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    Top 6 Ways to Propose Your Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    How to Propose? You only get one chance to make your wedding proposal a special event for your future fiancée. Women look forward to this as much as they do their actual wedding dates. 

    They play scenarios over and over in their head from the time they are little girls. How will he ask the question? Will I be swept of my feet? 

    That said -- most women are touched more by a man bearing their soul than they are by him baring his wallet, at least in regards to his proposal. 

    How to Propose?

    Now the question is "How to Propose?" How can you do this? Following, are the top five suggestions: -

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    How to Propose a Girl or Woman? 

    • 1. Surprise 

    Surprise her with a prepaid day at the spa. After a day of being pampered, have a limousine pick her up and drive her to meet you at a romantic restaurant, order a great dinner, and then surprise her with your proposal during dessert. 

    In your proposal, tell her why you know she's the woman for you. You can do this in a poem or in a letter so that she'll have it to keep and to reflect upon throughout your marriage. 

    Besides your proposal, the poem will be the most remembered part of the day and it will the best Romantic Ways to Propose.

    • 2. Tell Her 

    Tell her you'd like to do something a little different one weekend. Take her an open poetry night and read something that you have written for her. As she sits there pleasantly stunned, ask her to be your wife.

    • 3. A Book 

    Buy a book of romantic poem that you have carefully selected. Even if you are not a poetry buff, you'll see at least a couple on the bookstore shelves that you could enjoy together. 

    Find one particular poem in it that seems to speak to your relationship and memorize it. Attach your engagement ring to that particular page. As she opens the book, recite the poem and then pop the question.

    • 4. A Place

    Another best Romantic Ways to Propose - Take her to a place that has meaning for both of you - it might be the roller coaster ride you took on your first date, the fourth of July fireworks, or out on a sailboat. 

    Mention the great time you both had last time you were there and ask her to marry you, emphasizing your desire to continue to make memories with her.

    • 5.  Ask Question

    Ask her your important question while doing something normally uneventful -- such as while cooking dinner together, taking your nightly walk, or at a scenic stop while taking a drive. 

    The unmatchable element of surprise will sweep her off her feet in a way that can't be done when she suspects that "something's up." 

    Follow with a nice evening dinner that include candlelight and roses. If you are at home, have these hidden and ready to bring out at the appropriate time. And this will be definitely said a best Romantic Ways to Propose.

    • 6. Love Letters

    Sometimes we want to make a romantic gesture to our partner or spouse but we figure it will cost so much that there's no way we can do it. It doesn't cost a thing to write a love letter.

    The idea of writing a love letter to someone that you know intimately, and have maybe been with for years, might sound too corny to contemplate. 

    What better way to express yourself though? You could verbalize your feelings, but if you write them down, the person you love will always have a written record. 

    We often try to come up with ideas for special gifts or a trip, all things that can be expensive. Sometimes the simplest of things can be priceless.

    You might not like the idea because writing isn't your strongest gift. It doesn't matter. What counts is the fact that you make the effort to say what's in your heart. 

    The man or woman who is the object of your affection will be totally overwhelmed. Unless this is something you've done before, you're sure to be nervous and not even know what you want to say.

    You don't have to write your letter in one session. Take some time with it. Get yourself a small notepad that you can carry around and make some notes. 

    When we see someone everyday, we often take them for granted. The whole point of this is to remember why you fell in love in the first place and why the feelings are still there, even if they aren't as exciting as they were in the beginning. 

    Think back to the early days, whether they were months or years ago.

    What made those sparks fly for you? Maybe it was a smile, his or her sense of humor or intelligence, kindness and generosity, shyness or outgoing personality. 

    What physical characteristics attracted you to your partner? Hair, skin, shape, a special smile; look at a picture or conjure up their image in your mind. 

    Undoubtedly there were a number of things and the more you saw of one another, the more qualities you came to love. 

    Going over them in your mind again will be a good exercise for you in how not to let those strong feelings slip away.

    If you like poetry, you could write a love poem instead of a letter. It wouldn't have to be award-winning quality, just your honest expression of why and how much you appreciate what your partner brings to your life. 

    Think about some of the things you enjoy doing together, and put them in. Some humor would be great, but make it serious enough that it doesn't come off like a joke. 

    Writing it out by hand would be the most personal way of doing it, but if your handwriting is illegible, buy some special computer paper and print it out in a beautiful script.

    If you're an artistic person, you could produce a handmade card to write your sentiments into. You can find card stock in all sorts of colors in stationery stores. 

    Sketch or paint some meaningful drawings on the front and add your words of love on the inside. You're only limited by your imagination.

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    Romantic Gifts for Girl (Girlfriend) or Women 

    Best Romantic Ways to Propose your girlfriend is romantic gifts. How to Propose A Girl with the romantic gifts? Women, even when dropping hints, can be a little intimidating to buy for. 

    However, the majority of women are easier to please than most men think. All a woman wants is to know that thought went into the gift and that it reflects an understanding of who they are as a person. 

    While every woman is different, there are twenty basic items that are appreciated by women of all personalities and backgrounds. They are as follows:

    • Maid service for a month, 6 months, or a year. This idea is only suggested for those who know their partner would appreciate it - you never want to suggest that she is not doing her job.

    • Professional massage.

    • Candle sampler.

    • Wine and candy with personalized labels you make on your computer.

    • Handwritten poem.

    • House plant or a perennial outdoor plant.

    • Magazine subscription.

    • Home cooked meal -- she lounges while you do all the work, including clean-up.

    • Comfortable trousers in attractive colors -- preferably her favorite color.

    • A book.

    • Lessons in golf, a foreign language, sky diving -- anything she's been saying she'd like to do.

    • A new perfume. Don't give her what she already wears, check out the scents and choose one you think she'll like. Even if she secretly doesn't like it, she'll be thrilled that you made the effort.

    • Concert tickets - one for her and one for you. When the concert date arrives, treat her to a special dinner before the big event.

    • Something that indicates that you believe in her dreams, like a nice briefcase if she has her eye on the corner office, or a new set of oils if she dreams of being a painter.

    • Basket of hand-chosen herbal teas and gourmet snacks.

    • A dress.

    • Unique frames with pictures of the two of you already placed inside.

    • A day at the spa.

    • A night in a luxury hotel.

    • Dinner catered in, complete with waiters and musicians.

    Choose an item and then consider how you can personalize it and you will dazzle her beyond her own imagination. 

    For example, don't simply give her a subscription to a general woman's magazine - give her Psychology Today, Entrepreneur, or National Geographic - something that reflects her interests, maybe even something she has mentioned in passing. 

    Think about what it is that she might be interested in. Do not give gift certificates, hardware, or clothes that may not fit.

    Romantic Gifts for Man or Boyfriend 

    Best Romantic Ways to Propose your boyfriend is romantic gifts. How to Propose A Man with the romantic gifts? 

    Trying to decipher what types of gift a man would appreciate can seem nearly impossible -- particularly when the man in your life is fairly new. 

    You don't want to get him anything that appears inappropriately personal, and he shouldn't have to unwrap something that makes you look cheap or uninterested in him. 

    So, what is a woman in a budding relationship to do?

    Here are 10 gift ideas your new man will love: -

    • An Apple iPod is a great gift. It's portable, and there are a variety of them available. There are many cool features on each of them that your special man is sure to love, such as downloading his favorite songs directly from his computer.

    • Any type of handheld game system is sure to make him smile. There are a few above average brands. They are Nintendo Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, and the Sony Play Station Portable (PSP).

    • If your new man doesn't already have one, he would definitely enjoy the luxury of a portable DVD player.

    • If he's a sports fan, find out his favorite sport and the team. Surprise him with tickets for two to see his favorite team play live. And don't stop there. Spring for dinner or lunch before the event, snacks during game time, and a T-shirt on the way put of the stadium.

    • Satellite radio for his car is sure to get him dancing! Sirius, the most popular satellite radio provider, provides 100% commercial-free music with 120 channels, including sports and weather coverage.

    • If your new man enjoys a beer after a hard day at work, he'd certainly love a gift subscription to a beer of the month club. You can get a year's subscription that will deliver an assortment of beers every month right to his home. There are also wine of the month clubs, meat of the month clubs, and fruit of the month clubs.

    • All men shave, at least a little. Electric razors make great gifts and there is an assortment of brands and styles available to choose from.

    • Many men enjoy reading magazines like GQ, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment or even Discover Magazine. Surprise him with a gift subscription to any of these or another one that you think might catch his interest.

    • Give him good steak dinner -- cook it yourself or make reservations at a well-known steakhouse. If you decide to take him out, do it right and pick a place he'll want to tell his friends about.

    • An excellent gift for any man is any "all-in-one" tool. Consider the Swiss Army Knife or the Leatherman.

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