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    How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work - 17 Tips

    How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work: They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder; but sometimes it seems to do just the opposite. When you’re separated from your significant other by hundreds – or even thousands – of miles, it can be tough to keep the connection strong and the love alive.

    How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work, Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship
    Long-Distance Relationship

    Separation doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship though. Even if it’s initially fizzled, a few simple steps can put the sizzle back into your romance and keep it burning until you can be together again.

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    5. Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?
    6. Is it Difficult to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship.

    How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

    • Establish Some Ground Rules

    It is really important to discuss how you’re going to handle things right from the start. Lay some ground rules so that neither of you are operating under wrong assumptions or expectations.

    Some super important factors to consider:

    Will you remain committed while you’re apart?

    How often will you communicate?

    When will you visit and how will you handle the travels?

    • Learn to Trust

    It can be so easy to become suspicious or jealous when you are apart from each other. You can’t keep track of each other or stay in touch as regularly, and that might make you feel anxious and insecure. However, jealousy and suspicion will only put strain on an already difficult relationship.

    If you want your romance to thrive, you’re going to have to learn to trust each other. Resist the temptation to be overprotective, and don’t throw around unfounded accusations. Keep your mind fixed on the positive and don’t let it wander to negative “what ifs”.

    • Set Relationship Goals

    No matter how hard you work at it, a relationship will begin to fade if there’s no happy ending in sight. For a long-distance relationship to succeed, you should both be looking toward an end goal – relocating together, getting married, or one of you returning after a period of time.

    When you have a shared goal, it will keep you both going even when things are tough. Just make sure you both discuss and agree on your goals, so that your hopes aren’t one-sided.

    • Communicate – But Not Excessively

    Communication is so important in any relationship – and even more so when you are apart. However, in long-distance relationships, sometimes less is more. You might want to call every single day to stay close; however, I’d suggest limiting your calls to once or twice a week. That way you’ll always be enthusiastic with plenty to talk about and lots of news to share. Limiting calls will also keep you from growing too dependent or fixated on each other and will give you the freedom to live your lives.

    • Take Turns Traveling

    Travel is expensive, and if the burden falls fully on one it can create an unhealthy imbalance (and possibly resentment in the one doing all the traveling). Alternating visits also gives you the opportunity to get involved with each other’s friends and lives. Even if you cannot travel often, make sure that the responsibility is shared.

    • Don’t Obsess – Live Your Life

    Remember that life goes on. Don’t get so obsessed with your relationship that you neglect friendships and interests in the process. Having a full, rich life will keep you happy while you’re apart and make you more interesting, well-rounded people when you are finally reunited (How-to-Make-a-Long-Distance-Relationship-Work)!

    Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship

    How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work, Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship
    Long-Distance Relationship

    How Can You Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work? Making a long distance relationship work is always a problem to those who are in such a relationship. You don’t need to quit that relationship because of distance rather you can take advantage of it to make that deep love real and stronger. Follow these advices for long-distance relationship to take away the distance in your relationship, make its real love shine and make the world jealous.

    1. Communicate Effectively and Regularly

    Making long-distance relationship work requires much effort and sacrifice. You have to communicate effectively and regularly to limit loneliness and to keep that romance alive. Take advantage of all the available modes of communication. However, you must talk to each other every day. Send romantic text messages, social networks like Facebook and Twitter gives you a good opportunity to be in touch with your loved one anytime, anywhere, any day. There should be a time set aside by you and your partner to always communicate with each other every day and that time must be kept. Get internet connection and especially a webcam, it is an added advantage. A webcam will give you the advantage of learning your partners body language and facial expressions. It also makes the interactions much more enjoyable. Communicating every day is the key to staying connected and reminding yourselves that you are in each other's thoughts always. 

    2. Respect Each Other

    How to show respect to your partner is one of long-distance relationship issues that can break up a relationship if not properly handled. Before you conclude or take decision on some issues in your relationship, you have to consider the feelings of your partner regardless of whether he is around or not. Don’t overlook or underestimate your partners feelings, it can be dangerous. There are times when they won’t have time to make calls or reach out to you, don’t just conclude that they are not putting enough effort to make things work rather put yourself in their shoes and see if you will act differently.

    3. Trust Each Other

    When starting a long-distance relationship, one of the most important things to build is trust. Without trusting each other, it will be difficult for your relationship to get stronger and be successful. If you cannot trust your partner enough that he or she can keep the interest of you and your relationship at heart, you better quit the relationship to avoid physical and emotional health problems as a result of heart break. You don’t have to distrust someone unless they have given you reasons to do so. One of the most common problems in long distance relationships is cheating. People often accuse their partner of cheating on them when they feel he or she is not meeting up with things they want them to do. There is no reason for this unless they have cheated on you before

    4. Visit Each Other as Often as Possible

    Visiting each other can be a very big boost for long distance relationships. Planning for a visit will give both of you something to look forward to. When you set a date, both of you will be working and planning it together to make the visit a success. You have to plan for the expenses together. You can even split the cost of the trip to make sure the trip is successful. It is worth making a trip to see that special person in your life, regardless of what it takes to make the trip.

    5. Keep the Romance Alive

    Keeping romance alive is also very important in distance relationship. You need to keep romance alive in any romantic relationship to make it interesting and fun. Make your partner feel special. Send them gifts, love text messages and love letters. Showing any token of affection is a very good way to keep romance alive from a distance. Those gifts of affection will give your partner something to feel or touch and hold on to when he or she needs to touch you but cannot reach you. Sending them things they like such as books, under wears, articles you think they will be interested in, saying things like ‘i love you’, ‘i miss you’ will help your relationship a lot. Taking interest in their interests will give them constant reassurance that you care about them and think about them always. This will tremendously benefit your relationship.

    For long distance couples, remember you are in this long-distance relationship because you love each other and it is not forever, so don’t let distance destroy your happiness. It is just a hurdle you have to cross to get to your promise land, so make the most of it. Enjoy the benefits of long distance in your relationship which include better romantic communication and sweet reunions. It's all about you have to remember "How to Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work".

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    Unrequited Love

    How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work, Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship
    Long-Distance Relationship

    • Dealing with One-Way Love

    Unrequited love is one of the most painful things in life. Though everyone has dealt with it at some point, it never gets any easier. It can make you feel as if nothing else matters, leading to listlessness, anxiety, and even depression. As Charlie Brown wisely observed, “Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.”

    One-way love can feel a lot like getting over a breakup (even if there never was a “relationship” in the first place). It’s OK to give yourself time to grieve the loss; however, it’s very important not to get fixated on a guy that won’t or can’t love you back.

    • Try to be Objective

    The very first thing to understand is that romantic love isn’t a decision. It’s not something you can switch on and off. You may be head-over-heels for a guy, but if he doesn’t love you back, don’t look at it as a betrayal or a deliberate hurt.

    Remember also that it’s not your fault. It’s easy to agonize over why your feelings aren’t returned, but remember that it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong.

    • Nix the Neediness

    The worst thing you can do is hold on in the hope that he’ll come round. Not only is it unhealthy for you to hold on to false hopes, but neediness is repellant and will only push him away more. So, no “chance” meetings, no cute texting, and NO drunk dialing.

    Instead, put some distance between you. Think of it as going “cold turkey” to break the connection. Hang out with a different crowd, avoid places he frequently visits, and cut contact as much as possible. If the feelings are really intense, try even to get away for a while on a vacation or work trip.

    • Keep Your Life Going

    You might feel that your life is meaningless without the guy, and you might be tempted to decide, “If I can’t have him, I don’t want anyone.” As much as you want to crawl under a blanket and be miserable, dwelling on what you can’t have is emotionally unhealthy.

    Instead, reach out to good friends and fill that emotional void with companionship, support and love. Get out, have fun, exercise, see movies, go dancing, or do other things you enjoy with people who love you.

    • Enjoy Being Single

    Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being single. Some folks feel that being in a relationship validates them as a person – and they feel lost or worthless when they’re alone. Realize that being single is fine and doesn’t reflect negatively on you as a person. Be comfortable with who you are and don’t stress over your relationship status.

    • Find Someone who Loves You Back

    Some people have formed a destructive pattern of falling for people who are emotionally (or otherwise) unavailable. Thus, they’re constantly set up to fail, and are forever in the painful state of unreturned love. Recognize if you’ve fallen into this pattern, and focus on breaking it.

    Concentrate on finding someone who loves you for who you are. Remember, real love flows both ways, so while the emotions of unrequited love may be intense, they’re often not the real deal. True love will leave you feeling content, happy, and accepted. Look forward to that rich happy relationship that is waiting for you.

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