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    84 Love is Words on Love and it's Meaning that You Must Know

    The Best Love is Words You Must Know: Perhaps God wants us to meet the right people before you meet a few wrong, so that when we finally meet him (her), we will know how to thank such a gift. 

    "Love is Words" - Love is when you do not take into account the feelings in your relationship, sympathy.

    Love is Words

    Love is Words, Words on Love
    Love is Words

    One cannot see the pain to see that kind of love is buried in my heart, I miss you more and more concentrated, I only can you in my heart.

    The more we want to get close, you are far enough away. You are in a foreign land, only the moon with my long companions. What year and what day we were reunited again?

    Every day in the youth age, we can feel the impact of waves of love, even though the impact does not necessarily enable us to destinations, but we have no reason not to cherish - Love is Words.

    Really want to see you soon, hold your hand, the crowd, I think of you, because I looked very lonely; when a person is more like you, because no one disturb my thoughts of you!

    Only love can create a real solid thing of life - Love is Words.

    Love must always update the health, growth, and create.

    Love is a great teacher, taught us a fresh start - Love is Words.

    Love is much like the original us to wait and see a fireworks display. It is the moment of bloom, full of courage is about to vanish before the hot and gorgeous.

    Love a person is in his title, status, qualifications, experience, good deeds, evil deeds, the see the real him, but a child - boy or bad boy - it hurt him.

    Be remembered, forget the forgotten. Changeable, and accept the unacceptable.

    If the two long-time love, a blessing in the day and night - Love is Words.

    Could wear everything except tears, only time feeling as time goes by, the longer the conflict the lighter, just like a cup of tea.

    Life is a flower, and love is the honey of flowers - Love is Words.

    If I was your girlfriend, I'll buy the drinks after the fight, and then a man sitting in high places at the distant cry; if I'm wrong, you have to call me so angry, I will be more expensive long-distance play to you obediently and then quietly listen to your lessons I could not bear sighs again, I blushed and bit his lip was glad conspiracy and succeed.

    Love is Words, Love Words Meaning
    Love is Words

    Love is Words for Her and on Him

    Love is Words, Love Words Meaning
    Love is Words

     1. And four seasons so gently past the article from the body of the lost voice had not come back yet.

    2. The flower in the wall in wine all did not bird branch not wake me up and the world dream between the window of time as you sound of the tearing sound.

    3. Since the time of the first eyes, the silk thread of fate has gone through the mortal world, the Grammy winner, the inch black Ensi has already firmly entangled.

    4. Even had tried everything taste, has always can’t very harmony; Even in the most tender feeling deep, comfort it also can only lead to pain. Has not the dream, confusion, we hand, to the dawn of the cruel - Love is Words.

    5. Playful butterfly, jade-like stone blue sea of clouds, yellow leaves, glittering and translucent glass vortex chips, is thorough marrow of ambiguous; Further back, is quietly grief, slowly flow, filer silk penetration…

    6. Single wings of butterflies, searching for, finally find their own the other half, the other half of the unique, from then on, extremely hot or cold weather, heaven hell, never part.

    7. Time holding the claddaugh rotates inside a traditionally-designed box from our fingers fly over, did not leave traces, it’s because we both love each other, we are all looking forward to each other’s smile, like looking forward to remain their own happiness.

    8. Who said that love must love the shattered it shall not end until my death? Like the strong drink coffee or plain boiled water to the brandy, and with a long finish.

    9. Not a little every drop of time of two people in deepening stumble, so two people forever, until the end of life. Life is long, ah you - Love is Words.

    10. His promise and people who love each other, which is more important? Promise not violated, and can’t give up their pursuit, only to surrender to get and destiny. In order to loved ones die and others of the hands, but again had to hot conservative tore heart crack lung of pain, the drops of blood drop together with tears, dyed the lower in the sky, but can’t change your fate, perhaps in the distant of the kingdom of heaven, will get happiness, and the harp is still playing a sad music, like drunk.

    11. Ever heard of it? The clover legend-about as long as four-leaf clover find, you can find happiness. Just four-leaf clover happiness? Life only desire became the end of destiny, when the one thousand constants again sing the song, is a moment of heartache?

    12. People often say, is a hero, just past Loring in bird gently, he safe, and suddenly look back, but not with the simple beauty, became the fading beauty, but still, the bird calls out the window, cannot see. Good cuttlefish not as beauty sleep - Love is Words.

    13. A long, long time ago will know that his own end, right? Always think woven leaf is unfortunately, not just because she was clover, and, more important, she is a clover, she can predict their death, such person must be very painful it. Day watching calendar tell yourself, numbered; Tell oneself, already can’t bring beloved man the future; Tell oneself, happiness will leave……

    14. Old myths and legends, a meteor across it represents a person’s soul go to heaven. You will ultimately die, I also will eventually die, the world is born and rebirth in the rest, but once the heartache cannot be like the moon generally short and round, so let us to restore a sealing dust already a long time of feelings, from the memory of the winding path out of the yellow neither pick old photos, memories that classical pieces.

    15. FALL IN LOVE with a person, is the fact that; If that person does not love you, it is the reality. There is always in the strong love, also is wishful thinking, might as well be an early away, this affection embedded memory storage and the person you love and also to love you in the future a place waiting for you to date.

    16. The so-called acquainted predestination, is actually in the space and time and the mind is called call collision - Love is Words.

    17. Love, hate, but also thought, have this feeling, no matter what, at least you had.

    18. Love, just open some flowers and plants, like a thorn vicious women words and heart, be disseminated through. The red love in the course of the day, buried deep coincidence and the contradiction, the flower of burn of the clean, but happiness..., just don’t go..., after all, the other party is your most reliable pillar, how much more will still love each other, like the rose garden constantly.

    19. How to can be a relationship forever? The correct collection method is every once in a while, will knife drawn to meet the sun, clean up in time to put in scabbard, will do the same feelings between men and women, both neither can separate too long, also can’t “balsam pear bitter cane tight mutually” too malicious - Love is Words.

    20. Beautiful life is of free, is free, you give her the fetters of any form are hurt. Beauty is life is fragile, you give her any form of damage, he will die prematurely, any wisp of sweet soul drifting toward the kingdom.

    21. Four seasons metempsychosis, lush spring, summer, autumn leaves, winter snow warm - Love is Words.

    22. When feelings have been hurt, the most painful is to oneself, total feel in the injured that moment, the world and all the pain in his body, so the backlog of pain, hatred, cry, and when all was going far, you will have disenchanted. Originally injured not only the one you, just like the world all the forces of each other, as in total to feel hurt you, perhaps each other heart of the bear is another pain.

    23. Want to is one thing, hope is one thing, if want to children into a line, also don’t care never ever - Love is Words.

    24. I understand, love feeling will fade, as old photos, but you leave my heart, they grow forever beautiful, pick to my last minute of his life.

    25. When I was a child, looking at the all over the sky stars, when the meteors fly over, let it does not make; Grow up, meet the person I like, but still too late.

    26. Love to man, like the empty atrial hang picture; And to the woman, but like to listen to music.

    27. Two men chasing a woman, with feeling shallow that first give up; Two women after a man, with the first love to give up - Love is Words.

    28. Everyone will have pain, but not everyone has touched the courage of pain. There are some things hidden long, will become life cannot whisked off the wounds. Have mercy on can only take temporary solution, encourage sympathy trust to effect a permanent cure! Only in love brave face it, just can make pain in half, and happy to multiply, life is full sunshine!

    29. Once as a desperate for love him, desperate to burn yourself and a pure and fanaticism, in deeply hurt after family, still as always bigotry... Every midnight, often saw the glittering and translucent snow marks, often saw those bright of fireworks, often saw that copy of the youth puerile.

    30. Pursue and the hope, then have the joy, also have depressed and disappointed. After the depressed and disappointed, we learned to cherish. Have you ever not loved with all his/her being, you can appreciate the future that loves you the person?

    31. And, if the emotion and years also can gently in pieces, throw into the sea, so, I would ever since the silent in… Your words, I love to listen to, but don’t know, my silence, you want to see, but don’t understand…

    32. Love was not complex, come and go but three words, not “I love you”, “I hate you”, is “come on”, “how are you?”, “I’m sorry”.

    33. Love each other but can’t love, but love do not love each other - Love is Words.

    34. I also believe that love can overcome all difficulties; But, after all, and the never agree. This is I believe more.

    35. Your heart is my cape and there, I can’t go further. We were this lifetime to faraway places, not wander half the earth, but human companionship.

    36. Do you love me? To the degree of danger has love……. Dangerous and to what degree? Cannot have a personal life.

    37. Meet, not hate, hate is late early - Love is Words.

    38. Love is sentimental thing; frustrated people is cannot play.

    39. Can’t with all love, but is a long journey in a hurry, the transit station, no matter how long stay, always to go sit another flight.

    40. Leave, I think you don’t forget one thing: don’t forget to miss me. When you are missing me, don’t forget that I am missing you.

    41. Love is not a shelter, want to go in asylum, it is will be out - Love is Words.

    42. If can’t forget him, don’t forget. The real forget, is not to need efforts.

    43. In the world of love, there are always some almost absurd things happen, when a people who think that can pay off regrets, live at guilt, yet already at the end, so unbearable not just of love, but a life.

    44. Love a person, you will self-love - Love is Words.

    45. Commitment would have been men and women a wrestler, sometimes player, most of the case is a lose-lose game.

    46. Love is not a shelter, want to go in asylum, it is will be out.

    47. The most severe virus, is the love and lies - Love is Words.

    48. We fear years, but don’t know how to live is gratifying. We think survival have dull, many people are between life and death struggle. A: what time, we wouldn’t have for themselves all be grateful for?

    49. Years, forget the pain, forget, forget about your bad, we never, never say goodbye.

    50. The life most of the time, promise a synonym is bound, but we yearn for bound.

    51. Love fire, or not to grow again. Reigniting, once those beautiful memories will disappear. If we do not meet again, perhaps I will bring his deep concern, until I die; flesh alive However, in this moment, I hate him. All of the good old days, has gone and never come back again.

    52. Love from the beginning, also hope that by the end of despair. Forget, is no longer exist any I have hope for you.

    53. Fell in love with you, I just enjoy the taste of missing you, the bitterness of being separated and suffering from being jealous, even the endless possessive. Why did you move let I get goosebumps? A: why do I always afraid of time flies and can’t be with you with a lifetime?

    54. Why then pain to forget a person, will naturally make you forget time. If time cannot let you forget not should remember, we lost years and what meaning?

    55. It’s freedom, knowing this is life, in order to get the contract to each other, in order to make the other side joy, also willing to make the commitment. Love the pursuit of freedom process, when you blame too not free, is you don’t love him.

    56. Lonely born not, but by you fall in love with personal that moment - Love is Words.

    57. Like a person is not painful. Love a person, may have an abundance of pain, but he gave me the happy, but also the world’s largest happy.

    58. The life most of the time, promise a synonym is bound, but we yearn for bound.

    59. Love each other but can’t love, but love do not love each other.

    For Love Words

    Love is Words, Love Words
    Love is Words

    Once owned of don’t forget. Have more treasured; Belong to own don’t give up; Lost for memory. Tired heart ashore; Choose don’t regret; Bitter can meet, the pain to enjoy life, hurt just understand strong; There is always wind up early in the morning, there’s always a splendid dusk, there is always the night of the shooting star; No matter yesterday, today, and tomorrow, can be suddenly enlightened is a beautiful day… Love Words.

     Men are naturally affectionate, but he will be a man of a long feeling. Women naturally the special sentiment, but she can to a certain people suffer. Man, and a like of the person together of the time, still have one... Because he affectionate. Women and a like people together she thought this is he. Even if a better man appeared, she wouldn’t give up. Because she’s the special sentiment. And when she decided to give up everything is no leeway. Because her unique feeling!!

     Life, there are no eternal love, have no end to end the feelings, and always; Can’t have people, always forget. The life has no forever, the pain, and the deep pain, the wound will recover. Life, no not, you can’t sit at camp it disappears, and wait for you can think method through it. Life, not easily give up, as long as insist, can be completed elegant turned and create splendid future! Forever.

     Love is a bit unsettled, love is a tacit understanding, the love is a kind of happened, love is a contract, love is a promise, love is a vision, the love is a kind of persistent, love is a kind of loyalty, the love is a kind of watch, love is a miss, love is often a disconsolate, love is a sigh, the love is a kind of sorrow, the love is a kind of crazy, the love is a kind of miss!

     Life has three things are not keep: life, time and love. You want to keep, but they’re far away. Life most pain and sufferings of, and is not without been loved, but love life didn’t get happiness. Leave you, I can’t come back; The lost love, I can’t come back; Even though everything has already become even a vapor, that I still waiting here, until you get happiness, I see again, smiling, turned around and go away quietly - For Love Words.

     Clearly people online, clearly would speak, will learn stealth; Clearly very sad, clearly wanted to cry, and crack mouth smile; Clearly very lonely, clearly very afraid, but also a man; Clearly want to meet, clearly are looking forward to, go to rejected; When the heart is very untidy, clearly wants to be installed, and silent; Clearly won’t, clearly not put, go to let go; Clearly in mind, clearly very care about, but also doesn’t matter!!

    Words on Love

    Love is Words, Love Words Meaning
    Love is Words

     If each other appear earlier, may not be and another net closely. Or to meet of late, late in each of the two men love experience slowly learned to tolerance and understanding, kindness and compromise, maybe go together, so won’t give up easily, capricious ground turned, freeing the love. No early no later step, that was too rare fate.

     A man always looking up and admiring the happiness of others, only to find themselves are being others look and envy. The mountain, and happiness was is not the top, no head. Do not stand by to envy others happy, in fact, happiness always by your side. As long as you have life, and can create the miracle of hands, you will have no reason when traveler, do the observer and the more have no cause for complaint about life. You find the happiness?

     Listen you cry, I actually feel in the flow of blood. After all, once who know each other, and not easy to love each other. A race against time of day, you will feel tired, I a person also is such. So, we now choose common to meet a new day, not only will go to think and you meet new common - Words on Love

     A person can look at the end, not because of TA is too simple, not profound enough, but because TA is too simple, is too pure. Such simple and pure, let a person respect; Some people, whisky-quaffing, looks very complex, very deep, in fact, the depth, and not the depth of soul, but sophisticated too deep. This complex, the crisscross of human nature is dangerous, rather than registration of graceful wisdom. Simple, the most beautiful!!!!!

     When our love from the dust, will wait for the baptism of a storm, some people, some things, whether you want to forget, can you really forget? The most painful is, what it disappeared, forever gone, will never come back again, but even partial a thin sharp left the needle, has been stuck in your heart has been can’t pull, it wants to let you pain, you’ll have to hurt, putting on not to the permanent scars.

     If one day you want to cry, give me a call, cannot guarantee that make you laugh, but I can cry with you; If one day you want to run away, give me a call, can’t convince you to stay, but I will accompany you run together; If one day you don’t want to listen to anyone to talk, call me, I guarantee around you, and keep silent; If one day I didn’t pick up the phone, come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you!!

    Love Words Meaning

    Love is Words, For Love Words
    Love Words Meaning

    Love for Everyone: Love is a holy word. It depends how people think about love. It varies people by people. But the main theme of Love is same. 

    Love is the linking for anything. It can be either for another person or for a product or anything actually.

    If you are loving someone opposite to your intimacy, if you are loving your partners, it means CARE. Yes, love means care.

    If you are loving your family, it means your respect to the elders and kind love to the younger. It is supposed to be having more love for family than any other things in this world for a person.

    If you are loving something, which is not physically exits, it means your passion to that matter.

    Love Words Meaning Romantic Love: The love between a couple is considered as Romance. But love is not all about having intimacy, but to make a connection between two hearts. 

    It is the feeling between two hearts. When a couple feels for each other, this becomes a special feeling, which can’t be felt outside of both. 

    This is a special feeling and most importantly it feels good. It feels like the life is so beautiful, the people around us are so good. 

    In a sense, romantic love creates a lovable atmosphere. It brings changes among the people. In most of the cases, TRUE LOVE brings the benefits for both. 

    But if the couple is not transparent to each other, this results the end of the relationship.

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