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    71 Have a Good Night Quotes of Love, Sleep and Work

    Have A Good Night Quotes of love, sleep and work:  Have A Good Night Sleep, Have A Good Night My Love, Have A Good Night in Spanish, Have A Good Night of Sleep, Hope You Have A Good Night, Have A Good Night Reply, Have A Good Night at Work.

    Have a Good Night Quotes

    Tonight I was looking at the sky and thinking about the person I love the most and the Girl that came into my mind is you... So, I just wanna wish you good night & Have A Good Night Sleep.

     As you lie in bed seeping thru your memories of what is wrong & what is right. let me tell u i am there for u & always in sight. Si don't worry my love.

     At Night nothing keeps in your soul
    Night reconciles spirits, right you’re
    At Night it is useless to wager
    In Night it is stuffy and frightful
    Tonight, I shall leave you like voyager...!

     When the day is coming to a close sometimes your nearness takes my breath away and all the things, I want to say can find no voice - sometimes your nearness takes my breath away and filings...

     Tomorrow when you wake up, call me and tell me what I did to make you smile. - 2moz wen u wake ^, 911 n tell me w@ I did 2 make u -.

     Within you I lose myself. Without you I find myself wanting to be lost again. - without u I lose Myself. w/o u I find Myself want and 2B 404 again. With Good Night Sleep!

     If I had a dollar for every time, I dream about you, I would be rich in love and money. I will $100 richer by morning -f I had a $ 4evry time I dream bout u, Id B : - $$$ N luv n $. Ill $100 richer by AM.

     U might be sleeping, U might b awake there’s a feeling I just can't shake… I know deep inside this feeling is right the incontrollable urge 2 say…!

     Have A Good Night Reply

     A hug, kiss on the cheek, and affirmation that you had a nice night. Be honest & upfront! Be yourself. Have A Good Night My Love!

     Remember to put me in your dreams and make that dream INTENSE. Love you babe, Good Night My Love.

     Here are my special splits for this night: a night filled with love, a peaceful dream, a beautiful dream and a prayer that comes true!

     Because your eyes look tired, let your eyes hug each other for several hours, an exciting journey into the world of dreams, good night and sweet dreams.

     One evening I come to your rooms, close the door, turn off the lights, join you in bed. I come around 2 U, my lips are near your face, and I scream! Romance Good Night.

     Look... the moon is calling you!
    You see... the stars shine for you!
    Hey... Mosquitoes are singing for you! Hey... my heart says Good Night.

     One day, I will die without saying goodbye to You. But I will never forget to say thank you because you are the sweetest part of my life.

     Whenever you have a dream in your heart, never let it go, because dreams are small seeds, of which the beautiful grass is a great dream tonight...

     Wash your face, wash your feet! Now is time to Your eyes are weak, your mouth cannot speak, so hope this night is good and sweet. Good night sweet dreams.

     Have A Good Night at Work

     Whether it is black or blue sky, stars or moons, sweet dreams are always with you until your heart becomes real.

     The sun is excited, and the moon is happy because the sun misses You, and the moon from You, the rest of the night, a wonderful night.

     Somewhere under the light of a pale moon, someone is thinking about you, where dreams come true... Good night and sweet to you.

     I look out the window, If I think of the person who cares the most and the person who comes to my mind is U, you want my good night.

     The night dead star becomes full and full of the full moon. It becomes beautiful when you sleep and worship your innocence with the stars and the moon.

     May the moon always be full and bright! You always be calm and appropriate! Remember that whenever you go to turn off the lights, I wish you good night!

     Very original wish good night only to you!!! For... beware of cheap duplicates... I am the only official dealer for good night wishes... Good night sweet dreams.

     On this cold... cold... night in my tiny room, looking at the bright shining stars, a thick dark sky and my sweet... sweet smile, at my lovely sweet face!

     A bed of clouds to sleep on... Like a diamond star in your bedside lamp, the heavenly angels sing lilies for you, you can sleep peacefully at night.

     Good night to the sweetest man. Tonight, you will fall asleep and get out of bed, then you will remember that you forgot to ask me good night!

     Whenever you have a dream in your heart, never let it go, because dreams are small seeds, beautiful tomorrow, this night is a wonderful dream... Have A Good Night of Sleep.

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     Tonight, the moon is falling on you from heaven, I wish you good night, dreams of sweet dreams haunting you. Have A Good Night of Sleep.

     When you go to bed tonight, I order the bats to tease you. I asked some demons to dance in white, and to make sure everything was fine with you, Dracula would ask you to kiss your neck good night. Have A Good Night of Sleep.

     English miracle: these words have something in common... Banana, chest of drawers, grammar, potatoes, restored, uneven. Can you identify? The answer... is indicated in each word, move the first letter to the end of the word and read it in reverse order. This is also spelling!

     Drink your blood and shut up for 2 minutes in memory of those poor mosquitoes that died last night! He had a massive diabetes attack because you were so sweet!

     Have A Good Night in Spanish "Tenga una buena noche"

    Have A Good Night Quotes

     Good friends don’t necessarily make life perfect, but they sure make all the imperfections easier to tolerate.

     Sleep at night with just as much dedication, as you give to your work at day time. Our work helps us to grow with financially strong, and our health balanced well with good sleep. There is no wealth better than health. Hope You Have A Good Night!

     Hi Moon, my friend is sleeping. Tell your brother Sun not too late tomorrow. Because my friend wants more rest.

     The love we share... We all shared our trust and love ... It was only good night. Hope You Have A Good Night!

     The career is awesome, but you cannot have it on a cold night. Dreamers know many things to avoid at night.

     In the silence of the night, I often wish a man to have more words of love than thousands of applauses.

     You do not need to go out and have fun every night. This is your dream, because you can act. Hope You Have A Good Night!

     Loneliness brings life to life. It adds a special burn to the sunset and enhances the aroma of night air.

     When I laid my head on the pillow at night, I realized that today I am a good person. That is why it is wonderful for me.

     One night of misfortune is like a thousand; Well, death is another night of death.

     A dreamer can only break through the moonlight, and what punishment he sees in the morning in front of the rest of the world.

     Think of the first part of the night when you are awake, and discover the mistakes of others while you are sleeping.

     Since you were gone, the nights were long, I dreamed about you all day, my friend, my friend, no one is real.

     You must succeed with excellence. Have a nice day. You need a good tomorrow, a good night's sleep. Fresh mind can conquer the world. I wish you a good sleep.

     Every night you want to be safe in your home. I want you to sleep every night. Because if I know that there are ghosts around you, I can never fall asleep. So, for humanity, good night, sleep.

     Maybe the dark winds give you soothing air. Maybe the bright sky makes you a hot blanket. Your sweetest dreams, and all your dreams come true.

     The end of the day is only a new beginning. In the same way, every success creates a new beginning. Always keep your mood for tomorrow. Put faith, courage and hope into life, and may your dreams ever fall asleep Good night!

     The bright stars in my life are not planets, but friends like you, shining all day and night. Goodnight!

     True friends are not always there when everything is almost perfect. When you go down and say that everything is going well, they dig deeper.

     It's dark everywhere. The birds returned home. The road is quiet. Everybody is sleeping, but I do not know you? Just wanted to tell you 2 good nights.

     Look... The moon says You... look at the shining stars for you. Listen to my heart, saying: Allah can build a palace for you in heaven and eat you from its fruits.

     For a dreamer, night is more than daylight for those who dream and those who make their dreams come true.

     Dreams are the best in life. If you lose sleep, you lose the best part of life. So, go to bed and grab sweet dreams. Goodnight.

     Take a deep breath, stand by the window, look at the sky, two stars shine, do you know what they are? They take care of my eyes.

     Forget about all the worries, free your mind from the stresses of the day and what happens tomorrow. Get enough sleep and start all over again. Have A Good Night Quotes.

     Your bed is ready to hug you, you should be ready to relax and say goodbye to all stresses. Goodnight!

     There is no life without sleep, day without night is not a blessing, it is a time to close our eyes and enjoy the nature of God within us. Have A Good Night Quotes.

     One day ends again. Well, as a friend, you make my daily big. Thank you for the good and pleasant dreams of my dear friend at the end...!

     Never walk a lane, that has a foot mark on it. Never work for a goal, that has an end. Never sleep, but dream. Have A Good Night Quotes.

     It is said a good night's sleep can bring a wonderful tomorrow. May you sleep with beautiful dreams.

    What is grammatically correct: goodnight or good night?

    When we try to write "goodnight" or "good night", it is showing the word and other forms with auto-correct shape. We must accept all that forms. 

    "Goodnight" reflects as an interjection and for "Good Night" word "Good" considered as an adjective and "Night" considered as a noun. Oxford has acknowledged both "good night" and "goodnight" into the English vocabulary, "good night" offers a feeling of consistency to the language. 

    On the off chance that we state welcome or goodbyes, for example, "good morning," "good evening," "great day," or "good day", it just follows that we treat "good night" a similar way. This means that “good night” is acceptable and “goodnight” isn’t.

    What does good night mean?

    Generally, we used "Good Night" to say bye... bye or goodbye to someone who are ready to go for sleep or go to bed. It is also used by each other in the evening and said before going to bed by each other.

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