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    83 College Status about Student Life 2021 for {FB, WhatsApp}

    Here are the best of College Status 2021 for student life to understand what college life is. College days are really wonderful. What is difference between school life and college life? At starting you go to school; school life is more for studies and childhood memories. 

    Yes, school memories are also beautiful but college life is wonderful because of the teen emotions and the young generation thinking. 

    College students enjoy very much as they are in the age group in which there is lot of aggression and strength. Let’s talk about the college parties. 

    The college party is a very enjoyable part of the college experience, immortalized and absorbing the weekends of students everywhere. 

    How is your college life going on? Now a day’s college parties are taking different turns. In the mid 90’s college students used to party in college area or in some picnic spot. 

    But as of now, college students choose Bars, Discos, and Pubs for partying. If we talk about Partying out then things become little bit different. 

    Now when you plan for partying outside, some parents do not allow their children to go out for party. Partying out for a stay can be very enjoyable but involve risks in it too. 

    According to me, at least one elder person should be with the college students' group to guide them; this will help the college students to stay careful while visiting places when they are out.

    Table of Contents.

    College Status 2021

    College Status, Status for College Life

    1. College is difficult. Succeeding inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom is harder now than it has ever been in history of higher education. That is why you need an advantage, an edge, an opening to access the back-door secrets that most students never obtain. 

    2. Face it, if you were investing your money in a business or a stock and someone told you that they had private information regarding your investment... you'd want to know the whole truth, right?

    3. Well, that's what happening here, only it's a much bigger investment than just money... it's your entire college life. Your success, your happiness, your satisfaction... or lack of it if you decide to ignore this message. (fb college status)

    4. Stop being so stressed-out! Stop... Feeling like you don't belong! Stop... Getting crappy grades! Stop believing that you can't do it! Stop telling yourself that life sucks! Stop being alone so much! Stop thinking that everyone else knows something you don't!

    5. For us who are currently attending college, you may find it is quite different to our high school life - the expectation, life and study style are new to us.

    6. Nothing compares to the heart-sinking feeling of receiving the "thin envelope" from your favorite school.

    7. College has traditionally been a place where students can have fun, learn a bunch, and figure out who they are. Though this remains true, terrible recent events serve as a reminder that colleges are not exempt from danger and crime is as much a factor on campus as it can be anywhere else.

    Status for College Life

    8. Try not to take drugs for children. There is a period and a place for everything. This is called a college.

    9. I feel like Neve Campbell in Scream 2. She wants to go to college and be in high spirits, but then the killer returns and begins to execute every single piece of her companions. I took a lot of exercises from this movie. This is just one of them.

    10. Elementary school = 50 companions. School center = 30 companions. High school = 20 mates. College = 3 true friends.

    11. No student or college graduate should decide in favor of anyone, BUT Obama... Romney must double enthusiasm for student learning.

    12. Two dumplings played in college b-ball, graduated from 4.0 GPA in 3 years at a multi-year school. Never judge a book by its cover!

    13. Barack Obama was known as a cannabis smoker in high school and in college. His epithet was "Barack" (College Status)

    14. School for 12 years, college for 4 years or more... at this point you work until you bite the dust. Astonishing.

    15. I really have to go to Penn State for College. (College Status)

    16. Bill Gates has enough money to send every multi-year-old child to the nation at a 4-year College.

    17. At school, I learned more by watching my alcoholics companions than in class.

    18. Not drinking in college was the best choice ever! (College Status)

    19. Dear universities, white people from the smart working class also need grants Sincerely unknown.

    20. Dear twin sister, will I take your French one last time if you take my latest math? Sincerely, college, we have come! (College WhatsApp About Status)

    21. AutoCorrect resembles the person who just graduated from college and thinks that he knows all this.

    22. A College costs a lot of dollars, but pizza is like ten, so there’s an undeniable solution. (College Status)

    23. Taking scary viral drugs in childhood showed me how to give injections at school. (College WhatsApp About Status)

    24. Before College, I had no idea what I was doing with my life... now I'm sure I have no idea what I'm doing.

    25. I was thrown out of college for undermining the test for transcendentalism, I examined the spirit of the child sitting next to me. (fb status college life)

    26. At this point, you may think that fame is everything. Be that as it may, just remember that you cannot put a “well-known” in college or a form of employment.

    27. A College is where some seek instructions, while others seek. (College Status)

    28. College is the main time when poverty and a tank are worthy.

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    College Love Status

    30. Couples on college campuses used to be commonplace. But things have changed and fewer students are in long-term relationships.

    31. Some say this shift has occurred because college relationships are becoming less meaningful and less desirable to students. A hookup culture is prevailing on a majority of college campuses.

    32. According to a study done by St. Olaf College, about 75 percent of students have engaged in a hookup with someone they had known less than 24 hours.

    33. Relationships are not important right now. I do want a relationship, and marriage and everything that it entails, but I’m in no rush, and I feel as though I have a lot going for me, and I would rather put it off. I feel like this trend will continue because a career is far more important that a husband.

    34. Romantic relationships may affect the average student's life during college. There are many different aspects to college that are hard to get a hold of and I feel as though this is a huge part of many college student's lives. (College Status)

    35. There is much more to college life than academics. The average student is usually juggling school, a social life, a job, and possibly a romantic relationship on a daily basis. Many students at the University of Denver are experiencing the struggles and also perks that all of the different aspects of college life are throwing their way.

    36. Some students have a tendency to fall quickly into relationships the second they enter college; and it can be very easy to get caught up in lust rather than love. (College WhatsApp About Status)

    37. College can be the perfect opportunity for many to experiment and explore their youth. Often times relationships at such a young age can be challenging and stressful, yet well worth it.

    38. College life can be very difficult to move away from the familiarity of your hometown, to a place where everyone is seen as a stranger. (College WhatsApp About Status)

    39. College is one of the greatest times to experiment with the types of personalities that work well with your own. (College Status)

    40. Many students find that dating someone in college is a great way to learn about yourself and how to grow as a person.

    41. I’ve always felt really safe around college campus; even if I’m walking alone late at night it really doesn’t bother me. (Status for College Life)

    42. The College experience isn’t just about Studying. College life isn’t all about studying for exams and writing papers. Getting the full university experience is up to you.

    43. University or College life is difficult. There are a lot of challenges, but we believe it is worth it for almost everyone. Be intentional about adjusting to life in college and get involved. The College life offers a space for almost everyone to pursue their interests. (College Life Status)

    44. Don’t Let Fear Keep You Away from Your College Degree. There many advantages to having a college degree. While we would like to say that there is no excuse for losing out on your full experience at the university.

    45. College life can overwhelm if you are not prepared. Preparing for the move to university life can be like sailing into uncharted territory.

    46. Life in College helps you prepare for the unexpected. (College Status)

    47. Adjusting to College - Getting ready to go to college is one thing, but making the transition is another step that takes some time.

    College Life Quotes

    48. Going to college is more than just studying for exams and writing papers. It is about establishing yourself in a new environment.

    49. The university life is much different than high school because you are on your own. (Status for College Life)

    50. Juggling the many tasks of adjusting to college life is difficult. Life in College provides you the tools to make it more manageable. Our goal is to make it easier for anyone to have a successful university life. One of the aspects that makes life in college so difficult is the financial pressure.

    51. Many college students don't realize how important they are to their families, communities, countries and world. These future leaders lead by inspiring those around them to be more than they are and judge the world for what it can be.

    52. Never have students made such a positive impact on their world as they have now. Students are more active on their campuses; they're helping build their communities and they're taking active roles in governments and the world by being vocal participants.

    53. College life can be a very intimidating; it's one of the biggest life-transitions you'll experience! You're moving away from what you know to a place where you have to take care of yourself and survive in the best way you can. (College Life Status)

    54. This is a time in your life where you are trying to figure out who you are and what you want to do with your life. In between classes and studying, you learn to build a social life and live as healthy as you can to avoid putting on the freshman 15, while trying to figure out how to pay for it all.

    55. Trying to manage your new life can feel overwhelming at first, but if you can learn a few simple principles and use them in your life, you'll find college isn't as bad as you thought: - 1) Pay yourself first, save money, and get as much financial assistance as you can. 2) Live a healthy lifestyle by eating affordably and exercising regularly. 3) Get involved on campus and build life-long relationships. 4) Major in a subject you're passionate about, survive your hardest classes and have fun doing it.

    56. If you let it, going to a university can be a life-changing experience for you where you grow into who you are as an individual. Change isn't about making yourself better, but finding who was there all along.

    57. So take your life by the horns and actively direct it into the kind of experience you want. (College Status)

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    Fb Status for College

    59. Classes and school life can seem pretty hectic, especially when your high school or previous education didn't really prepare you for college level courses.

    60. There are people who have managed to graduate college with technical majors, get a 3.99 GPA, all in three semesters. This is possible but let's not put that much pressure on you. Graduating in three semesters is intense, but the people who did it weren't geniuses - they were smart and strategic. They leveraged their time and strengths to make themselves successful.

    61. Public school programs don't usually teach you how to do well in school. They tell you to study at least three hours for each credit hour, and take notes, but what if you have to work at least 20 hours a week to pay bills or you have other obligations? If you're taking 16 credit hours, studying 48 hours a week while working 20 hours seems near impossible.

    62. There are techniques you can learn to make your study sessions more productive and there are time management skills you can adapt so you get everything done on time. All of which, help you do well in your classes.

    63. It will be tough at first, but as long as you stay focus and stick with your schooling, you can free up your time to have a social life and get the grades you want. (Status for College Life)

    64. It can be tough to eat a healthy diet on a tight budget during college. It's even harder when your health is at the mercy of what there is to eat on campus. Colleges haven't been known to offer a good variety of healthy foods. Campus eating starts to get boring after a while when you eat the same stuff every day too.

    65. Building a consistent health regime in college is extremely helpful and if you can keep it even when the going gets tough, you set yourself up for success in the future. So, take the time to eat healthy and experience many long terms benefits.

    66. It's always nice to have some sort of exercise regime, especially during college. It's nice to tone up for spring break and bikini season. Having a good-looking body isn't the only reason to stay active though. With proper technique and recovery meals, it can boost up energy levels to get you through classes.

    67. It's tough to have to rebuild your social life when you go to college, but many say, including myself, that the friends and relationships you have in college can make your undergrad experience some of the best years of your life. It's been that way for me because I made it that way. They can be some of the most important people in your life. (College Life Status in English)

    68. Choosing the right friends and having a lively social life can seem difficult, but with some work we can get you out of your shell. If you're coming from a small town, big universities can seem scary and intimidating since you meet so many new faces.

    College Attitude

    69. College life is nothing like your life in high school. This is NOT high school anymore. This is just another adventure or another journey on the path of life. (Status for College Life)

    70. Whether or not you're outgoing or shy, or you were the homecoming queen, the quarterback on the football team, or the smart guy with his head in the books in high school, you can carve your own destiny in college.

    71. After all, you will be in college for at least the next four years. (College Status)

    72. Maybe you already have an idea of what college life is like. Your parents may have gone to college, or an older brother or sister or cousin.

    73. What your parents or siblings experienced has probably updated to texting on your cell phone or mobile device. Or maybe e-mails and sometimes taking notes in class on your laptop or tablet.

    74. It's not all about having a pen and paper anymore. (College Status)

    75. After college, I’d either like to go on to grad school, or land a nice job with a private company or corporate, either in the states or abroad.

    76. College life is “real life with training wheels.” (College Status)

    77. As a college student, you get to take your first step into adulthood. Independence for some parents it’s easy to let go of the “reins” (our house) and watch the student break free within the security of the “corral” (college).

    78. Children after 18 entered into college for the first time and technically considered as adults – they might be babies for the parents, but they were also adults and should be treated as such. That was the best piece. Just try to forward that message on to friends who have children in college. We all that actually learn more when we fail at something. It is what helps make students into the responsible, happy and independent adults they were meant to be. (Best College Status)

    79. There are things that don't change. You still need to know how to study and join organizations suited to your personality and interests. You will also build relationships with others, some of which will lead to lifelong friendships and potentially your future husband or wife.

    80. College Life IS Your Real Life. You will get out of college what you put into it. What you do in college will affect or influence the rest of your life. College life can be fun, lukewarm, or just plain boring. It all depends on what you decide to participate in besides just going to class.

    81. Last Day of College Status for Friends.

    82. There's a lot more to college than just going to get a degree. You have a few years before you step out into the real world with your diploma to find your perfect career.

    83. College Status, Status for College Life, College Life Status, College Love Status, College Life Quotes, Fb Status College Life, College Status Attitude.

    Last Day of College Status for Friends

    College Status, College Life Status
    (last day of college life status)

    College Status, Status for College Life
    (status on college life)

    College Life Quotes, Fb Status College Life, College Status Attitude, Last Day of College Status for Friends, clg life status
    (status about college life)

    Last Words

    Is college worth it?

    The important question to ask is whether it is worth going to college. While there are obvious benefits to a college degree, everyone should ask if it is worth their time and money before taking on such a serious commitment. 

    • Employment Opportunities

    Higher education offers many benefits. Among the highest of these are higher employment opportunities. 

    Although employment rates vary by degree and university, statistics show that college graduates have lower unemployment rates than those without a college degree. 

    While there are many technical degrees and certifications, most jobs require a four-year diploma.

    • College is more than a sheet of paper

    At Life in College, we believe going to college is more than just getting a piece of paper. 

    Of course, this opens up job opportunities, but students should consider the benefits of the entire college experience. 

    College life offers many benefits that cannot be quantified in numbers: -

    Development: Young people attending a four-year university face many new challenges. They are separated from their parents and forced to manipulate many things at the same time. They are not only challenged academically, but are often given the opportunity to critically assess their family's worldview. They are forced to develop in different ways.

    Social connections: while away from home, students are forced to make new friends. This not only helps them develop socially, as mentioned above, but also gives them a network to use later in life.

    Spouse-to-be: It is not uncommon for college students to find a partner or spouse at school.

    Work Experience: Universities offer many internship or career opportunities not found anywhere else. This can help students later in life.

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