How to get out of depression if your loved one left you in relationship

How to get out of depression if your loved one left you? We choose, we are chosen, as it often does not coincide .....

Yes, in life everything happens, it would seem, according to the script. A lot of people have to marry an unloved person, and if this happens, then your beloved person will abandon you sooner or later. The feeling of love is a very strong feeling, as is the feeling of hate. 

As they say, neither being loved is a misfortune, but never to love is a tragedy! Indeed, not everyone is given such happiness to experience this feeling. But if suddenly your beloved person whom you sincerely love - you are abandoned ....

How to survive this horror? How to come to terms with the fact that this happened? And how to live on? Lovely women! Love yourself more than anything! And think about what is not for him to bloom! But it’s hard to say if there are real feelings for this person. ... 

Firstly, a feeling of love is often confused with a feeling of passion or love. Passion is a temporary feeling that attracts a certain person. Falling in love is also something similar. 

These feelings pass over time if you do not communicate with this person in any way. Only a feeling of love - is tested by time, even when you do not communicate with a person, you all the same - attracts to him, you feel bad, you cannot live without him ....

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How To Get Out Of Depression?

How To Get Out Of Depression, How Can We Solve Depression

How Can We Solve Depression from a love relationship? Then this is a real feeling of love. Well, now to the point. So what to do when your loved one abandoned you? I must say right away that it takes time to get out of a state of depression .

Time cures! Although sometimes, it seems that time does not help. It may take a year, maybe two, three, five ... If depression did not go away after 2 years, as psychologists say, then the body is used to this condition, the body liked to suffer .... This is very bad, you need to get out of this condition, on average, depression should go away after 2 years, sometimes it takes 3-4 years.

In order to get out of this state, you need to distract yourself in every way from this problem. There are many books written for this purpose. I advise you to read more books on psychology.

I will tell you only the main points:

  • Take care of yourself - your appearance, go to the hairdresser, dye your hair, do a hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, etc. (It helps to get out of depression very well when you cut or color your hair! Checked!)

  • Buy yourself new things, i.e. Update your wardrobe.

  • Take care of repair (it helps a lot!)

  • Take care of your cultivation, your education and your career!

  • Try to find new earnings, load yourself with work.

  • Change of residence, for example, you can rent an apartment in Moscow without intermediaries or go on vacation, which will also favorably affect your condition.

Remember, men love independent, independent women who know their worth; you need to ensure financial freedom. For this, buying or selling apartments in Barnaul or Tambov, and indeed in any city of our vast country, may well be suitable. The real estate business has always been profitable.

Live your life, your children, your work, your favorite hobbies, enjoy the sun, rain, birds, everything around you.

Think that not everything is done for the better! In the end, why do you need a man who does not value you ?! And they don’t look for good from good!

How To Get Out Of Depression, How Can We Solve Depression

Hope that it is possible that he will someday call and offer you a new relationship , if by that time you have not cooled down yet, you may agree. But believe me, if you don’t call, then it is all the more unnecessary!

And over time, a person’s worldview changes, experience comes with age, and after a while you will begin to look down at him! The main thing is not to stand in one place, try to constantly engage in education, educated and smart women have been valued at all times. This allows you to broaden your horizons!

And after a while you will realize that the one you suffered for was the worst thing that could be in your life! You need to love yourself, and then they will love you.

Good luck!

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