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    370 Fb Status Love for Girlfriend and Boyfriend (Facebook)

    What's A Good Status for Facebook and Fb Status Love? I think everyone here has a Facebook account and it has become one of the easiest ways to connect and rejoice with all your friends, families and loved ones. 

    So, most of us love sharing stuff with our friends available on Facebook. You can use Facebook on smartphones, Tablets and also on PC. Everyone feels to express through thoughts and tell the beloved ones how much you care and love for them. 

    We are going to share some of the best 370 Fb Status Love 2021, Facebook Status of Love, Facebook Love Status for Girlfriend, Beautiful Love Status and Fb Status Love Hindi messages for you. 

    So, that you can make use of these beautiful best lines for love and Fb Status about Love by sending them to all your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp.

    Fb Status Love

    You can choose to Fb Status Love, quote, best lines for love, tag, share from a wide range of Facebook Statuses here.

    Fb Status Love, Fb Status about Love
    Fb Status Love

    1) O,,,O /),/)
      ( ‘ ; ‘ ) ( ‘ ; ‘ )
    You and Me Forever.

    2) My 2021 Resolution is to Stop Thinking So Much about Your Love in the Future.

    3) I do not believe in love at first sight, I believe in love at first sight! (Fb Status Love)

    4) You entered my life... and created a beautiful world for life. You made me feel so special, I love what you do and what you say. (Fb Status about Love)

    5) Anniversary means another way to remember books. (Fb Status Love)

    6) When you are in love, you do not know whether your love comes from your symptoms; Whether the light that surrounds it like a halo comes from you, from it, or from your meeting of Sparks. (Fb Status about Love)

    7) When he is in love, drunk, or flees to work, it is useless to talk with anyone. (Fb Status about Love)

    8) Love is a term used to mean the physical closeness of young people, middle-aged habits, and interdependence on older people. (Fb Status about Love)

    9) It is sometimes difficult to be a woman who gives her love to only one man. (Fb Status Love)

    10) Love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about themselves. (Facebook Status of Love)

    11) Step in for your man. Grab it with both hands and warm it so that something comes.

    12) There is nothing more surprising than the miracle of being loved: it is God's finger on the shoulder of man - best lines for love.

    13) A kiss will rejuvenate the heart and ruin the year. (Fb Status Love)

    14) Nothing. This world is more common than losers with talent.

    15) Kisses are beautiful speech created by nature to prevent speech when the word becomes useless.

    16) Because it is not in my ear, but you are in my heart. It kissed my lips, but my soul didn’t.

    17) We always smile at each other, because smile is the source of love. (Fb Status Love)

    18) To increase or explain this energy, the effect of love is to place a candle in the sun.

    Facebook Status of Love

    Fb Status Love, Facebook Status of Love, Fb Status About Love, Facebook Love Status for Girlfriend

    19) Love begins and does not end the way we thought. Love is war, love is war; Love is growing - best lines for love.

    20) Love is a continuation of two changes, each of which contains each other, each in abundance. (Facebook Status of Love)

    21) How ridiculous and tasty it is to fall in love with someone younger than you. Everyone should try this.

    22) Not just looking at each other in love, but looking together in the same direction.

    23) Kindness in words can be sure. Kindness in thoughts breeds impotence. Kindness in giving creates love.

    24) You will find a girl who is more beautiful than me, more beautiful than me, but you will never find a girl like me.

    25) I am selfish, confused and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am uncontrollable, and sometimes it is difficult for me to cope with this. If you can't handle me in the worst possible way, you definitely don't deserve me to hell.

    26) I don't have a piercing yet. You pierced my heart.

    27) The girl asked: "Who is beautiful or the moon?" The best answer a boy can give is: “I do not know, but I see you. I forget the moon and miss the moon."

    28) You like to dance, which no one sees, love that does not hurt you, no one listens to the song, and it lives like a paradise on earth.

    29) How can I tell you about my heart's desire? Read my face for a while... the bubbles on my face will say... who I am... who I am for you - best lines for love.

    30) Talent or initiative is not a combination of both in creating talent. Love, love, love, is the spirit of talent. (Facebook Status of Love)

    Best Fb Status Love

    31) Those of you who know that there is only one magic, one power, one salvation ... this is called love. However, love your sadness. Do not resist, do not run away from it. It hurts your avatar, nothing more.

    32) Marriage is a relationship in which one is always right and the other is husband.

    33) I think that around you is a great joy.
    These are my dirty days before Brighton.
    I will always love you!

    34) Today I swear to love myself, to be a person who sincerely and deeply loves me - my thoughts, my actions, the choices I make, my experience, every moment I experience, I decide "I love me."

    35) A good wife is one who serves her husband... loves her mother in the morning, loves him in the afternoon... makes a prostitute and makes him happy... like a prostitute at night!

    36) Put love in your heart. Life without it is like a garden without flowers when it dies. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings warmth and abundance to life. (Fb Status Love)

    37) Now let's move on to... the basic... the truth about marriage... the wife is responsible for this.

    38) Unconditional Love does not require a contract, agreement or contract. In the instantaneous flow of life there is love. (Fb Status Love)

    39) Looking back, I regret that even when I fell in love so often, I did not say that.

    40) Empathy involves friendship; But there is some opposition of love or a hobby. Everyone is trying to become different, and both forms together.

    What is Love Status in English?

    41) The love of art, as such, is to bring harmony and order from anarchy, that is, to impress and influence where no one is, to offer rhythmic adaptations, ups and downs in a previously flat landscape. (Fb Status Love)

    42) Remind me what love is or fall in love at least for a moment :)

    43) Anisa is looking for a moose, she must be beautiful, easy, loving and thorough. Tell a friend, a good girl is waiting for you :)

    44) I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love are actually the last words. For this reason, the right to temporary defeat is stronger than the evil conqueror. (Fb Status Love)

    45) Always "I'm joking!"... "I do not care!"... "Everything is fine!"... and I need you! "Back" Leave me alone!

    46) Do not ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what keeps you alive. And then go and do it. Because the world needs people who come to life.

    47) These are the most beautiful words... they are absorbed into the heart, look up, and do not speak verbally.

    48) I did not live my dream, because dreams can sometimes be nightmares.

    49) In a real partnership, the effort is worth it, and frankly, the divorce is worth it, since both give little or no more than what they get. Let's try. Not a “worthy” thing. And the “best of the best”, of course, is not the point. The fact is that we can make the other person as happy as we can, because his happiness is connected with us. The fact is that in the right hands you get everything that you give.

    50) Love is much better than a car accident, tight armor, a high tax bar, or a retention scheme in Philadelphia. (Fb Status Love)

    51) Have you ever been in the sea in dense fog, when a flickering white darkness seemed to cover you, a huge ship, tense, agitated, ashore with a sink and a sound line, and you expected something to happen?

    52) A person has a real and deep love for the racial race, in his society he is electrified and jealous, but in whose society he feels gentle.

    53) The religious awakening that awakens the Sleeping One to Love is in vain for him. (Fb Status Love)

    54) You learn by talking, learning, learning, running, working; Simply put, you learn to love with love. All those who want to learn in some way will deceive themselves.

    55) Of course, there is eternal suffering in love that neutralizes happiness, exposes reality, delays it, but what will ever happen is long ago if it does not achieve it.

    56) The best love is one that awakens the soul; It clings to our hearts and gives us peace of mind. Hope this will give you forever - best lines for love.

    Cool Fb Status Love

    Facebook status of love

    57) Being in love means being in a state of simple perception - a mistake made by an ordinary young man for the Greek goddess, or an ordinary virgin for the goddess. (Fb Status Love)

    58) When you are separated, love loses someone, but being close to your heart makes you feel somehow warm. (Fb Status Love)

    59) Love is impossible without sacrifice; sacrifice is impossible without love. (Fb Status Love)

    60) Love is when you have the best and worst of each other, no matter how you love them. (Fb Status Love)

    61) You are as beautiful or ugly as you believe. You define your beauty. This is not the power that anyone can have on you.

    62) Hate is like acid. This damages the stored ship and destroys the ship.

    63) Why does life teach me lessons that I do not want to learn?

    64) Life is like a roller coaster. It is up and down, but depends on the weather to enjoy the ride.

    65) Only two can be connected... but some people forget how to count. It hurts to say that I'm still alive.

    66) Very painful memories... When I leave and you let me go, I'm not happy without you.

    67) Have you ever wondered what hurts you the most... what do you want or should say and what do you want?

    68) Everyone wants to be happy. Nobody wants him to be sad and hurt. But you cannot make a rainbow without a little rain.

    69) Is it sad that you are so sad? In the end, you can say, “I'm used to it,” sometimes it's better to be alone... no one can hurt you.

    70) What is never said and explained is a painful farewell.

    71) Time really does not heal the heart. It makes the heart forget all its suffering.

    72) Dear hearts, please stop participating in everything. Your task is to pump blood, so stick to it.

    73) I do not rely on more people because I am depressed.

    74) Everyone thinks: “I am happy and sweet,” but when I look closely, I see tears in my eyes.

    75) The same guy who told me sweet things, he also said some unheard-of things that I have heard so far :(

    76) I hate the moment when my anger suddenly turns into tears... : @!

    77) One of the most difficult things in life is words in your heart that you cannot pronounce.

    78) It’s sad to see people promise never to do this.

    79) It's so bad when someone starts to take your place in someone else's life. (Fb Status Love)

    80) The worst kind of pain is when you laugh to avoid tears.

    Fb Status about Love

    Fb Status Love, Facebook Status of Love

    81) I think the worst thing in life is to end this alone, but it is not. The worst thing in life is to be with people who make you feel alone!

    82) All this time, I hate the fact that you ignore me, and then you start talking to me as if nothing had happened!

    83) You feel the worst when you laugh at your love, but they do not even accept your presence. (Fb Status Love)

    84) When you live in despair for a long time, there is a hope that you can no longer stand.

    85) You sometimes want it to disappear, but you really want to find it.

    86) Sometimes it is better to remember quietly and in isolation than to go and ignore them anyway!

    87) Think of it as your ego to protect your calm relationship.

    88) If someone breaks you as a person, do not worry! Someone else will help you recover. And then they separate you too. Cruel world. Lay it on the floor.

    89) It is sad when you understand that you are not as important to each other as you thought.

    90) I never thought you would end this for me. I want to be a person in my life, so I do not need to worry about a second farewell.

    91) I want someone in my life, so I don’t need to worry about another goodbye.

    92) Sometimes I just want to die once and see who cares.

    93) It is important that there are people in your life who will help you feel good when you are sad or sad.

    94) It really kills me when we don’t talk, it kills me when you ignore me, it kills me when you’re busy with your life.

    95) Whenever you have stress, eat chocolate, sweets, etc., because under stress it lags behind.

    96) I am your medicine, and you are my disease. I protect you, and you kill me.

    97) This is great when two strangers become friends, but it hurts when two strangers become strangers.

    98) It will never be the same. The same thing is killing me.

    99) I could always pretend that everything was fine with me, but that does not mean that it hurt me.

    100) I like to listen when I'm sad and sad.

    101) Being happy when it hurts is an example of how strong you are as a person.

    102) How to stop yourself when you know that someone is not working?

    103) Sometimes all you need is the person you want and you need and need.

    104) Do you know that people who look strong are actually very emotional and very weak?

    105) It hurts when something is good, but it hurts more if you stick to it, knowing that it is not.

    Fb Status Love 2021

    Facebook status of love

    106) Your mind may be depressed because you are not with it, but your heart is glad to know it.

    107) If the only thing that makes you happy is to hurt someone, then you really need to look in the mirror and find your happiness in a different way.

    108) Tears are not a sign of weakness, but courage. Hiding your feelings is suicidal and will never let you recover.

    109) We talked for hours to the end, and now we do not know each other.

    110) A poor man walks many miles to get food, and a rich man walks many miles to digest food.

    111) Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that I was there only when you wanted something from me.

    112) It's great when you hear a song, and it is 100% consistent with your feelings.

    113) Tell us what you think, do what you think, give what you have, but never regret it.

    114) I'm sad. No, I'm not angry, wait... I don't know if I need a crazy hug.

    115) Every day I understand who my real friends are.

    116) The more we are filled with love, the greater the likelihood of hatred.

    117) Remember, you are beautiful. But remember that not everyone can see it. (Fb Status Love)

    118) The tragedy of life is that it does not end so quickly, but we have been waiting so long to start it.

    119) The Lord is only making a happy ending. If he is not happy, it will not end.

    120) Smile and no one will see how you are broken inside. (Fb Status Love)

    121) There is only one person who does not leave me. Thank you, God, for the love of me. (Fb Status Love)

    122) Showing the smile, you know and hiding uncontrollable tears is the hardest part of life.

    Romantic Fb Status about Love

    123) I can live without friends, without family and without money, but I cannot live without you - best lines for love.

    124) Someone asked me what life is like? I smiled and answered, it was good. :)

    125) I don't have a piercing yet. You teased me.

    126) I do not want to miss this feeling. If I could choose a place for death, it would be in your hands.

    127) Falling in love with you is the second greatest thing in the world. The first thing to look for is yourself. (Fb Status Love)

    128) There is nothing perfect, but when I'm with you, everything is perfect.

    129) When I dream, I dream of you. Maybe one day dreams will come true. Because I really love you. (Fb Status Love)

    130) Life can give us many beautiful people, but only one person can live a beautiful life... '' ':-)

    131) It's so easy to think about you, I do it every day. Losing yourself is a heartache that will never be lost. (Fb Status Love)

    132) These are not roses; wildflowers are the key to a woman’s heart - best lines for love.

    133) The way I look at you is similar to the way I look at the stars, but it's still beautiful.

    134) I am not very good at algebra, but I know you will see me the same forever.

    135) You... I think the first thing every morning, every night is the last thing on my mind.

    136) I do not need to see the sun again; your eyes are bright enough to shine all over the world.

    137) Love is not what you say, and it happens. It is a feeling that is deeply felt in the heart, and I feel for you. (Fb Status Love)

    138) If the distance is with you, I need to give you a map. I'm going to find you.

    139) When I sat in my living room today, I smiled, thinking about what God gave me :)

    What's a Good Status for Facebook?

    Fb Status Love, Facebook Status of Love

    140) I want you to be like that. Your faults, mistakes, smiles, laughter, jokes, sarcasm. Everything. I want you.

    141) My head says I don't like it
    Yes, but my heart says you lied.

    142) When I see you, G.O. I can deny that there is. Because is the only god who can make someone as amazing and beautiful as you.

    143) I tried all the sweet recipes, but they are not as sweet as the lips of my lover :)

    144) Falling in love with you is the second greatest thing in the world. First, to find you. How can I stop you from healing? (Fb Status Love)

    145) A special smile, a special face. I am a special person who cannot be changed. I love you; I will always be. You are filling a space that no one can fill! (Fb Status Love)

    146) The world is a terrible place, but somehow in your hands it is not so bad.

    147) Be proud of yourself and take risks to be with you. (Fb Status Love)

    148) There are billions in the world, and in my eyes, I see only you. (Fb Status Love)

    149) I can live without friends, without family and without money, but I cannot live without you.

    150) Listen to my little heart. It always says your name with every hit. (Fb Status Love)

    151) Life becomes romantic when a person begins to look quiet, but life becomes more romantic when these eyes begin to read.

    152) When you truly love someone, you will never be bored with this person. (Fb Status Love)

    153) I have a heart in which there is truth. It went from me to you. Now, please take care of this, because I have no heart, and you have two.

    154) I do not want to miss this feeling. If I could choose a place for death, it would be in your hands. (Fb Status Love)

    155) I was wondering if you could steal this extra heart from me.

    156) I will stop loving her when the earth becomes stable. (Fb Status Love)

    157) I know that someday, when the pages of my life are over, you will become one of her beautiful chapters.

    158) Dear, please fall in love when you are ready, and not when you are alone.

    159) I ask myself every day how you can love someone as much as I love you. When I look into your eyes, all my questions are answered.

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    160) I love my eyes when you see them, I love my name when I say that you love my heart. (Fb Status Love)

    161) Last night, I hummed a pillow and dreamed of you. Someday I will dream of my pillow and hug you. (Fb Status Love)

    162) I am for the French habit of kissing in the hands of women. In the end, a hard start must be made.

    163) I was wondering if you could steal this extra heart from me.

    164) A true romantic is what a woman will love forever. (Fb Status Love)

    165) I do not need to look at the sun again, in the world there is enough light to shine in your eyes.

    166) Your presence in my life causes a smile and a love discussion in my heart! (Fb Status Love)

    167) It makes no sense to do everything for me, sitting next to you.

    168) The space between your fingers is considered filled with mine.

    169) I wanted to climb a mountain and continue my life; I never coped with it because I fell in love with you.

    170) I only see you; I only worship you and I want only you. (Fb Status Love)

    171) I had a terrible day. But I’m always better to see a beautiful girl. You will laugh for me.

    172) I think it’s very cool when someone directly tells you that they like you.

    173) My life began from the day I met you, and now, when I look back, I do not know how I would live without you this time. Life is on you.

    174) When I look into your eyes, I see only you, my life, my tomorrow, my future.

    175) You know that you are in love with the world in his eyes and with his eyes everywhere in the world.

    176) Life becomes romantic when the eyes begin to look quiet.

    177) Everyone says that I deserve the best, but I do not want the best. I want you.

    178) Today I laughed for no reason, and then I realized that I was thinking about you.

    179) You look almost perfect, I only see that it is your lips, they do not touch me.

    180) I'm not sure what to expect, but when I was with you, I felt like I was doing everything.

    181) Someone asked me what life is like? I smiled and answered, it was good. :)

    182) If I beat you for you, I will not let my heart break. If I smile at you, I cannot let my smile disappear. I can never end your love for you. I tried, but I can’t stop thinking about you.

    183) Sometimes it is better to accept your love than to express it in words.

    184) I love you if this is not the end of my life. (Fb Status Love)

    185) My head says I don't like it Yes, but my heart says you lied.

    Facebook Status of Love Relationship

    186) Relationships are honest, if you are not honest, you are not in a relationship!

    187) Flirt: more than friendship and less than relationships.

    188) People who respond to emoticons care more about relationships.

    189) “These relationships are the best in which yesterday’s battles will not interfere with today's life.”

    190) Going to bed and sleeping together is probably the best feeling in a relationship!

    191) "As soon as you lose a person, this is not the person who returns..."

    192) If people come up with a Clear History button, then the relationship will be easy.

    193) Do not let anyone interrupt your relationship. It depends on two hearts, not three.

    194) Sometimes people decide to be friends, even if their feelings are mutual.

    195) Three rules in a relationship... Do not lie, do not deceive and promise that you will not be in time.

    196) If you want a long-term relationship. Follow the general rule, never lie.

    197) Relationships are not always natural deaths... they are killed by pride, attitude, and ignorance.

    198) Never try to lose yourself by catching someone who does not want to lose you.

    199) If I tell you, you are probably very special - (Fb Status Love)

    200) Better to deny the truth than to kill someone with a lie.

    201) Don’t be angry because I don’t give a damn, get angry because I did it once, and you are too blind to watch.

    202) If you are not ready to let the wrong person go, find the right person.

    203) My chewing gum is more than just a new relationship with Facebook.

    204) Every relationship is temporary. You never know when you will die, or someone will leave you for no reason.

    205) You rarely forgive people because you still want them in your life.

    206) An ideal relationship is when you fight as a married couple, you speak like a good friend.

    207) I want a sweet, long relationship. Everyone says, “Damn, are they still together?”

    208) Trust is a wonderful form of human relationships, the disclosure of which requires a lifetime and time.

    209) Relationships are like a book. It takes years to write, and others to ignite.

    210) Much better than painful "half-flowers" in the final "complete stop" relationship!

    211) Everyone said, “Damn, are they still together?”

    212) Sometimes people do not change, they have priorities, and in the end, you become so important.

    213) The only thing that does not need a reason for breaking the relationship is the EGO... so leave E and leave it...!

    214) Learn to let go. If the relationship is over, let it end. Time is running out or not another option.

    215) Sometimes you feel sorry for the people you want to include in your life.

    216) Starting a relationship is easy, but the part in which everyone makes mistakes is to manage it.

    217) When you think I love him, you're so wrong baby I love you. (Fb Status Love)

    218) She loves him more than she ever knew, and loves him more than she can ever show.

    219) Is it better to share your dreams with the person you dream about?

    220) I have no idea what it feels like to see someone and laugh for no reason before meeting you.

    221) Do I really love him or am I dependent on the pain of wanting something that I don’t have?

    222) No one can blame you for falling in love with the wrong person if you know that he is wrong.

    223) You cannot stick to anything because it is known.

    224) The man of your dreams can stand in front of you - (Fb Status Love)

    225) Do not be zealous in dealing with a person if it means the same.

    226) I am not telling you how I feel that I am afraid of what you are saying.

    227) The hardest part is to get around him, knowing that you cannot do it, and he will never want you.

    228) It destroys these feelings within me, but I cannot get rid of them.

    229) I believe that you and I can be very happy and free in this world.

    230) I am sitting here and wondering if you will ever understand that mine is yours.

    231) Be a lover tonight and come back tomorrow's best friend. (Fb Status Love)

    232) You are like the cutest person. Will I laugh if I know you?

    233) It’s hard to think that I will ever have the opportunity to say that you belong to me.

    234) It's hard to love someone when he thinks of you.

    235) Look into my eyes and you will understand how much you mean to me.

    236) I will be your lover, then your friend, but I will be your friend, and then your friend.

    237) You can say that it doesn’t matter to me, but I don’t call every night, it’s you.

    238) I never knew it was hard to lose the one I had never had.

    239) I want you to hear all the words that I'm afraid to say.

    240) Sometimes the love you cannot get is the love you never had.

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    241) Everyone knows that they cannot help, but they want to.

    242) Sometimes I wonder what you think of me or not.

    243) I never had words to say, I was thinking about you. (Fb Status Love)

    244) Strong relationships begin with two brave men who are ready to sacrifice everything for each other.

    245) Communication is the source of any relationship. When you stop communicating.

    246) Never tell your friends what is happening in your relationship. It should only be between you and this person.

    247) The right relationship, you will never be angry, upset or annoyed at each other, no matter how fast and usually you influence.

    248) I wonder how often we forgive ourselves because we don’t want to lose anyone. Even if they do not have the right to forgiveness... :))

    249) Relations should be resolved like sandalwood... that never breaks its fragrance, even if thousands of pieces are broken.

    250) “The goal of a relationship is not someone who finishes U...!

    251) But you can share your imperfection with anyone.

    252) When the nails grow, we cut the nails, not the fingers... Similarly, when the ego begins to grow, we must cut off the ego, not the relationship.

    What is Love WhatsApp Status Or What is Love Facebook (Fb) Status?

    Fb Status Love, Facebook Status of Love

    253) No perfect relationship. You must know your heartbeat, and a person is really worth fighting with you without talking.

    254) Any good relationship depends on two important things. The first is to find common features, and the second is to respect differences.

    255) Relationships do not require any promises, terms or conditions, for this we need wonderful people who can trust and understand this.

    256) Even a large pot filled with water can be emptied into a small hole, so that a little anger or arrogance will burn great good relations with everyone.

    257) Tomorrow, when you end your anger, and I end me, you can remember how we smiled and understood each other.

    258) People will never know how special he is until someone leaves, but sometimes it’s important to leave, so they are given the opportunity to see how special he is!

    259) It’s better to bend a little without breaking the relationship is always!

    260) “A third person will never create a misunderstanding between two people, but a misunderstanding between two people will lead to a third person!”

    261) I am absolutely happy to be her friend, I like this fact... I have this wonderful desire to kiss her, it will not work.

    262) I don’t know what’s worse, to love someone who knows that you can hurt or hurt you, because you cannot love anyone.

    263) Even now, after this time, you call me and say: “Yes! It took you a long time.”

    264) Is it better to share your dreams with the person you dream about?

    Breakup Facebook Love Status for Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    265) This is my decision to trust you again, and I want to prove that you are wrong.

    266) It’s not sad to tease, this is followed by memories.

    267) I have very painful memories when I leave and when you leave me.

    268) Like some wines, our love does not ripen and does not travel.

    269) When it's over, remember, I won’t leave, you will push me away.

    270) When your heart is still there, it’s hard for you to say what it means to love someone.

    271) Parting is like a broken mirror. It’s better to hurt yourself than to give up healing.

    272) Do not spend too much time thinking about the time spent.

    273) I have very painful memories when I leave and when you leave me.

    274) Never trust people who do not understand your feelings.

    275) The moment you realize that no one is your enemy.

    276) I still love her. And here is the worst part. I want her back. (Fb Status Love)

    277) You go through this, and I know that it’s impossible to believe it now, but it’s good.

    278) “Once he realizes that he has lost a diamond, playing with useless stones.”

    279) The argument has three sides - your side, my side and the right side.

    280) I believe that you will miss me very much when you walk.

    281) Dear Insomnia... I think I really need to break up... I love you. (Fb Status Love)

    282) When your heart is still there, it’s hard for you to say what it means to love someone.

    283) Do not spend too much time thinking about the time spent.

    284) Sometimes parting is not for makeup, sometimes for awakening.

    285) I was born the day I met you, lived shortly after you loved me, and died when we broke up.

    286) If the breakdown looks like a broken mirror, then it's best to leave it so you can try to fix it.

    287) Each break is another chance to do it right the next time - (Fb Status Love)

    288) Very painful memories when I left and when you left me.

    289) When your heart is still there, it’s hard for you to say what it means to love someone.

    290) This is my decision to trust you again, and I want to prove that you are wrong.

    291) Whenever I parted with or questioned Dawson, the crowd turned me on.

    292) Why should you break up with him? Stop calling you man.

    293) A dusty eye and a loyal heart never cry.

    294) Sometimes you have to stand alone to find out who you really are.

    295) I will never learn to stop loving you. I am learning how to live without you and move on without you.

    296) I'm tired of trying, I cry, yes, I laugh, but inside I'm dying...!

    297) Not all are long-term. Maybe I should give up.

    298) Thanks; You decided for me when you started to ignore me.

    299) Since I am always the second in your life, the time has come to make you mine for the last time.

    300) What happens when you have time to do work without which you cannot live?

    301) One day you will finally see that your biggest mistake is not to love me.

    302) Changing the status of my relationship to “out of order”!

    303) The only way to fix this situation is to go back to the point when you asked me... and no.

    304) You may be far from my life... but the memories we left are forever <3 in my heart.

    305) I hope that we can still be friends - the worst ways to break up.

    306) When we lose the right to secession, we lose the former village to be free.

    307) With all your heart, believe that you must do great things.

    308) Is it better to share your dreams with the person you dream about?

    Miss You Fb Status Love

    309) Every minute spent with you is like being in heaven and looking into the eyes of an angel.

    310) Just the thought of being with you tomorrow is enough to get me today.

    311) It's good to lose someone, even if it sometimes hurts your heart.

    312) Life is so short, so lonely hours fly, we must be together, you and I really miss.

    313) I can’t imagine my life without you until God closes my eyes... Miss you.

    314) Time passes, memories disappear, feelings change... People leave... But the heart never forgets...! Someone is missing.

    315) It's crazy when you can talk for months or even years without talking to anyone, but they come to your mind every day.

    316) I stay away from what I need to do... But every time I stop, I still think about you! :(

    317) Those with a brain are easy to remember. But it’s hard to forget those who have a heart.

    318) Some memory is not passed on to anyone... because they are vague.

    319) Sometimes we hate being bored. Because it gives us so much time to think about the people we remember... :(

    320) The great thing about distance is that you never know if they will lose you.

    321) By reading the old posts, you will find out how much you miss the person: '()

    322) When everything reminds you, not everything is easy to forget about you. I miss you.

    323) Memory is what you love, what you have, what you never want to lose - (Fb Status Love)

    324) Those with a brain are easy to remember. But it’s hard to forget those who have a heart. (Fb Status Love)

    325) You need an application that remembers their name on your phone.

    326) I can love someone the way I love you, but no one will love you like I do.

    327) True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends. (Fb Status Love)

    328) If something happens and you lose me, think “end”, come and get it again.

    329) If you lose someone, then you're in luck. This means that someone in your life is special and someone has disappeared. (Fb Status Love)

    330) Losing yourself is a very small word, it seems restrictive when the wind blows at my door, and I feel that you are going through it.

    331) If you know that you miss me, you can turn me from pain into happiness.

    332) When you are separated, love loses someone, but being close to your heart makes you feel somehow warm.

    333) I will be busy with things, but I will think of you whenever I stop.

    334) I will write to you first because I miss you. If I do not send you a message, I wait for you to remember me. (Fb Status Love)

    335) If I write to you, I will miss you. If I do not write you, it means that I miss myself.

    336) I will be busy with things, but I will think of you whenever I stop - (Fb Status Love)

    337) Just because you have made new friends does not mean you have to erase old ones.

    338) If two people argue, this does not mean that they do not like each other. And the fact that they do not argue does not mean that they do not argue.

    339) Usually you lose someone when you are alone and alone. But remembering someone when you are having fun is true love.

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    340) Distances In one case, when the memories were sweet, a particular person was never forgotten, because they continued the “heartbeat” đŸ’•

    341) Do not be discouraged because you are missing something from your past, there is always a reason why it will not enter your future.

    342) For me you are my rose, and every day when I see a green rose, I think about you, and I miss and hold you in my arms.

    343) Avoiding someone is part of loving them. You will never know how strong your love is if you never part.

    344) Usually we think that our memory is weak... But, when we want to forget each other, we know how strong our memory is!

    345) I want my brain to look like a computer, and if I press the delete button, I can erase you. Why I miss you.

    346) When the boy says “I miss you” and the girl says “I miss you”, he has nothing else, no one in the world can remember you more than he does.

    347) The best feeling in the world is when you think that someone has forgotten you, and suddenly you get a message from this person: "Hey, I miss you."

    348) I miss a bunch of people and have no idea and do not hope how to stop or remove it. The heart wants what it wants, and I cannot change it.

    349) When you love someone, you miss them too much, cry when they don’t, and fear the worst when you don’t hear about them.

    350) I wake up to talk with you, fall asleep thinking about you, and dream of keeping you in my own way. I miss you. (Fb Status Love)

    351) The distance between us does not matter, because I know that in the end, we will both be happy in each other's arms forever.

    352) I sat here, thinking about how I enjoyed my last moment together and could not wait for the next time. I love and really miss you. Get home fast.

    353) Before I go to bed and after that I wake up and all the hours between... you occupy my mind. Therefore, almost every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you.

    354) When night falls and the earth is dark, stars are the only light that we see, stars, can you count them? I miss you so much - (Fb Status Love)

    355) If you ask me how much I miss you, I can say “a lot”, because when you are not there, I am alone, I try to recover, but I can’t.

    356) Memories play a very deceptive role. I remember laughing when you cry together. But when you laugh together, remembering the time makes you cry...!

    357) I never expect anyone else to lose me. But I always leave my messages to show in their inbox: I still “miss” them with or without their reply.

    358) A person who truly loves you will see how embarrassed you are, how capricious you are, and how hard it is to deal with it. But you still seek Him in life. (Fb Status Love)

    359) I sat here, thinking about how I enjoyed our last moment and how much I could not wait for the next. I love and really miss you. Get home fast.

    360) Fb Status Love Hindi

    361) Zindgi Aise Geo K Koi Hansy To Tumari Wajah Se Hanse, Tum Par Nahi. Aur Koi Roye To Tumhare Liye Roye, Tuhmari Wajah Se Nahi.

    362) Nazar Jab Mili To Fasaane Hue…
    Ek Pal Mein Hum Aapke Deewane Hue…
    Jab Se Aaye Hain Aap Hamari Zindegi Mein…
    Andaaz Hi Hamare Kuch Shairana Hue.

    363) GhuLaMi To Sirf Tere IshQ ki’ ki Thi, “^Merry^”yar BaaQi Ye DiL Pehle Bhi Nawab Tha Aur Aaj Bhi Nawab Hai.

    364) Rook Lo Mujh Ko Kay Mera Dil Nahi Karta Tumhain Chord Kay Janay Ko Jo Sath Dekhtay Thay Jo Sath Sochain Thay Wo Payaray Payaray Sapnay Youn He Pal Bhulanay Ko Tum Say Kuch Bhi Chupanay Ko Mera Sara Haal Tum Pay Zahar Hai Pass Ao Meray Aansoo.

    365) Mujhe teri mohabbat ko sahara mil gaya hota.. agar tufan nahi aata kinara mil gaya hota.

    366) Usay chor doon,Usay bhool jaon,kesi Batein krte ho ..! Surat to Phir Surat hai Mujhy to Wo Naam b Acha lgta hai.

    367) Yaadoon main Basa Rakha Hai Tujay Is Qadar, Koi Waqt Bhi Pochay Tera Naam Bata Detay Hain.

    368) Hasrat Bhari Nigahon Ko Aaram Tak Nahi.. Wo Yun Badal Gaya K Ab Salam Tak Nahi.. Jis Ki Talab Main Zindagi Apni Guzaar Di.. Us Sang Dil K Lab Pe Mera Naam Tak Nahi.. Jo Keh Gaye Thay Shaam Ko Bethen Gy Aaj Phir.. Kuch Saal Ho Gaye.

    369) Behind every deleted Facebook & WhatsApp account there is an untold story.

    370) Facebook Status are a better source to express your moods.

    What is Facebook Status

    Facebook Status are a better source to express your moods. 

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    Facebook users are human off course, coming from every age and lifestyle having abrupt mood changes, location changes, work or house changes which nudge them to express their feelings by Facebook Status which remains there for a given time.

    About Facebook Status

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