of a borrowing act. Examine nature properly, but rely on memory and rely more on enation than memory - What Is Poetry Quotes.

    Poetry is not a diversion of emotion, but an escape from emotion; It is not an expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, these people only have personalities and feelings, and they know what it means to avoid these things.

    What is Poetry Quotes?

    Why Write Poetry? It’s often not a matter of choice. In many instances you can’t stop yourself. It’s an urge - visited upon you - to render communicable a feeling that is difficult to express, but that just won't go away - an urge for knowledge, peace, cathartic purging.

    It’s a desire to capture pain or pleasure in a way that helps you better understand, escape or keep it. A motivation to communicate troubling or thrilling experience. To try to tell others your truth. 

    To express in language what is bigger than language…that which has moved you extraordinarily, caused anguish or eustasy… so you can know yourself better, diminish the pain or prolong the pleasure…but equally so you can share your wonder or awe or sadness or anger or joy with another human being…to prove to yourself that you are not alone, that you are not nothing, that you being on earth makes a difference, that you are contributing something, somehow.

    Poetry is an effort to connect with others, with yourself and with the world and universe at large…to comprehend the incomprehensible … to add to an existing pool of knowledge or beauty.

    It’s also about (yup, here we go again, and here, and here) getting laid.

    Men are often motivated to impress women with words in hopes of convincing them of their worth, of conquering them…of being loved and cared for by them, of being noticed, acknowledged, recognized, revered and worshipped.

    Poetry is born out of need. Paul Muldoon once say that if a poem accomplishes what its author wants it to then it’s a success.

    I suppose if enough others feel, or are moved or benefit in similar ways, then it assumes a status as good or great, which in turn exposes it to new ears and eyes.

    Writer, Broadcaster, Marketer, Bibliophile: Marrying expertise in generating media exposure with an insane, deep-seated love of books, Nigel Beale has, over the past two years, quickly established himself as one of the world’s top literary broadcasters, travelling the globe interviewing an impressive selection of award-winning authors and accomplished booksellers, publishers, collectors and experts.

    Types of Poems to Fill Your Days: There are few artistic methods of communication as unique and beautiful as poetry. Each poem is a unique creation of the poet, and few expressions are as uniquely you as a poem. There are many types of poems with each type being a specific format popular by poets in our society in the past and today.

    How many types of poems are there? There are literally no limits to the types of poems because a poet may decide to mix-and-match various poetry formats to develop one uniquely them. 

    Free Verse Poetry: Versification is not present in a free verse poem. There are no rules followed for meter or rhyme found in most types of poetry. Even the words do not have to have reason, but sometimes, the un-reason gives reason in and of itself. A free verse is a collage of words sometimes only having meaning to the poet.

    Ode: An ode is a poem glorifying or venerating a person, a place, or even a thing. Odes are often written as a romantic poem / poetry. However, this is not always the case because even an ode with the main target being a computer, tables, or rock would still be considered an ode. Strong emotions and meanings are present in an ode. An ode is not as easy to write as one may imagine because each word is a power word making the ode an ode.

    Ballad: There are many beautiful ballads from yesteryear we hold dear, but there are even more today. A ballad is a poem telling a story or a short narrative. There are stanzas with two or four lines per stanza and a refrain. Ballads are actually simplistic in nature but always written with a graphic force. A popular ballad meter is an alternating pattern of iambic trimester and tetrameter. Many musicians today dip into the ballads because they are usually well-received and elicit strong emotions.

    These three are just a few favorites, but there are many other types of poetry. There are epics, didactics, acrostics, cinquain, songs, and sonnets just to name a few.

    Poetry of Nature

    • Nature I

    The sky is gray...
    On this late summer day...
    As the sun imbues...
    Its various hues...
    Upon the scene.
    A sight to be seen,
    A beauty to behold,
    A thousand campfire stories to be told.

    With the settling twilight...
    And the settling night...
    Comes the settling fog...
    About every log,
    Every limb...
    As the light continues to dim.

    Yet, do you hear it?
    Yes, a kindred spirit,
    As it beckons...
    To us, Nature's patrons,
    Who think deep thoughts of?
    All things up above...
    And things all around...
    And adventures upon which to bound.
    Well then,
    Let's begin,
    Before this great night can end!

    • Nature II

    As I continue to tread...
    The well-worn path between the trees,
    Many thoughts swim in my head...
    Of the refreshing beauties...
    Of the crisp, clean air...
    Playing in my hair,
    The rainbow...
    That has begun to show...
    Over the tips of the trees,
    The birds' outspoken symphonies,
    And the sun-rays that warm my face...
    As I pass each open, sun-lit space.

    Nature has its own music,
    Its own specially tuned melody.
    I never want to lose it,
    For what it means to me,
    I can never fully express,
    Even as my feelings well up in my chest.
    It is here in the forest,
    This place of nature and spirit,
    That I feel blessed,
    And ignore the old habit...
    Of humankind...
    To mind...
    Its own business...
    And forget about the wilderness.

    Come friend,
    Let's walk this path again,
    Before this great day can end!

    • Nature III

    In that sky so immense,
    I see clouds something dense,
    Holding tight and tense,
    Ready to drop their contents,
    In order to rinse
    And cleanse
    All this poetic nonsense.
    Yes, I'm guilty of many sins.

    On this grayest of days,
    While watching the lightning blaze,
    I'm pondering my all too human ways,
    Hoping to soon see hopeful sun rays,
    To brighten my own soul's shadowy grays.

    I now realize,
    That until our demise,
    That which is good and right
    In God's sight
    Our nature often defies
    And denies.

    Let me not digress,
    For I hope and work for the best,
    And I must never rest,
    For God promises
    Salvation and nothing less
    To those who would in Him believe
    And their own sinner state quickly leaves.
    Now, as we find God's love strong and true,
    We can begin our adventures anew,
    And enjoy nature once again,
    Before this great day can end!

    • Nature IV

    As I walk down the glistening beach,
    I watch the waves break on the shore.
    All nature's joy seems within reach,
    And I enjoy it all the more.

    Many are the sights that I behold:
    Lots of people fishing on the pier,
    Lovers whose whispers will go untold,
    And young swimmers who have no fear!

    Yet, even as I watch the birds,
    And they dive in to look for fish,
    I realize that even these words
    Can't properly describe all this!

    Nonetheless, the great tide of life
    Still continues to ebb and flow.
    Live by faith, for all of our strife
    Will be solved by God, not what we know.

    Now then, let's begin this journey again!
    Let us walk down the beach hand in hand,
    Until the afternoon tide comes in,
    And it overtakes us walking in the sand!

    Poetry Exercises

    Poetry is very much an art. That means that writing poetry entails exploration and practice. More than that, though, the exploration involved in writing poetry can be very enlightening. 

    There are words that come easily to us, then there are those that take finesse, thought, and persistence to find. Those are the words that can oftentimes be buried beneath your skin, deep behind the emotional context of a larger situation.

    There are many shades to each word, just as there are shades of each primary color that a painter uses. Sadness, for examples, is a word that is so large, that it cannot possibly mean the same thing for every situation. 

    That is why a poet uses images, figurative language, and other poetic skills to slice away at adjectives and abstract language. The poet digs between the meaning of certain words, and looks to unearth a meaning that does not exist in conventional language.

    Exploring ways to define the different shades of words is an experience that, whether you write poetry simply for therapy, or you write poetry in hopes of one day being published, will help you to reach a direct path to heightened awareness. 

    You will become more aware of your own thoughts, how you perceive them, and you will learn to read the meaning of simple objects and situations in your everyday life.

    Here are some basic exercises to get you thinking honestly about your writing.

    Rewrite a classical poem using your own point of view. Play with perspective. Write it from the point of view of someone you know, or write it as a response to the original author.

    Write a poem about yourself, but don't show it to anyone. Here's a basic template. Feel free to rewrite the lines, and don't answer the blanks by writing the obvious. 

    You should come up with something that resembles a poem, and perhaps if you are clever enough with the manipulation of it, it could very well be a poem. This exercise isn't designed to create a masterpiece, rather, it is designed to show you the kind of poet you are.

    When you are finished with this piece, not only will you see some details about yourself in general, but you can look at the way you manipulated the exercise to see a certain style. 

    Ask yourself these questions: What kind of metaphors did I use? Did I completely change the direction it seemed this exercise was supposed to take me? How did I restructure the lines? Did I add rhyme?

    I Am: an exercise in poetic self-actualization

    My name is (first name).

    When I was (child age) I […].

    When I was (older age) I […].

    I've always wanted to […],

    but when I turned (age), I […].

    My thoughts are like a […],

    they [verb] like […].

    My skin is […]

    I'm wrapped in a […].

    I ripped myself from […],

    when I was (age).

    Even when I turned (age),

    I knew that […],

    I know for sure that […].

    Now I […].

    I am […],

    (Last name).

    Write a letter to some object. Throughout our daily routines, there are objects that we see that have some kind of effect on us. 

    Of course, letters and special momentous have significant meaning for us, but have you ever been caught up in thought about a particular item that doesn't fit into the moment category? That's what you will write a letter to.

    Again, this exercise isn't designed to create a masterpiece. It is more of a self-defining process. As with the other exercises, you might end up with something that could be considered a good poem, but the idea is to make you see how you observe the things around you. 

    Keep a notebook handy with you throughout the next day, week, or month. The next time you drive to work, take your kids to the park, or go to a grocery store, keep mindful of the way you perceive ordinary things.

    In summary, there really is no such thing as good or bad poetry, only undiscovered poetry. Simply writing down what you think sounds poetic won't reach the audience, and it won't do anything for you. 

    You do need to dig around, scratch your skin until it bleeds. Then and only then will a true poem surface.

    The process of writing one poem may take you a day, or it may take you a year. Finding the rawness of your poetry is as enlightening as discovering the meaning of life.

    Poetry and Quotes

    World of Words with Beautiful Poetry Quotes: Looking for inspirations can be done by reading various Poetry Quotes. Those who love poetry will love a lot of quotes beautifully woven with care and creativity. 

    The "Poetry Quotes" themselves are a product of art and have deep or multiple meanings. These quotes are really good for looking for some inspirations.

    There are a lot of Poetry Quotes which you can find on the internet. Perhaps, you want to find beautiful Poetry Quotes from your favorite poetry which is written by famous authors or people. 

    Therefore, you can find them easily because mostly quotes which are written by famous authors or famous people.

    Teens Tend to Like Poetry Quotes:  They can put these quotations anywhere, especially about love. Well, we will not only talk about poetry and teenage love. 

    Here, we talk about poetry, and how it can be interpreted, as well as how it affects our lives. 

    Poetry Quotes Famous

    Auden “Eloquence is the poetry of prose. Some of the poems were re-written so many times. So it was just a way of avoiding sending them out. 

    Therefore, finally I have thousands of lines of poetry by deep mind. I owe everything to this. Poetry is nothing but healthy speech.

    They grow out of your life. Anything else can be only a footnote. But in poetry, it’s the exact opposite. And most poets do not write for themselves, they wrote for the world, the last of the truth givers. 

    Most of your songs today are poetry in motion, a form of personification, a figure of speech that gives human qualities to inanimate objects or ideas, or can. 

    In poetry virtually every line of any poem contains all levels of meaning, condensed: poems are short stories, if stretched out. Like anything else you write, the poet and reader need to know the audience, who is the audience he is writing for or to. 

    But there are some authors I get lost with after a few sentences. And you may want to know what the poet’s life and times were.

    If I read Fitzgerald now, he is like plain music, but in his day, he was a flash of lightening. Even the famed Robert Frost’s voice makes an appearance to read his well-known “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. 

    I noticed about the book was the amazing illustrations by Judy Love, Wendy Rasmussen, and Paula Zinngrabe Wendland

    The collection of poems, 95 in all, captures the diversity of humanity, cultures, and inner thoughts and feelings. The poetry isn’t just like a poetry; it's like a literature in its purest form.

    Poems from greats like Langston Hughes, Lewis Carroll, and Rudyard Kipling share space with historic playwrights such as William Shakespeare and epic novelists like J.

    Poetry Quotes, What is Poetry Quotes

    Some of the best poem and "Poetry Quotes" are as follows: -

    When I am traveling for life,
    Thanks to the support of my physic,
    We get tired while walking,
    And the destination wanders,
    So, in such weak moments,
    Dream comfort,
    This is the support,
    And when I am in the sea of wanting,
    We find the way,
    Even if we lose ourselves,
    And when yaws do spawn,
    So, I am like these moments,
    Dream comfort,
    These edges are formed,
    And when in the walls of the heart,
    Suffer the pain and bear the silence,
    The mind feels suffocated,
    Happiness looks for light,
    So, in such moments,
    Dream comfort,
    This type of door is made,
    And when I am in love,
    We lose everything,
    And with empty eyes,
    One who has to pass,
    In such desperate moments,
    Dream comfort,
    This is the hope - Poetry Quotes.

     I have a dream in my arms,
    How long has this dream been hidden in my heart,
    No one washed the ruddy dress,
    Feeling happy with flowers, heart blossomed,
    I have a dream in your golden hair,
    Wish to be happy with them,
    She has to show his picture wherever,
    I have a dream in my eyes,
    Meet me on the moon night,
    I am in shame with your picture in my hand! Poetry Quotes.

     I gave myself to him,
    And took himself for pay.
    The solemn contract of a life
    Was ratified this way

    The value might disappoint,
    Myself a poorer prove
    Then this my purchaser suspect,
    The daily own of Love

    Depreciates the sight;
    But 'til the merchant buys,
    Still fabled, in the isles of spice
    The subtle cargoes lie.

    At least, 'tis mutual risk, —
    Some found it mutual gain;
    Sweet debt of Life, — each night to owe,
    Insolvent, every noon.

     When we're not together
    my thoughts drift alongside
    memories of you
    Things we've done
    the way you smile so brightly
    that helps me forget my worries
    and celebrate our wonders.

    When we're not together
    my moods come into play more often
    and make me yearn for the strength
    I feel in you
    the security I find in your eyes

    When we're not together
    I sometimes feel so very alone,
    for myself and you...
    imagining you being without
    my loving feelings
    as I am without yours.

    When we're not together...
    my best wishes still go with you always,
    wishing to share in your excitements
    wanting to comfort your hurts
    needing to be reassured that
    you're keeping warm and well

    When we're not together...
    I seem to spend my time
    wishing that we were - Poetry Quotes.

     We’ve all heard more people write poetry than those who read it. True or not, this sentiment may result from the belief that poetry—arguably the most democratic of all the arts—feels removed at times from its capacity to engage the masses.

     You are always in my heart you hold the key to the love within I wish that we could spend every second of every day hand in hand day by day. we cannot be one all the time but at least you always know your mine, you are the only one I love and the only one I need so say you love me too that's all I need - Poetry Quotes.

     When the sky was clear and we could feel the Sun's heat the kiss of your lips and the sand at our feet, we hold each other from dusk till dawn forever and ever I love you my storm.

     Every second we apart it's like a million daggers' in my heart I miss you so much you are my love like a million flying beautiful doves, you have my heart you have my soul please be mine until we are old.

    Poetry Quotes Love 

    Love is like a violin, the music may stop now and then, but the strings remain forever.

    One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love - Poetry Quotes.

    You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.

    Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one - Poetry Quotes about Love

    We cannot really love anybody with whom we never laugh.

    Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.

    True love stories never have endings - Poetry Quotes on Love

    You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.

    Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none - Poetry Quotes Love

    To love another person is to see the face of God.

    Poetry Critics

    Some about how poetry is seen in my opinion and how narrow the view of some can be when it comes to poetry and the worth and value it holds in society. 

    These people are putting their heart and soul into their words and putting forth messages that they want to share with readers from all origins and backgrounds. 

    I want to read new and freshly presented material from someone original. I don’t want to see someone trying to copy another artist or his or her ways. 

    I want to see someone expressing their own ways that I will not judge because I feel I have no rightful place in doing so.

    We must remember that it’s not my opinion or the opinion of a critic that counts when it comes to you and your work and the feelings you wish to present. 

    This assessment can be done by doing something that will not only help you gauge the competitiveness of your poetry, but will give you some viable options for publishing it. 

    Subscribe to literary journals and buy books of poetry. If you do this, what you are doing is searching out the market place. 

    Read the types of poetry that many publishers are publishing and see if the quality of these poems surpasses or is on par with the quality of your own poems. Enjoyed Poetry Quotes!

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