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    98 Short Wise Quotes about Love Life with Funny Wise Sayings

    Good Wise Quotes can be a meaningful source of insight and inspiration in life. These quotations can provide perspective on how the quote's author stove to live their life, how each accomplished what they did, or how the author perceived their existence and world. 

    Committing a Wise Quote to memory can be a great means of giving advice or perhaps evaluating a situation. Below, find an excellent collection of Wise Quotes About Life, Wise Quotes Funny and Wise Quotes Short.

    What is a Quote?

    A best quote is actually a repetition of a statement, especially when the quoted statement is well known or explicitly related to its original source.

    Why Quotes are Widely Used?

    Quotes are used for various reasons. Regardless of whether some of them publish the meaning or support the statement of the work in which it is cited, providing direct information about the work, discussing, positively or negatively, the original. Paying tribute to work. 

    Or the author, user of the review, reads well and / or follows copyright law. Quotes are usually published as a means of inspiration and to attract philosophical ideas from readers.

    What Makes a Quote?

    Different people may think differently and therefore, have different answers to this question. However, most people will agree that a quote must be deemed very worthy of being quotable.

    So, what makes a quotation quotable? Do we only quote the famous quotes simply because they are well-known? Apparently not!

    Wise Quotes

    Quotes on wise teach as well as inspire us; they are from history that we learn.  lovestatusromance.com offers an expansive selection of Wise Quotes worldwide. 

    Whether you know the quote or just the author, or even you see the quote first time here and like it.

    We are collecting the best and Wise Quotes for Life and Wise Sayings we can find from the world’s best thinkers. 

    For this reason, we would like to ask you to add your favorite "Wise Quotes About Life", by leaving a comment by any quote. You might also share your thought by your personal experience by commenting the related quote.

    Search these Quotes, proverbs, adages and sayings by themes, like love, work, money, life, family, and other main themes of life. 

    Wisdom is the brain of our life, whatever our age, nationality or cultural background, we need wisdom in our everyday life.

    lovestatusromance.com‘s Quotes collection will help you search for the wisdom words you need to live healthier, happier and more successful!

    Wise Quotes, Wise Quotes About Life, Wise Quotes Funny, Wise Quotes Short, Wise Quotes About Love

    Here are the famous cute and cool "Wise Quotes" just find below: -

    Everyone can carry their burden at night. Anyone can do their job, but not one day. Anyone can live sweetly, patiently, with love and all the way to sunset. And these are real tools for life.

    “What is good for the body, good for the body and good for the soul, good for the soul and good for the other.”

    “Many people lose sight of what they are not and what they are doing.”

    “All this is happening. All you can do to keep it in one place.”

    “We spend a lot of time on people who can get up and hold on.”

    “I slept confidently, and when I woke up, there was a corpse in my hands; "I drank and danced all night with doubt, and in the morning, I found her a virgin."

    “Luck is not an opportunity. This is a matter of choice. This is not a matter of expectation; it is what needs to be achieved.”

    “Do not tie knots. Nothing is fixed. And you go the funny way."

    “After all, these are not your years of life. This is the life of your years.”

    "Before the Enlightenment - chop wood, bring water." After the Enlightenment - chop wood, bring water."

    “I like to think of myself as a hardworking professional. I think the poet is a worker. I think Shakespeare is a worker. And God is a worker. I don’t think the master is good at all.”

    “He said: Ultimately, what we see is unclear. Absolutely clear, it takes a lot of time.”

    “If we know one, we know two, because we think one and two are one. We found that we need to learn a lot about” and.

    “Parables often contradict each other, as soon as any reader learns. Tenderness to advise us to look to the future warns us that we will lose if we hesitate; This absence makes the heart bigger, but out of sight, out of the mind."

    “The unreal is stronger than reality... because it is based only on abstract ideas, concepts, beliefs, gin-gala. A piece of stone. Wooden buns. People, they are dying.”

    “Man is the only being in the world who believes in the afterlife; all other animals give comfort without worrying about it.”

    “It's not fun to play safe or by the rules, but running into a truck floor isn't fun.”

    “Almost every intelligent person contradicts the statement. There is no intelligence that can reduce it.”

    "The opposite of a true statement is a false statement." But there may be a deeper truth to the contrary."

    “Who is dumber? Is the child afraid of the dark or is the person afraid of the light?”

    “Experience the kindness, need and truth that you are talking about each other, and do not cross your lips without a 2/3 majority.”

    “To live in this world, you must do three things: love mortals; He loves to know his life against his bones; And when it's time to leave, let go.”

    “You have so many choices. Get up tingling early in the morning, and if you don’t laugh regularly, choose another option.”

    “To save a person is to take a step. Then one more step. It is always the same step, but you must do it.”

    “The first thing to learn in dealing with others is their strange ways of being happy, and these practices do not prevent violence with us.”

    “Do not blame someone else's decision, because it is different from yours. You can both be wrong.”

    “In this age of belief that there is a shortcut to everything, the biggest lesson to be learned is that the hardest way is in the long run.”

    “You have no right to quit. (The universe makes mistakes when you do.) You have the right to release toxic people.”

    Wise Quotes Short

    Online studies have recently revealed that thousands of people interested in good quotes are searching for best quotations on the internet. 

    Our site has been created to help make your search for quality references easier without requiring you to visit many different sites to find what you're looking for. 

    By using our website, you can invest your valuable research time much better. Check out our subject buttons in the left column. They can help you locate the quotes you need. It has been said that first impressions are important. 

    “It’s easier for you to be smarter than others.”

    “Don't look back until we learn useful lessons from past mistakes and profit from the expensive buying experience.”

    “Be content with what you have. Celebrate how you are doing. When you understand that something is wrong, the whole world is for you.”

    “What we think, we know, or believe in ourselves is, in the end, less consequential. The result is what we do.”

    “Only the wise and foolish will never change.”

    “Be smarter than other people if you can, but don't let them do it.”

    “Today is the last day of your life."

    “A friend wants me; he wants for me."

    “Things are not worth living.”

    Wise Quotes about Life

    What is life? Each person’s life is different. Life is a mystery. Life is everything we see, feel and much more. 

    Life experience teaches us many lessons, however, some of times we cannot learn just from the lessons until we fail. Everybody is born without an inherent sense of wisdom. 

    Wisdom is a state of mind acquired over a period of time. It must be learned and developed in our minds as we make mistakes while grow in our lives. 

    These "Wise Quotes on Life" are often written by the old to be learned from by the young so that the human race becomes greater. Let’s look at some of the Wise Quotes Life.

    Wise Quotes about Life are guidelines for us. We learn from these wisdoms and can make a great life for each other if we truly listen to and learn from the Wise Quotes About Life and love.

    Wise Quotes about Life collect the wisdom on life and hope you learn something from them and enjoy them. 

    There are so many great wise quotes about life and love, it is not easy to have just a short list of the wise quotes and sayings that can be considered the best. 

    Here are best collections of Wise Quotes in Life.

    “Get out of the mess and find simplicity. From disagreement we find harmony. Opportunities are hiding in the midst of trouble.”

    “The source of all complex things is simple and small.”

    “The man with the watch knows what time it is; Not sure who has two hours.”

    “The love of a young man, I want you because I love you. True love, I want you because I love you.”

    “We often indulge in weakness, not calculation.”

    “The problem with rat racing is that even if you win, you will still be a rat.”

    “Be careful not to lose material by keeping it in the shade.”

    “The world is a phase, and many of us are untouchable.”

    “Trust those who seek the truth. Suspicion of the found.”

    “Life is like a bow; You brush one layer at a time, and sometimes cry.”

    “The loss of an illusion makes it smarter than the search for truth.”

    “We all have recent leaves on the same tree of life, and if this life adapts to new actions and circumstances, it will use the same old principles over and over again. There is no real difference between the person who weeps it and the person who cuts it.”

    “Sometimes it is necessary to increase the distance to reduce the correct distance.”

    “Many people fish for the rest of their lives, not knowing that they will fish later.”

    “War and elections are very large and very small in the long run. Daily work is one who moves, one who leads.”

    “An optimist is one who sees the green light everywhere. The pessimist sees only the red light. But the really smart guy is color blind.”

    “A person needs a lot of faith to be healed of his own placebo.”

    “No matter where you go or what you do, you will spend your whole life in the radius of your head.”

    “A call to wisdom, silence to ignorance, washing hands to imagine a love of art.”

    “You fast for them and do not understand how, because they do not fast for you.”

    “This is a field of knowledge, and this is the uniqueness of knowledge.”

    “Only at dawn and in the light of life can we see a world without a shadow. Truth needs a new beginning.”

    “Of the creatures born in chaos, the majority seek order, the minority cast doubt on the order, and the rest are declared insane.”

    Wise Quotes about Love

    Everybody wants to be loved and has loved ones. Here are some Wise Quotes About Love. You may be moved deeply by some of them; while you may disagree with some of them. However, there are the famous Quotes on Wise about Love and Life that most of the people enjoy.

    Which are your favorite Wise Quotes about Love? Each of us is unique, that’s why love does not have a definition although people have been trying to find a definition for love since several centuries.

    Love is a feeling or an experience, which is different for each person. We all know we have emotions and our mood changes from time to time. So, what is “Love”?

    Love is one of the most precious feeling we have. It has certain wisdom in it. Quotes about Love have been immortalized in poetry, in songs, in novels, speeches and movies.

    Love words from your heart plus the wise love quotes that help you express love thoroughly will be sure to help you deepen the love between you and your loved ones. These quotes by famous authors who you admire are also a great read for you. 

    You will learn how to love, how to show your love to your loved ones and live a happier life. If you like it, share these your favorite Wise Quotes about Love with your loved ones, and nurture your love with them.

    Here we collect our top collections of Quotes on Wise about love, the Wise Sayings that are about the wisdom and depth of love from the most famous and the most popular wise words spoken on love.”

    “You can be a man for the world, but for a man you can be a world.”

    “Love: the desire to be irreparable.”

    “Love is the strongest in the world. It is not visible - it cannot be seen or measured; However, it is powerful that can instantly change you and give you more pleasure than any physical possession.”

    “Love is like a friendship lit by fire: the flame in the beginning, very beautiful, often hot and frightening, but still light and flickering. As love grows, our heart ripens, and our love begins to burn, burn deep and become naked.”

    “You like to look at an imperfect person completely, and not find the right person.”

    “I love you. My soul can reach depth, breadth and height.”

    “You see, every day I love you more. Today is more than yesterday, and less than yesterday.”

    “Women do not want to be loved because they are beautiful, or good, or well-faithful, or beautiful or smart, but they are on their own.”

    “Life has taught us that love is not just looking at each other, but looking in the same direction.”

    “I love you. You are not the only one. This is what I do when I'm with you."

    “You must be careful at the beginning of love; rush through the fields in the hands of your lovers can happen only after you saw their laughter."

    “Love does not embrace the world; love makes the journey of life enjoyable.”

    “Do not solve the problem. This is more important than loving a person.”

    “Love is total obedience. People are dull, they are dull, but obedience never fades. You can rely on some people; you can set their clock. And if it’s not so exciting, it’s love.”

    “Love is for her. People talk about it terribly. It is worth fighting, being brave, risking everything for this. And the disadvantage is that if you do not expose yourself to any danger, you risk more.”

    “As soon as a man wins a woman’s love, love will last forever. He will only lose a woman.”

    “No one has ever measured this. Even poets, how much love a heart has.”

    Wise Quotes Funny

    Some of the Wise Quotes Funny may be funny to you, you may also learn from them and get motivated. Here are some Wise Quotes Funny, hope you enjoy them!

    Don't make others angry at the way you want to be, because you cannot do what you want.”

    The difference between reason and stupidity is that the mind has its limits.”

    Madness does the same thing, repeatedly, but expecting different results.”

    One who never made a mistake did not try anything new.”

    Do not be discouraged if your neighbors hear loud music at two in the morning. Call her at four and say you like her songs.”

    A truly intelligent teacher will not ask you to enter the house of your knowledge, but will lead to the penetration of your mind.”

    Everyone knows how to raise children.”

    There is nothing wrong with being shallow until you are practical.”

    I’m so smart, sometimes I don’t understand a word of what I’m saying.”

    Gravity cannot be attributed to those who fall in love.”

    Two years is like a blender, but you have no top.”

    You have to walk a mile in his place, before criticizing someone. Thus, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them, and you have their shoes.”

    Tell me I will forget; Show me and I can remember; Add me and I will understand.”

    Final Words

    Wise Sayings and Quotes are the essence of life. They can pack so much wisdom in such few words. Let’s learn from these Wise words and sayings and enjoy life more!

    All the Wise Quotes and Wise Sayings that we chose have the purposes that include be inspiring, motivating, educating, and humorous. We are collecting the Wise Quotes based on the principles. 

    These are the best quotes among our collection of Wise Quotes about Life, and Love and Wise Quotes Funny.

    What’s your favorite Quotes about Wise? Please comment below. Thanks!

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