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    224 What's Status for Love Quotes for Lovers (WhatsApp)

    Show your love with the best What's Status for Love. Make your love special by posting these What's Status for Love and the beautiful WhatsApp Status for Love, cute WhatsApp Status for Lovers, updated Status for Love WhatsApp, Romantic Status for WhatsApp and more.

    About WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging platforms and has largely replaced regular text messaging. There are many advantages to using WhatsApp Messenger; There are many other benefits to sending images and audio files. 

    For example, WhatsApp has many emoticons that express a lot of emotions on many topics. These social messaging sites are smaller versions of social networks such as Facebook. An update can change the status, profile picture and others. 

    WhatsApp is a very simple, free and user-friendly mobile application which is available on Android, iOS and internet. WhatsApp is ad-free apps that the users like it most. 

    All WhatsApp messages chats are end-to-end encrypted. It is a demonic paradise; it is the only one responsible for society. 

    According to some policies, over 400 million people in India use WhatsApp for messaging. WhatsApp has announced that it will restrict sending messages once per chat to all users. This restriction applies to 

    WhatsApp callbacks for sent messages. WhatsApp allows users to forward messages five times, as usual. But after sending the message five times (or more), a new “limit” of forwarding to WhatsApp takes effect.

    About WhatsApp Status

    WhatsApp, the world's largest instant messaging platform, is catching on with millions of people around the world. WhatsApp introduced the status option a few years ago. 

    WhatsApp has limited the duration of videos that can be uploaded as status in India. Previously, users could upload videos in WhatsApp status for up to 30 seconds. The duration of the video is limited to loading the messaging platform to 15 seconds. 

    WhatsApp allows video timeout to prevent users from sending long-term videos as status, and this helps reduce server load. So, all the WhatsApp users like to use their "WhatsApp Status" in the text mode. 

    They use these WhatsApp Status for friends, families, him, her, boyfriend, girlfriend, lovers and their love mates. 

    Therefore, I work hard to find some of the best WhatsApp Statuses and mentioned them to this article for you all. I think you will find them as per your need and change your WhatsApp Status use them as "What's Status for Love".

    What's Status for Love

    What's Status for Love, WhatsApp Status for Love
    What's Status for Love

    So, here are the cute beautiful short What's Status for Love messages in English and the best WhatsApp status quotes for lovers below :-

    • 1) Love is like an elastic band, when both can stretch out and then let go of one, it gives the heart to the other!

    • 2) Love is not how you say "I love you", but you can prove that it is true.

    • 3) Someone asked me what life is like? I smiled and answered, it was good. (What's Status for Love)

    • 4) Show your beautiful side with this huge list of love status. This list includes, among other things, attitude, anger, grief, ridicule, sadness and indirect love.

    • 5) I went to a seafood disco last week and tensed like muscle.

    • 6) The best feeling is when you see your loved one, and he is already looking at you.

    • 7) The mind is cool because you're on my mind. (What's Status for Love)

    • 8) Every night, I think about you before going to bed and hope that you stay in a dream.

    • 9) It doesn't matter how busy the person is... if he really loves him, he will always find the time for you.

    • 10) Life can give us so many beautiful people, but only one person can live a beautiful life... 

    • 11) There is nothing perfect, but when I'm with you, everything is perfect.

    • 12) The world does not like to turn. Love makes the journey of life enjoyable.

    • 13) People do not build a wall so as not to let others in, but to see who wants to break them.

    • 14) I believe that intimacy is one of the wonderful, natural and nutritious items that you can buy for money!

    • 15) You are all special to me. Thanks for who you are. (What's Status for Love)

    • 16) I love you repeatedly when I speak with you.

    • 17) Millions are needed to build a world, but mine is one with you.

    • 18) It's nice to have first love, but their ultimate being is not perfect.

    • 19) I want your EXs to hate you, your mom and dad will love you, and they will never forget you.

    • 20) I would like the sea to be much deeper.

    • 21) I want you; you want me let's do that. (What's Status for Love)

    • 22) Love heals people, those who give it, and those who receive it.

    • 23) You have the sweetest smile; I have to fight my whole life.

    • 24) Love is like the sun, which warms your soul, leaving the clouds.

    • 25) Regardless of your mood or mind, always love your GB with all your heart.

    • 26) One day you will have someone who does not care about your past.

    • 27) Do not break anyone's heart. They have only one... the bones are broken. There are 206 of them.

    • 28) Never be jealous when you see your ex... we think we can give you used toys for less luck.

    • 29) When someone rejects my offer, my head says, “Who cares?”... but then my heart whispers, "You do it, silly!"

    • 30) Love is like water in a river. It continues to flow, despite the large stones blocking its path.

    • 31) Romeo also became “in a relationship” with “this complicated.”

    • 32) Love is when the happiness of another person becomes more important to you. (What's Status for Love)

    • 33) If you are over 100, I want to live 99, so I want to live without you.

    • 34) The person who makes you the happiest is the one who annoys you the most.

    Cute WhatsApp Status for Love

    "What's Status for Love" are the answer of these questions. Love Status are really famous these days to express and impress. 

    Words are the tools for communication but everyone does not has ability to play with them. Every person can't write appropriate words for the situation they are in. 

    What's Status for Love are the only way to communicate and express love and sincerity. Status are written by very intelligent and extra ordinary persons who have experience and ability to express properly. 

    We can use What's Status for Love to make our life easier and happy.

    Every person on earth is not so romantic and Love Status Romance  is very important in life. Romance is not only related with the physical activity but it can be showed by words. 

    Best What's Status for Love can help you in this. If your wife is complaining about your non-romantic behavior, you can send her flowers with card having WhatsApp Status for Love on it. 

    You will see very positive results. We come up with the best love quotes ever. What's Status for Love are for every situation. What's Status for Love may be sad, happy, cute, inspirational, and romantic. 

    They can be sent to friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, him, her and most importantly lovers or love mates.

    We are giving you an opportunity to win hearts, to express your feelings and impress someone without any difficulty by sending What's Status for Love.

    Love is the most powerful force in the world, but it is worth thinking about.

    If you are thinking of someone, you are definitely in love while studying.

    It’s so easy to think about myself, what I do every day of my life. There is no heartache that never goes away...?

    My love for you begins forever and there is no end to life. (What's Status for Love)

    Love bores you when you can laugh...!

    If you really love someone, all you want is to be happy... if you are not with him.

    I love you; no one will stop loving you.

    I will be yours; you will be mine, and together we will be alone.

    Everyone knows how to love each other, but few know how to fall in love with a person.

    It's so easy to think about you, I do it every day. Losing yourself is a heartache that will never be lost.

    It sounds silly, but... from the moment I first saw you, I could not stop thinking about you.

    If you asked me how many times you have crossed my mind, I would say it once. Because you came, never left.

    Love is the strongest of all desires, because it simultaneously affects the head, heart and feelings.

    I fell in love with your words, and I am saddened by them! (What's Status for Love)

    Instead of spending time, we spend a lot of time looking for the right person for love!

    I want to have a traffic light... so that I know whether I should go depending on the weather, turn around or stop.

    You cannot forgive, love, bring, sell, win or rape. They should never be mistaken for a gift, permission, or expectation. Only accepted.

    Good heart and kind nature are two completely different issues. A good heart can have many relationships. But good nature can win many good hearts.

    It may not be every day, but something good happens every day.

    Caught in the midst of an extraordinary life, love gives us a story.

    Regret occurs when there is no person in your heart who is not in your hands.

    Do not make decisions based on the advice of those who do not want to face the consequences.

    When you do not pay attention, I do not understand how I can do this.

    Only with new love can we forget our unsuccessful experience of love.

    I regret my past. I just regret spending time on the wrong people.

    You pray for what has been given to you.

    Love is like pizza. When it’s hot, it’s tasty, but tasty over time. (What's Status for Love)

    If someone hugs you, how much I love you, I will always hold you in my arms.

    Sometimes we try our best to love someone, not ourselves, but fate suddenly intervenes and says: “Wow, not that person.”

    Rosa speaks of love in a language that is known only to the heart.

    If someone you love can make you cry by the river, build a bridge and meet him.

    The minute you think about the reason for leaving, why you stick to it now.

    What's Status for Love

    • Love is not how you say "I love you", but you can prove that it is true.

    • No matter how busy a person is, if he really cares, he will always find the time for you.

    • I will be yours, you will be mine, and together we will be alone. (Whats Status for Love)

    • Everyone knows how to love each other, but few know how to fall in love with a person.

    • It's so easy to think about you, I do it every day. Losing yourself is a heartache that will never be lost.

    • It sounds silly, but... from the moment I first saw you, I could not stop thinking about you.

    • Love is the strongest of all desires, because it simultaneously affects the head, heart and feelings.

    • I fell in love with your words, and I am saddened by them! (Whats Status for Love)

    • Instead of spending time, we spend a lot of time looking for the right person for love!

    • Even when you leave, I only want this in my hands. You only think about one day.

    • No matter what happens. It doesn't matter what you do. I need you to do what you do. I will always love you.

    • No matter where I am, I always think of you, and I want to tell you that the time we spent together was my happiest time. If I had a choice, I would have it all again. No need to worry.

    • Loving someone deeply gives you strength, loving someone deeply gives you courage.

    WhatsApp Status for Lovers

    What's Status for Love, What's Status for Love
    What's Status for Love

    "WhatsApp Status for Lovers" are statuses for those who are in love, those who are looking for What's Status for Love. 

    Here you will find both funny and funny statuses about love, and sad ones. If you have a loved one and you want to surprise him with eloquence in social networks or ICQ, then you can find a suitable "What's Status for Love" here, also some from this page can become a real declaration of love!

    Love cannot be perfect; it must be true.

    Love is the most powerful force in the world, but it is worth thinking about.

    I want to run away with you. Where are you and I alone. (What's Status For Love)

    If you fall in love... be prepared to cry .. !!

    I can’t see myself without you. Sold my soul.

    Live a full life, there is no place for hatred, only love.

    My night was sunny because of you.

    I can kiss... I promise to come back. (What's Status for Love)

    Only with new love can we forget our unsuccessful experience of love.

    If someone you love can make you cry by the river, build a bridge and meet him.

    Everyone says you can fall in love, but I fall in love with the same person on a regular basis.

    Love is a happy flower, but courage is needed to grow and climb the edge of the abyss.

    Love is when the happiness of another person becomes more important to you.

    My love for you begins forever and there is no end to life.

    Angels call it heavenly joy, devils - hellish torment, people. (What's Status for Love)

    Flowers... Sweets... Cinema... Restaurants... Expensive gifts... - this is not happiness, believe me... Happiness is just to snuggle up to someone who is dear... and understand that you are not alone.

    Life is like merrymaking: some come to compete, others come to trade, and the happiest come to watch.

    I send you a sweet kiss, I love you it is. Forever we will be together, on always in my heart you are mine. Just completed my history, I will say it again: I LOVE YOU... = *)

    I love people who write and call, just to talk, to find out how you are, for no reason and no reason!

    I want to write to him; I want to call. I want to marry him at all.

    Whoever loved, he will not fall in love again. (What's Status for Love)

    Address to guys - If you like a girl and you feel that she also likes, then tell her about your feelings. 

    Perhaps you will find your happiness, and if something... then it is sometimes useful to burn yourself too!

    I come up with thousands of excuses for my strange behavior. And yet I will never admit that I'm in love with you.

    Condition - a reason for pain, but no reason for a change.

    If you love someone, this does not give you the right to spoil their life.

    What the hell I want! I want this sugar, what is called "pink snot"! I want kisses, hugs, joint photos, and fucking marital status in contact.

    Most of all, I want on page 14 of your passport... ♥♥♥

    One morning you will wake up and understand how dear to her you are. But when this day comes, she will wake up with someone who already understood it.

    Look at the sky and smile!! Life is Beautiful!!!!! (What's Status for Love)

    Beautiful Love Status for Her or Him

    Everyone who is interested in our relationship, do not worry - they are perfect. Who is worried about the date of parting - do not worry, you will die earlier.

     Everyone in life has someone who will never let you go, and someone who you will never let go.

     Just come and take it. Without too much talk. Take it and don’t let it go.

     There is no punctuation in love, and passion runs out in tears. “Love lives for three years”.

     Each girl should have 4 animals: a mink on his shoulder, a jaguar in the garage, a tiger in bed ... and a goat, who will pay for all this.

     I look at the stars; you shine with the brightest star; look at the water.

     Better to be alone than unhappy with someone.

     To find a roof higher, nights quieter, words are sweeter, and you are near. more often.

     I love my friends, and the guys went nah)))))

     The happiest person is one who, once in the past, would not change anything there.

    Status for Love WhatsApp

    WhatsApp Status for Lovers, Status for Love WhatsApp
    What's Status for Love

    When you see someone who is happy, do not be jealous. You do not know how he fought for his happiness.

    I like to hear her voice for 3 minutes, and the smile on her face is already the second hour.

    If a woman falls in love with a deaf man who beats her and then blinds her, her next love will be deaf and stupid.

    Today he called, "Do you still want to see me?" And I replied: "Go on, I do not want to know you."

    Joy. When you stand on tiptoe, kiss her and hear in response: "You are my baby."

    Do you have angelic patience, damn sweet lips... and only divine eyes. (What's Status for Love)

    When you cannot be with the one you love, can you be with the one who loves you?

    What do I want ??? Lover of dreams, bridge of fire: your heart, you are at the door... and flowers.

    Love your neighbor at any distance, and it will begin to decline. (What's Status for Love)

    I love... I love, love, and love me, and this is real happiness, I am happy!!!

    From sneakers to heels, from kisses to intimacy, from love to shit... Growing up!

    Just as there is a disease of the body, there is also a disease of lifestyle.

    When people leave our lives, they forget that you should not come into dreams.

    Fall in love with me - say it. Together we neigh. (What's Status for Love)

    In Russia there was no word 'orgasm', therefore the red girls experienced 'miraculous, wonderful, marvelous and marvelous'.

    You know: I will not run. Need - take it. No - get lost.

    I am a girl. I do not want to decide anything. I want a dress.

    Love Status Messages

    What's Status for Love, Whatsapp Status for Love
    What's Status for Love

     Falling in love is very easy, but leaving a person is harder and harder.

     I love my grandmother, "I" for her, I'm always thin.

     When he is near, I envy myself.

     Friendship may end in love, but love cannot end in friendship.

     Love is the best makeup. But cosmetics are easier to buy.


     It’s good when there is a person who writes and you smile.

     We are like Masha and the bear. I am so small and pestering, and he is big, strong, in spite of everything he tolerates me and does not let me go anywhere.

     Have you cheated? - NOT. - Why? - I respect myself, which means I respect my choice.

     Only when you find your person can you be silent together and enjoy it.

     I thought it was love, but it turned out to be a farce, flirtation and a dumb game!

     Don't take the word “love” seriously. It means no more than the exclamation of “ready” on the starting line.

     Why do people love dancing so much? Probably because when we dance, we rise a little above the ground.

     To live and not to love is not possible, you need to live and love, but only carefully.

     We must love people, and use things. Recently, we increasingly love things and use people.

     Angels call it heavenly joy, devils - hellish torment, people.

    Love Status English

     If a person considers himself the best creature in the universe, this is called paranoia. And if he believes that the best creature in the universe is an individual of the opposite gender, this is called love. Although there is no fundamental difference between these two mania - perhaps the second is more common. No, the so-called love is a dangerous madness that has caused countless troubles and crimes, and even more disgusting because the patients do not want to be treated, and the society indulges them in this.

     A man falls in love in 0.12 seconds.

     You know, cat, love - the drug from which the tummy grows, will be born - such a paw, open its eyes and say - dad)!


     "I LOVE YOU!" simple words .. but they have magical properties, bring people together .. (vote who agree)!!!

     Love for one's neighbor is limited by how much each person loves himself.

     My heart is stolen by you, take it, I'm not greedy !!!

     Don’t help, don’t shout, don’t shout, you’re drunk, Please, if you want, don’t go crazy, I’m your first man, your first night, If the pain is unbearable, then drive me away.

     Yes, I don’t have a joint venture with him, and we don’t have messages on the wall and photos in common. and I can tell you we have the best relationship without it.

     I will be needed. write, call, see. not small.

     Imagine that right now, at this moment, a person whom you have never met wants to meet a person like you.

     Ale bunny, where are you? I've been waiting for you for half an hour! - Well posy, I was going to. “Zaya, everyone has already passed the exam, and if after half an hour you are gone, your pus will be upset and will expel you!”

     Perfect relationship if you .. quarrel as husband and wife, chat like best friends, flirt like 16 year old teens and take care of each other like brother and sister.

    What's App Status Quotes About Love?

     Masha loves Igor, Igor loves Julia! Julia loves Sonya, Sonya loves Anya! Anya loves Slavic, Slavic loves Valia! Valia loves Pasha, Pasha loves Disha! Disha loves Makisu, Makisu loves Olga! Olga loves Vanya, Vanya loves Viki! Viki loves Konya, Konya loves the Light! Sveta loves Dima, Dima loves Katya! Katya loves Theme, Theme loves Masha! Such things are happening, gentlemen! The first class goes to school, choosing a mate!

     Living is the same as loving: mind is against, healthy instinct is for.
    Love is when your soulmate is unattractive, but you still don’t introduce it to anyone, afraid to lose!

     Weakness is when they kiss on the neck... And softly whisper: "My little one..."

     Evening... he’s online, but what's the point? The only thing you can do is to once again see his albums, his wall, and look at his ava, and ask: why is she better than me?

     Love, it is like nettles, rushing from the earth, without asking anyone.

     You are this .. Do not forget me. (What's Status for Love)

     Tearing your brain apart? Look, tear your heart apart.

     Do not fantasize, he just looked at you.

     Before crying in a friend’s waistcoat, smell if this waistcoat smells of your boyfriend’s perfume (s).

     Do not put an end to where the heart puts a comma...

     Hemingway once argued that he would write a 6-word story, and he would want to cry from him. read: “For sale: baby shoes, never used.” translation: "For sale: baby shoes, unworn." (with)!

     I like what you do with me, I like what I do with you... To hell with my words, my tenderness. If this happens, then I will be yours!

     The man, finally disappointed in women, tries again.

     I do not want to love, enjoy life !!! (What's Status for Love)

     First of all, I like you, and secondly, firstly.

     You can’t hold it by force - a girl, rain and life!

    What's App about in Love Status

    The worst mistake in women: "He will change." The most common misconception among men: "She will not go anywhere"

    No matter how much we talk about the emptiness of life, sometimes only one flower is enough to dissuade us.

    We begin to love what is constantly in our field of vision. (What's Status for Love)

    ATTENTION WANTED!!! - I am looking for a girl 89-93 year of release. Preferably without a run, not beaten, not painted!

    Naïve as a child. Revenge as an adult. (What's Status for Love)

    It would be so easy to forget the person you are in love with - there would be no reason then to fall in love!

    There is nothing more annoying for a man than a promise to love him always, while he would prefer to be loved for two or three weeks.

    Love conquers all but poverty and toothache. May west!

    All the guys are like a public toilet: either shit or busy.

    2am. He and she are online. He is waiting for her to write to her, she is waiting for what he will write... Pride... So they chat until the morning.

    Although human life has no price, we always act as if there is something even more valuable.

    Who is more important to you, your best friend or beloved boyfriend? - If the girlfriend is the best, she will understand that he is loved.

    Life does not give anything without hard work and excitement.

    What is the Best WhatsApp Status?

     Hey, you winged one more time to take aim at me - I will tear off my wings and push my bow in the ass!

     It is not necessary that he writes all the time, calls ... the main thing is that he looks at you like no one is looking. (What's Status for Love)

     It hurts when you fall asleep on a pillow wet from tears and wake up from the tears flowing!

    What's App Short Status?

    Whats App Status Quotes About Love, What's App About In Love, What Is The Best Whatsapp Status, What's App Short Status, Cute Whatsapp Status For Love, Love Status English, Love Status Messages, Beautiful Love Status
    What's Status for Love

    Enjoy the happiness of the What's Status for Love with our all new collection of the statuses. These are the "What's Status for Love" which you apply on each and every situation. 

    This is the time to ensure your love and heart feelings for them. Just represent your core feelings and let them come to know about your love feelings. 

    This is the way to prove your love because as we all know, these day, social status and updates are playing a vital role to a individual. They make us feel connected with our loved ones. 

    This is the way which connects us with millions of people who turns to our friends soon. So make this friendship more powerful and strength up. 

    Just be the first to grab this collection of the What's Status for Love and update this stunning range of the What's Status For Love with your loved ones. 

    Make them feel awesome. May this helps you to express your feelings and emotions too.

     Wow, now I graduated... Now the thermometer is not the only degree of meaninglessness.

     Sometimes I would like to move faster to see if it was worth it in the end.

     Please do not get confused between my personality and my point of view. My personality depends on who I am, and my attitude is who you are.

     Think about it .. I think that every time we look at ourselves five years ago, we are an idiot.

     I am not busy on the net... I gave up my life when I took the girl’s phone and called my contact name “free recharge”.

     A bus station means a bus stop. A train station is a station on which a train stops. I have a job at the table

     They say that we learn from our mistakes; I do as much as possible !!! Soon I will become a genius.

     When you think you can achieve goals, someone moves goals.

     I am not happy. I don’t forgive people, I just pretend I'm fine and wait my turn Them.

     And those who saw the dance went crazy from music listeners.

     Dear Mario... I'm trying to save my girlfriend by wasting my childhood. Now you are helping me protect myself.

     Sometimes I would like to move faster to see if it was worth it in the end.

     You like it now, the product is 4 billion years of development... (Click More)

     I decided to leave my past, so I have to give you my money... but I left.

     I want to lose weight because I am losing a pen, a key, a smartphone, a temper and even a mind.

     Every morning I meditate for 20 minutes... it helps relieve stress because I am 20 minutes late.

    (WhatsApp Status Video)

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