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    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    If you're an adult and looking for some great Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend and Romantic Ideas or Romantic Ways to spice up your romantic life, then check out our basic "Romantic Ideas for Her" or Him below!

    Table of Contents
    1.Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend
    2.Romantic Date Ideas for Your Boyfriend
    3.Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend
    4.Romantic Ways to Propose
    5.Romantic Ideas
    6.Romantic Ideas for Her and Him
    7.Ideas for Romantic Dinner
    8.Other Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Ideas for Her - Romantic Ideas for Him

    • Leave a single rose on their pillow.

    • A "Message in a Bottle" makes the ideal sentimental blessing! Snap Here. Keep in touch with them an adoration letter or mail.

    • Take your sweetheart on a surprise trip, even if it's just to a nearby town or city.

    • Rent a motel/hotel room, complete with candles and champagne.

    • Write "I Love You" on the bathroom mirror.

    • Call your honey at work and tell them that you are thinking of them.

    • Give your sweetheart a wonderful, long massage.

    • Have a bubble bath with your sweetie, complete with candles and champagne!

    • Make your own romantic card.

    • Create a web page all about your love.

    • Carve a heart with your initials and your sweetheart's initials into a tree.

    • Take him/her out for a romantic lunch or dinner. Arrange to have flowers sent there ahead of time.

    • Make your love breakfast in bed, with a rose and candles to add to the moment.

    • Watch a romantic movie by candlelight.

    • Make a romantic meal with your sweetheart's favorites.

    • Send them a Virtual Card expressing your heartiest love.

    • Write a list of all the reasons you love your sweetheart and give it to them.

    • Slow dance to their favorite slow song.

    • Make a tape or video recording of yourself, announcing your affection for your darling.

    • Dedicate a song to them on the radio.

    • Just spend one-on-one time with your love.

    Romantic Date Ideas for Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend 

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend - Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    • Plan a camping trip together 

    My boyfriend took me camping for the very first time. He thought of everything - the flannel sheets and pillow cases, romantic wines, romantic campfires, the works. He ensured I had all the creature comforts. He showed me, a city girl, the stars and his affection. This was the weekend I told him I loved him for the first time. 

    • Make a scavenger hunt 

    Before the date, buy a dozen roses. Attach a note to each rose telling her where to find the next one. The most fun place to do this is the mall. Most couples go to a particular mall, a lot. To find the next rose have her try to remember funny things that happened in those stores. Give each rose to the sales clerk. The last rose should lead her to you, at your favorite mall restaurant, where you will treat her. 

    • City high

    Go to your local city find the tallest building go to the top and just relax while looking at the city sky line.

    • Make me laugh

    Take your significant other to a comedy club and have a good laugh, (Romantic Date Ideas for Your Boyfriend or girlfriend)

    • High wishing

    Drive to the highest point in your city. Bring a sack of pennies and throw them off the cliff or hill and make wishes for yourself and each.

    • Kickball anyone

    Go to a local park, and take a few of both of your friends, and play a sporty game. ex.- kickball, baseball, softball, football, basketball etc. And after the game, go get a bite to eat as you talk about how fun the game was, (Romantic Date Ideas for Your Boyfriend or girlfriend)

    • Picnic under the stars

    Grab some blankets and your favorite dinner. Drive until you find the perfect spot. Have a little bit of good food, cuddling, and conversation. And you can bet they will be wishing on the shooting stars for you.

    • On a budget date

    When on a limited income, take the money you have on you at the time divide it and go to somewhere like Wal-Mart and buy something that reminds you of the other person then get together and show what you found for the other one. 

    • Draw each other

    What's more romantic than to look into your lover's beautiful eyes while you both try to draw each other!? The outcome is an amazement since whether you have craftsmanship ability, the drawing will be uncommon in light of the fact that it is finished by you, (Romantic Date Ideas for Your Boyfriend or girlfriend)

    • Memory book

    Purchase an extravagant journal, fill the pages with photographs, record why that minute was extraordinary, why you love him/her, how you felt, write down all the things you want to say when you feel too shy to say it out, both of you should contribute to the "Memory book"...very romantic!! 

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend and Girlfriend  

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend - Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    • Kisses and Bath

    Kiss when not expected - Just turn to him or her and give her/him a kiss when they least expect following by "I love you!!" 

    Kissing - When you kiss her, hold and stroke her face, as if you are totally and completely taken by her. 

    Never fail - hot bubble bath, with wine, soft music and candlelight.

    Rose petal trail - Get home early. Leave a trail of rose petals from the door into the bathroom. Have all lights out except candles. And, a hot bath running with sensual smells. Slowly wash your partner. They will love it! 

    Sleepy Kisses - Hold your partner while they sleep, kiss their forehead and run your fingers through their hair. Wake them up with gentle kisses on the lips. 

    Listen to eighties - Sit and turn all lights off only light candles listen to love songs and sing to each other.

    Romance Away - If your significant other is going on a business trip, make little love notes or buy mushy cards and mark them for different days to be opened by your love. If you can, place them in his/her luggage or put together a package and give it to him/her before they go away. You will see how happy this makes them feel and it lets them know that you are always thinking of them :) 

    Sensual Evening - Before he gets home, blow up 8 balloons, in one have chocolate, in another massage oil, in another lubricant, in another body chocolate, in another condoms, in another a sweet love letter or poem, in another write a sensual and erotic story with the main star him, and in another rose petals with a note buried in them saying " I love you honey ". He'll love it! You don't have to use it all but it gives a hint! 

    When he comes home from work have a nice bath ready and have nice bubble bath in it, sprinkle it with rose petals, get his fav drink ready, light candles and join him in the bath, massage him, wash him and afterwards dry him off! 

    Before he gets home, have candles lit all over the house, and rose petals in a trail leading to the kitchen table, lie in your hot lingerie, in a hot position and a chocolate cake in front of you with the letters piped in icing saying "Let's make love" and chocolates surrounding you and body chocolate on your body and he won't be able to resist your sweetness. 

    Hair - Wash and comb your woman's hair; she'll love it!

    Notes - Stop by his/her work and leave a note on their windshield so that you can put a smile on their face after they have had a long hard day.

    Upside-Down Kiss - Most of us have experience with the ``traditional French kiss. Try that ``kiss upside down. It's a pretty awesome` `kiss... We've found. 

    Hot Underwear!! - Buy a small box and buy tissue paper. Then inside put red and white rose petals. Then place one of your best underwear and spray your perfume. Also put chocolates inside of the box. Add a note saying how much you want him to put back the underwear and take it off. Write down a meeting time and place for a sensuous evening. 

    Romantic Ways to Propose 

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend
    Romantic Ways to Propose

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend - Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    • Marriage Proposal

    He took me away from work early on my birthday, and we went to Sunset Cliffs to see the big waves from the storm. Then, he gave me my birthday gift, which was poem he had written for me, and had made all pretty and framed. It was beautiful . . . about how there are a billion stars, but only one shines bright enough for him . . . Then, he said he'd gotten me one other thing, but it was just a little thing, and pulled out my engagement ring! I was shocked speechless, so he said "it goes on this finger," and slid it on my ring finger, then got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I started to cry and said "YES!"

    After having talked about marriage for a few months (immediately after we started dating!), he told me he wanted to go look for rings...I was very excited and expected to start "browsing" in the following weeks. That Sunday we had planned on going to Rosarito for a family barbecue (my parents own a vacation home there), since the weather was nice, he suggested we make a weekend out of it and stay at Las Rocas Resort.

    I was having a great time and didn't expect anything more than that from our little getaway... but to my surprise he had more in store for me, that evening as I stood on the balcony and watched the sunset, he ran to the car (using the excuse that he wanted to get some CDs) and hurried back in to catch the sun go down. I was so lost in the sunset I failed to notice that he was holding a box and there was an amazing ring in it! I nearly fainted! The family was expecting us on Sun for an engagement party, this was the first and probably only time when I had no idea what he was up to. Thank goodness!

    He took me to the house that we were in the process of building and it was dark out. The box lit up when you opened it, so with my back to him, he opened it, causing me to turn around, and then got on one knee and proposed.

    He called me outside to come see what our dog was doing. When I got outside, he was on one knee with our dog. Then he asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life with the two of them. And of course, I said yes - Romantic Ways To Propose.

    Romantic Ideas

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend - Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    • Romantic Activities

    Blinded by Love - Blind fold your partner. Take one of their hands and delicately murmur a caring word into their hand and check whether they can get it. Move to their lower arm, shoulder, and so on doing likewise. As you go further along, move from words into phrases with the goal that it's progressively troublesome. On the off chance that they answer effectively, give them a kiss in that spot. Go everywhere throughout the body.

    A Love for Fabric - Make a pillow, set of curtains, or fabric picture frame with a cute design or simple, warm, and loving colors. 

    A Baby's Day - Treat him like a baby for at the least one day a week - bathe him, clothe him, feed him, wear his socks and attend to all his whims for one full day! 

    Sweet Kisses - When you know you won't be home when they get off work etc. Leave a note on the door saying "I tried leaving kisses on the door, but most of them fell off" and leave Hershey kisses on the floor. 

    Write a story - Write a romantic and hot short story that features your sweetheart and yourself, in the style of a paperback romance novel. If you want to really be charming, get an artist (it is not as expensive as you think) to render a drawing of you and her/him to act as a cover and present it to your sweetheart. You can hire a writer to write a story for you that features you and her/him so it will surprise both of you if you want.

    Romantic Ideas for Her and Him

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend - Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    • Chocolate and Flowers

    Yum - Write "I LOVE YOU" in chocolate kisses on a table.   

    Chocolate Melt - Heat up a chocolate heart until it just starts to melt, when it starts to melt, remove it from the heat and place it in the refrigerator. Give it to them with a note that says "My heart melts when I'm around you.    

    A sweet gift - Buy her chocolates for no particular reason.    

    Beautiful things - Give her 11 long stem red roses and a hand mirror and tell her that these are the 12 most beautiful things in the world.

    Surprise - Surprise her by leaving a rose in different places you know she will visit. The bed side table, the shower, the car seat, her desk at the office, or her locker. ANYWHERE just surprise her, just when she thinks it's the last one makes sure there is another waiting. 12 should do the trick.

    Ideas for Romantic Dinner or More

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    • Romantic Ideas with Foods

    Personal Waitress - Prepare him a meal in your house or in his house. Preferably somewhere you are both going to be alone. Make a menu of what is going to be served. Compose a title that says "welcome to interests café". You should be dressed with a very hot lingerie and heels. While doing the menu instead of entering prices for the food, you must enter 5 Kisses or Foreplay or massage and so on. For each thing served, he must give you the price. Treat him like a king and then you'll get your share too. 

    Romantic evening - Go to the beach and bring a blanket and a radio. Sit on the cover while taking care of one another chocolates or natural products, with some delicate music playing. Then tell him/her how you feel about them, while holding hands, walking in the sand. 

    Valentine surprise! - make some heart shape sugar cookies and decorate them. (you could even buy them) then leave them on your mates' passenger seat in their car, so when they go to work it's knowing how much they are loved. 

    10 course meal - Prepare a dinner with multiple courses. Take your love to a street that's rather busy and make sure you both dress in best. Set up a folding table, and chairs and pull out candles. Treat her with old fashioned courtesy. Have friends drive by and become a waiter for the moment-each friend bringing a different coarse- pay no attention to the funny looks, honks, etc. 

    Help from a friend - Make arrangements to have a friend come over and set up a romantic dinner while you two are out running an errand. Include: romantic music, candles, food already prepared, bottle of chilled wine.

    Other Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend 

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend, Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend - Romantic Things to Do for Your Boyfriend

    Book a hotel room one night. Go to dinner that night. In dinner pardon yourself and consider a companion that comprehends what you are arranging and guide them to go to your lodging and draw an air pocket shower with roses in the tub. Have candles burning all around the bath tub. And the rest is up to you. 

    When you know he/she is busy at work and can't get away for lunch/dinner etc. order dinner from their favorite restaurant or send a pizza, and ALWAYS include dessert. Email them a little love note to let them know you care and they are on your mind. 

    For Valentine's Day my boyfriend sent me an invitation in the mail to have dinner at "Justin's Fine Dining". When I got to his house, he opened the door but wouldn't let me in. A few minutes later he came back out with me and we stood there for a few minutes. Next, he opened the door for me and we walked in (I was obviously very confused at this point). Standing there in a waiter's apron was his friend. Our "host/waiter" showed us to our table (adorned with two candles and a long-stemmed red rose) in the "restaurant" (a room in Justin's house). There we had our romantic dinner and even a dance. That's only one of the sweet things he's done for me!

    Proposal idea: Plan a night of just staying in for dinner and movies. When you sit down on the couch to cuddle grab a notebook and ask your significant other to play hangman. Make the secret message you write for them to figure out to say "Will you marry me?" 

    Make sure you let your loved one know you appreciate them. Take the time to find a card that expresses your care, admiration, and love for them. Ad your own words, and let them know how much they mean to you. Mail it with a tiny amount of your favorite cologne or essential oil, so they think of you and the scent when they read the note.

    It really is the little things that count. Romance doesn't have to involve chocolate, picnics, soft music, beaches, intimacy, or even a tireless repetition of those 'three magical words'. Romance can be as simple as taking an activity which you both enjoy and doing it together. If you both enjoy reading, I think it is great fun to find a quiet place alone and read out loud together. You could find that it adds a whole new dimension to the characters and plot or you could find yourselves roaring with laughter. Everyone knows a good laugh is always fun. 

    For his birthday send the kids to a babysitter (if you have some) and spend the whole day together at home. Make him/her a nice dinner, rent some romantic movies, and get some good wine and let the day carry you away. 

    Lay a blanket with a small portion of his favorite meal on the roof top of a secure building. Play his favorite song whatever it may be. Feed him. Let him pick the conversation topic. Respond with closed answers only. When he is finish eating, lay him back and make love to him. 

    Sit your honey down and proceed to wash her feet. Once this is done give her a full treatment foot massage with scented lotion and the works. The whole time you are doing this be telling her all the reasons you love her, quote love poems to her (Shakespeare's sonnets are great), and tell her of your favorite memories with her. Once you are done seal it all with a kiss on each foot.

    Record your voice on a disc/tape, telling him/her how much you love him/her. Then slip it into his/her bag just before he/she is leaving on a business trip. You could have some delicate sentimental tune playing out of sight when you're recording your voice. (I just thought of this... I'm going to try it ASAP!)

    Guys get her a custom-made ring (birthstone or diamond) and set up a weekend getaway together. Decorate the room with at least 2 dozen roses... roses all over the bed... and next to the hot tub a glass bowl filled with rose petals and 2 sponges with scented soapy water. Wine is chilling when you show up... next to the wine sliced strawberries and whipped cream. Need I say more? After you arrive pop the wine and give her the ring. She'll never forget it... You either. 

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