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    What is Real Love? Some of the Best Real Love Quotes

    What is Real Love?

    Real Love is a decision.

    Real Love seeks what is truly the best for others and for oneself.

    Real Love may be accompanied by pleasant “loving” feelings, but even if those feelings are temporarily gone, true Love still chooses to be kind, considerate, and seek the best for others.

    Real Love is willing to make sacrifices for others.

    Real Love is pure and unselfish.

    Real Love seeks what is truly the best for oneself and for others — it strives to obtain the ultimate well-being of every person. Real love is self-sacrificing and unselfish.

    Real Love

    Real Love Quotes

    What is Real Love in marriage? Real Love keeps its promises. In marriage, spouses promise to be faithful, to welcome children, and to love each other “unto death do us part.” Using one’s physical passion in keeping with the marriage vows is part of real or true love in marriage.

    Does intimacy in marriage = Real Love?

    In marriage, spouses have said to one another, “I accept all of you, I give my life to you. I have made a life-long commitment to you. I will love our children and I am committed to you and to them for life.” 

    In this context, the intimate mutual self-giving of intimacy makes sense. A husband and wife have given their lives to each other, and intimacy is a physical expression of that love.

    With physical intimacy in marriage, a couple gains:

    • True bonding with one another.

    • Happy children who are raised in a secure and stable home.

    • Emotional stability: Marital intimacy fulfills the longings of your passion, creates true unity with your spouse, and promotes unselfish love between husband and wife. When motivated by an unselfish, self-sacrificing love, marital relations are one aspect of true love!

    Does pre-marital intimacy = Real Love?

    Having intimacy outside of marriage basically is saying, “I am only going to be around as long as I feel like it, or as long as it is convenient for my pleasure. 

    I am not promising to be there for you tomorrow, or next year. I am not willing to make a commitment to you, but I am willing to use your body.” Is this true love?

    With intimacy outside of marriage, 
    she risks:

    • Increased likelihood of depression.

    • Serious health risks, if taking the birth control pill or shot.

    • Contracting STDs and harming her fertility (i.e. future ability to have children).

    • Becoming a single mother.

    With intimacy outside of marriage, 
    he risks:

    • Weakening his manliness and becoming a slave to lust.

    • Contracting STDs and harming his fertility (i.e. future ability to have children)

    • Long-term emotional baggage.

    • Pre-marital intimacy leads to destruction, not to fulfillment. Intimacy outside of marriage is not true love.

    Chastity allows us to use our physical passion in keeping with Real Love. Chastity is the strength to exercise very close restraint and self-control. 

    To become chaste requires a commitment to treat others with respect, to be considerate, and to seek the best for others. 

    Chastity flows from a pure mind, a pure heart, and pure actions. Chastity becomes a way of life that allows you to find and foster true love.

    Chastity in action: Single men and women treat each other with genuine respect, in all ways, and practice total abstinence until marriage. 

    Married couples are faithful to one another, welcome children into their family, and love each other “unto death do us part.”

    What is Lust?

    Lust is selfish. Lust is the desire for physical pleasure that wants what it wants–no matter what. Lust wants its own gratification–no matter who is hurt, used, or abused– no matter how one becomes entrapped and enslaved to it. 

    Lust can really never be satisfied; the more it is fed, the more it wants more.

    Chastity Vs. Lust

    When lust is acted upon, other people are used and treated as objects, but when chastity is exercised, others are respected and treated with dignity. Lust is selfish, but chastity is self-sacrificing. 

    Lust creates inner turmoil, pain, and emptiness. Chastity brings inner peace, lasting joy, and happiness. Lust destroys real love. Chastity fosters Real Love.

    Signs He Really Loves You

    A man may not likely tell you he loves you but may have said “I love you” in more than hundred ways by his actions. Yet you keep looking for signs he really loves you. 

    You can find out if he loves you or not by taking note of his actions and body language. 

    Here are some signs he really loves you: -

    1. He is Not Tired of Being with You

    When a man is in love with you, he enjoys being around you even if there is really nothing to do or discuss, just to gist and share his time together with you. It does not matter how long he has been with you. What matters to him is that he is with you and happy.

    2. He Genuinely Cares about You

    One of the signs he really loves you that you must not take for granted is genuine care. He can go out of his way just to make you happy, comfortable and to fulfill any promise he made to you. Your problem becomes his problem. He becomes interested in your interest. Whenever he asks how you are doing, he genuinely cares about the answer and always ready to assist you even when you did not ask for assistance.

    3. You Become Part of His Future

    When he starts making statements such as “our children will attend the best schools”, “we will build our own house five years after our wedding”, know that he loves you and is already seeing a future with you being part of it. Some will go to the extent of buying gifts and items for you with your first name and their surname on the receipt. This definitely will tell you he is in love with you and want to spend the rest of his life with you.

    4. He Tells the World about You

    If a man is in love with you, he will not make the relationship a secret. He will introduce you to his parents, friends and other family members. He will share your relationship with the world, to let them know that he loves you and want you to be part of his entire life. What they feel or say about you does not really worry him, all he cares is that you are part of his future.

    5. The Light in His Eyes

    One other way to know if he really loves you is through his eyes. Whenever he sees you his eyes light up. If he looks away quickly when you catch him staring at you, it is a very good sign he loves you. The eyes always give away someone who is in love. He stares deeply into your eyes.

    6. He Keeps His Promises to You

    Any man in love will make sure he keeps any promise he made to you. If he promises to visit you, he will, if he promises to call, he definitely will call. He will keep his promises because he does not want to hot you and to tell you he loves and cares about you. If he breaks any of his promises, then something is wrong somewhere.

    7. His Body Language Says a lot

    A man in love with you will touch your face, cradle your chin in his hands, pick things from your face or body. He will brush your hair from your eyes. He will hold your hand in public. If any part of his body come in contact with yours, he will not take it away rather he will let it remain in contact. He will always do something to bring your body in contact with his.

    If you are looking for signs, he really loves you then start with the few discussed in this post and as you go along you will discover many more signs of real deep love from him. Follow these signs of love to find out if your man loves you. However, you are strongly advised to exercise caution to ascertain that all he is doing is a deceit.

    Does Real Deep Love Still Exist

    Real Love Quotes, Real Love is, Real Love Quotation, What is Real Love

    Real deep love still exist but may be difficult to find or detect. Sometimes you feel you have real deep love for that special person. In some cases, you think what that person have for you is deep love. 

    You may discover that your heart gets racing and your mouth get dried up each time you get close to that special person. However, this is not really a complete proof that you truly love that person. 

    It may only be a sign of infatuation or that you are attracted to the person on a basic level. 

    To know if what you have for him or her is real love, look out for the following signs of true love: -

    1. Do You Feel Comfortable Around Him or Her

    If you have real deep love for someone you will always feel comfortable around him or her. You have the feeling that both of you have known each other for a very long time while in the actual sense you just knew each other for a few months now. Your goals in life, values, belief and philosophies may be different, but in most cases you both agree with each other on most matters. Generally, you feel better about yourself and everything else because of that special person in your life.

    2. You Don’t Seem to Get Enough of Her or Him

    If deep is your love for someone, it makes you keep looking forward to seeing her or him every minute of the day. You keep thinking about them all the time and you don’t get tired or bored think about them or been around him or her. No matter how tight your work schedule is or how busy you are with other things, you always make out time to see him or see her and as well talk to them on phone. You always want to make them feel that they are special and very important in your life.

    3. If You Can Give Up Everything for Her or for Him

    Real deep love makes want to do anything in the whole wide world just to make that special one you love happy, safe and comfortable. You feel that nothing in the world is more important to you than that special person. His or her happiness, safety and comfort become your priority. You can give up every other thing for your love.

    4. You Are Eager to Discover More about Him or Her

    If you are in love so deep with somebody, you will always be eager to discover more about him or about her. You get interested in their interest. You want to know their dreams and aspirations and even how they tend to achieve them. You concern yourself about their thoughts and philosophy about certain issues in life. You will be very eager to know their back ground and even their past.

    5. You Feel You are a Better Person Because of Him or Her

    One of the things that confirm the deep love real is that after passing through trials and tribulations in your relationship, it makes your relationship stronger. You get matured, become supportive, reasonable, warm and protective. You will no longer be quick in making conclusions on issues in your relationship and life in general. You become a better person in every area of life, giving kudos to that special person in your life.

    Real deep love can be identified by these points mention above and many more. If you feel this way about someone or somebody feels this way about you it is a sign that they are deep in love with you or you are in love so deep with him or her.

    Real Love Quotes

    Real Love Quotation, What is Real Love

    Real Love Is different from infatuation and flirting. The boys and girls join together and flirt on dates which satisfy only their body pleasure. 

    This happiness is only short lived but the quotes on true love state that a true love is long lasting till the death. There are many symptoms of love like the person in love irrespective of the gender is totally lost in the thinking of their lover. 

    There is no interest shown in other activities other than talking to the lover and the thinking is mostly on impressing the lover. The lovers think of each other in the morning and evening time and feel sad when the phone call never comes from the lover.

    The "Real Love Quotes" are written in the olden days like Love is blind which is true in most of the cases. In the case of celebrity and film actors, gorgeous film actresses love the directors who are ugly and dirty. 

    In most of the cases, the director is married with the children but still the actress loves the director and marries him. Some say that true love comes only in the age of thirties and forties where both the minds are matured. 

    When it comes to love, the work of the brain is very limited and heart is in full command. Even though a person is a criminal, the lover is madly in love with the person. The new quotes on true love are written by the lovers in two sentences which is often funny.

    Real Love Quotation

    Real Love Quotation

    A Real Love is just the world enjoying a cool tool of love: our love for others, and rest part's love for us.

    Love can be hard except for a lucky few, love can get rid of trump and most of us. If you are lucky or still on the path to finding true love, read these real love quotes and find out what others have to say about it.

    Real Love is a discipline, one in which everyone is divided into the mystery of the nature and but some of us refuse to believe.

    Sometimes we affectionately, illegally, sometimes less, we'll sometimes take the words to express our feelings, especially those we love the most, huh.

    It is a powerful pain to love, and a pain to remember; But the greatest pain of all suffering is love, but love in vain.

    Has pierced the hearts of all that love, he wears a bandage to hide the shortcomings of the people who loved that. He has wings, flying in the same way he came quickly.

    Love burns in the smoke. Purified and ignited in the eyes of lovers. Due to the chaotic sea-received Valentine's tears. Nothing more? Many contemplative mad, a section of the absorption and sweet... sweet...

    The power of love: it cannot be created, not destroyed. It is just and always present, giving direction to life and direction to goodness… love never dies.

    Attention and appreciation, romantic love unfold in a very small way. Romantic love with a woman, and her marvel excites her. Its actions whisper: You are the most special person in my life.

    Real Love is eternal, infinite and always like us. Equal and pure, without violent demonstrations that; It looks like the white hair and the young at heart will always be.

    It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion that once you cover it, it doesn't go away. Real Love is permanent. Once you're in love, but if you want to have survived from it, it does not love you. There are no ‘exit’ signs of love, only ‘ramp up’.

    Love alone can unite and fulfill creatures in this way, for it alone takes them and connects them with the deepest of oneself.

    Loving someone deeply gives you strength, loving someone deeply gives you courage.

    If you love someone, you love the person, he will not be there or not, and he loves you the way you want.

    Real Love is inseparable; The more you give, the more. If you have to attract the real fountain and, if you so much as how much water flows.

    I know that much of the increase in spite of a true friendship. The same goes for true love.

    True Love makes the idea of ​​death uninterrupted, without terrorists; It becomes the only measure of comparison, the price paid by many things.

    There is nothing stronger than true love. You have to believe; you have to understand to believe. If you do not believe, you cannot understand, and if you do not understand, you cannot believe.

    Oh, after a very long time in the pain and grief, which can be found in the arms of my true love, once again, around me.

    It will be because of the lust for true Love never died. Love bonds for a lifetime but lust pushes away.

    When I sit down, I look at a dove and think of our deep, sweet Love, not thinking about our future lives. Except for the size of our growing, keep alive in your thoughts, aglow, everything is done correctly, there is no fear, I know.

    Real Love is, Real Love Quotation, What is Real Love

    "Real Love" never sees the status of the person and most of the love at first sight that occurs gets crashed in between. In the urban cities, men and women have started accepting that their wives are husbands have had an earlier affair with their lovers and then end up marrying each other. 

    True lovers defend each other to the core and go beyond limits to achieve their love in life. In the historical ages, beautiful women played a crucial role in the battles. A lot of battles were fought to get the queens of the palace. 

    Taj Mahal stands as a symbol of true love and the lovers from all parts of the world visit the Taj mahal all around the year to see the marvelous world wonder and experience true love. There are a lot of Real Love Quotations that are published in the Taj Mahal museum.

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