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Here are the top 70 "Crazy Status" below with cool Crazy Whatsapp Status, Crazy Status For Whatsapp, Crazy Status For Girls and also with the best cute beautiful Crazy Status About Love provided in this article.

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Crazy Status For WhatsApp

1. Women can love being single because: (i) You stay slimmer and gain less weight (9 pounds over 5 years!) than newly married women. (ii) You can sleep more deeply. (iii) You can have steamier physical relationship. (iv) You can enjoy more free time (7 extra hours a week that married women spend doing chores!) AND Women can love being coupled because: (i) You'll be hungover less frequently. (ii) Your mood can benefit from your partner's (they say if he's happy, but presumably also if he's not...). (iv) You'll have better access to health care via employer-sponsored health insurance. (v) You're less likely to develop dementia later in life.

2. When I was in sixth grade, my very sweet teacher pulled me aside one morning and wrote down two words on her notepad: "BEING KIND!"

3. Last night, after a long day at the office, I arrived home to find a beautiful bouquet of roses from my husband. He walked them to me and sort of sheepishly held them out and said "I'm sorry I'm a bad husband sometimes." It was so heartfelt and so thoughtful and so clearly said with love that I just about melted. Precious.

4. Regret for the things we did can be tampered with time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.

5. When a woman says WHAT? The reason is that he did not listen to you. It gives you the opportunity to change what she says.

6. The human brain is amazing. It has been working 24 hours since our birth and stops only when we are tempted or loved.

7. Relations today: you cannot touch each other.

8. I’m sure that I have the wrong iPhone, I pressed the button home and still at work.

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9. After collecting garbage from her husband, it seems that he cleaned the whole house.

10. If you like some bad things about me and you want to say the same to others, please come to me. I will tell you something else for sure.

11. My bed is always very comfortable when I need to get out in the morning.

12. Once your prince has arrived. Mine just turned the wrong way, left and is too stubborn to ask for directions.

13. Silence is the best answer to all questions, and the best answer is to smile in all situations. Unfortunately, they never help Viva & Interview.

14. Test your features on Google and accept the fact that you are dying.

15. When a new couple looks happy, we know why. But when a ten-year-old married man looks happy, we wonder why.

16. The fight is clearly fake. Why do two people fight for a belt when they don’t have trousers on?

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Crazy Whatsapp Status

17. Dear God, I ask you to give an opportunity to prove that winning the lottery is not bad.

18. I am not dependent on the Watts app. I use it only when I have time ....... lunch time, free time, bedtime, this time, this time, anytime, all the time.

19. Marriage is a fashionable term for adopting an exaggerated male child that parents can no longer handle.

20. When you sing along with a song on YouTube, something weirder happens and the music stops loading.

21. Years of training, solving complex problems, solving complex problems, and it is still unclear whether to push or pull before standing in front of a glass door.

22. Running until you get fat will not help your problems. (Crazy Status For Whatsapp)

23. Some people need multiple Facebook accounts to match their personalities.

24. Sometimes it's better than attending classes, because if I look back today, my scars will never make me laugh, except for the memories!

25. People who play sports can live longer, but what does it mean when these extra years are spent in the gym?

26. It may seem like I’ve thought deeply, but 99% of the time I think about what comes next.

27. Look at your own texts and send them before you laugh because you are so weird.

28. It is sad that 20% of marriages in this country end in divorce. But hey, death is the end of everything else. You can be one of the lucky ones.

29. Have you ever wondered if God plays evil birds with you when a bird enters your window?

30. Restaurant Advertising: We serve food as the wife of your neighbour HOT; And the beer is as cold as yours.

31. My family tells me that I was sleeping, but no one at work mentioned this.

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Crazy Status For Whatsapp

32. If you love someone, set him free. If they return, no one wants them.

33. I am not a slave to Facebook. I only use it when I have time. ... ... lunch time, free time, sleep time, this time, this time, any time, all the time.

34. If you click the Like button in my status, will anyone else hear that voice? (Crazy Status For Whatsapp)

35. If you can prove that you don’t need it, the bank is the place to give you money.

36. My biggest problem in life is how to report my death to my online friends .. !!

37. Gently touch it and place two fingers, if it uses three fingers, make sure it is wet, and rub it up and down. Yes, that’s how you wash the cup.

Funny Crazy Status

38. The Closer You Get To My Bumper, The Closer I Get To Being A Little More Rich, Thanks!

39. I asked her for her hand in marriage instead she gave me both, so I guess I need to buy two rings.

40. I keep a lot of air freshener around because aging stinks. (Crazy Status  Whatsapp)

41. When I was at a football game I decided to buy a drink from the guy who was passing out snacks. A quarter rolled out my pocket and bounced onto the football field. Immediately I ran onto the field to pick up my quarter. The quarterback picked up my quarter and put it in his pocket so I quickly ran after him…….all of a sudden I heard “1…2….3…hut”. Everyone noticed me running after him screaming “I WANT MY QUARTER BACK”. When the defensive team coach seen how fast I was(in which I was trying to get back my quarter) running then later drafted me for his team. Oh yeah, I got my quarter back too!

42. Wives, Coaches, and Parents have one thing in common, they try to tell you what to do.

43. At the dinner table I was using sign language to speak to my mother then she said, “Open your mouth and say something like everybody else”. Then I responded, “I thought you don’t suppose to talk at the dinner table”. Then she said, “Well, your mouth isn’t full and dinner have not yet been served.

44. Flies and ex-couples have one thing in common, they talk about things you don’t want to hear. All you “Can” hear is buz!

45. They say rock music is the way of life, well I say its the way of death just ask my Otolaryngologist.

46. So I asked her, “why do you where such a long shirt on a hot day”? and then I looked closer and found out that it was her body.

47. Never ask a drunk man a question because he will tell you the truth.

48. People compare cheating to ice because they think its cool.

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Crazy Status For Girls And Boys

49. Blood is thicker than water, and common sense overthrows ignorance.

50. Marriage is like a contract, once you back out of it you pay.

51. I asked the kindergarten teacher why do she smile all the time in class, and she replied, “Because the school board is paying me a fortune to do nothing”.

52. Relationships are like tires, when one goes bad you should always have a spare.

53. Bums are like stock brokers, they would do anything for a dime. (Crazy Status Whatsapp)

54. Women are like drugs to men, addictive, enticing, and most of them are harmful.

55. What is the best way to impress a room full of clowns? Answer:
Become a clown.

56. What do you call a MANAGER who is in control of a group of employees?

57. Shocking moments?! The only thing that shocked me was when the cops tasered me for double parking. How’s that for a shocking moment.

58. They say you shouldn’t drink while driving on the freeway. If that is so they should remove “free” from “way” because it confuses people, everyone thinks since it belongs to them that they do as they please.

59. They say a real man can withstand the cold weather, well, tell that to my doctor after I’ve caught pneumonia.

60. I was sure that my girlfriend would love the idea of me becoming a vampire and it would be romantic, so I bought fangs. I nibbled on her neck with them and then she dumped me. Come to find out she’s in love with werewolves.

Crazy Status For Facebook 

61. What makes Diamonds and football players so much alike? They shine everywhere they are, and every woman wants one.

62. What’s the difference between medicine treatments and getting married to your girlfriend?” NOTHING! Because in the end they both will kill ya!

63. People change, lovers change, you even have to change the baby every single day! The older you get you are bound to need diapers again, believe me, try visiting Washington D.C., ALL OLD!

64. You are guaranteed a safe Hail Mary just by saying your prayers rather than using it as a play in football. Why? Because you won’t get hit.

65. They say that eating fruit and reading the bible is good for you but after reading Genesis Ch. 1:26 through Genesis Ch. 3:24, I will never eat apples again.

66. One day, I asked my friend,”I wonder why “you” and “me” never fight?” She replied,”Because AND is standing in the way”.

67. My momma said when your breath smell that bad that mean you go a lot of shit on your mind.

68. I like my women how I like my coffee……hot, dark, and sweet.

69. Kids are like dogs, once you feed them they keep coming back.

70. If fries were human what language would they speak? The answer is French!

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