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    17 Easy Ways to Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend and Boyfriend Together

    How to Get Back with Your Ex-Girlfriend: Are you wondering "Get Ex Back", how you can Ex Get Back Together with your ex-girlfriend? Should I Get My Ex Back

    First of all, keep in mind that you are walking on eggshells. Feelings have already been hurt on both sides. 

    If you’re not careful, hurt feelings may turn into broken hearts and angry words, and you’ll miss out on ever getting back together with your ex-girlfriend!

    How to Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend and Boyfriend Together

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    In few easy steps, here are the things you need to keep in mind when planning To Get Ex Back with your ex-girlfriend.

    What caused the break up? Girls do not break up with their boyfriends for no reason at all, so chances are she had a good reason, even if you don’t yet know what that reason may be. 

    • Understand what it was?

    The first step in getting back together with your ex-girlfriend is to understand what it was that went wrong, whether or not it was preventable, and how you can fix it to improve the future relationship.

    • Was it your fault?

    If your girlfriend broke up with you because of something that was completely your fault, then the first thing you need to do is to let your ex-girlfriend know that you understand what happened, you take ownership for your actions, and you are sorry for hurting her. 

    It helps to explain that you will never do it again…but only if this feeling is genuine; if you are planning to become better at hiding your tracks rather than changing your behavior, perhaps you are not mature enough to be in a relationship at all.

    • Continue to socialize

    Even though you are trying to Ex Get Back Together with your ex again, keep your social life active. You shouldn’t cut yourself off from the rest of the world or lie around the house moping. 

    Go on a couple casual dates, or at least get out of the house and enjoy hanging out with your friends. It may even work to your benefit if your ex-girlfriend feels a teeny bit jealous, as long as you don’t overdo things—you don’t want her to feel you are not serious about her.

    • Strike a balance

    Through your behavior and actions, let your ex see that you have moved on, but at the same time, you still care for her. Striking this balance is the key to eventually rekindling the relationship. 

    When your ex-girlfriend sees that you have not completely moved on and that you still feel for her, you will appear more mature in her eyes, and equally more desirable as a potential partner.

    • Work on the friendship

    Put in genuine effort to become friends with your ex-girlfriend again. Invite her to casual group outings, not just romantic dates which she obviously is not in the mood for if you haven’t resolved your former problems. 

    Listen to what she tells you and let her know she can rely on you as a friend. This will build trust and she will find it harder to cut you out of her life completely.

    • Ask Questions

    As your friendship with your ex-girlfriend becomes stronger, you can let her know you are interested in a relationship again. Ask her why she thinks the two of you broke up in the first place. 

    Be casual when you ask the question, rather than appearing desperate or making it obvious that you are pursuing her. Most importantly, lend a sympathetic ear to her answer so that you really understand the situation. 

    Your ex will either say that she thinks it was a mistake to break up, or else she will say that the break up was for the better and explain why. 

    Once you have an answer, you can proceed from there. Remember to continue to listen and ask questions, rather than arguing with her and acting angry that she doesn’t want you. 

    Friendship is the first step To Get Ex Back together with your ex-girlfriend!

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    Definitive Signs Your Ex-Girlfriend Still have Feelings for You

    Does he look at you with his flirty eyes, leaning against your hand, and listen to your jokes? She ignores you, pretends not, and leaves you? Is it all in one night? He’s cunning, and it drives you crazy. You just want to know how she feels about you and how you can get her back.

    First, realize that she may not know how she feels about you. However, you can learn by looking for these simple signs:

    • Looking at Phone Calls

    After you’ve decided to be friends, does she call you just to see how you’re doing? The next day she calls you to see if you’ve seen a recent movie that just came out.  

    The next day she calls to tell you her and a bunch of friends are getting together to go see that new movie she mentioned yesterday and wants to know if you’re interested in joining. 

    She doesn’t outright say she wants you to be there, but hints that it’s mostly a couples’ thing by saying that Jeremy would be there with Felicia and Marco and Samantha would be there. 

    Get the picture? She’s called you a few times since the “only friends” speech and has even hinted that you might inevitably be paired together on this outing. 

    This is a simple indication that she is still interested in you and that you are more concerned with the “strong feelings” of the emotional scale.

    • Looking at Texts

    After the speech “Let's be friends” he was called once or twice, but basically, he sends the text. Conversation seems kind of awkward and almost forced, but she’s still showing an interest in wanting to be your friend. 

    However, that may be as far as it can go again. She obviously likes your company and even trusts you like a friend. This shows you’re not on the “indifferent” side of the emotional scale but it can also mean you’re not on the “strong emotions” side that shows she really cares and still might love you.

    • Looking at Emails

    You get an email once in a while telling you about how her trip to Europe went but there’s really no substance to the message.  

    She doesn’t call or even seem that interested in you anymore. She’s become “indifferent” towards you, which is okay. Move on with your life.

    • Emotional Scale

    So, what is this emotional scale? It’s a range of feelings a person has towards another person and you can see where you stand according to how she treats you and how often she contacts you.

    How to Win Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Using the Sly Approach

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    Are you wondering "Get Ex Back", how to win your ex-boyfriend back? Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you see it, as human beings we need love. 

    We need to show love and we need to feel loved so now you know, you are not the only person who has ever wondered why it is that we lose those closest to us. 

    In a perfect world, our loved ones would be with us from the beginning to the end but unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.

    So, right now you are probably punishing yourself for allowing the most precious person in your life to slip away and before you continue, I’m going to tell you to stop. It does not have to be over just yet. 

    Using some clever tactics, determination and a sincere desire to patch things up, you’ll have an extremely good chance of winning back that special person.

    If you’re a lady trying to get your husband or boyfriend back then take heed. Try for a moment to imagine what it must be like to go out hunting. 

    Try to imagine the thrill of the chase before the hunt finally culminates in success as you shoot down your prey. Now, if this seems thrilling to you, fighting to get your man back will be a hunting trip so fantastic, you can’t even imagine it. 

    Remember though, hunters play by the rules in order to succeed and you too need to familiarize yourself with the rules as well if you wish to taste victory.

    First up, remember that while the majority of mankind no longer hunts, it still remains in our genes to be hunters. After all, if we were not hunters, the human race would have died out long ago. 

    Now, all men are wooers. In fact, men are the only perfect wooers on the planet. It is part of their genetic make-up to chase after their prey so all you need to do, is lure them towards you and the best way to do this, is to pretend you don’t even notice them. 

    Don’t let on that you’re longing for him because if you do, the chase is over and for him it means, most of the thrill has passed.

    Another possible tactic I’m going to recommend now is really quite sly and some may even class it as being deceitful but let me remind you, we are fighting for love here. 

    On the next occasion when you meet up with your ex, make sure that you leave sooner than he anticipated and also be sure to leave with a group of your friends as this will really get his inquisitive side all fired up.

    If you’re really ruthless and you mean to do business then start hanging out with some of his male pals. 

    You can be sure that if there is any feeling left on his part, this is definitely when it will show but please, don’t push it too far or it could backfire on you.

    If the two of you meet up for a chat and he inquires as to how you’re getting along, play it cool and confident because as a whole, men just don’t like clingy women.

    Perhaps the most important thing I should mention is that you need to look after yourself, even during these hard times. 

    In fact, don’t be afraid to spoil yourself as this in itself, is quite often enough to make him realize just how much he misses you.

    Of course, you want to Get Your Ex Back with your boyfriend and who could ever blame you but please, for your own sake, take your time and really weigh up all the pros and cons before jumping blindly into anything. 

    You are also just as important and in order to protect yourself from further pain, think carefully.

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    2 Breakup Mistakes that Won’t Help Get Your Ex Back

    You know you can’t be trusted when your defenses are down and emotions are high. You’re like a child drowning who just wants to take a deep breath in; only you know that one action could kill you. The same is true if you make faulty moves at the end of a relationship.

    However, any bad moves can be prevented. The following are some missteps that can be avoided as long as you know what they are.

    • (1) Drunk Dialing

    The name of this mistake can actually come from drinking alcohol, although most often the feeling of intoxication comes from excessive moving emotions. 

    This means that you do not think very clearly. Your thought process is on How To Get Your Ex Back, hearing his/her voice and figuring out how to make things better. 

    When you’re thinking like this, you’re bound to regret it in the morning when you let your guard down and take that deep breath in.

    Though the purpose of your call was to make the situation better, you’ll most likely end up making it worse. We act our worst when we’re vulnerable. 

    Don’t call. Let your ex pick up the phone when you are ready for this kind of contact again.

    • (2) Text Message Terrorism

    This applies to all types of messages that can be spammed locally by your ex: email, text messages, etc. This is a mistake because it does not give you your previous position. 

    Not to mention, it can be really irritating to him/her. More often than not, spamming messages at your ex is only going to cause a larger rift between the both of you.

    If you’re panicking in the water already, take a moment to get your bearings and realize that if you just put your foot down, you’re going to reach the bottom of the ocean. 

    Don’t make the mistake of trying to breathe in water.

    How to Win Him Back by Showing Your Appreciation

    You lost him and now you want him back but you’re not entirely sure why he left in the first place. Do you want to know why he left and how to win him back? 

    Most men are the types who like to do a job and feel the rewards for finishing that job. That includes making a woman happy. 

    That’s right. Most men leave a relationship because they felt they could no longer make their girl happy.

    Why Did He Leave?

    The day you stopped telling him how happy you were, he started questioning if he was able to make you happy anymore. The harder he tried, the more you ignored him. 

    You didn’t thank him for taking out the trash, for picking up his clothes or for starting the dishwasher. In fact, sometimes you even got mad because he did it wrong and instead of thanking him; you just fumed at or ignored him. 

    His special little treat was just thrown in the streets because you didn’t take the time to let him know how much you appreciated his hard work.

    Sense of Appreciation and Accomplishment

    Men like to have a sense of accomplishment that comes when their girlfriend, fiancĂ©, or wife tells them how pleased she is especially when a man cleans his garage or picks up his socks. 

    Just as a teddy bear has a tendency to protect his children, males have a tendency to make a woman happy. He works hard every day to ensure your happiness, and when you begin to use it and tell him how happy he is, he begins to doubt his value in relationships.

    Winning Him Back

    Now you’ve lost him and want to win him back because you realized how much he meant to you and how happy he really did make you. Let him know. 

    Go out of your way to show him your appreciation. Let him see how happy he makes you when you’re around. Laugh at the jokes you used to laugh at before. Build his confidence and let him know he’s making you happy.

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