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    38 Apologize Sorry Status through Facebook or WhatsApp

    Sorry Status: I'm sorry! Today it can happen almost daily that you hurt someone and you don't necessarily have to be palpable here, but for most people, bad words are far worse and continues in your memory for long. 

    Especially if you have injured someone from your own family or circle of friends, it is important to declare yourself willing to give out apologies and to be willing and to say openly that you have made a mistake. 

    Such words have to be chosen well and of course you should be serious, because at the latest in the next argument you will be exposed as a liar. 

    There are many ways to express your feelings in such a situation and you can invite the person, for example, or use pictures to say what you think and why you acted that way. 

    This information in particular can help to better assess each other and to speak to each other openly in the future instead of just shouting and scolding.

    For many people, excuses are a difficult step to overcome, but especially with good friends or family members you should put your own pride behind. 

    As an old saying goes, pictures can usually express more than words and this is also true when you consider how photos can burn into our memory and touch you emotionally. 

    So, if you are clear that you have to apologize to someone, then you should come up with something and one or the other tip can also be found online.

    Whether it is a poem, a picture, or a gift like a voucher, you first jumped over your shadow and made an apology, then you will be able to reach the other person and at least move to listen, which is also a step in the beginning to approach again.

    Sorry Status

    Here are the best of top 38 Sorry WhatsApp Status (WhatsApp about status) or What's App Sorry Status for WhatsApp and Facebook below: -

    WhatsApp about status

    1) True love (friendship) is a gift... Precious and rare, which we oft take for granted. Bringing forth a despair. Our fault is being human, Mistakes are everywhere. Let's not put our gift. Beyond repair... I'm feeling bad, I regret it. I'm overflowing with sorrow. If you can't forgive me today. May I hope for tomorrow?

    2) I'm sorry that I'm not perfect, I'm sorry for the tears that you cried, I'm sorry for the pain I caused, I'm sorry that lied. I’m sorry for not being there when I said I would. I’m sorry I made you feel blue. I’m sorry for always doing the wrong thing. I'm sorry that I failed you. But I can't help being me. I’m sorry...what more can I say (I'm sorry...what more can I do)! Except I will try harder. Today, and every day (I really do love you)!

    3) Keep your words soft and gentle because you need to eat them tomorrow. If you know you made a mistake, make corrections immediately. Heat, the crow is easy to eat.

    4) It is always a good rule of life to apologize. Do not apologize to the right people and use them well. (WhatsApp about status)

    5) I found that there is a sad truth in life. Traveling east and west - we were only injured. We are the best. We praise what we know. We make fleeting guests happy and perform many mindless strikes. For those who love us best. Please forgive me.

    6) Never destroy an apology with excuses. I was wrong and sorry, please forgive me. (WhatsApp about status)

    7) If this is a good idea, go ahead. It’s easier to apologize than to get permission.

    8) The good thing about timeliness is that it usually apologizes to you. (WhatsApp about status)

    9) Forgiveness is a wonderful fragrance; It can turn a clumsy moment into a good present.

    10) A bitter tear shed on the graves is intended for unspoken and leftist words.

    11) Not a day goes by that I do not regret my decision. It has no possibility to express how deep my regret. I broke my Mom's trust and that is the most painful thing that I think I ever could have done. I really hope, that one day she can trust me again. I bought couple of dresses recently and I went too much over my budget and I need to pay some money back. I stole your jewelry necklace. You were so mad. I'm really sorry.

    12) I'm so sorry, but I can’t change anything. Last summer, I went to my parents in Nikolaev, on the way, I picked up two young guys, they were musicians from Belarus, traveled by hitchhiking and wanted to get to Odessa. Everything was fine, we had a nice chat. Somewhere in an hour of the way it started to rain. And on one of the slopes of the track a large puddle formed, but I noticed it too late. At great speed, I flew into it, which was vaguely remembered further. I came to my senses already in the hospital, it turns out that a week has passed since the accident I will not describe all my injuries, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that the guys who rode with me somewhere evaporated they were not seen by traffic cops or an ambulance. The only thing left is a large pool of blood in the back seat. I got out of my head what your name was, but if everything is all right with you and you read it, respond. Sorry guys for what happened.

    13) I operated on your son Danil Eroshev, he was 3 years old. I know that you never forgave me. It was felt then. At that moment I did not have the opportunity to explain everything to you humanly, plus my moral condition. You are sorry that I cursed you then. You understand, I was a young surgeon, this was my first death. Then I analyzed for a long time, consulted, delved into myself. I know, I’m sure I did everything right, and if there was a chance to save your boy, then it’s not in our city. Probably, it was not worth stirring up the past, but be that as it may, I will be glad to answer.

    14) Forgiveness is a good way to say the last word. (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    15) Sorry, I offended you, and by that I do not mean anything; Sorry to hurt you, sorry. I apologize for what I did. So, let's do it and forget it.

    16) Forgiveness is the superglue of life. Can fix anything.

    17) God forgives friends for a relationship. (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    18) Repent and confess before yourself and people and God will forgive you, the soul will be cleansed of blackness. Blessings and anointing of saints.

    19) I want to ask for forgiveness from all the deceived, naïve, stupid and simply weak people. I work as a so-called healer. This became my profession in difficult years and not from a good life, but yes, I’m not making excuses. I'm just sorry. I cannot abandon this, because they will not understand and forgive me, and my age is such that I can hardly find work, even if I move. But I want to say that according to my many years of observation, some people just need such practices, otherwise they will probably be even worse. Of course, there was no particular benefit to me, but there was no harm either.

    20) Forgive me, parents, that I rarely tell you that you are dear to me because I offend you or upset you. I'm not on purpose. Sorry.

    21) My dear Sasha, if you knew what I was, you would not carry me in your arms, but would strangle a red-haired bitch. My betrayals have no number, and you don’t notice anything fools you are my naïve. You will never know anything, and no one will know. I’ll add this blog and go again to pretend to be an ideal wife. Hello deer to all deer's.

    22) Never give up trying to lose yourself, who cares about losing you.

    23) I apologize for the person who writes the rules and contradictions.

    24) Great power to say sorry...! (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    25) Sorry does not mean anything if you keep doing the same thing over and over.

    26) Sometimes we say things that we don’t understand. Sometimes we hurt each other. But nothing, I will love you forever.

    27) Sorry to get your wife and husband home. (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    28) My life was full, but now I miss it because I fought. He revived me, now I am dead, I am lying here, crying in my bed, life is useless, why do I need it?

    29) I thought I made a mistake by stepping over certain boundaries, and I was falsified. I never did what I did, so it’s hard for you.

    30) “Forgive me” does not automatically fix everything. Forgiveness does not cure a broken heart.

    31) Sometimes SORRY is the hardest thing on earth, but it is the cheapest thing to save the most expensive present called Relationships!

    32) I sometimes envy and overwork. I am more likely to lose myself than to lose myself.

    33) I apologize for being mine, and I pity you and your greedy deeds. (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    34) I'm tired of apologizing for what I did not and deserved.

    35) Never apologize for how you feel. Sorry if this is true. (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    36) The horse does not hold on to the spoken word when angry. (sorry WhatsApp about status)

    37) Do not be sunny with anger. Sorry that you cannot get a new daylight.

    38) I found out that sometimes SORRY is not enough. You really need to change yourself.

    I’m Sorry Status Letters

    WhatsApp about status

    If your wrong behavior hurt the feelings of someone, and if you say just sorry will not make difference but you should write I’m Sorry Status letters and accept your guilt in writing. 

    This will have positive effect and chances of forgiveness increases. When you are guilty, accept your fault and guilt by writing I’m Sorry letters. We are human beings and mistakes happen unknowingly. 

    But due to our mistake, the other person gets hurt or may cause financial damages to someone. In this situation it is our duty to apologize for the mistake. 

    As the mistake happened unknowingly, but the mistake is from your side, you should say sorry for the same.

    How to say sorry? How to accept mistake? Saying sorry verbally will not give positive effect. If you have hurt the feelings of someone, then there is no point in meeting him directly and saying sorry. 

    You should start with an apology or I’m Sorry letters. Write an apology letter to accept your guilt. 

    There are two types of I’m sorry letters, formal letters those are written to the boss or colleague, if your mistake caused financial damages to the business whereas informal letters are written to parent, close friends, relatives, wife, husband, etc. to apologize for mistake those have broken the personal relations.

    We are human beings and we make mistakes sometimes in a fit of rage or in tension. But our mistake hurt to another person unintentionally. 

    In such situation use the five-letter word ‘sorry’ and this will help to mend broken heart. The way you choose to say sorry matters. 

    Due to our mistake our close ones become so angry that then may not be ready to meet us in person. In such cases writing an apology or I’m Sorry Status letters help in rebuilding your broken relationships with that person. 

    You should write an apology letter in very effective way. You should follow the format for writing I’m Sorry Status letters. 

    The format form writing formal and informal or personal apology letters are different but intension is the same, mending broken relations!

    Start your sorry letter with accepting your mistake. Give reason why you act in such way. Express that you are saying sorry from bottom of your heart! 

    Assure that you will never commit the mistake in the future. Also state what action you are going take to rectify the mistake. What are your futures plans regarding rectification for damages? 

    Try to fix the meeting in person to apologize for mistake. Do not write the lengthy letters of pages together. Try to make it short and to the point. 

    By writing I’m Sorry letters and empathizing, you can make the recipient know that you understand his or her feelings. End the letter with apologizing for the mistake once again.

    This is how one can write I’m Sorry Status letters. Write the sorry letter in an effective way. If possible, try to write the Sorry letters and do not print. Hand written apology matters more and help in mending broken hearts.

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    I’m Sorry Status Notes

    If you are writing I’m Sorry notes, be careful in writing them. I am Sorry Status letters or apology letters require great deal of sympathy, care and courage. 

    As you have already wounded a person, hurt his feeling, why you take risk of apologizing just verbally? Send them I’m sorry notes in writing. 

    Write I am Sorry Status letter without fear. Never try to close the matter by saying sorry verbally or sending message over a mobile or sending an email. 

    You should say sorry in the most effective way that is by writing I am Sorry Status letter.

    While writing I’m Sorry Status sorry notes use soft language. Begin the letter by accepting your guilt. 

    Here are some examples of notes to assist you in writing an apology note, ‘I am sorry for what I have done, ‘I sincerely hope that you can forgive me for this mistake.’, ‘My heart is deeply disturbed as I hurt your feelings.’, and so on. If you are sending a business apology or I’m Sorry Status notes to your boss, business partner, customer, colleague, etc. do not overboard the letter. 

    Keep the letter to the point and provide measures to rectify errors. Accept the mistake and take the responsibility for damages those occurred due to you. 

    Assure that you will take care and provide full attention for not to let the mistake occur again. If possible, fix appointment to meet with the receiver to apologize in person.

    If you are feeling stressed as because of your behavior have hurt someone’s feelings or someone is angry with you for your mistake or if financial damages caused to the other person due to your ignorance unknowingly, you should write I’m sorry notes immediately. 

    You should be optimistic and look the situation from positive angle. By writing Sorry Status for Bf, Sorry Status for Gf, Sorry Status for Boyfriend, and Sorry Status for Girlfriend will definitely make the person understand that you are stressed for hurting him or her. This will help in rebuilding your broken relations.

    Write I’m sorry notes clear and to the point. Do not use fake or harsh language. If you are writing sorry notes for near and dear give handwritten Sorry Status notes whereas in case of formal or business sorry note you should go for computer typed and printed sorry notes. 

    This will be a professional way of writing apology and confessing your offense or mistake. Write Sorry Status notes before the situations goes out of control.

    Usually people make mistake and try to blame others but this is a wrong approach. It is better to admit your guilt, confess the same in front of the person who has caused pain due to you. 

    This will make the person feel that you are big hearted person and feeling sorry for what you did. You should accept your mistake in time before the situation become worst. 

    Writing I’m sorry notes, can have positive impact on relationships between both people. Accepting mistake and apologizing for your mistake by sending written I’m sorry notes is the best way that can handle the situation very effectively and positively.

    Sorry WhatsApp Status

    What's App Sorry Status

    If you are really feeling guilty for hurting your family member or close friend and want to apologize for your wrong behavior, write Sorry Status sorry letters. 

    Writing effective apology letter is very important. How to write apology letter? What are the contents of sorry sayings? 

    There are some important tricks those will help you in writing a Sorry Status and sorry WhatsApp about status or What's App Sorry Status.

    The first thing is that do not make delay in saying sorry. Write an apology letter as soon as the offense or mistake happens. 

    Writing Sorry letters after a long-time gap have no meanings and will not give positive effects. So be in time to accept your guilt. 

    Write the letter instead of calling on phone. If you write a "Sorry Status" or Sorry sayings you can express your feelings deeply and the reader can understand that you are saying sorry from bottom of your heart. 

    This letter will definitely touch to the receiver’s heart and he will excuse you.

    Begin letter by accepting your mistake. This is very important. Accept your guilt at the beginning of the letter and write the reason why you behaved such. 

    Make the receiver know that you understand what recipient feel. Empathize with the recipient. If you are writing love Sorry Status sayings write the most beautiful moment those both of you spend together. 

    Make the recipient feel that you love him or her. If you are writing an apology letter to your parent, guardian, elders, or teacher, give them respect while writing sorry letters.

    Do not overwrite your feelings. Try keep the letter short and to the point. Write your true feelings. End the letter by promising that such mistake will never happen in the future. 

    Give assurance for taking care and not to commit the mistake again. Also write what action you are taking to rectify the same. If possible, start rectifying the damages caused by you. 

    You may ask the recipient to suggest the way for rectification. Before you close the sorry letters, apologize again with respect. Try to fix personal appointment to say sorry in person. 

    After sending a "Sorry Status" saying apology letter, you can call the recipient over a phone or mobile and fix the appointment to meet in person.

    There are two types of sorry letters, formal and informal. If your mistake caused financial damages to the person you should write business apology letter which is a formal apology letter. 

    If you are really guilty for hurting your parents or close friends or relatives, you should write an informal apology or personal apology letter. 

    The format for both types of Sorry Status saying apology letter is slightly different but the intension is the same, saying sorry and apologizing for mistake.

    How do You Apologize to Your Boyfriend over Text?

    If you are looking for the best way to say sorry to your boyfriend for the mistake from your part, write sorry letter to your boyfriend and apologize for the same. 

    Writing a Sorry Status for Boyfriend is the best way available to rebuild the broken relations. There are various ways to say sorry, you can meet your boyfriend personally to say sorry or you can make a phone call for accepting apology. 

    What you can do if he is not ready to meet you or not attending your phone call? Writing Sorry Status for Bf as a letter or sayings is the ultimate and best way to express your feelings and to make understand your boyfriend that you are feeling very sorry for hurt caused to him because of your mistake.

    Here are some tips to write effective Sorry Status for Boyfriend. Begin you letter with saying ‘I am sorry’. Write ‘I apologize for ….’ Give reason why you committed a mistake. 

    Explain what the situation that time was. Use some flattery words but do not overboard as this look fake. Promise the boyfriend that you will not behave wrong in the future and you will not commit such mistake in the future. 

    Promise that you will try to retain the relations. You can write one or two lovely moments that you spend together. This is the way to make your boyfriend happy and this will help you to receive forgiveness from him. 

    Fix the appointment to meet in person to apologize for the same. Close the letter with apology for the mistake once again. 

    And express your feeling that you are missing him very much. Make a phone call after sending the apology letter.

    LOVE relations are said to be more sensitive and is of vital importance to handle them with utmost care. A small issue can trigger to big argument and which may lead to breakup. 

    It is important to mend or rebuild the relationship in time before it becomes difficult to mend. If your wrong behavior or mistake has hurt your boyfriend, say sorry by writing sorry letter to your boyfriend. 

    Reading your apology will definitely make your boyfriend to forgive you and this will help in solving the issue. A great way to apologize the mistake is writing romantic or love sorry letter to your boyfriend. 

    Tell your beloved one that you are really feeling sorry and ashamed of your behavior. As said earlier you can mention the romantic moment you spend together or mentioning your first date with him, make the letter special. 

    Send the sorry letter to your boyfriend along with box of chocolates or bunch of flowers or a small gift of star, or a single rose! 

    Definitely, this will have positive effect in rebuilding your broken relations. It really works!

    Before writing Sorry Status for Bf, you can search for the romantic apology letters over the internet. 

    You can find ample number of examples and format for how to write sorry letter to your boyfriend over the internet.

    How do You Say Heart Touching Sorry?

    How to say I’m sorry if I have made a mistake? How I can apologize for the mistake that caused financial damages to someone? 

    How can I apologize to my parent, friends, relatives for my wrong behavior? How to say I’m sorry for wrong act that hurt relations?

    There are different reasons, we make mistake. Though the mistake was not done intentionally, it hurt the feelings of someone. Sometimes, the deep hurting feelings have adverse effect on the relations. 

    In this case you should say sorry and apologize for the mistake. How to say I’m sorry? There are several ways to say sorry. You can say sorry to the person on the spot. 

    If the person is angry because of your wrong behavior, and is not ready to meet you in person, call him on phone. The best way to apologize is to send an apology letter. 

    How to say I’m sorry through a Sorry Status saying apology letter?

    There is particular format for How to say I’m sorry in an apology letter. Start your Sorry Status by accepting your mistake. Say sorry for hurting the feelings of another person. 

    State how the mistake happens. Give reasons or explain the situation in which you made a mistake. Apologize for the same. Make the receiver understand that you understand his or her feelings. 

    Do not hurt the feelings of the receiver while writing sorry letter. Use the word ‘sorry’ in your letter.

    How to say I’m sorry and how to rectify the same? You should inform the recipient of the letter what steps you are going to take to rectify the same. 

    Ask the receiver for suggestions for rectification that he or she need in this matter. Assure the receiver that you will never commit the mistake in the future. 

    If the mistake happened because of your staff, assure the receiver that you will personally look into the matter and will try to control the situation as early as possible. 

    This is How to say I’m sorry in formal kind of apology letter.

    How to say I’m sorry to our near and dear ones? If you committed a mistake that adversely affected the feelings of your near and dear ones and the broken your relations, you should handle the situation very smoothly. 

    How to say I’m sorry in the Sorry Status saying format? You should write the letter more effectively and more personally. 

    Write ‘I am sorry’ for the mistake and promise that you will not repeat the mistake. This is the personal kind of apology letters written to near and dear ones.

    An apology letter may be any kind, personal or formal, how to say I’m sorry matters worth. Do not write lengthy letters and do not write more flattery things in personal letters. 

    The letter should be to the point. While closing the letter accept your mistake once again and ask the forgiveness from the other party. 

    This is the way to write an apology letter and how you can mend your broken relationship with him or her.

    How to Write Sorry Status Sorry Letters?

    Searching tips, dos and don’ts for How to write Sorry Status letters? Writing an apology letter is quite easy if you follow some instructions, tips, dos and don’ts. 

    We are human beings and we commit mistake unknowingly. Just leaving the mistake has an adverse effect on the relations with the person who hurt because of you. 

    It is good to accept mistake. Better too late than never again! How to write Sorry Status letters and when to write apology letters? 

    If possible do not waste time and accept your mistake in time. Timely apology is worth million apologies.

    How to write Sorry Status letters to parent, brother, sister, teacher, friend and relative? Writing a Sorry Status apology letter to near and dear one is plays vital role in rebuilding broken relationships with them. 

    If you did any mistake, you want to say sorry in person but he or she is not ready to meet you or not receiving your phone calls, is there any way left behind rather than writing Sorry Status letter? 

    How to write Sorry Status letters and make the receiver understand your serious feelings about the mistake and hurt caused to him or her? 

    It is good idea to write Sorry Status letter and confess your mistake. As this is the informal or personal way of apology letter you can use some flattery words in the letter. 

    Accept your mistake at the beginning of the letter. Give reasons why you did so and what was the situation that time. Tell your near and dear one that there was no intension to hurt him or her, it was just an incident and it was occurred unknowingly. 

    Promise them that you will never let the mistake happen in the future and you will always try to make over yourself. If possible, send hand written personal apology letter instead of computer typed one. 

    This way How to write Sorry letters for personal apology!

    How to write Sorry Status letters in the formal way? 

    If you committed an offence or a very small mistake, that caused financial damages to the company or hurt the feelings of your boss and colleague, you should write Sorry letter to the respective person in time. 

    Formal letters are somewhat different from personal apology letters. Use very soft language while writing formal apology letter. Keep the letter short and specific to the point. 

    No one has time to read lengthy letters and this will not solve the problem. Accept the responsibility of mistake and state what steps you are taking to rectifying the same. 

    Assure that such mistake will not cause in future and you will provide full concentration towards your work. Computer typed and printed formal apology letter is effective and look more professional. 

    This is How to write sorry letters to your boss, colleague or business partners.

    How to write Sorry Status letters to send message about the feelings of guilt? 

    The apology letter may be formal or informal, act as a bridge to transfer feelings of person who committed mistake to the person to whom damages are caused. 

    A good and effective apology letter help to mend broken relationships and this way both persons can have better relations that before.

    How do You Apologize to Your Girlfriend over Text?

    Sorry WhatsApp Status

    If you caused breakup then writing Sorry Status for Girlfriend as a letter or sayings is the best idea. ‘I am sorry’ romantic or love apology letters are really the best way to show your partner that you did not have the intension to hurt her and you are sorry from bottom of your heart as your behavior caused pain to her. 

    When something happens unknowingly and that hurt loved one, what could be more effective than writing Sorry Status for Gf? Write sorry letter to her and let she know that you are sorry.

    When we commit a mistake that may hurt to our girlfriend, we have two choices left with us on how to apologize for the mistake and heal the hurt feelings, either apologize in person or write Sorry Status for Girlfriend

    The first way looks easier but is not that much effective. The second way of writing Sorry Status For Gf looks ‘ok’ but the secret is that it is the most effective and powerful way of rebuilding broken hearts. 

    By wring sorry letter to her is more effective than saying sorry verbally. It is the great way to express your feelings. By writing an apology love letter, you can show that you love her a lot. 

    When you write an apology letter, it proves that you are serious with your and her relations.

    How can you write the most beautiful Sorry Status for Girlfriend? How to write sorry letter to your girlfriend? 

    If you search over the internet you can find collection of love apology letters for you to use free. You can even search for the most effective format for writing Sorry Status for Girlfriend

    It is good if you start your letter with writing ‘I am sorry’. This five-letter word ‘sorry’ is really powerful. Your partner will appreciate for your sense of thoughtfulness. 

    Write the letter from bottom of your heart. The sorry letter will definitely touch to her heart.

    Mention special incident or moments that you spend together or the first date with her will make the letter special. You can write words about her beauty. This definitely works! 

    Explain the reason for your mistake. Promise that you will never behave that will have adverse effect on your love relations. 

    Close your Sorry Status for Gf by again accepting your mistake and never forget to fix personal meeting with her. 

    Send a rose or bunch of roses or a box of chocolate along with the sorry letter to your girlfriend.

    Love relations are very sensitive and require handling with great care. A single mistake may lead to breakup. As human beings, we commit mistake. 

    Try to control over your mistake and if mistake happen unknowingly, apologize for the same. Verbal apology is not that much effective than that of written one. 

    Write sorry letter to your girlfriend and show that how much serious you are with your and her relations. The written apology is the best bridge that sends your guilty feelings to the other person.


    Sorry Sayings are very helpful. Accept your fault in time by writing an apology letter. The letter will help in rebuilding your broken relationships. 

    So, if you have done something that has hurt someone’s feelings, the best way to get rid of your wrong behavior, guilt or mistake and gain their forgiveness is to send "Sorry Status" sayings sorry letters!

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