How To Use Your Facebook Status । DO's and DON'Ts । Best Love Fb Status Dosti And King Download

What's are the "DO's and DON'Ts" using your "Facebook Status".

Facebook Status

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Don’t use your Facebook Status for:

  • 1. Abusing hyperbole

It used to mean something special to be “amazing- or “the best- or “the LOVE of [someone’s ] life.

Now, it’s mere filler, drivel in between misspelled words and relentless exclamation points. Let’s save these powerful adjectives for deserving nouns.

David Copperfield is amazing. The solar system is amazing. Brain surgery is amazing. Meeting a cackling group of your sorority sisters in the beer-soaked basement of the football frat is not.

  • 2. Commending family members

Getting into college is a wonderful achievement. So is winning a football game. Or just barely making bail.

All these things are great and celebrating them is what balloons and back yard barbecues are for. That said, I don’t care if your little sister just got a volleyball scholarship to Villanova even if she is “so talented!!” and you absolutely have to see her soon to “play and drink and celebrate!” Just saying.

  • 3. Making thinly-veiled quasi-boasts

It is impressive that your grandfather stormed the beaches at Normandy. It’s not impressive that you spent an hour trolling through the New York Times online archives to find an article that mentioned his battalion and then posted the link with a comment that read: “Kinda cool that my grandpa was the leader of his battalion in WWII-. Also, the article didn’t mention anything about him specifically. And even if it did, what have you done? You’re watching Top Chef with your hand in your pants.

  • 4. Commenting on the weather

Everyone who’s reading your thoughts on “gorgeous sunshine- or “fluffy snow- is either able to look out the window and see it for themselves or lives too far away from you to care about what you’re saying.

Besides, the people on the Weather Channel kind of only do one thing…let them have it. Not that we don’t want to hear about how therapeutic it is to “dance in the rain like no one’s watching!

  • 5. Quoting anything or anyone

People who write quotations in their Facebook statuses scare me more than undecided voters. Can they really think of nothing to say that hasn’t already been said by Jesus or one of the actors in Boondock Saints?

  • 6. Naming a geographical location, event, person, or animal followed by one or more exclamation points-

You seem to be very excited about “PALM BEACH!!!!!!- And I remember from last week’s status that you were also fond of “ZOOO!!!!!! PANDAS!!!!!!!- But, what is it about these things that makes you feel so good? Go ahead. You can say more. It’s alright. You’re among friends.

  • 7. Introspection

I can’t tell if you’re joking or trying to be deep. Either way, I’m worried. And what did you mean when you said that thing about mirrors being like doorways into the subconscious? Oh, wait! Was that a quote from Boondock Saints?

  • 8. Alluding to the previous night

Listen, I feel really bad about something and I need to come clean. I don’t remember when you lost your keys at that frat party. Or when Ben’s ID didn’t scan at that nightclub that seemed “so sweet.”

I don’t even remember those two blonde girls who seemed like they wanted to party. I guess I need to start paying more attention because, to be perfectly honest, I don’t remember going out with you last night…at all.

Facebook Status, Fb Status Love, Fb Status Download, Fb Status King, Fb Status Dosti

The following are the main things to be remember at the time to use your Facebook Status.

Do use your Facebook Status for:

  • 1. Stating facts

We need to do more of this. We all spend a lot more time on Facebook than we do reading encyclopaedias. Think of seeing “The Civil War lasted from 1861-1865- or “Tryptophan an essential amino acid in the human diet.- It would be nice. And helpful. That’s all.

  • 2. Warning others of impending danger not covered by any major news outlet

If you have a tip that CNN doesn’t, please share. I’d appreciate a heads up if you’ve contracted SARS or if Sarah Palin’s your aunt and she told you she plans to run in 2012.

  • 3. Posting un-annotated links

If you’re interested in something, it’s okay to post a link about it. From YouTube clips of cats farting to positive reviews of the new Kardashian book, anything goes.

Just don’t preface it with “this is hilarious- or “best thing ever.- Remember what we said about hyperbole? Also, don’t say “ya ya ya ya ya.” Ever. I’m not completely sure what it even means. I just know it has no place in decent society.

  • 4. Divulging secrets

Go ahead. You’re not really from “right outside New York City.

  • 5. Asking urgent questions

Try typing “Is self-loathing conquerable?- into Yahoo answers and you’ll soon learn that the Internet can’t solve everything.

For queries like this one and countless others, the best you can hope for is pity and, for that, there’s no better venue than Facebook.

  • 6.Crafting desperate, not-so-subtle cries for attention meant for ex-lovers who’ve long forgotten you

I’m ashamed of how many times I’ve written things like “I can’t stop thinking about you- hoping that some girl who has stopped returning my text messages will see it and realise that I’m the one. She never does but, if only for an instant, there’s something soothing about misdirected hope.

  • 7. Pleading for help

When you’ve got no more friends to turn to, you can always request some new ones and then indirectly ask them if they “ummm, know of anyone who might be able to help find summer fashion internships…?”

  • 8. Breaking plans when you’re too much of a coward to call

It’s Saturday night and those things you said to your freshman year roommate about wanting to “get together this weekend- have come back to bite you.

There’s only one thing to do: try to remember the symptoms of whatever virus is going around and list them all. Then, when you run into her on the street at 3 am, tell her you didn’t call because you “dropped your phone in a toilet” and make plans you know you’ll break for the following weekend.

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Facebook friends are not your real friends? They like to watch you on the internet every day. I miss when you are not. Be compassionate when you love a lost person. Happy birthday If you look at the pictures you pasted, then you will like it. A smile to you, when sadness makes you cry, makes you laugh. (Facebook Status Dosti)

 A person who looks good in a group photo always uploads it. !!

 My girlfriend is asking me ... Facebook or me? Sometimes I really miss her ..: P: D (Facebook Status Love)

 The fact that my status is “single” does not mean that I am “available” .. My family members are on my Facebook friend list.

 A great moment when you read someone’s place and know about it .... :-)

 Those who spend time on selfies should change their last name to ".JPEG"

 Don't worry about yourself when you have nothing good to write on FB .... you can do shit.

 Facebook saves lives .. !! A desperate college student walked along the train track to commit suicide ... the train came to a close and he suddenly got out of the way and said ... "Oh shit! I forgot the update status on Facebook, I will die": D !!

 Locking your GF / BF on Facebook is like an electronic scam: p: D. (Facebook Status Love)

 An angry couple who decided to show the world how much they love each other on Facebook! (Facebook Status Love)

 Facebook Time Machine? .. I arrived just a minute ago, and it was already 2 hours!

 Why is Facebook such a hit? The focus is on the principle: “People are more interested in the lives of other people than their lives”: P

 I hate studying exams, does she have any FB app?

 When I die, I will let my friend change his position - “God is cool”

 When you take an amazing photo, you automatically think: “This will be my new profile photo.”

 If your relationship status says “this is difficult”, you should stop yourself and turn it into a “single” :)

 The first thing we think about is when someone takes our photo. Does it look good on Facebook? ;): P

 On social networking sites, the winner of any dispute is always good English.

 I hate it when I look awful in a group photo, and the person I loved refused to take it.

 Dear Facebook ..! Please "copied .. ?? ... just paste here" yours "what you have in mind!" : P: P: P: P

 People on Facebook did not bother to say hi ... but they will never forget to wish you a happy birthday! How much love :)

 The drug, remedy, medication ?? No thanks, I'm addicted to the worst addiction .... i: e Facebook xD

 There are lessons in life that can be taught at school. That is why .... Facebook ...: P: O

 Facebook and Twitter Become New Favorite Divorce Lawyer Research Tool.

 What is the problem with the boys on Facebook, they fall in love with fake profiles ... and it hurts them :-P :-P

 When I see your NaMe in my notifications, I know that he will automatically smile at me ...

 You need the heart of Rajinikant to reject the girl’s request on Facebook ...): P

 I still remember the days when photos were taken for memes, and not for Facebook profiles .. !! : - | ;)

 Relations these days .... start a wide strike ... end a wider gap: p :)

 If you are a little lonely, forgotten or need someone to make you happy, remember, you can always change your birthday to: -P

 Your update has a spelling mistake, and you will get illegitimate sons and English daughters to fix it. : D: P

 Dear Facebook ... Every time I add a girl, you say "Do you know her?" Is she your sister .. ??? : P

 When I look awful in a group photo and hate the one who considers it good.

 Single is not a relationship situation. This word to describe your loneliness. If you ask me, yes, I am Single.

 It really sucks when the only condition that comes to mind is that you cannot separate: /: P.

 3 things I learned from Facebook! (1) Never trust FB friends. One day they will leave you behind. (2) Never communicate with FB. You know 1 in person. (3) If you receive a friendship request from a girl, do not worry, this may be a fake ID. : P

 The fact that my status is “single” does not mean that I am “available”. My family members are on my Facebook friends list.

 Leaving Facebook is the new adult version for running away from home. We know that you are doing this for meditation, and we know that you will return. : P

 Whenever I see your name in my notifications, I don’t know, I just automatically smile ... :) :) (Facebook Status Dosti)

 Tell me if the person is alone, but also say that he / she is not available ....?

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 Definition of the Like button on Facebook !!! Girls believe that if they type 1, it will cost 5 rupees and nothing but their status ... boys know this as a status update to impress girls, using it for free and effectively.

 Dear Facebook! Do not show us this attitude, you will not be able to register without us. Regards: Msn, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail: P.

 Dear Facebook, do not be proud of your popularity. 60% of your profiles are fake! : P

 Facelift is a theft of someone else’s status on Facebook.

 When you log into Facebook, you know that you are addicted to computers, turn off your computer, go to bed, play a role and log into your Facebook from your phone at night. Do it!

 I go to Facebook every day, not only for myself, but also for you, my love!

 Each deleted Facebook and WhatsApp account has an untold history.

 I was pleased with my life until people started sharing photos of their holidays, cars and parties on Facebook!

 I'm in love with Facebook and its trial version of Photoshop is out of date.

 When I first joined Facebook, I never thought this addiction was the same.

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