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    56 Sister Status for WhatsApp with Birthday Quotes (English)

    Sister Status: Sisters are ready-made friends sent to us by god. You fight with them, get angry at them, say nasty things to them but at the end of the day you know there is no other person who you love as much as you love your sister. 

    She means the world to you and you would do anything to make her happy. Send your sister loving statuses, sayings, quotes, poems or share them with her on Facebook and WhatsApp to express your love for her and to tell her how much lonely you would be without her.

    Sister Status

    Sister Day Status

    • My Sister, my Soul Mate! You know me more than anyone has ever known, a bond of trust and love that we have sown. You have been there for me every time, in my life, you have always been my rhyme. Every time I am with you, and I feel secure and happy and it’s true.

    • My Sister, a Gift of Love! God bestowed upon me a gift, that made me lead my life without a drift. Words don’t describe my love for you, and you are someone I don’t really have to woo. Sister you fill me with happiness like you always do, a gift that has made me understand myself better too.

    • Sisters are..., Sister is Like a FlowerSoft and beautiful, a home-made friend, and a good teacher too. She loves you the same, as much as she fights, She likes you very much, from the bottom of her heart.

    • My Friend, she is My Best Friend, the one I really love, She fights a lot with me, but still like my world. She shares her things, and gifts me chocolates, she is my only sister, she is my favorite.

    • Little Sister, short and sweet, just like a doll, she is so sweet, I love her a lot. She keeps smiling, just like an angel, I love her very much, II love her a lot.

    • Of Sisters Two Little Sisters, exchanging Smiles, two little grandmas, tease and cry, they fight very much, and pull their hair, they play again together, and share their toys.

    Happy Birthday Sister Status

    Sister Status for WhatsApp

    A wonderful day has come for someone, she looks chubby and beautiful today, lots of chocolates and gifts are waiting, so she's got to hurry up and get ready, a big surprise is waiting in her way, to celebrate a big and happy Birthday!

    Sister Status for WhatsApp

     A lovely day has come, with blessings and fun, it looks little magical, and very very special, for none other than, my lovely birthday girl.

    Sister Status in English

     Look how beautiful, little birds are singing, they are singing for you, a lovely birthday song. So, put a sweet smile, and dance for a while. Happy Birthday!

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    Sister Status in English

     Today I’m talking with my friend on the phone and saying, “My cat flew along the way.” The little sister shouts, “Don't lie to Lena, cats don’t fly!”

     Sis about to swim, looks in the mirror. “Nast, what do you think, when I grow up, my prince will recognize me?”

     The biggest happiness for me is my sister! we live soul to soul, fist in the eye, heel in the ear!

     I know who the happiest person is! This is my sister, she records her laughter on a voice recorder, and then she listens to all this and even more cry!

     Sister is 5 years old. She explained to her what a flock and a flock are. The next day I check how I remembered. I ask: when there are a lot of cows or sheep - what is it? My sister thought for a moment: - School, or what?

    Sister Status for WhatsApp

     Best "Sister Status" quotes and "Sister Status for WhatsApp" on the web! Here you will find only the best Sister Status about sisters' day so whether you love or hate your sister we'll have the quote for you.

     For those that don't have a sister...we can't make one for you but you might enjoy these quotes anyway!

     For those that do you will probably be able to relate to these quotes about the many facets of being sisters or siblings.

     You can't change who your sisters are so you may as well get used to them and enjoy their company!

     Everybody has fights with their sister.

     We can see the old world for the outside world. But for each other, we are still in elementary school.

     It is even more pleasant to see the older sister take care of her mother almost over her younger brothers and sisters or bow to the brothers for the happiness of her sisters.

     Sisters, you keep your past. When you get older, you will not be bored to talk about your memories.

     In a chaotic world, sisters act as a protective network for each other.

    Best Sister Status for WhatsApp and Facebook 

    Sister Status in English

     Responsible, mature and difficult to understand at any time. It's nice to have a sister whose heart is as small as yours.

     Your sister knows when you are bad and better than Santa Claus.

     When the sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who can resist us?

     Having a loving relationship with your sister is not just a friend or soulmate - it is the keeper of souls for life.

     A sister is a gift for the heart, a friend for the soul, a golden thread for the meaning of life.

     Friends are false, best friends are short-lived, but sisters are eternal and faithful.

     Our life may change with it, but the connection between us is always strong. I missed your sister.

     A sister laughs when someone tells her stories - because she knows where the jewelry is attached.

     A sister can be seen as someone who is not herself, and much more - a unique double.

     God created sisters like you because the angels are busy somewhere else.

     I like the fact that my best friend is my biological sister, my sister.

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    Cute Sister Status in English 

     We have conversations with sisters who will make you angry at how much the sisters suffer.

     God created sisters like you because the angels are busy somewhere else.

     There is a sister who tells secrets and makes promises that will never break.

     My sister is the sweetest thing! Words cannot describe my love for her; she is my best friend.

     Sorry, I can’t communicate. The goldfish of the room agent of the insurance agent’s best friend of my uncle’s stepmother’s cousin died. If it is possible.

     I like the fact that my best friend is my biological sister, my sister.

     Our life may change with it, but the connection between us is always strong. I missed your sister.

     Sorry, I can’t communicate. The goldfish of the room agent of the insurance agent’s best friend of my uncle’s stepmother’s cousin died. If it is possible.

     A pleasant, stupid conversation, filled with half sentences, dreams and misunderstandings, much more exciting than previously thought.

     Rakhi tells you the right time, how special you are and what you mean to me! I wish you all peace, prosperity and success.

    Best Sister Status

     Sometimes it's better to be a brother than a superhero. Raksha Bandhan best wishes to everyone... Blessed.

     Being close to my sister is the difference between heaven and hell.

     The good thing about being an older sister is helping out with things that make you weak.

     We have talk about sisters, it annoys you, how much it hurts the sisters!

     Beautiful Childhood with my Sister. One roof we lived under, led our lives through storm and thunder. Our childhood may have faded fast, but over the years our friendship lasts. Every little wind reminds me with a whisper. Of all the beautiful times I’ve shared with my sister.

     Sisterly Love is Hard to Beat. A closer friend I can never find, Sister, you always knew what’s on my mind. Summer brings happy times, and winters fill me with beautiful lines. We have today gone our separate ways, but our bond forever remains.

     A Very Special Sister! Shared love and care all these years, Laughed and fought and shed many tears. Life has always been special with you, for sister, your love was so true. Time and space have separated us, but my heart thinks of you in everything it does.

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