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    Understand Your Unconditional Love in Various Conditions

    Unconditional Love: What is love? So many people are searching for the answer to that question. I searched for a long time. One day I realized that when you love someone, it is not about you. 

    Love is a selfless act of giving and caring. Listening to your spouse is so important. For the first couple of years in my marriage, I did not do this. 

    I screamed for my voice to be heard and never took time to listen to him. I did not give him my time and understanding when he needed it. I learned that this was not going to make my marriage happier. 

    I finally realized that his opinion mattered as much as mine did. I finally saw that being happily married meant that I had to die to myself! 

    The Lord showed me that when we realize HIS love for us, we can love others too. I know that God showed me this in order for me to live a better example before my non-believing husband. 

    LOVE IS not love if it is not Unconditional. Love does not see everything wrong but also sees and focuses on the right and the good. 

    God is love and you must really know Him in order to begin to be able to love others. Love sees what a person can become and believes and hopes even when there doesn't seem to be a reason to. 

    Just as God is so long-suffering with us, we have to realize that He "puts up with us" and bears with us.

    Unconditional Love

    Unconditional Love Examples, Pure Unconditional Love

    The Role of Romantic Play During the Beginning of a Relationship: Let’s talk about the beginning of a relationship, when you first felt that exciting attraction for someone. 

    There is that wonderful euphoric feeling of falling for the other person. Using play is at the heart of every courtship, regardless of the approach. It is the approach that differs from person to person and culture to culture.

    It’s called love magic.

    Anthropologists who investigate so called primitive cultures described a curious type of courtship, which they called love magic. 

    For example, the would-be suitor, who is almost always a male, might throw rocks at a girl or put oily material in her hair or perhaps smear a colored paint-like substance on her shoulder. 

    Among the Southwestern Apache Indians, the male flashed a mirror at his intended love interest, while the African Azande tried to manipulate the dreams of his beloved women. 

    In central India, the Baiga’s love potions were made most powerful by adding some dust from the women’s right footprint. 

    These practices are highly ritualized and involve belief in some inchoate powers, which the rituals are able to tap, but they are also communicative acts.

    When a woman knows of a man’s intentions, the magic can be understood in psychological terms as hypnotic suggestion. 

    In fact, Sigmund Freud wrote of being in love as having many similarities to a hypnotic state. One benefit over a more direct approach is that, if rejected, the suitor may be less embarrassed. 

    The same function is served in Western industrialized cultures by plan. 

    We often banter with each other when the intended goal is seemingly to entertain ourselves and make each other laugh. 

    But however, the approach we are using, and from whatever culture we are from, we are checking each other out: Am I interested in you, are you interested in me?

    Play also helps facilitate an early attraction, for the same reason that a public speaker begins his talk with a couple of jokes it sets his audience at ease. 

    A chance of having a direct appeal on our love interest can only come after we have set this relaxed atmosphere and put the other person at ease, just like our public speaker does with his audience above. 

    Another advantage of the playful approach that also delivers those same feelings of love magic, is during the process of getting the attention of the person in whom you are interested. 

    Being creative with your approach and winning over the other person one little bit at time is, to many people, more joyous of an experience than actually falling in love.

    Unconditional Love
    Unconditional Love

    What Does it Mean to Love Someone Unconditionally?

    Unconditional Love You...

    What is Unconditional Love in a Relationship: It is best to look at "unconditional love", at least several times in our lives - when we born and when we leave. 

    The moment we are conceived, we feel the love of our mother, and when we die, we feel the love of people who care about us. 

    Pure Unconditional Love becomes perhaps the most important factor when we open ourselves up to other people in an exceptional, associated way, for example, during sentimental love.

    The feeling of unconditional love is what we connect with our souls. It is a delicate love in which we allow others or potentially move them. 

    The feeling of Unconditional Love has both acceptance and the provision of perspectives. It also has to do with trust.

    How do You Love Someone Unconditionally?

    It is important that to understand what makes each other feel loved, "in particular, in case you have the wrong coordination in how you both express love by each other.

    Here are some ways to develop "Pure Unconditional Love": -

    • Prepare yourself to self-love.

    • Support yourself.

    • Allow meetings with others to influence you.

    • Surround yourself with people who are cheerful and cherished.

    • To do everything possible so as not to use the word follows.

    • Send love to troubled people throughout your life.

    • Continue the habitual practice of meditation.

    • Destroy your negative thoughts.

    What is the Difference Between Love and Unconditional Love You?

    Conditional love implies the existence of certain conditions, likes and dislikes that determine the degree of our love. It is about someone who coordinates our own needs, desires and points of view. 

    This may be due to the nature, physical infatuation or inclination that we experience when we are with these people.

    Unconditional Love is to get rid of an open heart and allow yourself to travel more effectively through disappointment. 

    Frankly, you are too upset with others, which allows you to make excuses and allows you to see and understand integrity in others. It can also draw attention to how restraining love can be.

    Unconditional Love Examples

    Unconditional Love, Unconditional Love You
    Pure Unconditional Love

    Here are the few of "Unconditional Love Examples" in various conditions with pure love below: -

    Unconditional Love

    • Unconditional Love "Sharing Feelings"

    When a husband shares his feelings with his wife, he wants his wife to say he is right and that she appreciates him and his wisdom.

    When a wife shares her feelings with her husband, she primarily wants him to show her he is interested in her and so she wants him to listen intently and she wants him to offer his sympathy but not offer solutions.  His wife wants him to be sympathetic and caring towards her.

    • Unconditional Love "Cyber Love"

    Many nights I tossed in pain wondering if I would ever meet a man to love me for the person I was inside. I have had two marriages which were very unhappy situations which ended in divorce. 

    I tried dating other men they just didn't meet the standards I was searching for; so, I just stopped dating and became lost in myself. 

    All I would do is go to church, to the store and movies occasionally then back to my bed I became a recluse. 

    While searching a web site for dating, I was approached by a gentleman several times at first, I kept saying no, he continued to send me invites until he wore me down and I finally agreed to talk to him. 

    We talked for months; finally, I agreed to meet with him. It turned out to be one of the best days of my life, he rode a motor cycle. 

    When he came into the room where I was, He literally took my breath away, 6'0 athletic build the man I always dreamed of being with. After three months We are still together and growing stronger every day.

    Unconditional Love You

    Unconditional Love

    • Pure Unconditional Love in All Ramification

    Married couples should love themselves in all conditions. This is also applicable to people that are seriously engaged to settle down. 

    Action they say, speaks louder than voice. The action of couples towards each other should tell them that their love is a "Pure Unconditional Love".  

    Boate married Ade and they were blessed with five children; three boys and two girls. In the fifteenth year of their marriage, 

    Ade fell sick and was diagnosed to have kidney failure. She was told to look for somebody that would be able to donate a matching kidney. 

    She discussed with his husband that she will call her sister who lives outside the country because they were living in Ghana. 

    To Ade's surprise, his husband ceased her two lines and deprived her of having any contact because he voiced that Ade is too young to suffer from kidney failure. 

    The children would have been of help but they do not have the number. Ade was in pain until she passed away.

    Boate supposed to show Pure Unconditional Love to a woman that had born him five children if not for any other reason. 

    She needed him most at that time, but his heart was like a stone. Please, readers try to LOVE Unconditionally.

    • Unconditional Love You "How could she lie"

    Three years ago, my wife brought my little girl in to this world. My wife has two boys already, ages four and six by the same guy. 

    And I thought I could never have kids and then my little girl came. As time went on, I started to see she was not mixed and at his point. 

    I already fell in love with my baby and once, I started asking my wife what’s going on and then she tells me. That the child, I gave my name to and love so dearly is by the father of her two boys. That killed me. 

    But we still got married and we are very much a happy family to this day. But I can’t help but hurt because my wife now has her tubes tied and now all my hopes for a blood child are gone.

    Editor: Well your story is a sad story and yet a happy story because it shows the power of love and the power of forgiveness. 

    It's sad that your wife cheated but it is wonderful that you forgave her and accept the little girl and the boys. 

    Hopefully she won't have anything to do with that other guy.  I pray God will bless your marriage and help you forget about that other guy. God can help you love them and love your wife.

    • Unconditional Love You "It survived beyond what I thought could"

    Last year I stumbled onto this site in the midst of the worst incident in my somewhat short life. I was surfing the internet looking for answers, looking for solace, looking for. 

    I had suffered a mortal wound from someone I confided, however they did tell me yet.  

    I first came across this website not expecting anything never hearing of it before. I typed in a specific search and through a web search engine; one of the findings was a link to this website. 

    I had started my internet quest for information and help from a slightly different stance. I am a man of profound stated belief in God of the Bible, Jesus Christ. 

    I was looking for signs of a mortal wound. Ways to know that; "Yes, this is real. Seek immediate help."

    Last year, by this time, I had been married 6 years to the woman I had been together dating with for four years, since I graduated high school and she was starting her senior year. 

    We had 3 young kids by this point. Growing together in the beginning, no matter how much I told her I was not (credit to having that much wisdom), I was the "perfect boyfriend". 

    We were very close, yet noticed the challenges about a year into the marriage.  Signaling the end of the 'honeymoon'.  

    Fast forward about 7 years, of a darkening marriage to which my wife did not like coming home, spending all of her time at her best friends to avoid what our marriage was becoming; not something that I wanted, nor would allow, yet somehow was. 

    We ended up only having intimacy only about 3 times a year since somewhat after 1 year of marriage, and those times were only when I initiated. A stark contrast to the very beginning.  

    Things got worse and I found out the impossible happened. I didn't fully appreciate the meaning of surreal until that moment. 

    That my wife was having a 'fling', as the words between herself and her best friend described it. Turned out to be an intimacy one. 

    This was a gut-wrenching blow that I had never felt. I did not know the tidal wave that was coming down the road. I had only been with my wife intimation and that made this that much worse. 

    It basically unraveled from there on out. I found out from a message to me via the internet from the other man’s wife, suspecting my wife and her husband being evolved with each other to some level. 

    After confronting her with that information she finally admitted the truth. This was after what seemed to be a thousand lies the weeks prior to first discovering all of this.

    We went to a very spiritual church, regularly. She was saved as was I. "How could something like this happen?", I thought.  

    The problem with this is that she was so spiritually tied up, consumed and lost, she did not and would not stop, even though she told me it was. 

    But her spirit was so contrary to all of it. More things happened; signs slipped through.  I sought counseling. Yet a marriage could not be saved by one individual, I was unknowingly learning.

    When I first came to this website, I heard many stories of miraculous "turn arounds" feeding glimpses of hope. I loved God; I loved my wife. This was going to work. 

    I had fasted 5 days straight to save a marriage that only wanted to be save by one of the two enjoined members. 

    She did not stop as the stories for presenting opportunities for her to venture on in this affair continued to be wrapped up in very presentable lies. 

    This had gone on for a few months without much proof that something was actually going on. I finally came across the proof that this had not stopped nor showed any signs of stopping. 

    I was one breath away from suffocating spiritually and apparently physically.  

    I, after many confiding talks with my Pastor, I finally made my own decision to give up. I could not survive fighting this fight. It was a burden I could not bear. 

    However, I always put in this one clause; God if you want this to work then you are going to have to make it work. I cannot and I give up. 

    You are going to have to change her heart and my heart as well, which I'm leaving it open for. If this will work out and you get the glory in this then so be it. But until then or otherwise--I'm done. That was my conclusion.  

    I from there began looking for a divorce. We were separated a few months before then. I had the paperwork and only needed the money to file it. 

    I would even sale my car to get the money, I wanted to stop being hurt that bad. But for some reason I could never manage it to work out.

    After about 6 months of separation and during the last 3 months of it, I began to pursue a divorce. My wife and I continued to go to the same church. 

    There was only one car and she would pick up the kids to go to church. I would not ride with her, so subsequently started missing out on church. 

    The day before my 30th birthday, I was catching a train home from spending the weekend out of town on my birthday, my friends were taking me out to celebrate; them knowing the story of what I was going through. 

    This is the part where it gets very different. I got to the station barely in time, only to put my money in about 7 times just to get it rejected. 

    Right when I got the ticket my last train home left. The only train left was going to the city were my church was. I was going to go to that city and head on another train home from there. 

    Instead I found myself on the bus in my church city on my way to church. By the time I would get there it would have been about 45 minutes into the service. 

    I had this strangest and most heavy feeling all that day that I needed to be there in church.

    Turns out there was a reason. I got there for the evening service that night about the time frame I had expected. 

    So, when I got there, came in and there were many people down in front for prayer. Some circled around by other members supporting them in prayer. I did not pay it much mind; it was much of the norm at times. 

    While I was standing in the front while the others where in prayer. I noticed, face full of tears, my wife walking around the front and up to me. She had said only the two words; "I'm sorry". 

    Words that she had NEVER said to me before during this last year. She then hugged me and I hugged her back as we stood there for a few minutes crying with each other. God had done the miraculous.  

    We have now been back together for about 3 months, her at home, re-building our marriage. Starting a new foundation. 

    We started counseling with our pasture and I cannot yet I fully can believe the change. Only God can change a person's heart.  

    After a few months of first discovering her affair, while she has no signs of looking back and me fighting on my own, I once (and not just once) had a moment.  

    Thinking back to some of the stories on this site, of "turn arounds", I thought about myself and about how my situation was so much worse than anything I read on here, and I have left out some grim details, and thought mine was different, mine was worse, mine was not going to make it.  

    I now look forward to our future testimonies to possibly help other couples who unfortunately may go through this same thing in some way.  

    I even right this now, as I wait for her on her way home from work, the kids are with family and we have a date!

    Whatever you lose your hope in, don't lose hope in God, whatever the situation ends being. I hope this story can help just one person to strengthen them and encourage them. I pray for you and your marriage. 

    God is above all things and really loves you.

    Our Unconditional Love

    Pure Unconditional Love, What is Unconditional Love in a Relationship
    Unconditional Love You

    Never before have had I ever realized what "Unconditional Love" between a man and woman was. Not before God blessed me with my husband, Mike. 

    When we met, I was coming out of a terrible marriage. I had been separated from a very abusive controlling man and had come to terms with the fact that I was not worth the dirt that I walked on. 

    For so many years I had been verbally cut down and abused. I had come to terms with my worthlessness and was willing to live with it. 

    Then, God crossed our paths. Mike has been the most wonderful, loving, understanding and uplifting person in my life. 

    In my past marriage I would always "hope" that my husband loved me, and I would say things like, "I believe he loves me, but I don't know why he is so mean to me." 

    At different times in my first marriage I would find pornography and it would absolutely crush my heart and soul. 

    Then he would cry and tell me he was sorry and wouldn't do it anymore, and then there would be more internet links to porn and magazines hidden in the ceilings of the closets, and in between the mattress and box springs of the bed. He actually tried to get me to watch videos with him and I wouldn't. 

    My first husband made me fear men. I believed that they all did these things to women and I was afraid to ever even think about starting again with someone else. 

    My first husband back handed me when I called him a jerk for not praying with me. He was a Sunday school teacher when I met him.  

    He gave up teaching the kids; because the parents of the teens found out he was playing a game called Dungeons and Dragons. They approached the pastor and said they would leave if he didn't take him out of the teaching position.  

    The pastor gave him the choice of stopping the game or giving up the teaching. He gave up the teaching. I was devastated. 

    We were married 12 years. My new husband and I have a very blessed marriage. He is called to be a pastor and I too am called to minister. In all my life I have never known a more talkative open loving man. 

    I can say with ALL confidence that this man loves me more than life and I love him more than I ever loved anyone. God has truly blessed me, I believe because through all the terrible times I endured with my past husband, I was faithful to him anyway until God gave me the peace to leave him. 

    Only when I knew God gave me the OK to leave was when I actually left. I am thankful for my husband Mike and his obedience to God. I am thankful that God sent this angel into my life. Thank you, Jesus!

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