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    How do You Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship?

    How Long to Do Long Distance Relationships Last? How to prevent his affair, How Do You Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship into marriage, etc. There is no information!

    I think everyone has once heard that "Long Distance Relationship do not last long." There are many worries caused by being away from a lover, such as "I feel cold", "I was cheating", "I am tired just by going to see me", and 50% of long-distance love couples actually parted within a year.

    There is also horrifying data that those who already have a Long Distance Relationship and those who are going to have a Long Distance Relationship may have more or less trouble and anxiety.

    It's a "Long Distance Relationship" that doesn't have a very good image of flirtation or misrepresentation, but is it really a bad thing?

    Long Distance Relationship

    Long Distance Relationship Problems, Romantic Ideas Long Distance Relationship

    Long Distance Relationships are not just hard and painful. I can feel the joy of not being able to meet easily because I am far away. Let's look at the benefits of far love that people who enjoy it can feel.

    ・ I can't wait to meet him, and I can date with fresh feeling forever. It is a merit that long-distance romance with few opportunities to meet is strong during fatigue.

    ・ Reminded him of his importance and began to think seriously about marriage-in the Long-Distance Relationship, it seems that there are many women who think about the future when they cannot meet him. Perhaps it's a far-end love that you spend a lot of time thinking alone.

    ・ Every time he goes to the town where he lives, he can feel the feeling of traveling. One of the real charms of Long-Distance Relationship is that he guides you to sightseeing spots.

    Considering in this way, the merits of distant love are surprising. It may be the point that you can have a distant love with yourself without having to be pessimistic because you are going away from him. Next, I would like to introduce the disadvantages of distant love that I do not want to experience...

    Speaking of the demerit of distant love, after all his most concerned...

    I've introduced the merits of far love earlier, but if you're looking at all the good things, you may fall into unexpected pitfalls.

    ・ Expenses are high--In far-away love where the places where each other lives are far away, expenses such as transportation expenses for dates tend to increase... But this is completely inevitable.

    ・ I'm lonely because I don't have much time to meet-I think most people think of this as a disadvantage of distant love. Especially when it's a weekday, I can't celebrate together, so I feel lonely.

    ・ I was cheated or was cheated-I think his fickle is probably the number one concern. It is difficult to detect the affair of the other party in a Long-Distance Relationship, but if you cannot trust each other, you will not be able to continue the long-distance love...

    How was that? Perhaps some people may lose their confidence to continue their distant love with mountains and valleys. For you, we have summarized the far-love barrier, how to overcome the one-year barrier!

    Tips or Romantic Ideas Long Distance Relationship

    Whether to break or get married... What decides the path of distant love?

    Unfortunately, there are many long-distance couples who choose to farewell due to passing or rut, but there are also many “long-distance” loves couples who have successfully overcome a long-distance romance and successfully rowed to the goal. What could have been the difference between their failure and success in Long-Distance Relationship?

    You "I'm in a Long-Distance Relationship, but I'm wondering if I can continue like this" or "I'm worried that his feelings will cool off on the way because I can not meet easily", "While keeping an eye on I'm worried that I won't be cheating on me.” Would you like to learn how to make a long-distance romance successful and eliminate the feeling of strain in your chest?

    By practicing the tricks that make distance love a success, you can catch the opposite mind firmly! Even if I'm far away from him, my heart always feels close... I will secretly teach you how to have such an ideal relationship.

    The trick is to completely shut out the topic of the opposite gender. To stress-free companionship

    Imagine a little. What do you think of when you're always emailing him and saying, "Speaking of which, there's a girl at work"? "I want you not to talk to another woman when you're talking to me! This flirt!" I'm sure many people think this way.

    In a long-distance romance where he would not be cheating or uneasy, he would be sensitive to the opposite gender even if he knew that it was irrelevant. I'm sure he also has a stomachache every time you talk to a man at work.

    It seems that there are far-end love couples who are taboo about the opposite gender in order to avoid unnecessary suspicions and to have mutual peace of mind. Also, there are some far-love couples who forbid prying about the behavior of the other party when they are not meeting because they seem to be being monitored and cool down. The trick is to first report on your status and then ask "How are you?"

    The key is to keep loneliness in your heart. Enjoy your time with him!

    He says he grows love when he can't meet each other, but unlike couples who can meet each week, sometimes every day, loneliness only grows in long-distance relationships where there are limited opportunities to meet. Isn't he complaining, "I'm lonely because I can't meet at all", with all my heart wanting him to bite me on a date I haven't seen in a while?

    It seems that some men say that even the trivial behavior that draws his attention will gradually cool down as they accumulate.

    Certainly, when I'm dating myself, when I'm told only negative things, I wonder, "Isn't it fun to be with you?" It's an opportunity to get in touch with him, so it's best to keep negative emotions in your mind. The trick is to act brightly to fully enjoy the precious time that we can spend together.

    How was it? I think you've learned that the key to long-lasting distant love is not forgetting your compassion for the other person. However, this is only part of a number of distant love tips.

    How to approach marriage from a long-distance relationship

    Marriage is one of the things we must consider in order to continue our relationship. It's not without the option of staying lovers forever, but it's not very realistic.

    When you are in love, there will always be a scene where you will have the choice of getting married or leaving. In today's stable era, there are more and more men and women who are supposed to be connected, but in long-distance relationships, there are a lot of such people.

    If you don't want to get married, you don't have to bother with a long-distance ROMANCE, which is a pain, and now I have a long-distance romance with him, but I want to live with him someday. I want to be tied with him. It's natural to think so.

    However, in a long-distance relationship where the living areas of two people are far apart, it is not easy to even live together rather than get married. There are many problems that must be overcome in order for two people who were separated to move together, such as moving, changing jobs, and differences in the environment.

    How can we overcome these problems and live together? On this page, we will tell you such information that far-love girls are concerned about.

    Marriage is not love, it's rooting! Let him lift his heavy hips!

    If you get married, you can't avoid it. No, I don't want to avoid it. It's always a dream and a dream for all girls to have a romantic wedding with a romantic proposal.

    But alas? Is it because of the increase in herbivorous boys? Recently, the number of men who propose is decreasing. I don't always say that I'm masculine. It doesn't matter if you like sweets. However, I want you to show your manliness about the time you propose.

    Many people think so. However, it may be the time when women actively move toward marriage. A clever way to force him to get married... You can't move his heavy hips by hitting and breaking.

    In order to develop a Long-Distance Relationship into a marriage smoothly, it is indispensable to be careful and strategic. You who want to be connected with him now!

    Let's move along with the footsteps of the two! Develop a marriage with two people.

    What's important about romance is the difference in temperature between two people, and even if only one of them wants to get into a ferocious marriage, they cannot get married. Rather, as the temperature difference increases, the other one cools down.

    To develop love into marriage, it is important to eliminate the temperature difference between the two and maintain it. In other words, it is necessary for two people to share their awareness of marriage. However, it is difficult to share emotions in long-distance relationships, and it is not easy for two people to keep pace.

    Then, he misses the timing of marriage and continues to have a long-distance romance. This is the reason why few couples develop from Long-Distance Relationship to marriage. Most of the time it takes for a long-distance couple to join is about three years.

    To put it the other way around, if you haven't engaged or lived together within three years, you'll have less hope of getting married. If you want to be connected with him, you will need to discuss in advance how long you will have a Long-Distance Relationship.

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    Reasons for breaking up in long distance love

    Romantic Ideas Long Distance Relationship

    After all, Long Distance Relationship is full of obstacles? What Percentage of Long-Distance Relationships Break Up? Breakdown rate ○○%!

    Continue the Long-Distance Relationship and it's sunny and goal-in! It would be ideal, but the reality is not that sweet. Some people may feel tired when they have a long love and have thought that they would like to part.

    In the beginning, I thought, "I grow up love when I can't meet you!" It's easy to feel.

    No matter how much you can get in touch via email or SMS, it's inferior to meeting them in person, and you will pass each other little by little, which will be the beginning of your parting.

    In addition, faraway love actually involves a large amount of transportation and accommodation costs every time you go on a date, and it is a financial burden... A faraway love with many obstacles, but how! Approximately half of the far-end love couples have parted within a year.

    They will give you information about what made you decide to farewell and how to overcome the one-year barrier.

    Never act passively in Long Distance Relationships!

    A long time ago, women like Yamato Nadeshiko were used as men, but men who live in the modern age, especially men, want to do it. I want to be taken care of. I want to be loved. There should be many people who think somewhere in their mind.

    If you and he live close enough to each other, you can do that. I think it's fun to immerse yourself in the world of two people by giving him the joy of being treated as a princess.

    However! Throw away such sweet ideas in Long Distance Relationships! It's not the fairy-tale flower fields that are spreading around him and you, but the cold and harsh world waves, not the fairy-tale flower gardens. It is not only distance that separates two people in a distant love.

    Time, money, work, socializing... In a long-distance love situation where you don't always get to work on weekdays, and you can't always meet you on weekends, it's easy to say goodbye if you don't care for each other and take action.

    In the passive form that the other person has used up until now, the other person's heart will quickly separate from you. Not only do you want it, but if you don't give it, farewell will come soon.

    Because it's a Long-Distance Relationship! Let's move positively from you!

    "I haven't received any emails from him recently!" Ever seen a woman saying something like this?

    As I continued to have Long Distance Relationships, the number of emails from him that I received many times a day decreased, and once a day, once a week, and if I noticed ... Unfortunately, this woman will leave her lover Will be.

    Men, unlike women, are not good at contacting them often. Of course, some men are exceptionally bad, but the majority of men find it difficult to send emails from themselves.

    This becomes especially noticeable in long-distance relationships, and waiting for an email from him increases the probability that it will disappear naturally and part. If you want to get in touch with him, you need to be as aggressive as sending an email, making a phone call, or suggesting a date.

    Be careful if you leave it up to men to contact you and come up with a date plan. It is a secret that you cannot take control of love at long distances.

    Long Distance Relationship Activities

    • Email Technique

    Long Distance Relationship Activities, Long Distance Relationship Problems

    An essential item for long-distance relationships! Surprising pitfalls of email and LINE.

    Email and LINE are the essential items for couples in long-distance relationships to keep in touch.

    It may be that LINE, which is free of charge even for videophones, is becoming mainstream these days when smartphones have become widespread, but there is not much in common in that both are mainly text communication. Is not it?

    The greatest attraction of long-distance relationships is the convenience and convenience of being able to connect to your partner anytime, anywhere, even if you are far away.

    It is important to continue a long-distance relationship. That is to keep in touch with each other. That's something even people who aren't in long-distance love can see.

    However, staying in touch doesn't mean just communicating via email or LINE.

    Unexpected Pitfalls and Techniques for Email... Do You Want to Know?

    The frequency of contact during long distance relationships is high. However, if the two can keep up at that pace. In the first place, men are not willing to stay in touch.

    It's also because I'm poorly contacted, but I'm not talking about number one. Unless you have exciting days like heroes of dramas and manga, weekdays of working people are basically a round trip between home and work, so it's a new idea to communicate by email every day. Things don't happen that often.

    Nevertheless, are you not emailing him saying "I have to contact me every day!" I didn't talk about it, but it was boring because the conversation wasn't lively because I emailed it. You and he would just be in pain with such an email.

    The key to keeping emails in a long distance is to enjoy each other's interactions. Before sending him an email, it's a good idea to think again, "Will this topic make him happy?"

    The more you tie up a man's actions, the farther your mind goes... Even if you tie up, you can't get love.

    When you are in a long-distance relationship, you may feel anxious. Even if you try to shake it off, the anxiety that you once realized is not going away.

    "Maybe he's already feeling cold..." "Isn't he cheating on me..." Minor things worried me and my thoughts flowed in a worse direction. There are many women who are bound in long-distance relationships, either to eliminate such anxiety or to fill in inaccessible time.

    Be sure to send an email when you wake up in the morning. Check your smartphone during breaks. Keep in touch when you go home and before you go to sleep etc. Isn't there a worry when making such a rule? Besides, this will eventually make him tired.

    You and he are different people. You have your own life and you live your time. Why not respect his will rather than send an e-mail with the rules that he wants to stay connected with him whenever he feels lonely in a long-distance relationship? Or is your loved one so untrustworthy?

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    Prevention of flirt during long-distance relationships

    Seeking the best and anticipating the worst is not a betrayal of him.

    After all, what the couple cares about is the affair of the other person. If you're in a long-distance relationship, you'll have to worry about it.

    A long-distance relationship where a living area with a lover is far away is a great opportunity for those with an affair, and perhaps there is a troublesome thief cat around him.

    The more attractive he is, the higher the risk. Although some entertainers have left the mystery that "infidelity is culture!"

    In a long-distance relationship, believing in the other person is more important than trusting, but trusting and blinding are different. There's nothing better than being able to take an important man without taking the necessary steps in a long-distance relationship.

    Especially in long-distance relationships, the discovery of the other party's affair tends to be delayed, and when it is noticed, it is already too late. It is very important to take measures in advance to prevent it from happening.

    You also need to be careful before doubting his flirt! 

    You who are in a long distance and don't mind if he can get there. How many people do you think have had an affair with a couple who was actually in a long-distance relationship? 18% for men and 20% for women!

    There are many people who have had an affair with a woman, though it is a small difference! I've heard that women are more vulnerable to long-distance relationships than men, but when I actually look at the numbers, I'm shocked ... women are more dependent on love than men, it seems that when you are lonely, there are many patterns in which you are kindly consulted by the opposite gender and you fall in love.

    There is also the term stranger who is closer than a distant relative. Moreover, unlike men's affairs, women can develop seriously... Women may need to make the decision not to easily compare to other men before doubting him.

    After all, spending the time of two people is the most important than any cheating measures.

    This page introduces various techniques to prevent men from having an affair in a long-distance relationship, but before that, there is something I definitely want you to remember.

    For example, if you are totally unfamiliar with a man, no matter what kind of advanced technique you use, if you don't have enough love for him, you will be separated. The biggest reason is neither playfulness of men nor tiredness of you.

    The moment you lose your affection, you risk the man having an affair. In order not to do so, it is essential that two people spend the same time. The last thing to say is how much time you have shared and how much memory you have.

    I strongly recommend staying with him as much as time and money allow, without thinking, "I'm tired this week so I don't have to see you ~ I'm taking measures and I'm okay". Please do not over-reliance on cheating techniques.

    Long Distance Relationships Advice for a far Lovers

    Long-Distance Relationship Problems: How do You Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship? Despite popular misconceptions, long distance relationships are not a product of the internet age. For generations, couples have been separated from each other for many reasons - college, the military and jobs are just a few examples. Over the years, couples separated from circumstances have learned how to keep their romance alive from afar. These days, thanks to the internet and unlimited cell phone plans, it's easier than ever to stay in touch with your sweetie when you're far apart.

    1. Set expectations of your relationship

    The Center for the Study of Long-Distance Relationships identified one key factor in successful long distance relationships. The couples in those relationships that last more than six months have talked about their expectations of the relationship. How often will you see each other? How often will you talk? What is the future?

    2. Communicate frequently

    Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and it's far more important when you're far away from your sweetheart. Take advantage of as many different types of communication as you can - telephone, email, webcam, letters - even text messages.

    3. Get a low-cost telephone solution

    Long gone are the days when you have to run up hundreds in phone bills just to talk to your absent partner. Do some research to find the best phone service for your relationship. Some ideas: VOIP phone service, Skype or a cell phone provider with free in-network calling. When cost isn't a factor, you can talk all night long once in a while.

    4. Webcam.

    The next best thing to being there. A cheap webcam can let you get closer than ever to being in the same room. Webcam chats are a good way to add a visual aspect to your communication when you're far apart.

    5. Get creative with your a together a time

    Just because you're in different cities doesn't mean that you can't do things together. Get creative. Make a weekly date to watch a movie or favorite TV show together - over the phone.

    6. Establish rituals

    Rituals help establish stability in a relationship. You may not be able to kiss good night each night, but a nightly I love you a text message just before bedtime can be a substitute that establishes expectations and a shared reality.

    7. Keep living your life

    Don't just sit around between contacts with your honey. Get involved in things that are important to you. Not only does it give you less time to pine, but it will also provide interesting things to share with each other when you do have time to talk.

    I hope that this long-distance relationships advice helps. I know that it can't replace the emptiness that most long-distance participants feel, but hopefully, it sheds some lights on what to do to make it work.

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