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    Love Yourself Accepting Myself and Act for the Concept of Self Love

    The Truth on How to Love Yourself (Love Yourself Accepting Myself ): Self Love is the new psychology and super dopier wellness buzz word! ‘They’ say if we master self-love then life becomes like a ‘walk in the park’. Sounds lovely, but how do we love ourselves?

    Love Yourself, Self-Love, The Concept of Love, Accepting Myself, Act Of Love

    Love Yourself Accepting Myself and Act for the Concept of Self-Love

    Oh, Courtney… I love you!

    Is it just me or is there something a bit schizophrenic about loving yourself? I spent time with a master in India who used to ask the same question. She would say “when you love yourself, who is loving who?” It is a very powerful question… who is the ‘I’ that loves ‘yourself’?

    You are love itself. Your very essence is love. Not love because of this or that achievement. Not love because you were a good girl or boy. Just good old plain love…for absolutely no filipin reason. 

    An endless expanse of love, Act of Love. Don’t just believe me. Close your eyes and look all the way to the bottom of the ‘cookie jar’ and see for yourself.

    The Concept of Love: Love is your nature. Love cannot be ‘done’. It is not a particular action. It is a spontaneous overflow that ripples from the core of who you are and out into the world. 

    TRUE LOVE is not based on conditions. It doesn’t take effort or practice…it simply flows when triggered by life.

    Who knows when a ripple of love will appear and disappear on the surface of life, while the ocean of love that it emerged from remains eternally full. 

    So, from this perspective do we really need to learn to love ourselves? OR do we just need to wake up to the truth that we are love, and the rest then takes care of itself?

    Does the tree love itself or in Self Love? Does the ocean love itself or in Self Love? No, they simply are love.

    True Self Love requires our inner eyes to awaken to see all that arises with love. This includes all of our human imperfections and challenges that arise in each moment. 

    The illnesses, painful emotions, destructive thoughts, the dramas, the annoying people, the shitty days, the heartbreak, the tragedies…they are all a reminder or a sign post guiding us back to the truth…you are love. 

    Ok enough big picture talk…lets break it down…and get clear and simple.

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    Top Best Practical Expressions of Self Love and Act of Love

    • 1. Physical Self Love– NOURISH, eat well, exercise, create a healthy lifestyle, be creative, follow your dreams, surround yourself with supportive people, sleep well/rest, spend time in nature, balance work, rest and play. Have fun, laugh a lot!

    • 2. Mental Self Love- OPEN – meditate, become the witness of your thoughts, realize you are not your thoughts and withdraw belief in destructive thoughts, open your mind to allow all thoughts to move through, focus beyond thought and allow your deeper intuition to be heard.

    • 3. Emotional Self Love- FLOW – welcome, embrace and release any emotion that arises with acceptance and love, express yourself with maturity, honesty and authenticity, focus beyond emotions and allow your deeper intuition to be heard.

    • 4. Spiritual Self Love- AWAKEN – listen to and follow the guidance of your intuition and instinct AT ALL TIMES, say yes and no according to the guidance of your instincts, trust the flow of life.

    • 5. The Essence of Self Love – when you fully realize you are love itself… self-love is no longer a practice or a discipline…it is a natural overflow.

    Is Loving Yourself Necessary to Love Another

    Love Yourself, Self Love, The Concept of Love, Accepting Myself, Act of Love

    know we’ve all heard the saying before, “you must love yourself before you can love another”, but what does that actually mean? Because sometimes, the very act of loving someone else gives you what you need to in turn love yourself, so is this false then?

    Yes and no and I’ll tell you why.

    It’s true that loving another person gives you something you’ve never felt before; a sense of belonging and safety, a sense that you are cared for.

    And with these feelings, you feel loved like never before. You feel as though you are finally enough for another and that you are free to be who you truly are without judgment.

    However, in the same sentence, sometimes love doesn’t always end up this way. See, love can be complicated and it can leave you feeling like you are not good enough for another, and that you are not safe and cared for.

    Or is that just what you’ve believed about yourself?

    In my own experience, both of these scenarios occurred. At first I felt amazing in love and so free, but at certain times I would believe I was not enough for him, that I was unlovable and in turn this put a strain on the relationship because he felt as though I didn’t trust him.

    In my case, the one thing that was missing was my own "Self-Love".

    I was in a dark place in my life, struggling with anorexia nervosa, low self-esteem, and severe anxiety. I deeply hated who I was and the fact that I did, made me question the love this man, who said he loved me forever, had for me.

    How could he love me for who I was, when I obviously was not loveable? I fully believed that I would never be what he wanted and this was a problem.

    Throughout the relationship, my lack of positive Self Love ruined a lot of our time together as well as his amount of patience with me. Every time he said something nice about me, called me beautiful or amazing, my response was ‘no I’m not’ and after a while, he got fed up and just stopped arguing with me.

    Our conversations would revolve around my need to believe in myself more and be happier, but it wasn’t until I relapsed back into my eating disorder that I finally opened my eyes.

    As I was recovering, I began to see what I was doing. Because I couldn’t love myself, I didn’t know how anyone else could love me. 

    I didn’t think I deserved to be loved because I had too many flaws, too many things about me that weren’t worth loving and with this thought, I pushed others away who tried to love me and these imperfections.

    I finally realized that if I wanted to have a happy and loving relationship with this man, I would have to love myself first. I needed to Accepting Myself for everything I was before I would let someone else accept me.

    And so, I did just this, not overnight, but with time I learned to appreciate who I was and also who I wasn’t. I learned to love my body and my imperfections and I started to see myself as a person worthy of love and caring rather than just something to hate.

    With this, my sense of love for myself started to fill a void inside of me that was missing for a long time. There had been a hole deep inside, that no one else was capable of filling except myself. A void that only Self Love could heal.

    And that is why I believe you must learn to "Love Yourself" before anyone else can love you, because even though the love of another can give you strength, without acceptance for who you are, there will always be something missing. Something only, you can fill.

    How to Create a Career You Love

    We all want to do fulfilling work, but not many of us have any idea of how to go about finding work that we absolutely LOVE. 

    That’s why I suggest that instead of finding work you love; you take matters into your own hands and create a career you love. With the age of the internet and its ability to help you market your work all over the world, it’s totally possible to create a financially sustainable career that you absolutely adore. 

    And we all know that when you love your work, everything else in life feels that much easier. Here are the top best things to consider as you create your dream career: -

    1. Honor your values

    Values are those things that, when they are being honored, make your life feel really good. Everything flows. There are no struggles. Life moves along with ease. 

    And when they are being stepped on? You got it – life sucks. Being aware of your values and then building them directly into your business ensures that what you create is a perfect fit for the life you want to be living.

    Tip: Not sure what your values are? Think of a time in your life when you felt totally ALIVE. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you? Use this experience to help you tease out what’s important to you. These are your values!

    2. Honor your personality

    Gone are the days when you had to try to “be professional”, and “not stand out from the crowd”. We now know that the willingness to stand out is what sells. 

    Which is great news! It means you get to infuse your business with YOU, every step of the way. All those little quirks? Bring ‘em on. Have a penchant for LOLcats memes? 

    Let people know (you might even send your clients funny cat pictures – they might just appreciate it). By being MORE of who you are, and not less, you automatically rule out the people who won’t resonate with you, and draw in the people who will – making marketing that much easier. 

    When you love all parts of yourself, nothing is off the table for sharing with the world. It’s time to embrace your weirdness for all it’s worth.

    Tip: Not sure how to start integrating more of your personality into your life? Ask yourself what 3 quirks/personality traits you really admire about yourself. 

    Then check in and see how much of these you bring out in your everyday life. Where are you holding back? Then choose one, and make a conscious effort to bring it into your life at least once every day.

    3. Honor your lifestyle first

    One of the main reasons people feel drained in their jobs is because of the time it takes away from doing all the other things they love in life (spending time with their partner and family, making time for hobbies and activities that they enjoy, and having the time to rest and rejuvenate). 

    And what good is a life if you don’t have time to do the things that bring you energy? Creating a career, you adore means building the lifestyle you want right into your business. 

    Want to take Fridays off? Do it. Want to be able to work online and travel the world. Do it. When you have a lifestyle you love, everything else falls into place.

    Tip: Not sure what kind of lifestyle you want? Imagine a magic fairy takes away all your money troubles, and grants you one year do live however you want. 

    What would you do? What kinds of things would you fill your time with?

    4. Honor your strengths

    Notice I didn’t say skills. Your strengths are all the parts of your personality that just come so naturally to you that you may not even notice them. Do you love organizing things? 

    Connecting like-minded people together? Making big decisions at the drop of a hat? All of these things are strengths that are unique to you. The more you play them up in your business, the more you will love what you do.

    Tip: Not sure what your strengths are? Poll 10 of your friends/family members and ask them 1) What they see as your greatest strengths, and 2) What inspires them about the way you live your life. You will be surprised and delighted with the answers you get.

    5. Honor your purpose

    The number one way to create a career you love is to do something that matters to you. If you want to work for yourself, I’m guessing you want to do work that is not only fulfilling personally, but also that helps the world in some way. 

    What changes would you like to see in the world that you could have a direct effect on through your work? Why is it so important to you to see those changes take place? Build up some fire behind your “why”, your bigger purpose for being here. 

    When you build your career around that, and stay connected to the bigger picture of why, you’ll create work that continues to excite you.

    Tip: Not sure what your “why” is? Imagine you are given a microphone that connects to a speaker that will play in every house, and for 30 seconds you get to tell the world whatever you want. 

    What would you tell them? Now look at your answer, and pick apart why this is really important to you. Why does it matter so much that the world lives/feels what you just told them? That’s your why.

    Creating a career you love is all about doing it your way. When you take into account your unique values, personality, lifestyle, strengths, and purpose, you can create something that not only stands out from the crowd, but that has meaning and staying power in the long term. 

    And as they say, when you really love your work, it doesn’t feel like work.

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    The Art of Doing What You Love and Finding Your Strengths & Passions

    Love Yourself, Self-Love, The Concept of Love, Accepting Myself, Act of Love

    Are you forcing yourself to do work you don’t like? Most people do, and it’s not because they want to its because they think they have no choice. I’m here to tell you that there’s always a choice. 

    Not because I’m trying to be smart or do I have a ‘perfect’ life but just to expand your awareness a little so you can be aware of choices you didn’t think of before, to perhaps step out of your comfort zone even if it’s a little bit and do what drives you, in other words, find your strengths and passions, then seek work & activities that will give you the fuel to be like the very few who wake up happy doing what they love every day.

    First the Benefits of Doing What You Love

    Whether at work or in business when you are doing what you are passionate about you will feel energized, fulfilled, passionate, satisfied and eager to wake up every day to do it. 

    Just imagine finishing a day's work and having energy and time to go home happy to your loved ones feeling great, instead of drained, frustrated and stressed out. Because the work you did felt more like play, with the time passing so quickly you didn’t even realize how the day had gone so fast.

    You will have a sense of meaning and purpose in what you do and feel like you are spending your time on a worthy cause.

    What Holds You Back?

    A common factor is spending too much time on your weaknesses, you may not even know what your strengths are but we will get to that in a moment.

    Excuses. This is a biggie. Like… when the kids leave home then I will start, or when I have enough money, I will do such and such. Excuses are a way to say you are not going to do it. Ever. 

    We forever procrastinate so things hardly get done; it’s hard to even get started with finding out what we are good at, then doing that.

    Here’s the thing, I’ve just shed some light on why we don’t get things done so I hope you can take the hint, realize what’s been holding you back and go for it. Take the first step in finding out what is going to make your life a whole heap better.

    How to Find your strengths & Passions?

    I’m going to keep this simple, because when it comes to taking action, we don’t like it.

    1. There are 2 strengths finder tests you will like, they are both free you can use, I’ve used them and they are a great start.

    · Free Strengths Finder Test
    · Free Aptitude Test

    2. Ask Others: Just ask a few friends or family members what your strengths are or what you are good at doing, you may even be a little surprised at the response.

    3. Make A List: Again, short and sweet. Make a list of 5 things you already know you are good at or passionate about.

    Once you have your findings begin to make a life plan for how you will put these strengths to use, through work, business and all areas of your life a very simple way to begin would be to complete a wheel of life for setting goals and creating balance in your life.

    4. Take Always: Find your strengths and put use them in your everyday life will allow you to do what you love. Improve your strengths instead of your weaknesses to enjoy the benefits of a fulfilling happy & energized life.

    Do your best in all you do. Let others use their strengths – do what you are good at and seek others to do work they are good at that will compliment what you want to accomplish.

    Don’t forget to check out the practical & useful resources. Any thoughts? Make sense? Leave a comment below.

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