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    71 Social Media Quotes for FB, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

    Social Media Quotes: Social Media, over the past few years with all its services and platforms, has changed the way we behave and relate to each other on the Internet in ways unheard of before. 

    Millions and millions of people are now using social media to talk, share, communicate and collaborate. People share their post or content out via Social Media for their visitors, friends, families and also for their businesses. 

    Social Media is used for educating, entertainment and building community online. 

    Social Media Quotes

    Social Media Quotes, Social Media Marketing Quotes
    Social Media Quotes

    It’s great to see so many more organizations looking to embrace it and use it. If I look back about three years ago the organizations that were making most use of it were small businesses. 

    One of the reasons we saw smaller organizations use it was very often they had recognized they needed to market their businesses for the recession. 

    They had limited budgets; they didn’t have to have lots of forms of approval to be able to do it. [Social Media platforms] were free and they were easy to use and had a very low barrier for entry.

    Most of the organizations at that time, and some still are, were nervous around things like, “What happens if people say negative things about us?” and “Not sure how we get started,” and so on.

     Facebook is going more ubiquitous these days. As they’ve expanded the functionality of it, they are sucking more people in. It passed the 2.4 billion+ mark recently and it has become the place to go Social Media Quotes.

     Some education boards are seeking to replace textbooks describing evolution with those positing Intelligent Design. But regardless of whether you believe in evolution by natural selection or not, most people believe that human beings exist in their final form, and that we are not subject to evolving or changing in a significant way. However, some of thought leaders are challenging that idea. Social Media having a advantage with role in taking humanity to the next level.

     It’s all about positioning yourself as a trusted expert in front of your target market, so when they have the need, they choose you.

     Social Media Quotes YouTube.

     YouTube has become a search destination. It’s now the second largest search engine in the world after Google. What people are doing now is going to directly to YouTube to find videos. That has implications - there are lots of video sites you could be using like blip.tv, Vimeo, and several others. But why would you use them if YouTube is the place that everyone goes to? If you wanted traffic for your video, would you put it anywhere else other than YouTube really? It strikes me you would be kind of crazy to.

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     Social Media Quotes Twitter.

     Twitter really works is when people are on the ground witnessing events and sending out real-time texts and pictures. On Twitter it requires the physical presence of observers to make the news come alive and have meaning. Twitter coverage which is no more than the retweeting of the already processed news stream lacks immediacy, scope and depth.

     Twitter being used at its very best. Lots of accounts from real people at an ongoing event. It was fascinating to observe how so many people recounted so many different aspects of the same event even though at times they could have well been standing beside each other. There is nothing like that sort of coverage anywhere else in the media and it is something that makes Twitter truly unique.

     Social Media Quotes Foursquare.

     Foursquare is a location-based social media networking apps that integrates with Facebook and Twitter to share the locations you choose to 'check-in' to with your social networking 'friends' & fellow Foursquare users. It's helps to making friends at your locality. It's also helps to the customers recommending their favorite businesses and businesses recognizing them with special benefits. When I check in around town it seems that so far, I know about half of the people from twitter already. And it raises my visibility in the 'social' circle of web technology enthusiasts. That, is a good thing.

     People tend to have less friends on Facebook than on Twitter, and status update with less frequency on average. It is good to post 3-6 times daily on Facebook.

     You really can't tweet too much. No one will not to like you for being too attentive to your visitors on Twitter. Just make sure that you're tweeting ENOUGH. At least 6 times a day Social Media Quotes.

     They dream of finding the greatest automated social marketing system that will instantly produce hordes of highly targeted conversion ready traffic.

     Social Media Marketing Quotes.

    Social Media Quotes, Social Media Marketing Quotes
    Social Media Quotes

     Social Media Marketing is all about regular communication via sites and technologies such as Twitter, Facebook and Blogs. A person with an infomercial mindset and approach to business will expect immediate and overwhelming success from their first blog post or tweet. They might continue on for a week or so, but they will quickly give up because they didn’t see an immediate 4x increase in their inbound traffic.

     The hidden power of social media marketing comes with the volume accumulated over time. It isn’t about a single tweet. It isn’t about a single Facebook update. The power comes from the myriad of terms that will naturally be generated by just writing on a regular basis Social Media Marketing Quotes.

     If it is your stated objective to dominate the search engines, you won’t achieve your goal by posting virtually the same content over and over. Mix it up and be unique. Don’t be afraid of seasonal content as it will bloom and produce fruit on a yearly basis. Human life exists within the periods that repeat each year, so write content on how to prepare your vehicle for winter or summer. Write evergreen content that is useful year-round on topics such as navigation systems and Bluetooth connectivity. Most importantly write about what interests you, and the collection or catalog of content your produce will yield you powerful long-term consistent traffic.

     Social Media Quotes Emotional Facebook.

     Let me see you try to live without it. Where is your heartbeat now? Flat line at EKG.

     I live and I learn but I wait for my turn. I was always on the run and there was weight to burn.

     One thing about music is that when it touches you, it doesn't hurt.

     Let’s do the right crime: I stole your heart and you stole mine Social Media Quotes.

     Whenever I see my name on my phone, I smile and my heart starts beating a little faster.

     I want to know if someone thinks of me as their own.

     Some people are more interested in the lives of others than their people.

     My heart beats. Echo on the cold streets. Nightmares and darkness begin to gather.

     Social Media Quotes LinkedIn.

     Twenty-four times more likely to be in contact with less than five people who have a job opportunity.

     Most new customers only keep their current company on their profile. By doing so, they severely limit their ability to connect with people. You need to fill your profile as an executive bio, so include previous companies, education, affiliation and activities. You can also add a link to your profile as part of an email signature. An added benefit is that this link allows people to see all your credentials, which can be awkward if not completely embarrassing as an attachment.

     LinkedIn allows you to make your profile information available for search engines to index. Because LinkedIn profiles rank very high on Google, it's a good way to influence what people are looking for when searching for you. To do this, create a public profile and select "Full View". Also, customize the URL of your public profile as your real name, rather than using the default URL - (Social Media Quotes)

     Apart from your name, you can also promote your blog or website to search engines like Google and Yahoo. Your LinkedIn profile allows you to promote websites. There are some pre-selected categories, such as "My Website," "My Company". You can edit the link name if you choose "Other". If you are linking to your personal blog, include your name or descriptive word and voila in the link! Instant search-engine optimization for your site. To do this, make sure your public profile setting is set to "Full View".

     LinkedIn reference check tool to search for a company name and a reference to someone who has worked at the company for years. Your search will find people who have worked in the company at the same time. Since the instructions provided by the candidate are usually shiny, this is a good way to get more balanced data. Companies usually check your instructions before hiring you, but have you ever thought about checking your potential manager instructions? Most interviewers do not dare ask the potential employer for references, but there is a way you can get him out with LinkedIn. You may also find a company that is searching for the person with the job you are interviewing for. Do this by searching for a job title and company, but uncheck the "current title only" option. By contacting people in positions, you can get the scoop on the job, manager and development potential. By the way, if using LinkedIn in these ways has become common practice, we won't be seeing more honest resumes. There is nothing more fun than knowing that a candidate who has had some big success is the only bozo for the ride.

     You can use LinkedIn to find people you meet. Knowing that you went to the same school, playing hockey, or the awkward silence after sharing acquaintances, said, "I'm doing well, thank you." Social Media Quotes.

     Do Advanced Search for Company Name and uncheck the "Current Companies Only" box. This allows you to check the turnover rate and whether key people are leaving the ship. Former employees usually give more clear views of the company's prospects across the board.

     If you're thinking about investing or working in a field, use LinkedIn to find people who have worked for competitors - or better yet, failed companies.

     You can find people who start new startups on your network by doing a sophisticated search of keywords like "stealth" or "new startup". Apply the "Sort" filter "away from you" to see people closest to you.

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     Social Media Quotes Facebook.

    Social Media Quotes, Social Media Marketing Quotes
    Social Media Quotes

     Best Social Media Quotes website includes many Social Media Quotes Facebook and sayings, Love Quotes, life quotes for your face book profile page. The sayings are updated daily, so you can find new status messages in the website. If you like any Social Media Marketing Quotes you can share it on your profile page as a picture.

     My sweet name, first name and last name will continuously be pronounced and spelled wrong.

     If heartiest feeling for someone occurs, you have to talks to them first.

     Brace yourselves guys, the season of yoga pants is coming Social Media Quotes.

     Feeling Beast After You Rap a Verse of a Lil' Wayne Song Without Messing Up.

     I need my music LOUD!

     School, Home, Eat, Facebook, Sleep.

     What do you mean I can't use Wikipedia as a source?

     I understand. I just don't care.

     Eric – “Can't believe that NYC got almost no snow and we have over a foot already and its still coming down” — Thank you Storm Field.

     Scott -” Snow? I don’t see any snow!” — What's with all the weathermen wannabes - (Social Media Quotes)

     Angel – “Hot shooting hand game 1 and 2, shoddy defense games 3 and 4 lead to a 2-2 night for Darko Polo Basketball… And i don't think your thumb is supposed to be the colors mine are at the moment.”

     Christina – “So I ask last week “Should I forward report to team to have completed” I am told “Yes, one more month at least” I send report out and then told “I may scrap this” OMG MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!!! And they say WOMEN change their minds! HA” — And we care about this because?

     Chris – “So it's 315 in the morning and me and Tim are watching a lady gaga concert… and its awesome.”  — And they admit they are watching this.  Goo Goo for Ga ga. lady ga ga come on!

     Jodie – “hates being censored” — I am glad we all know this now.  I can sleep better tonight.

     Eric – “is really not a fan of this new Facebook layout” — I will make note of this and I am sure Facebook cares.

     Jeffrey – “has to be in work at 7pm tomorrow, as least i am off from 8 this morning till then” — And you are telling me this because?

     Lori – “the kitchen counter” — I am glad she posted that cause we were all wondering.  I thought living room couch myself.

     Susan – “has made a solemn vow to never watch MTV again because it is probable that when those idiots from the horrific show get married,) TLC will probably do a show about them having ‘kids’ and call it ‘18 maladjusted, codependent, time warp, dysfunctional kids and counting’. I weep for the future of this country.”  — Ok who is actually reading all this.

     Anna – “some people need to act their age & not their Shoe Size” —HA she told you.  What are we 14.  I am the rubber you are the glue…. (Social Media Quotes)

     Mary – “Anyone having problems retrieving AOL mail tonight?” — LMAO AOL and you admit you use AOL!

     Jennifer – “Front hall table” — I am glad she posted this or we all would not know... know what?

     Fran – “selling Girl Scout cookies until 1:30 at the Neighborhood Wal-Mart on University and Wiles. Come by and get a box or two” — I am rushing over to buy some. NOOOOT!

     Geri – “Hopes the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow and that he bites Mayor Bloomberg again.” — OK now do people still care about a stupid groundhog!

     Christiana -Put ♥ this ♥ on ♥ your ♥ status ♥ if ♥ you ♥ know ♥ someone ♥ who ♥ deserves ♥ a ♥ smack ♥ in ♥ the ♥ face ♥ with ♥ a ♥ shovel ♥” — Hold I will drop everything and do this because you told me so.

     Gloria – “I love shopping!!” — And we need to know this why!

     Leslie – “spent around two hour in court this morning, with a hangover! Thankfully, the ticket was dismissed” — I hope it was not for DUI.

     Jillian – “It's time for the FREEDOM party!!”  – -And we are supposed to know what this is?

     Charlene -” K The Hubby and my bed is calling my name… Night everyone.” — I feel his pain... I feel his pain!

     Michael – “Love me hottie!!” — OK English is a second language?

     Eric - "Had a great time with the boys last night, but the heartburn today is gonna kill me" — I wont ask… Fun with the boys nice.

     Fran – "It is happy that the Mets signed Josh Fogg." — MET fan that says it all - (Social Media Quotes)

     Marianne – “Looking forward to spending time with some warm, fuzziness type friends today. See you later!” — Ok should we ask or do we want to watch that's the question.

     Amor Says – “Happy birthday to my wife.  I love you” — Ok I understand you love your wife and everything but don’t you talk to her.

     Tanya is – “On the couch” — Do I care she is on the couch.  Do you care she is on the couch? Get off the couch and do something.

     Erika – “P.A.W. Pet Appreciation... Week Change your profile to your pet for the rest of the week.” — I don’t want to see her pet do you? Appreciate me not your pet.

     Holly – “ooaa Me so hungry” — Then get off the computer and get something to eat.

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