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    What is true love? Its definition, meaning and famous quotes

    Perhaps the biggest issue that has come up now is the question: What is True Love? or What is Love? People talk about it as if they assume, they know what it means. 

    When they actually mean by ‘love’ they are waiting for a meaningful answer. About the only thing the answers share is a lack of agreement!

    At first, they will have to ask themselves, ‘What does love look like in their relationship.’ For some people love means saying ‘I love you,’ or maybe it means hugs, cuddles or intimacy. 

    Others will define love in terms of what their partner does for them, ‘he brings me a cup of tea in bed. 

    Some of them presents the scariest answer is what is clearly a loveless relationship but answers the question with words like, ‘I can’t tell you what it looks like, but I know he loves me in his own special way.

    This isn’t love – hope that one day love will make an appearance. Love is as love does – if you cannot see it in action, sorry but ‘it isn’t there.’ 

    The point is that to make sense of relationships and to find "True Love", you must become an expert at understanding True Love and recognizing it from a distance. 

    Once you know what you are looking for you can see it a mile off. 

    The key is to stop thinking of love as a feeling. The feeling is only a part of it – the smaller part. So, how might we say about the True Love Definition or True Love

    I use the term ‘True Love’ to separate it from the broader word ‘love’ that confuses most people. As you will see it is more about acceptance, intimacy and nurturing personal growth than about anything else.

    True Love

    True Love, True Love Quotes
    What is True Love

    True Love Definition from the Way of the Quest: Anna from Austria asked the great angel, ‘So, how do you define love?’ 

    In its essence, True Love is the feeling of being accepted without judgement by another who knows you intimately and is committed to nurturing both your personal growth and their own. 

    You can experience this love in many ways. It may be at the hands of a lifelong partner or a good friend. You may think you feel love in a brief encounter with a stranger. 

    A stranger, however, cannot completely accept you, simply because they do not fully know you.

    ‘Because the feeling is one of acceptance, you can imagine that the better someone knows you, the more powerful the feeling of being loved. 

    Earlier in a relationship, the love remains in doubt because you know that the other does not see the fullness of who you are: strengths and weaknesses, aspirations and fears, capacity to do good and to do otherwise. 

    Over time, over years, the other cannot help but to see the fullness of you.

    ‘Is that not a conflict, to accept someone just as they are, warts and all, but then want them to grow and change into something more?’ Anna queried.

    True Love Meaning

    True Love, True Love Meaning

    ‘At first glance it might appear so, but then there is that important word “nurturing.” It means that one is not demanding of another’s growth. 

    Sun, soil and water do not demand the flower to blossom, but they are there to make it possible. The sun, soil and water are eternally patient. They demand nothing.

    True Love Is the feeling of being accepted without judgement by another who knows you intimately and is committed to nurturing both your personal growth and their own.

    ‘In the same way, in a relationship one needs to be patient and ready to assist when the other desires to grow. Such a desire is inevitable for humans, but their partner must be patient. 

    Again, we come to this important word – patience. In this way, patience is one of the greatest virtues. Impatience has the opposite effect. 

    Impatiently pushing someone to grow when they are not ready, will not only fail, it will delay them coming to this desire themselves – sometimes for years.’ The Archangel explained.

    ‘That rings true,’ Anna said. ‘So, how do you nurture this growth?’

    ‘The best way to stimulate personal growth is given in the definition. There is no more powerful way to bring another to grow than to pursue this yourself. 

    When you nurture your own growth, you awaken in those you care about, their desire to do likewise. 

    In the most convincing way, you show that it is okay and important to do this for yourself. This is why nurturing one’s own growth is such a critical part of loving.’

    Dealing with Rejection – The goal is NOT to be fearless, there’s no courage in that: -

    While much of what I am about to say applies to getting over a recent rejection, here I want to focus on the fear of rejection that holds people back from fully engaging in the all-important dating process. 

    Remember dating is all about evaluating who is most likely to be good for us and who is not.

    I’m often asked about how to deal with rejection – the underlying risk of getting back into another relationship. 

    Few things hurt as much as the unbridled pain of rejection and abandonment – if we do not understand how rejection fits into relationships. This really is a question about fear. 

    Fear is what stops us all from doing what we came here to do, being what we came here to be. On a daily basis my patients admit, directly or indirectly, that they don’t do what they know is healthy for them because of fear. 

    ‘I can’t leave my abusive relationship because I fear being alone.’ ‘I can’t risk getting into a relationship in case I get rejected again.’

    Here’s the thing. Fear should have nothing to do with whether or not we do something. 

    Whether or not we do something should be entirely a function of whether or not it is in our best interests in the longer term. That’s it. Which brings us to courage. Courage is what overcomes fear.

    If we are fearless, we either don’t appreciate the risks, or there is no risk. But when it comes to relationships, rejection is always a risk. 

    There is much less risk of rejection for those who know where it fits into healthy relationships. The pain of rejection is much less for those who know that all relationships end except for one – the one that ends in marriage (or a life-long relationship). 

    For people who know they cannot be all things to all people, they know that rejection is as normal and to be as expected as the sun coming up. 

    They know that rejection is not as painful when one knows that most often (unless we have done something to seriously piss our partner off) failing to make a match, is no more or less than that.

    If rejection is what you fear then you need to deal with it. The first step is finding the courage. We need to look inside and ask the question, ‘Am I prepared to be beaten by this?’ 

    The next question we need to keep asking ourselves is, ‘Can I find the courage to do what I know is best for me?’

    Have faith in yourself. Without faith in ourselves, there is little point to life. Have faith in your mind to answer your questions. 

    If we keep asking a question, our mind cannot help but answer it. And if we keep asking, we will get even better answers.

    Also remember that (unless you actively do something to piss your partner off – which is a different issue) rejection is just about whether or not two people match, not about how ‘good’ or ‘lovable’ you are.

    What to look for in a partner?

    So many people have shopping lists of what they want in a partner. Sometimes I find that the list is designed to actually allow the ‘shopper’ to find a reason as to why they do not go deeper in the relationship. 

    Often, it’s about rejecting before getting rejected if the relationship feels a little shaky. This is when a nice long shopping list becomes invaluable – you do not have to look to far down it finds something that a prospective partner fails in!

    Can i suggest that the best shopping list is a short one of just the showstoppers, the deal-breakers that, if present, mean the relationship needs to be terminated sooner rather than later. 

    Perhaps the best, short, shopping list I’ve come across was just one item long. In response to the question ‘What are you looking for in a partner?’ 

    The answer was: ‘Someone with baggage who is dealing with it.’ As one of my patients put it, the key to a healthy relationship is ‘working out whose shit is whose, and each person taking responsibility for it.’

    With these thoughts in mind i would suggest that we all want a partner who is aware of their baggage and dealing with it – as we need to be with ours. 

    With this, almost every other problem in a relationship can be worked through. Without it, the relationship simply does not have a future – at least not a healthy one!

    Mastering the Love Languages

    True Love, True Love Definition

    We are attracted to partners whose personality either is the opposite to, or compliments, our own, you can appreciate the problem – our partner’s love languages are usually not the same as ours. 

    I don’t know how often I have seen partners try to love their partner, but it all being wasted, because they give love in their own language, not their partners. The five languages are:

    1) Words of Affirmation – saying words of love or appreciation.

    2) Quality Time – spending time doing what the other wants and giving it your full attention, often this involves just being and talking about your life with them.

    3) Receiving Gifts – and little thoughtful trinkets.

    4) Acts of Service – having things done for you from breakfast in bed to fixing that leaking tap.

    5) Physical Touch – from touching and hugs to intimacy (for women it’s often touching specifically without sex and the opposite for men).

    As you can see the five are very different. We need to realize that we often waste our energy giving love in the language that is ours and not our partners. 

    It is such a tragedy to see a couple slowly withdrawing from each other out of disappointment and frustration at their partner not appreciating ‘all the effort’ they put into being loving.

    You should work out your top two languages and then let your partner know with words like: ‘If you feel like showing me that you care, if you could [be very specific e.g. give me a hug without any expectation of intimacy] that would be wonderful.’

    Of all the things you can do to find true love, whether you are currently single or in a relationship, the goal here is to understand two points: 

    First, realize that your partner will be unlikely to share your love language – this is a key point to avoiding much of the confusion and pain of relationships. 

    Second, what are your love top love languages? Be clear on this so you can explain this to your True Love – there is a very cool payoff – you will feel the most loved you can possibly feel!

    The Secret of True Love

    True Love, What is True Love

    Two kindred spirits wandered through the universe searching for a secret: the secret of True Love. They had by then already flown, several times, the infinite from side to side with fruitless results. 

    It was disheartening. They followed clues and rumors, traveling hither and thither, through the eternal cosmos, in pursuit of a legend: 

    Something even more sublime than the power with which God made the worlds, it was called True Love. It was such a precious treasure that no one knew where it could be hidden.

    On one occasion, the two souls asked the essence of God Himself so that He would help them in their quest. God, simply, answered them with a warm smile. 

    So, they continued wandering and sailing through the infinite.

    In their wandering walk, those two souls ended up in a minute corner of a remote Galaxy where they met Gaia, sometimes known as Planet Earth. 

    They also asked Gaia, as they had done in so many other places and with so many other beings, if she knew how they could find True Love. This time, with great astonishment they heard a yes.

    -I am who teaches the secret of True Love -said Gaia.

    The souls where surprised at the fact that such a great mystery was kept in a small planet, in a recondite place away from everything. 

    They had stopped there by chance, and if it hadn't been that way they would probably never have done so.

    -Please show us it - asked the soul mates.

    -All right, but there is one condition - said Gaia.

    -We listen to you - replied the souls.

    -As you well know, the universe is made of love and magic for this is the essence of God. It is easy for us, who are part of it, to feel its strength, because it flows everywhere and it fills us constantly. 

    But don't be deceived, all this love is not born from you, but it comes from God. Do you understand this?

    -Yes, it is like this everywhere- chorused the two souls.

    - Have you wondered what love really is? -Continued Gaia-. The answer to this question is the secret that you are looking for. If you unveil this mystery, you will find the key of life and of magic with which the worlds are constructed. 

    What's more, you will become the essence itself of everything that exists. However, I have already warned you that there is only one way of finding that secret and that way is in me and it requires that you fulfill one condition.

    -What is that condition? Asked one of the souls.

    I will disconnect you from the cosmos and I will control you through my faithful servant, destiny, until you solve the mystery. You shall forget everything. 

    You can try as many times as you like, but you will always start from scratch, for only if you find love in those conditions, will love be genuine and it will be born genuinely from you. 

    That is the key that will unveil the secret to you.

    -How? But you have already told us.

    -It doesn't matter that I have told you. In this case, words have no value. 

    The key is to experience it. It is as easy as this: you don't find love, you give it, and this gift is only genuine when who makes it has become a full being for himself. True Love Is, only the act of Giving of a true soul.

    -Thank you for unveiling the secret to us, but we don't understand why it is so valuable, why it is so well kept. 

    If we leave now that you have solved our enigma, which we have pursued for so long, we will leave as empty-handed as we came.

    -Listen, I haven't solved anything for you. What I have told you has no value. You must experience it. Your love and your magic today borrowed. 

    Only if you experience the authenticity of being yourselves, you will be able to express yourself in the universe with freedom; and only from there True Love will be at your reach, for it will be born from you. 

    If you want to experience, you will have to forget everything. There is no more to be said.

    -But, how are we going to forget everything. If we are separated from the cosmos what will we have left, we will be nothing- the souls worried.

    -Yes, you will be something, and a lot. That is also part of the secret that you want to discover. The conquest of this mystery is full of traps and suffering. 

    You have a time limit, and then you will have to start over again, from scratch. Destiny will guide you until it sets you a definitive a trap, at the end. 

    If you have connected with your real essence you will find the way of solving this trap. The solution is always the same one, an act of own will, the first spark of your genuine essence. 

    Only looking and making your inner self grow, will you rich the answer, but all this you will forget. In the same way as you will forget everything that I have already revealed to you. 

    I will always be present to help you. You will simply have to learn to see me and ask for it. But this you shall also forget. 

    I am Gaia, the planet of True Love, my heart is fire and passion and three quarters of my surface are water and emotions, and in spite of this they call me Earth, planet of reason. 

    Such will also be your level of blindness and forgetfulness. That is what the school that will be able to teach you is like.

    The souls meditated over it. He loved her and she loved him, or that is what they thought, because if their love and magic were borrowed, in the end it could turn out not to be so. 

    No, their love was true, it had to be. They would experience it and would prove it to each other, so they accepted Gaia's condition -Amen, said Gaia.

    The souls embraced each other with all their strength, they looked at each other as deep as the infinite and kissed with all the love that they were able to feel in order to try to defeat forgetfulness. 

    Forgetfulness dissolved their embrace, blinded their eyes and confused their kiss. But that embrace was so strong that from it a flower was born, a fine pink and blue flower that hid in a minute seed and hid further than forgetfulness, in a lost field in some mountains.

    Once on Earth, that flower was called Magic.

    True Love Quotes

    True Love, True Love is
    True Love Quotes

    There are various different scholars and writers who are writing various different poems and phrases. There have been many poets and scholars who have written several True Love Quotes

    There are large numbers of people who actually believe in True Love. Love is basically a thing that is responsible for peace and harmony which is there all over world. 

    Large number of individuals is connected to each other because of this feeling of love.

    Love has been considered as one of purest feeling that anyone can have. There are large numbers of websites that can provide you with True Love Quotes

    There are many times situations in life when you fail to find True Love. At these times you might feel very low but if you will go through these types of phrases and True Love Quotes then they are surely going to motivate you. 

    There are so many people all around world which believe in this pure feeling of love.

    In this fast-moving life when there is no time for many things in life there are situation when you require someone with whom you can be real and with whom you can share your feelings. 

    Once in your life time you are surely going to get a person whom you will love. There is situation when people who are in love can do anything for person to whom they love. 

    It is such a strong mix of emotions that you get so attached to a person that you can do anything for that person.

    Not only have this modern world but there been love in almost all ages. There are many stories of some of great lovers which have been known people all around world. 

    These stories are so motivating to people that how a person can even die for his or her love. But it is always advisable that when you feel that you are in love then you should take proper care of your relationship. 

    There is situation when you find people those who were in relationship from so long, they get separated. 

    These types of situation occur just because these people are not compatible with each another and because of this they are not able to live together.

    To avoid these conditions, you must be very careful in deciding that when you are getting into a relationship then you are not making any mistake and you are sure that this person is only person that is meant for you and with whom you want to spend your life.

    When you hold my hand fly in another land. And when I saw the sky, know that we’ll never say GOOD-BYE.

    Love innate, precious fulfilling, breathing, missing friendship, devotion, revenge, animosity loathing, disliking, arguing black, evil Hate.

    I’ll tell you a story about a great feeling named love, it travels in the sky like a cloud and fits in your heart like a glove, love is so beautiful, love is so great, love is so wonderful and truly innate. During your lifetime it will for sure meet your heart, you’ll think of your love in bedtime, but sometimes it might tear you apart. love is so beautiful, love is so great, love is so wonderful and truly innate. So, open your hearts and let love come in because love is about being dare, it visits your heart like a stranger that you should always tenderly care. Love is so beautiful, love is so great, love is so wonderful and truly innate.

    Beauty, Bright and charming. Falling in love, dreaming, touching. All people, boys, girls, everyone. Rejecting, fighting, opposing. Depressive, disgusting Ugliness.

    In the smooth shadow of the twilight, I can feel your lips touching mine. But this is just the illusion of the light. Because your love is far away from me this time.

    Love wonderful, painful kissing, loving, always & talking about happiness, heart, teardrops, friends crying, screaming, waiting dark, sick.

    Love mysterious, perfumed, embracing, feeling, exciting, flowers, chocolate, tears, illusion, thinking, waiting, crying, gray, false... Confusion!

    I heard a voice- a charming little song…, you held my hand and I could touch the sky, At nightfall, in your eyes nothing seems wrong, And I keep wondering, my love, is it a lie?

    What is True Love Meaning Definition Quotes

    True Love Quotes: Most of us have heard it said at least a dozen times that time is gold; it is precious and valuable for everyone. We should use our time to achieve our goals and not waste a second of it. 

    Our parents, teachers, and almost everyone has instilled this point to us countless of times. When something is important to us, we must plan, work, and move as fast as we can to acquire it. 

    Otherwise, someone else may get it before we do. This is true when it comes to getting promotions, purchasing items, and almost all aspects of our lives. 

    Not being able to obtain what we want because of failure to act would feel like a crime for most of us.

    Because of our desire to achieve what we want in the shortest time possible; we sometimes tend to act impulsively or impetuously. 

    Sometimes, what we worked for and spent so much of our time trying to go after isn't exactly what we really need. We learn this too late of course, and then we need to spend much of our precious time again to retrace our steps and figure out what we really want in the first place. 

    This is especially accurate when it comes to relationships. We find someone we want, go out with them, live with them and marry them, possibly all in the span of a year. 

    Later on, for whatever reason, we find out that we don't want to or we can't spend the rest of our lives with this person. We end up with pretty bad feelings and maybe even financially less well off than when we started. After “getting over” the relationship, we start all over again. 

    However, it sometimes gets us thinking about how correct some true love waits quotes really are. We find ourselves asking if it would have been better had we waited.

    Some famous "True Love Quotes" or sayings or quotes on how important it is to not rush into things can actually be found in the Bible

    The Book of Corinthians has a well-known passage that tells us that love is patient. Philippians 4:8 reminds us of the importance of thinking about things if it is pure, excellent, or praiseworthy; and thinking about things does take time. 

    While in the book The Little Prince, we find a line that says you are forever responsible for what you have tamed, where in the story the main character took time to tame a fox since the fox told him that unless this is done, neither of them holds much importance. 

    This is what True Love is all about, the attainment of a sense of purpose and worth because someone matters so much to you and you also have value to someone, and together both of you make a positive difference to each other and to the world. In the end, this is something worth waiting and making sure of.

    If a person loves you once, remember that there is still some love after a hundred years. No matter how disrespectful that person is.

    Sometimes, love surprises us. One day you will find someone who will stand on your feet. It seems impossible to keep track of yourself. Someone who truly loves you will free you. However, love takes you by accident again. Two strangers fall in love with you.

    If you have no desire to be with one another, you want to pursue it. Love means that you want to be with each other, even when you have no desire to do it.

    The unloving strength produces animals. Love without strength produces weakness.

    Looking at everything we have; I see happy times as well as bad ones. If I can go through it again, I will change one thing and do not. Because of what happened today I felt like someone else and I don't want to do business for anything in the world.

    The minute I heard my first LOVE STORY, I started searching for you, not knowing how bad it was. The lover is nowhere to be found at the end. They are with each other.

    A precious moment is that the person you fell in love with is right to see you in the eyes of the one they love.

    There are two times when every man is perfectly happy in life; It was then that he met his first love and after that he fled from his previous love.

    Never fall in love with those who love you. If you are not. If I had to tell you how much you meant, I would never get the chance to finish it.

    They do not show their affection for their love. The path of True Love has never gone smoothly. Love is an acquaintance. There is no evil angel except love is a demon.

    True Love Is a discipline in which everyone divides one's secret nature and refuses to trust the daily self.

    Love is a way of expanding two natures in each. Add another, and each one is rich in another.

    Love has the power to believe what you do with simple skepticism.

    Love is an extension of two changes, each containing one another, each with the other in abundance.

    Love is always blinded by guilt, always be happy, unjust, with wings, and unconfirmed, and break all chains with every heart.

    Love may make you cry a little… but the really insane is out of your hands.

    I am fed up with love; I was still tired of rhyming; But money makes me happy all the time.

    Love that is never experienced is often ideal for man.

    They say that a person needs only three things to truly be happy in this world: to love one another, to do something and to expect anything.

    If you make a list of reasons for any couple to get married and another reason for their divorce, you have a lot of overlap.

    I say nothing because there is nothing I can say, it just describes how I feel you deserve it.

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