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    10 Tips to Build Strong Healthy Relationships

    Healthy Relationship Tips: How do You Build a Healthy Relationship? No matter how new or serious your current relationship is, it’s only natural to experience arguments, disagreements, and other problems among couples. 

    There are also many people that regret decisions they made in past relationships and are now interested in reconnecting with a past significant other. This is the reason why there are so many individuals look for advice online to help work through their relationship struggles. 

    Healthy Relationship Tips

    Healthy Relationship Tips, Healthy Relationship

    The majority of couples will experience relationship issues at some point throughout being together. The question is whether or not you will be able to work through these issues or not. Unfortunately, the majority of couples that are experiencing problems often do not seek professional help to work through it. 

    Sometimes this is because one party does not want to be involved, or the couple simply doesn’t have the funds to hire a professional counselor or therapist. There are some cases where individuals will turn to online resources, but unfortunately there aren’t many that provide great free advice from experts within the field. 

    Marriage problems are something that the majority of married couples will experience, and it’s important to note that they are completely natural. Some people expect their relationship or significant other to be perfect and never make mistakes.

    This is an unrealistic point of view and is something that will only make things more difficult on both people in the relationship. It’s extremely important when experiencing problems in your relationship to not overreact and to take time to find quality, valuable advice from people with experience dealing with these types of issues. 

    Are you constantly fighting with your significant other? Do you have problems in your relationship that can’t seem to resolve themselves? Do you want to reconnect with a past ex-girlfriend or wife and do not know how to approach the situation? If you answered yes then you are the right one for this article about "Healthy Relationship Tips"

    Relationship Tips for Ladies, Couples, Boyfriend and Girlfriend: Having and maintaining Healthy Relationships are like jobs that are worked on 365 days a year 7 days a week and every bit of 24 hours a day. Here are 5 Strong and Happy relationship tips on How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend and How to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy?

    Healthy Relationship Tips, Building Healthy Relationships
    Healthy Relationship Tips

    • 1. Communication is Imperative

    You will hear it time and time again on the internet or in books but it is true and I will elaborate. Whenever two people rose in different households and with different upbringing come together to form a relationship, they are bound to clash in one way or another. Talking to each other about these differences will help the other to understand it better. Talk and listen to what the other has to say and it’s imperative to put yourself in the others shoes. You may not agree but at least you may get to the root of the issue and can deal with it from there.

    • 2. Say I Love You 

    Say I love you (if you mean it) with your words and with your body! It’s one thing to say I love you; those words are important to hear for both involved whether you’re 25 or 85, but showing it comes hard for a lot of us. Playing with your girl’s hair or a firm grasp of the waist line are just a couple of subtle signs for men to use. Ladies have it a little tougher because most men are figures of strength and that foofy foofy stuff doesn’t really affect us (yeah right, we need it too). 

    Grab his butt! Yeah, I said it, grab a hand full just for fun, it shows interest and we need that from time to time. Other things for women are play with his hair or head (if he has none), and grabbing him from behind laying your head on his back is a really good showing of emotion. Men are for the most part visual so you can use your imagination to fill in some areas there.

    • 3. Spend Time

    I know it’s tough in this economy and with busy schedules. But a date night could be a picnic or camp out in the back yard, or you even start a new TV series together (True blood would be my suggestion). Time is equally important as each of these "Healthy Relationship Tips". If you don’t have the time MAKE IT. It greatly improves the health of your relationship.

    • 4. Be Open Emotionally

    A great Relationship Quotes on this tip comes from Dr. Seuss, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. I know right, go ahead Dr. Seuss! This is one of the powerful ways to Keep a Relationship Strong and Happy together. Let your significant other in without the fear of getting hurt. You have to be strong enough, the both of you, to allow your partner to help you unpack any baggage that you may have.

    • 5. Don’t have all the Answers

    Last but definitely not least, nobody likes a “know it all” and the same holds true in a relationship. Sometimes it’s OK to be wrong, that’s how life lessons are learned. Falling only means learning to get up. This is an extremely hard one for most of us, especially when you love the one who you are allowing to fall. But if you come to the rescue all the time you will continue to have to come to the rescue and your significant other will never learn.

    Being in a relationship is like looking into that mirror that shows every flaw, everything beautiful, and one that can show you your future. It’s up to you how you handle seeing these things that you may have never seen before. It is hard work but worth it for the right one. What do you think?

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    Healthy Relationships Activity for Men

    Let's face it ladies, wondering what men want in a relationship is the question of the century. What a man says he wants and what he needs are two completely different things.

    If you ask a man what he wants, the list could go something like this. Hmmm, I would prefer a woman who is hot and can make you laugh. Someone who would make him the envy of all his friends and who would mind showing off.

    But sometimes life plays a trick on us because what normally conforms has less to do with physical intimacy and more to do with security and stability.

    The saying usually goes "what begins with physical intimacy ends with physical intimacy."


    What a man really wants from a relationship?

    A man wants a peaceful and friendly relationship where he can come home, relax, and be himself. A relationship where you can have your own space when you need it, without pressure.

    A man needs to know that he is valued and respected within the relationship. Just remember that a relationship is a partnership and if you treat it as such, you are on the right track. Don't be overwhelming or authoritarian, but supportive.

    What are the qualities that a man admires in a woman?

    If you really want to know what a man really admires about a woman or the woman he intends to marry, it is: -

    • a woman who is independent in her own right
    • a woman who can rush like a man but still retains her femininity.
    • a woman who can make her laugh and be her best friend
    • a woman who can trust her life
    • a woman who can go out and come home alone, a woman with self-control
    • a considerate, compassionate and supportive woman.
    • a woman of such high virtue that her morals can never be questioned.

    It doesn't hurt if you know how to cook or have physical appeal like a stripper but that doesn't have to be a requirement, as the saying goes, love is not blind, it sees everything but because it sees it, it is also willing to see less.

    What a man doesn't want?

    • a woman you can't trust.
    • a self-centered, selfish and morally relaxed woman.
    • a woman he would be ashamed to call his own.
    • someone with whom you cannot communicate or who has no compassion or consideration for others.


    So, women, if you want to have a good man, don't worry about what a man wants. Work on yourself and your values in life and what is yours will come to you. They will value what you have to offer and will contribute to a relationship.

    A man values a good woman who is considerate, compassionate, has good manners and self-control. Someone who you can respect and could be your best friend. Someone he knows would always back him up.

    There are a lot of good women out there, just don't let them take advantage of you. A relationship is about give and take. If you're always taking and not giving, this may not be the man for you. Find someone who appreciates you and what you have to offer.

    Building Healthy Relationships

    Successful and Building Healthy Relationships do not happen by chance but fail ones happens for a reason. Having a successful Building Healthy Relationships are all about common sense but when it comes to love and relationship sometimes, we seem to lose ours. The intent of this site is to offer some successful Healthy Relationship Tips in order to enhance your time with your partner married or not. We go on the premise that any relationship can succeed as long as the two involved is willing.

    Healthy Relationship Tips, Building Healthy Relationships
    Healthy Relationship Tips

    What some of us fail to realize is that a relationship is like a plant, the saying goes feed it and it will grow - starve it and it will die. In order to enable our relationship to grow, we have to get to the root of it all and that begins with the 5Cs which I would say are the keys to a successful and "Healthy Relationship Tips".

    What are the Five C's in a Healthy Relationship?

    Well, here it is. Listed in no particular order.

    • Communication
    • Cooperation
    • Compromise
    • Connection
    • Compassion

    Our aim is to show, when the above is in place in any relationship, it has a better chance of surviving the storm that comes your way.  The 5Cs helps in creating bonding within a relationship, it also helps to have a peaceful relationship, therefore, enabling you to have an amicable, joyous, happy and contented relationship.

    One reason relationship fall apart is that there is a breakdown between the two parties involved and unless we understand what the breakdown is, we are doomed to fail and likely to repeat our past mistakes. Our aim is to help give you some Healthy Relationship Tips in order to build a successful and long-lasting relationship.

    Note: people do not leave happy Healthy Relationship, they leave unhappy situations. I hope some of the tips issued on this site will give your insight into what is wrong in your relationship in order to help correct the breakdown.

    What are the 5 Most Important Things in a Relationship?

    There are The Five C's in A Healthy Relationship. Let's face it, we all say we want to be happy; we want to find that special someone, but we know what it is we need to maintain a successful and Healthy Relationship.

    Healthy Relationships Activity
    (Healthy Relationship Tips)

    A relationship is about two or more people and how they relate to each other. As the saying goes, good relationships don't just happen, it takes time, patience, and two people who really want to be together.

    A relationship needs work and to maintain a successful Healthy Relationship you need to invest in it and it all starts with the 5Cs.

    As the saying goes, water a plant and it will grow, starve it and it will die. Like a plant, a Healthy Relationship needs to be nurtured and the 5c's are the secret multivitamin for any Healthy Relationship.

    (i) Communication

    Most relationships fail not because of money or physical intimacy, but because of a breakdown in communication. When you love someone and you know that person will be with you for a long time, you must let that person enter your world.

    Don't lock yourself in the darkness of your mind thinking you are alone. You need to trust that person and bring them into your world because you have to realize that what affects you also affects them; therefore, you are not alone.

    The lack of communication creates isolation in the relationship of both parties and, therefore, is the beginning of a breakdown.

    Always remember that if someone truly loves you, there should be nothing you cannot tell them because they are there for you and will always support you. Open honesty is the key to a good Healthy Relationship.

    (ii) Cooperation

    Working together to achieve common goals is also a strengthening factor in a relationship, creates bonds and strengthens communication within your relationship. It's all about the team. When it comes to a relationship, it's not you and me. It's about us. How can we do better?

    To have a successful Healthy Relationship, you need to think more like a team and less like an individual, as you can see that there is no "me" in the team.

    (iii) Commitment

    You don't have to win every argument or disagreement; Sometimes you just need to let things go for the sake of peace in the relationship.

    You need to learn the art of commitment, give and take or you win, I win mentally. The more you need to realize the unresolved conflicts you have within your relationship, the more the ceiling will tear.

    Sometimes even though you know you're right, just agree to disagree or make a deal and then go and hug that person. Returns peace and harmony. No matter how angry you are, a little hug goes a long way.

    (iv) Connection

    There is no relationship if there is no connection. The integration of the other four "C's" into your relationship is what would strengthen the bond between the two people involved and therefore create a connection that will last.

    The kind of connection that develops by integrating the other four Cs into your relationship is the strength that a relationship would require through tough and difficult times to aid its survival.

    In order to increase the rate of survival in your relationship, you must integrate the 5cs.  Learn the art of communication, compromise, give and take, compassion, work together to reach common goals.

    Remember it takes two to tangle and unless you are consideration of your partner in all aspects of your relationship then your relationship is doomed before it as begun.

    By integrating the 5Cs into your relationship, it increases your bond which in turns creates a peaceful, amicable relationship that can withstand most test thrown at it.

    Remember people don’t leave happy "Healthy Relationship" the leave unhappy situations. Make your situation a happy one. Start the process of repairing your relationship by introducing the 5Cs.

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